do not question the ladder

The Signs as Possibly Under Appreciated PINOF7 things
  • Aries: "Tickle our bellies."
  • Taurus: Phil's dominant croch displaying poses
  • Gemini: Dan's constant crouching in different places
  • Cancer: Russian No
  • Leo: whenever Dan leans in or pops into frame
  • Virgo: Dan growling while Phil yips
  • Libra: penguin with rabies
  • Scorpio: Yeezus shirt
  • Sagittarius: the clap under the leg before the Vegetable question
  • Capricorn: "yEah! LAdDErs! AHhhh!!"
  • Aquarius: Dan doing the hand thing from PINOF2
  • Pisces: Dan is now noticeably taller

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One word Drabble: tree

This is a nice break from the kiss prompts

He supposed they both thought of it as sort of a safe house, Will’s tree-house. A place where they could be protected from the world’s evil and paint their true colors on the wall and relieve the anxiety and stress built up over the course of the day.

Well, Nico was the only one who actually painted on the walls, Will wasn’t much of an artist. But when Nico came up the ladder with paints and a brush and an unimaginably heavy heart, Will found it impossible to deny his request to paint it on the brown wooden walls. 

That was six years ago, when Bianca had died.

Now, sitting back and watching Nico paint over the wall he had very aggressively painted black the year his sister had died, Will smiled softly. 

“I’m really glad you decided to repaint it.” 

Nico glanced back at him with a smudge of navy paint on his left cheek bone and gave him a small, hesitant smile. “Me too. I don’t think I’ll ever really be over her death, but I’m ready to accept it and honor it.” 

With another encouraging smile, Will fell silent and let Nico paint all of his emotions on the pitch black wall. He watched the wall progress, dark blues swirling together and sprawling across the wall, their dark tendrils merging with the old black seamlessly. Nico seemed to lose himself in the process, which he always did with his art work, but even more so now that he was channeling all the emotions he’d ever felt for his sister and pouring them into the warped wood of Will’s tree-house.

A few hours and two stops for food later, Nico had finished the back drop of his mural. Looking at it, Will thought the wall had disappeared and he was gazing out into the night sky. Blues faded into blacks and little white stars blinked in the distance, in perfect arrangement. Will stood awestruck, no one could say Nico wasn’t an amazing artist. The colors were perfect and faded into each other expertly and the black silhouettes of trees swept in the invisible wind.  

“She loved the stars.” Nico broke the silence, Will snapping back to reality. “She would always drag me outside and we’d lay under the stars for hours.” He lowered his gaze from Will’s and sipped at his water. “I haven’t laid under the stars since she died.” 

Will resisted the urge to kiss Nico under his stars. “Nico this is amazing. I knew you were good, but this is incredible.” Nico blushed at the praise and stood up, walking over next to Will.

“I just went with what I felt. It’s not bad.” Will smiled and took Nico’s hand, intertwining their fingers. He ignored the renewed blush to Nico’s cheeks and led him toward the ladder. “What are you doing, Will?” Nico questioned.

“It makes me want to look at the stars. Come lay under the stars with me.” 

And the most amazing part, Nico did.

It’s short, but I was on a time crunch. I know I said I was going to try and get on top of prompts, but I had a super busy day.

Also, you can blame this on Ed Sheeran’s album, X. I just bought it today and listened to it while writing. It gives me a lot of feelings.