do not question the coop

giggly ~ jack avery

requested: no

summary: you and jack are very tired and it leads to funny conversations

warning(s): really corny dad jokes; kinda short

word count: 937

My eyes traveled from one end of the room to the other. I noticed the now closed shades against the window and the sloppily closed clothing drawer that was stuffed with clothing unfolded. My body laid limp in jack’s arms. He had originally laid down to go to sleep but i came in tiredly, upset about something that happened to me in school and eventually i had ended up with my back against him and his arm across my chest, holding me tightly against him. 

I could tell that we were both exhausted by the delirious conversation we had started to have. he’d mention something stupid that had nothing to do with anything we were saying or doing and then i’d laugh like crazy and he’d join in because my laugh at that time of night was so contagious. and then a minute later we’d be onto another stupid topic.

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