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Beauty Behind the Madness 09:

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“Shawn this is the last time I will say it, Wake up!” Mum yells into my room causing me to groan and roll over in my bed. “open those blinds to, you need sunlight in your room.” She scowls as she walks past my bedroom.

Why is it that parents feel the need to wake you up so early in the morning even though they know that you will be doing absolutely nothing all day and no matter how much they whine or complain you still won’t move. How is my mum not used to me doing absolutely s nothing yet?

“SHAWN!” I hear my mum’s voice loud and clear from downstairs.

“I’m up.” I yell back but it doesn’t come out as loud or clear as I had hoped due to my groggy morning voice.

Huffing loudly to myself I unwillingly tare the warm blankets away from my body and swing my legs over the edge of the bed.  As I make my way downstairs I run my hand through my hair hoping to make it look neater.

“Morning” I mumble when I enter the kitchen to Aaliyah and dad who are both sitting at the dining table on their phones while eating breakfast.

“Morning” I make out through Aaliyah’s mouth full of cereal not taking her eyes off her phone.

“Made a pot of fresh coffee.” My dad tells me. Mentally thanking him I pour myself a cup of coffee.

“It’s already mid day and I haven’t even gotten the shopping yet” Mum says in disbeilf as she enters the kitchen. “will you take a shower you stink.” She scowls at me causing me to roll my eyes as she reaches for her wallet and the car keys. “and clean your rooms, both of you.” She yells over her shoulder as she leaves the room.

My mum hasn’t told me to clean my room since I was ten years old, she just grew tired of always yelling at me and having no response so she just started doing it herself. As for the shower I’m a teenage boy, we shower when necessary. Dad must notice my confused state because he lets out a chuckle.

“She invited those new people across the street over.” He answers.

“Why?” Aaliyah and I say in unison, Aaliyah finally taking her gaze off her phone and I’m sue the frown of disapproval on her face mirrors mine.

The last time my parents had someone over was way before everything happened. They wanted to have people over but I suppose they are worried of how I might react or maybe they are just to preoccupied with my mood swings that they don’t have time to entertain nor go out anymore. Another thing I’ve ruined, my parents social lives. Even family members don’t come over any more.  

Dad shrugged turning his attention back to his phone. Taking my fresh cup of coffee I return back to my room. I walk straight towards my blinds opening them allowing sunlight to flood through my room. I squint at the sudden brightness waiting for my eyes to adjust. When they do I have to blink a few times to make sure what I am seeing is real. Leaning forward so my fore head is pressed against the glass. Arleigh’s bedroom curtain is open for the first time since she had gotten home allowing me to see through her window into her room just like I used to. It was my favorite thing to do, watch her while she studied or danced around listening to music. She always looked so at peace when she didn’t know anyone was paying attention.


Open your window I’m coming over’ I texted Arleigh. I watch closely as she reaches to her bedside table and grabs her phone opening the text. She looks over at me a small smile playing on her lips as she makes her way towards the window before pulling it open, the night breeze blowing her hair away from her face. Reaching out of my window I pull the ladder that was placed there a long time ago. Usually I just climb down the ladder and position in line with Arleigh’s   window and then climb up but today I had another idea.

“Shawn, what are you doing?” Arleigh questioned clearly confused as I was pulling up the ladder. The ladder was half hanging out of my window and if my parents walked in there is no doubt they would think that something is wrong with me.

“just grab the ladder.” I instruct not really in the mood to tell her what I was planning right now knowing that she would chuck a fit.

She does as I say so now the ladder is forming a bridge from my window to hers. Carefully I climb out of my window and onto the ladder. My grin only widens when I swear the fear in Arleigh’s eyes as they grow wider in panic.

“Shawn No! Are you crazy!” she shouts as I slowly begin to walk across the ladder holding my arms out to balance myself.

“Relax babe, I’ve seen this a million times on youtube, I’m a pro”

“Watching something doesn’t make you a pro” She shot back

Looking down I feel my tummy turn causing my adrenaline to rise. something about heights exhilarated me. Fear made me feel like I could overcome anything and everything.

“If you die I’m going to kill you.” She threatens causing me to chuckle. I loose my balance slightly causing me to slip and Arleigh to let out a shriek. “You are an idiot!” She yells loudly not even  caring if her dad heard her.

Finally I manage to stumble the last couple of steps before gripping onto Arleigh’s window frame and pulling myself into her room. As soon as I’m standing on the safe floor of Arleigh’s bedroom she walks up to me and whacks me hard on the chest.

“That’s for making me watch you do that. Asshole” she grumbles not bothering to hide her irritation causing me to chuckle.

I step towards her and wrap my arms around her causing her to try and shrug me off only my arms were stronger than her so I had the advantage. Eventually Arleigh gave  up on shoving me off and allowed me to hug her but she still didn’t bother hiding her irritation


I groan as the memory fills my mind. I used to be fun and fearless now I’m this boring mess that doesn’t have the strength to make breakfast. How could I let someone have such a heavy impact on me?

Just as I am about to close the blinds in hopes to shake off the dreaded feeling that came with the memories of Arleigh I notice a figure standing on  the front porch of the Axel house and by the long hair and petite figure I was sure it wasn’t Mr Axel. Without even giving it a second thought I turn and head for the door of my bedroom, rushing down the hallway, taking the stairs two by two, running as though Arleigh would disappear within a split second.

“Were are you going in such a rush?” dad asks as he passes me on the stairs. I can understand why he is so startled, the last time I did anything this fast was the night I ran from Arleigh’s house after Mr Axel had warned us he was calling the cops.

“Mail.” I shout over my shoulder now at the front door, my father long behind me.

Pulling open the front door I hurry out onto the porch, down the driveway but then stop dead in my tracks. I didn’t plan on what I would say or do once I approached Arleigh but I sure wasn’t expecting to see what I saw right in front of me.

Arleigh stood talking to the new guy, Michael, as though the two were suddenly best friends. Arleigh stopped talking for a moment and looked over at me. Her face as cold and expressionless as I have now known it to be since she came back, not giving away any feeling the way she used to with all her expressions that she could never hide even when she tried. It was my favorite thing about her, the way she couldn’t fake a smile when she was sad or pretend to be angry when she was laughing.

Michael was clearly unaware of what had caused Arleigh to turn stone cold. He turned around to see what had caused such an effect. When he saw me he waved but when he turned back to Arleigh he must have been confused, she was still staring at me the way she had been since she noticed me. Michael threw a cautious look over his shoulder at me and I wondered if he knew anything of what happened before the summer. News travels fast at our school but the whole Arleigh thing died out after two weeks. The only person that still goes on about it is Mitch because he knows the whole story and survives off of others suffering, especially Arleigh’s.

Suddenly feeling a deep hatred towards Michael, I turn on the balls of my feet and storm back inside the house  before I charged at Michael and ripped his head off. When I open the front door I realize it’s not his fault. It’s all Arleigh’s fault. She has fucked with my head so badly that I’ve lost my mind. She was the reason for the heights of my life, every day I woke up craving to see her, now she is the reason for my lowest point, she has messed with my head so badly that I can’t eat, sleep, or even breath without feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. How is it possible for someone to have such a strong hold on you but not even be in your life anymore?

“Being replaced sucks, doesn’t it?” I look over my shoulder to see Aaliyah standing at the kitchen window still staring out past the empty driveway to the footpath were Arleigh and Michael stood now talking as if I had never even showed up. I want to yell at Aaliyah but how can I blame her for simply stating the truth? Maybe that’s what aggravates me more, the fact that I know she is right. I’m now just something in the past to Arleigh.

The Signs as Possibly Under Appreciated PINOF7 things
  • Aries: "Tickle our bellies."
  • Taurus: Phil's dominant croch displaying poses
  • Gemini: Dan's constant crouching in different places
  • Cancer: Russian No
  • Leo: whenever Dan leans in or pops into frame
  • Virgo: Dan growling while Phil yips
  • Libra: penguin with rabies
  • Scorpio: Yeezus shirt
  • Sagittarius: the clap under the leg before the Vegetable question
  • Capricorn: "yEah! LAdDErs! AHhhh!!"
  • Aquarius: Dan doing the hand thing from PINOF2
  • Pisces: Dan is now noticeably taller

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One word Drabble: tree

This is a nice break from the kiss prompts

He supposed they both thought of it as sort of a safe house, Will’s tree-house. A place where they could be protected from the world’s evil and paint their true colors on the wall and relieve the anxiety and stress built up over the course of the day.

Well, Nico was the only one who actually painted on the walls, Will wasn’t much of an artist. But when Nico came up the ladder with paints and a brush and an unimaginably heavy heart, Will found it impossible to deny his request to paint it on the brown wooden walls. 

That was six years ago, when Bianca had died.

Now, sitting back and watching Nico paint over the wall he had very aggressively painted black the year his sister had died, Will smiled softly. 

“I’m really glad you decided to repaint it.” 

Nico glanced back at him with a smudge of navy paint on his left cheek bone and gave him a small, hesitant smile. “Me too. I don’t think I’ll ever really be over her death, but I’m ready to accept it and honor it.” 

With another encouraging smile, Will fell silent and let Nico paint all of his emotions on the pitch black wall. He watched the wall progress, dark blues swirling together and sprawling across the wall, their dark tendrils merging with the old black seamlessly. Nico seemed to lose himself in the process, which he always did with his art work, but even more so now that he was channeling all the emotions he’d ever felt for his sister and pouring them into the warped wood of Will’s tree-house.

A few hours and two stops for food later, Nico had finished the back drop of his mural. Looking at it, Will thought the wall had disappeared and he was gazing out into the night sky. Blues faded into blacks and little white stars blinked in the distance, in perfect arrangement. Will stood awestruck, no one could say Nico wasn’t an amazing artist. The colors were perfect and faded into each other expertly and the black silhouettes of trees swept in the invisible wind.  

“She loved the stars.” Nico broke the silence, Will snapping back to reality. “She would always drag me outside and we’d lay under the stars for hours.” He lowered his gaze from Will’s and sipped at his water. “I haven’t laid under the stars since she died.” 

Will resisted the urge to kiss Nico under his stars. “Nico this is amazing. I knew you were good, but this is incredible.” Nico blushed at the praise and stood up, walking over next to Will.

“I just went with what I felt. It’s not bad.” Will smiled and took Nico’s hand, intertwining their fingers. He ignored the renewed blush to Nico’s cheeks and led him toward the ladder. “What are you doing, Will?” Nico questioned.

“It makes me want to look at the stars. Come lay under the stars with me.” 

And the most amazing part, Nico did.

It’s short, but I was on a time crunch. I know I said I was going to try and get on top of prompts, but I had a super busy day.

Also, you can blame this on Ed Sheeran’s album, X. I just bought it today and listened to it while writing. It gives me a lot of feelings.