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I just went into the karamel tag, and found a lot of hate. Several are calling mon-el abusive and that supergirl is sexist. Why can't they just use the anti tags? Sorry I needed to vent that really upset me.

Don’t worry, nonie, you can vent to me all you want. I feel you. I haven’t been to Karamel tag yet but I’m afraid to do it now which shouldn’t happen! We should be able to go to our tags without seeing all that hate! I just want to see positive posts about my OTP and it’s so annoying when I can’t do that!

And I’ve seen many ships who argue like that and are jealous of each other but they’re loved by their fandoms and no one even thought about calling them abusive or sexist! I really try to keep calm but in this fandom it’s not easy. So let’s just re-watch our beatutiful ship’s scenes and be happy about them cause no matter how angry haters are, they can’t take that away from us ;)

Bite Me (Oneshot)

AN: Soooo guess who’s not dead? Yeah, sorry guys. I started my Senior year and everything just went to hell from there. Fortunately, I’m graduating next month and I won’t be starting college until the Fall, so guess who has more free time soon!? Anyways, I started a new request, but then remembered I had this one already started and almost done. So I finished it real quick and I’m posting it as a sort of apology for being so inactive. I hope this one is to your liking, anon!

Prompt:  Hi! Can you do a Bucky x reader where they kinda have a love/hate relationship and one day they are arguing and the reader is like “bite me” to Bucky and he’s like okay and leaves a bunch of hickeys on her. And then like the next day while them and the avengers are chilling Steve see’s the marks and is like the hell? And Bucky appears and is like she said bite me so I did. Sorry if this is confusing and thank you so much!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, teasing, angry/horny Bucky, heavy kissing, hickeys, no smut tho.

Gif not mine

The relationship between you and Bucky was friendly but at the same time… strained. At times the both of you would get along and sometimes actually hang out. Other times you would be at each other’s throats. This obviously was driving the team crazy since they never knew what mood the two of you would be in. However, everything finally came to a head one evening after a particularly stressful mission.

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen my-” Bucky was cut off as soon as he walked into the bathroom connected to your room and saw you. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

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7, 19, 29, 25, diamari and youriko

pull the triggr piglet that’s a lo,t to think abt 7 What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

diamari: u could very easily say that dia gets harsher, on herself or on others, without even realising it. that did kind of. happen. im also torn between saying that mari represses and avoids or makes more excuses to chill w dia or rile her up and honestly it probably depends on when it happens in canon

youriko: you isn’t exactly emotionally savvy so she’s probably still figuring out herself while riko goes through the five stages of grief and the whole cycle of having a crush before you finally comes around enough to ask her out. so like. probably not a lot aside from the natural progression of their friendship (noah fencing but i

9 Who worries the most?

at a first glance it’d be dia and riko, respectively. mari and you are much better at internalising things, aren’t they though. much worse when it comes to a big personal emotional problem, i think.

25 Who needs the most assurance?

dia is surprisingly good at reassuring herself, I think, so surprisingly mari? like obvs they both work well enough without that external assurance so neither of them need to be incredibly overt about it, I think (perks of being childhood friends) and we’ve literally seen riko emotionally supporting you….she needs it…..especially if chika isn’t gonna be there to do it…… riko just needs someone to hold her hand and tell her it’s alright in times of stress

29 one headcanon about this otp that breaks your heart?

everything abt the third years breaks my heart but the idea of dia fending of loneliness for a good portion of the season (her sister has new friends now, mari is off with kanan again, dia is once again alone in the stuco room like always) makes me incredibly sad. it’s not even diamari related it’s just dia being sad :(:(((( let her live,. , im not even gonna talk abt the seven hundred ways the second year love triangle could go and break my heart so. with youriko? i have absolutely no idea. sorry. im bad at headcanons !!!!

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Explain your hatred for bronies pls

Will do!

Note: I have nothing against fans of MLP but I hate bronies.

Bronies are extremely racist for one thing. I had someone who tried to argue with me that Rarity couldn’t be a black woman. I asked why and he didn’t even really give me a reason. And to this day, they’re still extremely racist. I posted a picture that a friend drew me of human Rarity and Twilight on derpiboru. Both of them weren’t white and someone tried to tag it as ‘forced diversity.’ What?

There is also the fact that there is porn of every single character in MLP. That includes underaged characters as well as incest and it just got to be too much. That was one of the main reasons I left fandom. Like I was fine with porn at the begging but it got to be too much and there was no limit. Like everyone was just fine with porn being everywhere.

But the biggest thing was the harassment of a young female fan because she managed to get Ask Molestia taken down.

What is Ask Molesita? It was this really gross MLP blog that made Princess Celestia out to be a molester. It was a joke but it was honestly disgusting. Like really disgusting. I remember once following it back in the days of wanting to fit in with bronies but I soon unfollowed it after realizing it just wasn’t really funny. And the girl who started the whole campaign to get this blog taken down was harassed unmercifully. People drew rape art of her ponysona, people called her house, she was stalked, she had friends turn on her and more. The worst part?

She was a minor when this happened.

Basically, bronies are literal trash. I still enjoy the show but I refuse to get deep into the fandom because it’s honestly one of the worst fandoms I have ever been in. And like the problem wasn’t adult men enjoying a cartoon made for young girls. The problem was they were ruining the cartoon and trying to make it all about them while also excluding females from the fandom. I know people give the SU fandom crap but when they created the Stephen Galaxy tag so porn wouldn’t be in the main tags, I had to applaud them for thinking of that because it caused less drama.

For real, stay away from bronies my followers

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What do you mean by 'the true myth of Hades and Persephone circling around'?

I’m referring to this post. This post was basically saying that they knew the true version of Hades and Persephone, without sources. It looks like OP did apologize for claiming they knew the true version, saying they learned the story through Tumblr. And we all know Tumblr is obviously the best way to learn Greek myths instead of through books or even credible websites.

But of course that doesn’t stop other people from reblogging the original post, spreading it around, and others getting the wrong idea. I had someone I knew come up to me and essentially tried to tell me, a person who studied the myths hard into the ground for a fourth of my life, that everything I knew was wrong and blah blah blah. Persephone was only using Hades as a step-stool to royalty, that sort of fake stuff.

It’s not to say that the myth we got from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter is the true myth; it’s just the oldest and practically only thing we have from Ancient Greece that was written down. There’s no “true myth,” and that’s what people need to get through to their heads.

A lot of people are following all at once (Hi! Welcome!) and I can’t help but wonder if I got added to some illustrious block list. Not entirely sure what for but I guess “reblogging from radfems when some views overlap” is a Hate Crime on tumblr.hell

There are unpleasant people in every group but a radical feminist has never told me to kill myself so like, excuse me for preferring to interact with people who don’t make my mental illness worse and usually actually make rational arguments instead of screaming

I don’t even post a lot of politics here because I don’t have the energy for that and don’t like arguing on the internet anymore; literally all I’m doing is trying to make sense of my detransition and making stupid diary posts, sometimes I’ll reblog something I like or find useful

So to radfem followers, thank you for being kind and reasonable, to all other followers, thank you for also being kind and reasonable, and to people who want me to die… don’t talk to me again and we’ll be fine

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Aaaaggghhhh omg that post was so!!! Aahhhh I can't even explain how mad the double standards make me!! I remember when Louis and Danielle first started hangin out people were like ooooh she has a girlfriend but isn't out yet oooohhh and then almost suddenly people are hating her for going to pride and for 'dating' Louis, like???? These same people who were happy to know she also might be closeted suddenly hate her for being/having a beard??? Like?? Check ur double standards at the door please!

People posting about how she shouldn’t go to Pride really upset me (and some people who attacked her had described themselves as straight - which makes it much worse). 

And I think ultimately that is the double-standard that upsets me the most. The splitting hairs to argue that there is something fundamentally different between what Louis and Harry are doing and what the women they pretend to be in relationships with are doing.  There’s not.

And beyond the fact that I find it draining and boring to read the endless hate.  There’s actually a political/philosophical point in there.  Everyone is acting under a mixture of constraint and opportunity, under circumstances and pressure that you don’t necessarily know. It’s not politically progressive to think you should run everyone else’s life.  Let people make the decisions that are best for them.  There is no ethical way to survive under capitalism.  Unless you’re incredibly lucky you have to sell your labour and do terrible things while you sell that labour (even something quite simple like working in a supermarket requires you to deny food to people who don’t have money). There are things that ordinary people do that are worth engaging with: using any power they have over other people to harm and control, undermining collective struggle.  But taking a job where you’re not locking anyone up, you’re not taking anyone’s kids away, you’re not killing anyone, you’re not taking anyone’s home away, is not one of them.  

There are decision makers and people with power - and endless focus on visible people (who ‘coincidentally’ are almost always women) helps obscure who those people are.

queenburd replied to your post “HAHAHA *throws up* Good. I sure am glad I’ve spent all day arguing…”

Noooo digi why would you do that, your health

I have an old professor who I used to really respect. In the past year he’s posted a lot of really conservative and sometimes hateful things. I’ve found this disappointing because I used to really respect him. He was one of the very few Christian professors at Kendall and it made me really happy to see a reasonable, decent Christian for once. Today he posted a bunch of stuff about the immigration ban and myself and several other former students tried to argue logically and rationally.

He responded by making a post saying “This morning I just had to laugh, I remembered that when I wrestle with pigs we both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

And I was like. Oh goodie. Name calling. So finally I took a stand and made a response saying I used to really respect him and how I really don’t care about his politics and beliefs, but the way he’s been so demeaning and terrible about it to people is what REALLY upsets me. And he just said “it’s not an insult, it’s an old saying” and I was like “How is this NOT a passive aggressive insult?”

Cue several people who I have never met arguing how “Some people CHOOSE to get offended” and I said “My choice to be offended does not change the fact that what he said was an insult.” and then I got comments saying “Being insulted shows deep insecurity, why not be the bigger person and ignore it” and this other random person making statements like “Being so invested in what someone else thinks isn’t good for your emotional well-being” and “We can’t change people, we can only change ourselves” after every response I made.

I just.

I feel so stupid. I shouldn’t have said anything. I stupidly thought maybe if I made an argument, I could at least get someone to think before they say something cruel and paint other people with a wide brush. I’m not even asking for a debate, I’m just asking for people to be kind. And I’m stupid for getting into this argument and I’m stupid for being so upset about it because I know it’s just a waste of time and I wasted most of my day on this and I need to get work done and there’s no fucking point to talking with people.

I just want people to treat each other with respect. No one listens to each other. I’m probably part of the problem. Everything’s pointless. *confetti*

the signs when you disagree with them
  • Aries: nope, sorry, wrong opinion, go fuck yourself
  • Taurus: uhm excuse me but did you know... *gives blatantly wrong facts*
  • Gemini: ...k lol
  • Cancer: okay, but wait listen
  • Leo: that's your opinion and you're entitled to it but you're wrong
  • Virgo: how dare you
  • Libra: right, right, but see here's my point...
  • Scorpio: ...
  • Sagittarius: k whatever
  • Capricorn: why do you hate me?
  • Aquarius: *socks you in the face with logic and facts, then blows on their fist*
  • Pisces: let's not argue about this
Ship War

Yang: *holding her scroll* BLAKE! Blake, come see it!
Blake: What is it, Yang? Is your arm hurting again?
Yang: No… It’s just… They keep arguing.
Blake: Oh… That’s bad…
Sun: ‘Sup, girls?
Yang: It’s the FNDM. They keep arguing over Black Sun and Bumblebee.
Sun: What a bunch of idiots!
Blake: Look, Black Sun people are tagging Bumbleby on their hate post. And… Bumbleby are doing the same. Damn, they are edgier than Adam!
Yang: Why don’t they notice it won’t take them anywhere… Shit, this hating is making the money that RT is paying to make us not worth it. It hurts me…
Blake: Yeah, me too.
Sun: I’m with you, girls. I would love to date Blake, yes. But if you guys got together and were happy, I would bee happy as well!
Yang: Same goes for you! But the fandom doesn’t seem to get it. Monty must be really disappointed…
Blake, Sun and Yang: STOP THIS SHIP WAR!


Dear shippers and non-shippers

A lot of people really complain about the fandoms and ships, arguing that it’s sick/stupid to “obsess” over fictional characters. They even point out that us, the fanboys and fangirls, are ruining the shows. I’ve even received messages telling me how ridiculous it was for a male to post in fanbases, create content and, in general, do whatever the fuck I want with my blog. I’ve gotta tell you, all of you, shippers and non-shippers. The reason I’m in the fanbases I am is NOT because I hate the “real world” or because I have “no friends”. Actually, it’s because I love how a relation (I’m talking romantic/sexual/familiar/dudebros-friendship) portrayed in a fictional world has the power to move SO MANY PEOPLE. 

I swear I won’t try to make you an obsessed fan, I’m not even close to that term. Just as a writer, musician and a life-lover/ an actual human with actual feelings, I crave for passion, I crave for a certain interest in the daily basis. The fandom family I’ve encountered through all this years, just gives me hope. Hope that besides the shitty news in the world and even in our lives, we can count with a safe place. A place where LOVE is shown either as a salvation, as teaching and learning, as a filler to the brother or sister they never had, as a father or as a friend, as a lover or as a concept of loyalty; portrayed as sexual tension or as a confident, a relief of the outside fictional world… It’s all about showing LOVE. 

So yes, maybe you don’t look at a relationship the same way as I do or viceversa, but we’ve gotta learn that IT DOESN’T MATTER. Variety is highly functional and necessary for a family. What matters is that we respect each other, that maybe we could try to understand the others’ point of view. 

Because I DON’T CARE IF YOU SEE HERE AN INCREDIBLY GOOD LOVE STORY, OR THE BEST FRIENDSHIP DEVELOPMENT EVER CAPTURED BY A CAMARA, I just want love to be acknowledged by the world, the chemistry, the passion and the hard-work each actor uses to portrait a story. 

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Yesterday was Zander’s birthday. He would have been 16 years old.

After his death, there was an influx of support for trans men, people defending them and standing up for them…. for about two weeks. After that people seemed to forget that Zander even existed. I would maybe see a post about Zander once every few days.

I had expected to see loads of posts about Zander yesterday, posts for suicide prevention and support, hotline numbers, stuff like that. I didn’t. I instead saw you people arguing and being racist to one another. I saw you people being transphobic as shit to trans men. I saw hate everywhere yesterday.

While I did not know Zander myself, I do know people he was friends with who all describes Zander as being this caring and passionate boy who would give the shirt off his back for someone who needed it. A boy who honestly cared about the people around him is how he often is described to me. Based on what others said about him, I do not think he would have wanted the fighting and the hate that I saw all over Tumblr yesterday.

I am fully and completely ashamed of you all. You were being horrible and hateful. You were being assholes.

Let me sum up the Dean,Roman and Seth tags

“I ship Denee!”
*people arguing this*



“Roman deserves everything”

*everyone argues*




“We must support Seth in his time of need”



No chills in these tags tho, do you like these guys or hate them?

I’m not gonna lie, some posts amuse me

A Bad Blood Story

So there’s a girl in my school that loves Katy Perry and EVERYBODY in the world know that I’m swiftie and today she came and asked me if Bad Blood was really written to Katy and i nooded and she started to say that Katy is and angel and she would never hurt someone and bla bla bla and i explained to her the story behind Bad Blood and what Katy did about the Red Tour and she was intorrupting me everytime saying that Katy would never do that and than we kinda started to argue but i kept saying to myself “yeah, i’ve got bad blood now but if i slap her face the teacher will punish me and i must keep calm” BUT BAD BLOOD WAS ACTUALLY ON MY BLOODSTRINGS AND I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL TAYLOR…. I TOTALLY KNOW! And also that girl is SO fake and we hate each other since the first time we met and dibeevdbidhevdeycdfhuhfrghih
PS: while i was wrinting this post Bad Blood MV came on tv and you know….. Taylor understands me

Anti Shippers rant

I just learned that people hate on ships, then tell the shippers not to interact with their posts xD like what are you doing?? If it genuinely triggers you, how about dONT TAG YOUR HATE AS A SHIP?! LIKE DONT PUT #BILLDIP OR #TOMCO OR WHATEVER IN THE TAGS SO SHIPPERS DON’T SEE IT AND ARGUE?! COMMON SENSE HERE PEOPLE