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cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

i want to scream this from the rooftops but i’ll settle for a text post: black transgender women who love women are amazing.

it’s often assumed that black trans women are gross, some type of abomination, or in some way repulsive. none of this is true. you are the backbones of civilization, rays of sunshine when so much evil exists in the world, transcendent.

and for you to be a black trans wlw? i cannot describe in the parameters of one post how much your existence blesses this world, how your every step graces everyone who witnessed you walk.

you’ve been through hell and back just trying to survive in the world, and it’s disgusting what so many will do to try to keep you down, they know your power and your might, they fear it and they want to crush your spirit. don’t let them.

may you find love in the most favorable of conditions, kiss who you wish openly and with no hesitation, hold the hand of who you wish tightly before the world and fuck anyone who disagrees.

you are ethereal and the world is much more beautiful with you in it.

  • Me, before Bismuth and Earthlings: ouo rose is such a good person she's fluffy and adorable and i love her
  • Me, after: rose u shady bitch u kept bismuth a secret tf did u do to pink diamond what else r u hiding ur hair so big cuz its full of lie s
10 steps to live a happy life

1. Get angry the correct way. Don’t yell, scream, and blurt obscenities. Calmly, and firmly, approach the wrong that’s been done if it is in your power to do so. If not, paint, or write down your feelings. When angry, be the opposite of destructive.

2. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Not only is it the act of accepting an apology you will never receive, it is taking back the power away from the one who hurt you to continue hurting you with no more effort on their part.

3. Always be grateful for anything done out of love or selflessness, whether you like what was done or not. It feels better than getting upset over something you may not want in a year.

4. Love without expecting anything in return. You can’t be let down that way, and you never run out of love to give anyway.

5. Look for the silver lining, the positive in every bad situation. There exists a positive in all bad things, even if you have to create the positive yourself. (The negative instance gave you the inspiration to make something positive)

6. In all that you do, do your absolute best. Even if it is doing something you hate, you will be able to take pride when it’s finished.

7. Always be polite. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s nice when you receive it in kind.

8. Smile more. For any reason, or none at all. Smile when you get your morning coffee. Smile at your waitress, or barista, or the person at the ticket counter. Smile at your coworker, your boss, strangers, and your mother-in-law. Just find some time to smile.

9. Don’t give up. No matter how hard it is, don’t give up. Just keep going. It’s always darkest before dawn, and the climb is the most steep just before you reach the mountain peak.

10. Greet everyone you meet with no preconceived notions or expectations regardless of what you heard about them from others. Talk to them like an old friend, and they may become one in spite of any differences there may be.

y’all, shit looks really bad right now, but please remember that even if Trump does win (allow me to quote a friend here);

“1) the Senate doesn’t like Trump and will not cooperate with him on anything
2) Trump cannot build a fucking wall
3) Trump cannot mass deport people because that’s unconstitutional
4) Trump cannot reverse gay marriage because the president does not have the power to do that
5) Trump’s followers will die down when he’s elected and will shut the fuck up
6) Trump cannot ban Muslims or force them to wear armbands”

it’ll be shitty and terrible, but not unlivable

stay strong and stay safe, i love y’all and there’s other people that love you too

Journalist of Justice!Izuku tho:

“I can’t fight a villain but I can point the heroes to where they are!" 

  • is painfully normal, absolutely cannot fight a villain 1 on 1
  • knows how to sneak into practically anything because he’s analyzed where the weak points in a villain’s defenses are 
  • has a connection and informant network that spans the entire city because he still helps EVERYONE that he comes across and they like to keep in contact with him 
  • villains don’t generally think he’s a threat because "what can a quirkless person do??? They’re useless" 
  • Izuku just relentless in his hero journalism, is absolutely determined to help EVERYONE in the city by calling out the wrongdoings to those with the power to do something 
  • has taken down a crime ring once because he gave the police all the proof they needed to call in the heroes (he got SUCH GOOD QUOTES)
  • knows absolutely every single hero because all of them have to save him at some point either because he’s getting kidnapped or is the hostage or he’s in the middle of a fight between heroes and villains trying to get a good pic 
  • his camera skills are LEGENDARY - Izuku is now desensitized to being in danger because he’s Used to It™ 
  • he’ll just be asking the villain with the knife up to his throat "so you’ve said that your goal is to destroy the mall, but why this particular one” like he’s asking about the weather 
  • Izuku CAN defend himself but chooses not to 60% of the time because getting pics of the heroes and villains in action are worth a pretty penny (and his hero worship hasn’t actually decreased so he wants to see them look cool but he always feels a little guilty afterwards)
  • he’s not afraid to call out heroes of they’re being shit heads 
  • Endeavor hates his guts and has tried multiple times to sue him for slander or defamation of character, but Izuku has made friends with powerful lawyers and they’re able to cut down Endeavor like a hot knife through butter 
  • Todoroki is his greatest source of Endeavor discourse and they have lunch every Tuesday to just talk heroics 
  • Izuku still calls Bakugou “Kacchan” while in his hero costume and now half of all media refer to him as “The Hero Kacchan” instead of his real Hero Name and Bakugou LITERALLY cannot forgive Izuku for this because “DAMNIT I HAVE A FUCKING HERO NAME SO USE IT”
  • Ochako and Tsuyu love him and are honestly the ones that rescue him the most so they have some of the best press around
  • Iida complains about being paraphrased so often but if Izuku didn’t then it would be enough to fill the article by itself
  • He still fainted when first meeting All Might and every single article Izuku has written about him has been trashed because it’s not actual hero journalism, it’s 100% fanboy mania and his editor can’t publish it
  • his editor is Shinsou and is always Suffering™ pls Midoriya cool it
  • Let Mama Inko Rest 2kAlways

Izuku would 100% be the Lois Lane of the BNHA world admit it


  • “Shigaraki Tomura, can you tell me why you became a villain?” “Why aren’t you scared of me?” “I’m sorry, but I just came back from another kidnapping with a villain who has a Fear Quirk, I’m a little out of fear right now.” 
  • “Kurogiri-san, what’s it like to be the caretaker of one of the most high profile villains of the current century?” *is blatantly ignoring Shigaraki’s tantrum in the background* “No comment.”
I swear to the gods, Grover, I would tear the entire world apart if it would bring her back to me.”
“I know Percy. I know
—  If Annabeth had been the one to disappear
The Signs as people I know

Aries: the one that got away. Loves history, music and passion. Doesn’t follow the trend. Would fight anyone and anything for what they believe and to protect the ones they love. Doesn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings.

Taurus: the apathetic friend. Knows exactly what to say to make your heart melt. Also plays you without realising that it results in hurt feelings. Always thinking about the next party/night out where they will fuel the fun.

Gemini: the big friendly giant. Everyone loves them. They would never hurt a fly- intentionally or not. Finds the one they love and cares for them with every fibre of their being.

Cancer: the individual one. If anyone is to be found star gazing at 2am it is them. They see the good in everyone. If someone is down they will do anything in their power to help - finds it hard to let others help them.

Leo: the loving one. Throws their heart into what they love -if they get it back crushed they will hide their pain with a smile. Despite being looked upon as vain they are very insecure and need reassurance. If their friends are hurt then prepare to witness the lion(ess) in true form.

Virgo: the musical one. Whether it is alone or with 100 others their musical talent will be projected around to put a smile on everyone’s face. Finds it difficult to keep both feet on the ground - often because their bouncy nature.

Libra: the smiley one. Whether they are on the edge of tears or in a fit of laughter a smile will never leave their face. They are nervous around others and seem on edge when around large groups.

Scorpio: the insecure one. Whether it is about their friends or lover they constantly question others loyalty - in need of reassurance that they are good enough on their own.

Sagittarius: the confident one. Believes in themselves and their opinion/views. Wont think twice before shouting their opinion from the rooftops - often resulting in someone’s feelings being hurt. Really needs to be wrapped in a blanket and shielded from the world.

Capricorn: the platonic soul mate. In a constant state of overthinking. Easily bored - of fashion, classes and lovers. Likes the obscure things in life and appreciates those who are close - a small, special and valued few - who they would whole heartedly take a bullet for.

Aquarius - the boyfriend. An impulsive kiss that lead to the constant state of butterflies. Finds it hard to show their feelings but does in small ways. Unique. Is not afraid of acting in the original way and liking the unusual things they do. Cares with their whole heart.

Pisces: the one with the brains and broken heart. Constantly falls for the wrong girl. Heart break results in their passion being thrown into their work. Not afraid to talk about their feelings - as long as its not with the one they like.


doggett/scully + relationship

“He’s worth the effort.”

Barry Allen- Force fields

Requested by anon: Could I request for you to write me something. Like. You’re Barry’s gf and also affected by the blast and you can control force fields but Barry doesn’t know. then you and Barry both go to catch a bad guy you get hurt and him and team flash find out

Words: 801

A/N: Thanks for the request. This is set before Caitlin and Cisco discovers there powers. I’m also 3 followers away from 200. :D

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“What would happen if you were cut off from ‘the cloud?’ Push you into emergency mode or something else?” - Rahirrah

“Hmm..simulating.. Severance from the active grid puts any avatar into a ‘roaming’ state at the moment. Generally speaking, an A.I. might have any number of protocols on what to do when cut off: self-destruction, power down, emergency transmit, and others. Extended periods can enable self-thinking and logical deep thought systems to help survive and learn data while recovery is attempted. Whenever back in range of the grid however, much of that knowledge may be wiped and replaced with the most recent firmware, or retrieved for archival purposes. Thankfully that hasn’t happened!”

Illness Starters
  • "I feel terrible."
  • "You look awful. When is the last time you slept."
  • "I threw up more than I ate."
  • [text] Can you bring me some ginger ale?
  • "Would you like some mint tea?"
  • "I'd love to help, but I feel like shit."
  • "I'm sure if anything can be done to help..."
  • "I feel like a vice is around my head and constantly squeezing."
  • [text] This is going to sound weird but can you get me some Imodium?
  • "Please tell me you have some Tylenol..."
  • "My head is killing me."
  • "Are you feeling okay?"
  • "I have been hurling for a week now."
  • "I've been feeling like crap ever since I got bit. Hey, do you think I'll get supernatural powers?"
  • "Just lie down and I'll take care of everything."
  • "Suck it up buttercup."
  • "I'm dying. I know I'm dying."
  • "Can I get some soup?"
  • "That's not going to happen because I see two of you right now."
  • "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that..."
  • "Sorry. I can't go anywhere today. I have someone sick at home."
  • "I'm going to go to the store. Do you want anything?"
  • "I can't feel anything below the neck."
  • "Is that medicine suppose to make you feel like you're flying?"
  • "I just want to nap right now."
  • "I don't feel like dealing with that right now."
  • "Sure. No. I'm fine. Couldn't be feeling better."
  • "You can barely stand."
  • "Is that a new dance craze or did you just stagger?"
  • "I'll deal with everything. You just rest."