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In honor of fanfic writers appreciation day, I’d like to honor a few of my favorite writers for sharing their talent with us. 

I want to thank you all for taking the time to write such amazing, heartfelt stories to tide us over on our darkest days. Not only do you guys pour your heart and soul into doing something because you love it but because you give us such amazing gifts that we can look at whenever we want. Thank you. 

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But Nell, what do you eat?

So I had a page like this a few years ago but it disappeared. Here is is again, revised. :) While this post is about food, please keep in mind that veganism goes WAY beyond what we put in our mouths. It applies to cleaning products, clothing, and lifestyle. Check the top of my page for some more resources!

My Favorite Vegan Food Alternatives (US)

Silk Soy Milk
Silk Cashew Milk
Silk Soy Creamer
Califa Farms Creamer
So Delicious Creamer
Eden Soy Milk

Field Roast Chao Slices
Daiya Havarti Block, Pepperjack Shreds
Follow Your Heart
Miyoko’s Cheese - all of it!
Treeline Nut Cheeses
Kite Hill Brie (not a fan of the spreads)
Tofutti Cream Cheese (but I usually get a tofu spread from my local bagel place)
Go Veggie Parmesan (not all Go Veggie is vegan, but this product is)
Nutritional Yeast (I generally use is as an addition to other cheeses, but I also love it on toast)
I also eat regional vegan cheese from smaller producers. But due to cost, I don’t buy it regularly.

:::Other Dairy:::
Earth Balance Spread - usually the soy free or olive oil ones.
Miyoko’s Butter (it’s pricey, but more wildly available recently)
Silk Yogurt
Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream
Nada Moo Ice Cream
So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream
Tofutti Cuties

Garden - pretty much all varieties besides the crabcakes and fishes filets (its a texture thing)
Tofu - silken for smoothies, extra firm for scrambles
Uptons Natural Seitan
Field Roast - all of it!
Tofurkey - Slices and rarely, sausages.
LightLife Bacon - burn the shit out of it :P
Beyond Meat - Crumbles, Beast Burger, Beyond Burger
Yves Veggie Cuisine - Pepperoni (only)

:::Preprepared Frozen Meals:::
Amy’s - vegan ones are clearly labeled. The Mac n Cheeze is the BEST.
Tofurkey Pockets (pizza one especially)
Daiya Pizza
Tofurkey Pizza
Daiya Mac n Cheese (rarely)

Vega One Protein Powder
Orgain Vegan Protein Powder
Deva Vegan Vitamins - B12 and Multi
You can also buy things that are fortified with more calcium and B12 such as Silk Soy milk. I typically add peanut butter and two frozen bananas to my protein shakes.


As for snacks, bread and other things a lot of these things are accidentally vegan. Just double check the ingredients list. Some ingredients that appear to be vegan aren’t. Here are some to watch out for:
Carmine - Derived from insects.
Casein & Whey - Milk derived.
Gelatin - Some gelatin can be vegan, so do your research.
Isinglass - Found in some alcohol so research particular brands. (Use
Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A - Some vitamins are synthetic and therefore can be vegan. Research the brand and specific vitamin. But also keep in mind some vegans don’t pay much attention to this because of accessibility issues so don’t freak out if you can’t find any information. Just do what you can! :)

:::Meals I typically make:::
Pasta with oil and veggies, tomato sauce and meatballs, or meat sauce. Also avocado pesto!
Couscous with veggies
Cold cut sandwiches
Bean salads
Tofu scrambles
Salads with homemade balsamic vinaigrette (oil, vinegar, mustard and dill if I have it)
Tomato and Mozzarella
Burgers and fries
Beefless Tips and rice with veggies
Stir fry
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon

When I can’t be fucked to cook I eat the pre-made frozen stuff listed above, and also soups with toast or a small side salad. Living in NYC, I also have some great vegan take out options.

When I am broke I eat a lot of peanut butter, beans (and other canned/frozen veggies), toast, rice and veggies, and fried corn tortillas with beans, corn, peppers and hot sauce.

Keep in mind that a lot of dry goods happen to be vegan and many of the products you likely already eat will be find for you when you switch over to a vegan diet. Just check labels, research brands and forgive yourself if you make a mistake. I am always here for advice if you need me! :)

you know what makes me mad? the death of my precious son, remus john lupin, was entirely unnecessary. like jkr claims it was to emphasize the “orphans of war” with teddy, but that point doesn’t need to be emphasized because the entire series was about an orphan of a war. and yes, there are orphans of every war, but that point is just as easily made by simply saying something like “harry saw one of his classmates knelt down next to the body of their mom/dad”. and yes, his death is also meant to break off the last tie harry had with his parents bUT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT. but what makes me the most angry isn’t the fact that he died. it’s the fact that he wasn’t even given a good death scene: a death scene that is heart wrenching and makes the reader cry for an extended amount of time. like trust me, i wanted to cry over his death, i really did, because if one person deserves my tears, it is remus john lupin, but i couldn’t bring myself to cry over one measly line that simply says something along the lines of “lupin and tonks were laying there among the others who had died”. and then we don’t even get harry’s emotions, like we do with sirius’s death, to make it really hit home. it’s unjust.

all im saying is that if remus john lupin had to die, he deserved a good death scene that makes us sob and makes our heart breaks not only for the loss of one of our favorite characters but also for harry for losing yet another person who is so important to him, and we get neither of those.

Why the Lion Switch is perfect

I’m gonna try to keep this short and to the point.

If you’re complaining about the lion switch and how it feels wrong and out of character, it’s probably because you were listening to what they were telling you all this time and not looking at what they were actually showing you, and missed what these characters are really all about.

Lets start with Red:

The way to Red’s heart is through “self sacrifice” and “selflessness”

This is how Keith impresses her the first time, by ejecting himself into space and putting himself in danger to free her.

Then you can see their bond growing each time Keith gives something up for the team or risks himself in some way for it.

Like In the BOM dream, where he chooses to give up his knife.

That’s how Lance ends up in it now.

He gives up an important part of himself for the team. 

He goes “It doesn’t matter if I’m not the best and will never prove myself good at anything or ever be worthy, the team is more important.”

And if you watch from the beginning of the series you’ll see hints of what Lance is actually all about and what’s his true strength

There’s actually a post about this going around I can’t find now, but Lance is the guy that would always do something risky to save his friends.

And despite how he always acts, he’s actually the most selfless guy on the team

This is also why Red doesn’t accept Allura and why it’s so hard for her, because she feels like she sacrifices EVERYTHING for the team and their mission.

But I think deep inside she knows there’s some stuff that she does for selfish reasons or things she still keeps a secret from the paladins.

Then we have Black:

The way to Black’s heart is through “Confidence” and “Trust”

This is why Shiro struggles with it so much in the first two seasons. 

Shiro appears like a confident leader but inside he’s full of doubts. 

He’s trying SO HARD to be the best leader he can be but he has so much fear in him all the time.

And sometimes he has confidence and he manages to bond with Black, and sometime he doesn’t and Zarkon snatches his control away. So he ends up being very unstable.

This is also why Black won’t accept him anymore, Shiro lost the confidence again (after Zarkon snatched his control again and teleported him back to Galra prison) he lost trust in the lion and trust in himself.

He’s full of fears again and Black doesn’t want a pilot like that. (no it’s not cause he’s a clone)

But who always had alot of confidence? Keith.

Keith seems like a hot head that doesn’t think about what he’s doing because what he suggests and does always seems insane.

But he only does these crazy things because he’s confident he can do them.

One of his first action in the show is driving off a cliff saying “Shut up and trust me”. And he makes it with no problem.

This is why he’s the perfect person for Black. He knows what he’s capable of, he has so much confidence he is able to face Zarkon all by himself! He almost has too much confidence at times haha

(He’s not a crazy hot head like Lance says, he’s just confident he can do stuff most people can’t, and he does.)

Now the way to Blue’s heart

is through something like “eagerness to prove themselves”

I’m just gonna quote what the show runners said about her:

“..but really the Blue Lion is kind of like the mother Lion. She looks for potential in a new pilot. Something to nurture and foster. And I think she saw that in Lance. She saw someone who needed confirmation that they were valuable to this team. Even though they didn’t believe it in themselves.”

That’s why she accepts Allura.

And that’s why it eventually will accept Shiro aswell, because now that Black won’t accept him and he has no part on the team but he really wants to be part of Voltron, she’ll see his eagerness and will help him. (And Allura will have to pilot the Castle sometimes)

Blue was also said to be the “Teamwork” lion. 

And uniting people and making people work together is Shiro’s true strength. 

Again, you can see from the first episode. He won’t shut up about teamwork. 

Which is also a big part of leadership that Keith is struggling with and why they will eventually find perfect balance as the two main co leaders.

So the lion switch is not there to put them in their DOTU lions for the old fans, or promote one paladin over the other or ignore the bonding they had with their lions until now.

It’s to show that these characters are finally at a place where they stop trying to be who they think they need to be, and embracing their true selves and true strengths.

This is all very well thought through character development.


Ariana Grande breaks silence on Manchester attack: “We won’t let hate win”

  • Ariana Grande released a statement on the deadly bombing at her concert on Monday night at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, telling the families of the victims, “We will not quit or operate in fear.”
  • “There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this better,” Grande wrote in a statement posted to Twitter on Friday. “However, I extend my hand and heart and everything I possibly can give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way.”
  • Grande also announced Friday she would return to Manchester to perform a benefit concert for the victims of the attack, and posted a link to a British Red Cross-partnered JustGiving account that fans could use to donate to the families of those killed or injured. Read more (5/26/17)
What happens when love dies…
does it go to heaven or hell?
Does it even die at all?
Because it always seems that certain types of unrequited love stay ghosts to haunt us forever,
leaving behind traces of what could’ve been.
How do we put the heart to rest?
—  And Why Won’t It Go Away?

The Problem with writing multi-chapter fanfiction.

  • Person leaves kudos, never comments.
  • Person leaves comment on chapter one about how much they love it and are looking forward to reading more. You never hear from them again.
  • Person leaves comments over a span of chapters (be still my heart, seriously I love you) and then stops commenting somewhere in the middle.

Are you still there? Still reading? Did real life take over? Have I failed you in some way? Did it turn into absolute suck and you just didn’t have the heart to tell me?

I told Damon “you should be in a band with me”, and then I told Alex “you should be in a band with me, and I told Dave "you should be in a band with me”
—  The greatest band story ever, Graham Coxon (the best interview ever, 1995)
The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.

I hope not to say anything else about what happened at sdcc, and what’s continuing to happen from it. But I want to encourage everyone to be prepared for Chyler - and Flo, but especially Chyler - to side with her cast here. 

Chyler has been amazing with our community since Alex came out. Amazing. Mind bogglingly great. But I think it’s really hard for straight people to understand why subtextual relationships matter to us. I think it’s easy for an empathetic straight person like Chyler to get why Sanvers matters, why open canon representation matters. But getting why Supercorp matters - why swanqueen matters, why rizzles matters, etc - that’s a longer conversation. Straight people CAN get it, obviously, but it’s not as clear. They don’t get it automatically, it doesn’t make obvious sense to them. 

And Chyler is doing her best but she’s mostly been hearing about Sanvers, not Supercorp. And her cast is pissed as hell at the fans, and she’s gonna be hearing it from their side. They’re her friends, and it’s hard to publicly come out against your friends and your cast - even if her PR team let her, which I’m sure they won’t

Supergirl isn’t going to apologize. The whole cast is going to wait til this blows over, and I don’t think it’s fair to put this much on Chy. I don’t want you to get your hearts broken if/when she says anything in support of Jeremy or Melissa or Chris or David, or when she posts selfies with them, or when she laughs off questions about Supercorp. 

 Do we deserve better? Fuck yes. Is Chyler great? Fuck yes. Is she necessarily going to be the hero we need right now? No.

!Warning!: This post is filled with positivity and love for EVERYONE who follows or blogs about the ACOTAR universe> continue at your own risk

I don’t care if you paint Rhys the color blue: if that’s how you interpret him then bring on the sexy smurf bat.

I don’t care if your crackpot theory is that Feyre was actually on a peyote fueled vision quest the entire 3 books: what a creative idea! Please tell me more!

I don’t care if you write a fic about Cassian being sexually attracted to a rock: That’s a little different, but may the rock be as chiseled as Cassian’s abs.

AND FINALLY, I don’t care if you may have forgotten the little freckle next to the moon-shaped scar on Nesta’s big toe: We all know every detail about these characters. Life, and a piece of art, can go on without it.

THE POINT IS: Write, draw, and post WHATEVER you feel represents these books in your eyes, and give others the courtesy to be able to do the same. But please don’t give up on this fandom. You guys are the reason I joined Tumblr in the first place— so that I could have someone to share my love for these books and Sarah J. Maas with, without criticism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy, laughter, and tears that your posts bring me on a daily basis. Thank you for being willing to put your thoughts and feelings on display, and know that I can see the time and effort you put in at your own free will for our enjoyment. 

Remember, we are a fandom of dreamers, and only the stars can stop us. :)

“The Court of Dreams. I had belonged to a court of dreams. And dreamers.”  —A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas


aries - the sound of reverie
“It may be bittersweet / 'cause we’re no longer / seventeen, but we’re still young / so dance with me in naivety / and follow endlessly / in reverie”

taurus - how do you feel?
“Are you complete or is something missing? / so tell me / do your hands shake? / does your heart break? / when the earth quakes / whatever it is / whatever it isn’t / make sure that it’s real”

gemini - lonely
“the lovely little loneliness / would hold me down / under the sound of being found / but then it all turned around”

cancer - lost in nostalgia
“Don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no / turn something softer and lighter, yeah / don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no / it’s not too late, it’s not too late no”

leo - taxi
“I can’t say that I can make you feel / complete or free from your worry / but believe me when I tell you / "babe, you’ll never be lonely" / don’t you understand? / you won’t be alone again”

virgo - (un)lost (it’s from American Candy bc LLL doesn’t have twelve songs)
“With my eyes closed this feels like home / adrift in my own head / and all I really know is / whatever this is it doesn’t get easier”

libra - i only wanna talk to you
“You see yesterday, I said tomorrow / I learned today, tomorrow can’t be saved / and the less you know the more / you say you’re / broken, beaten / used and mistreated / tired, shattered / bruised and battered / the only thing I’m really sure of / I’m unsure about almost everything”

scorpio - black butterflies and dèjà vu
“Everytime I think of you / you crash like a rolling wave / you come around I lose my brain / can’t find the sound under my tongue / when I look at you”

sagittarius - bad behavior
“You’re insecure but don’t be / stay soft but don’t be gentle / it’s altogether mental / let’s go to a place where / we can forget we haven’t left the room yet”

capricorn - little
“Since life would be shitty before we move forward / I feel a sense of goodness sinking inside me / trembling in my soul / you should know / I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for”

aquarius - don’t come down
“To the lows and every high / he hellos and the goodbyes / In this moment, I could die with you / and we’re never going down / never felt like this feel before / dizzy, drunk, and beautiful / in this moment, I let go with you”

pisces - do you remember (the other half of 23)
“Do you remember / the days we were golden / we would surrender / to just letting go / for worse or for bette / far from pretenders / we said forever / forever ago / do you remember?”

I was hoping i’d never have to write a post such as this, but it seems i’ve no choice.

I have discovered that some of our older members of the Phandom have experienced ageism from some younger members, which in turn has made them feel isolated in this wonderful community. How is that right or fair on them? Just bc they are older doesn’t give anyone the right to dehumanize, and label them as old, weird, or stalkerish! At the end of the day, we are all fans of the same two British nerds. We are not here to prey on the young, just to enjoy the content that these nerds make.

Personally, i think Dan and Phil would be thoroughly ashamed if they got to know that this is what happening.

I, myself, have been so lucky! Anyone who has found out my age and realise i have kids who are also Phangirls, i’ve been told i am so cool, to the extent i had one person tell me they wished i was their mum! Some have even nicknamed me, Mama Phan, which i love and adore.

So please, if you know of anyone in your followers who are 28+ pls, reach out and embrace them. But only if you feel comfortable in doing so, i know some of you are as bold as brass and don’t give a fig what age a person is as long as thry’re nice. Yes, they may not Phangirl as hard as you, and seem a lot more sensible, but are we all not Phangirls/guys at heart? Do we not love Dan and Phil?!?

Remember age is nothing but a number. But do be careful about what details you tell ppl.

[EDIT] Okay, so this post is starting to get a lot of hate towards it, which is fine, i was expecting this from the get-go. I get that a lot of you are young and feel uncomfortable, and again that’s fine to feel that way, i get it i do, we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. All i was getting at is, that as soon as certain ppl find out that there are older fans in the Phandom they start sending them rude anons telling them that it’s creepy they’re in the Phandom to begin with. Why is that necessary? All we want is to enjoy some quality content :( If any older person has followed a blog of a younger person, it’s bc half the time not everyone states how old they are - which again is the owners right to choose. I, myself, have stated my age on my blog description as a safety precaution just in case. Mostly, they’ve followed that blog for the content that they create, and want to see and share it. If anyone has deliberately followed a young persons blog and starts talking them, and they asked you to stop and you haven’t complied - shame on you! You’re old enough to know better! My advice young ones is to block the person trying to talk to you, never put up with it! But, by the same token, pls don’t try to shame us older members with rude anons abt our age and the fact we like DnP too - that’s all i ask. If i’ve ever made anyone feel uncomfortable, then i sincerely do apologise. I never meant to upset or distress anyone.

fangirl challenge [1/15 male celebrities: Joe Keery 

“I did like, theater camp, when I was a little kid and made videos with my sisters and was interested in music, but didn’t ever want to sing. I thought it was cool to play music, for sure, or - I saw School of Rock! I saw that movie and I was like ‘Oh my God! That seems like the coolest thing ever!’ … We were like this is the real shit. We gotta start doing this.” 



I’m happy when both fandoms get spoiled with the same amount of love on their favorite ships. 

I’m just going to gush so bad on this sketches and I do admit my heart is skipping beats and may or may not be a puddle of melted chocolate that would an understatement of course. 

Honestly, he always tends to spoil us with cute little things like this. 

Now if you guys will excuse me, I will just patiently wait for the new upcoming episodes cause we are about to get whole lots of SasuxSaku

PS: To all those giving me shit, here’s the repost. 

Ps2: Proof of the permission in my profile. Honestly, why would I lie about it? He could easily call me out but any ways. If you don’t believe I answered an anon yesterday.