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Levi Ackerman: The Abuse Claim

Alright, so here I am with another long ass meta post. Only this time, this one is directed solely at the legend, Levi Ackerman himself. Yet again, I am seeing the “Levi is Abusive” mumbo jumbo and I have spent my two years in this fandom quiet about my opinions on this for the most part because I do not enjoy drama. However, after this last batch of Discourse™ that I have seen, I have been pushed beyond my ability to bite my tongue. 

This is Part One to a two part meta, and this is me basically trying to shine light on Levi’s actions a bit and why he behaves the way he does. In no way do I try to justify all of the shit he carries out so don’t think this is just a fangirl squeal post. I’m simply trying to better explain his character for the people who seem to think he is some kind of rage beast who beats kids for fun in his spare time. 

I will be putting this under a Read More because it is extremely long and also contains spoilers. I’d also like to state that this would be best read from a computer or the mobile website as it contains a metric fuckton of manga panels used for reference (seriously use any other means outside of the mobile app to read this because the app will butcher this post and cut out a majority of the images). If you are sitting down to read this, please make sure you are comfy, cozy, and drinking a nice warm beverage. Now then, 

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, good for you! That’s your prerogative. However, If you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages because my opinion differs from your own; do us both a favor and just don’t even bother. WARNING: Major spoilers ahead.

First and foremost, this is the scene I see brought up the absolute most so I’d like to go ahead and address it first:

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What Happened To This Fandom????

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this, but i just wanted to share my personal experience i guess and what this fandom has done to me. I have barely any followers so i’m not sure this will even get around :/ When I read Throne of Glass I became obsessed with Sarah J. Maas’s books. I read up to Queen of Shadows and then had to wait for EoS. During that time i couldn’t pick up any other books cuz I thought they just couldn’t compare. Then I found out there was another series by her. ACOTAR.

ACOTAR honestly changed me. It changed my view on things and at the time i was going through a really hard time and i was just very depressed. The series helped me heal but the biggest thing was how real the characters felt for me. I fell in love with all of them.

I don’t have a single friend who reads. Only a couple of my close friends even know I like to read cuz everyone else judges me and I have really bad self confidence issues so I’ve kept it to myself. But it’s been killing me more because I can’t talk to anyone about this book in person and i hate it. I can’t let all of my feels out to any of my friends.

So I joined Tumblr. And I was amazed. At how so many different people from all over could make so many new friends and just endlessly talk about this series. I haven’t posted anything (this is my official first post) cuz I was always nervous and shy that people wouldn’t like me or something.

But I loved just watching everyone rant and just have fun talking about this amazing series and how it brought so many people together! Until ACOWAR came out.

Personally, I loved ACOWAR because it continued with the characters i fell in love with and it healed me even more. That’s my opinion and i absolutely respect everyone else’s. But.

Every time i would look at tumblr, there was a HUGE argument over small things i didn’t even realize you could argue over. It broke my heart to see people that were once together as friends and family and supporters… a FANDOM, fall apart. I had no idea what to do.

I started getting worried to look at Tumblr cuz I hate seeing people argue like this. This fandom makes me SO happy beyond words. Like i’m speechless of how amazing everyone is. I love every single one of you.

The fan fics you come up with, the edits you make, the hilarious and relatable posts you make is incredible. And the fact that it all revolves around ACOTAR makes me even happier since i have no one to talk about it with.

Please, please, please, take a minute and remember why you post what you post, why you write about these characters, how you met others through this fandom, and most of all, please don’t fall apart.

I’ve never been apart of a fandom before and this has been amazing even tho i don’t post anything, just witnessing it. It’s incredible.

So please, don’t argue. If you don’t like someone’s fanfic than don’t read it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion that’s perfectly okay! But respect their opinion like they would respect yours. Everyone is different.

Yes, I ship Elriel which has been an argument lately. Yes, i love the whole “die together” thing that Rhys and Feyre did because i like cheesy romantic stories and i loved that! But that’s just me! I 100% see why people would disagree, and i respect that because i know people are different and you can’t always agree.

Those are just two examples but what i’m saying is PLEASE don’t argue over things like that! Let Sarah J. Maas write whatever she wants! It’s her books. And if you don’t like them don’t read them.

Overall my message is to be kind to each other. We’re running out of kindness in this world and it kills me. This is where I come to be happy. So please be nice and respect each other. You’re all outstanding and talented and wonderful people and i want you all to know that you’ve changed my life even though i don’t talk or know any of you. I hope to post more after this and make friends so i can talk about ACOTAR with someone.

Thank you if you read this. I love you all. Please come together again and rebuild this amazing fandom. You won’t regret it❤️

i think the thing that gets me the most is how exhausting and unnecessary all the taylor hate is.

like……. most of the antis don’t care for the facts or the research, they’ll just hate her viciously and blindly and go with public opinion.

posts saying “no one wants her music” and things that literally have no basis in reality, and to us as fans it’s just like arguing to a brick wall.

they don’t care to have their minds changed, they’ll just keep reblogging mean or nasty posts about her, and there is nothing we can do about that….

i don’t know. it’s just sad, really, that taylor swift is the target they chose for all this hate and that some people on here are actually incapable of staying in their lane.

Wether people like it or not, Petyr Baelish is the most important character in regards to Sansa’s narrative. From the first book /“You have her hair.” His fingers brushed against her cheek as he stroked one auburn lock. / "Life is not a song, sweetling,“ he’d told her. "You may learn that one day to your sorrow.”/ to the current / “Father and I have larger concerns.” / their stories have been intertwined and he has been IMPORTANT. He has a shared history with her family, they have narrative parallels, thematic imagery, his words impact her, his actions impact her, Sansa’a trajectory through the books past ASOS is solely based around his actions, AFFC and TWOW has their stories told in complete tandem. There is NO other character that features so prominently in Sansa’s story, you don’t have to like him in anyway, but you cant deny this. The show even knew this, there cant be any other character Sansa shared as much screen time with.

and I know the outcome for Baelish in the book is death now, clearly, but i trust GRRM will do him justice, do him AND sansa (and arya and bran and all of them) a service with his writing, and for D+D to treat their dynamic this whole season as an absolute joke to then end he way it did has me fucked up

so this needs to be said about choi youngjae

okay so I’m making this post for my only love because I feel like I have to chime into this and make a post and I can’t say all I need to in tags

my baby sun choi youngjae is the strongest person in that goddamn group and I’m gonna tell y’all why

here we go

  • trained for really one month okay he might have been in the company for seven but that boy only got a month before he was put into got7 and those other six months were just for preparing for debut so really he got a month of solid training
  • was immediately the least liked member because of how adorably awkward he was and how he wasn’t sexy/hot or baby cute honestly this argument makes no sense cause he was fucking adorable when he debuted but okay
  • was made fun of and not taken seriously as a main vocal cause he didn’t really have any parts in girls, girls, girls like seriously it wasn’t his decision it was JYP and the only reason he didn’t sing much was cause he just came into the company and they had to see his vocal limits
  • was bullied on national television by jackson ((I know it was just for the audience but it wasn’t funny to me)) and made a laughing stock in igot7 but did not retaliate in the slightest
  • always ignored by fans until he lost a dramatic amount of weight which honestly scares me so much you have no idea how worried I am
  • always picked on for his insecurities and flaws by fans but just smiles and waves for them and is so pure and beautiful
  • was given no close ups during music broadcasts and is always shunned to the back or a corner cause fans don’t like him as much as other members which really shatters my heart
  • is sent hate on a regular basis whenever they do lives and when he posts photos on instagram and twitter but doesn’t say anything about it
  • diets so hard to look “beautiful” for all of us like how sick are we that he thinks that the only way he’ll be loved by the fans is if he is skinny
  • performed while sick for the fans and still got hate cause he wasn’t smiling or anything and whenever he looks tired on stage he is always criticized but whenever others are tired, they’re given love and support like they all deserve
  • legitimately shocked when people call him handsome like can you imagine how many times he’s been told otherwise for him to have that kind of reaction it breaks my heart
  • gets hate when he doesn’t get enough lines, gets hate when he gets too many lines, gets hate cause he isn’t a perfect dancer ((but y’all have nothing to say when anyone else messes up)) gets hate from just doing what he loves

in conclusion choi youngjae is the strongest member of got7 who has never retaliated on anyone and has never complained about the hate he receives and I know already that there are gonna be people who argue with me and say jackson or jaebum are the strongest members but honestly you are missing the whole fucking point yes those boys are strong but no one has to deal with the shit youngjae does and it appalls me that people can say so much negative and awful shit about him like really fuck you

There’s so much hate in the tags. Apparently I’m not the only one getting bs unrelated ‘it was rape’ comments under my posts. Someone makes a joke and they’re like ‘IT WAS RAPE’! Like jfc we know, but if you’re so traumatized by that scene that you can’t even think or talk about anything else, can’t even take a joke, maybe this comic isn’t for you!!! Why the fuck are you even reading KS if you hate everything about it so much? From the main characters to the relationship and the main plot? I get antis but what tf is with people reading it and then going in the tags just to tell everyone to die or call them stupid or sick?
Guys, seriously, don’t try to argue or have a conversation with these people. I almost did yesterday but both times I deleted my replies and just blocked them. It’ll save you the headache. Someone who is accusing you from the start without knowing a single thing about you, calls you names like ‘demented’, ‘insane’, ‘sick fuck’, is not going to listen to or understand logic because they already made up their mind about you! Someone who doesn’t even have a basic understanding of what KS is and only sees it as something sick and black and white, they’re not going to understand your explanations either.
It’s sad to see the OP has to write an essay to JUSTIFY THEIR JOKE or explain themselves. These people have no banter or sense of humour. They just get a kick out of making fun of you or wishing you death. If they’re interacting with your posts, this is a good opportunity for all of you to make this place safer and more fun for yourself by finding these close-minded, ignorant assholes with no sense of humour or morals and block them and also save your posts. Just don’t argue with them. You don’t need to explain your jokes or why you enjoy or read whatever you do. They’re just some random strangers who are judging or hating on you blindly  and you’ll never even meet them. Believe me, THEY’RE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

Bite Me (Oneshot)

AN: Soooo guess who’s not dead? Yeah, sorry guys. I started my Senior year and everything just went to hell from there. Fortunately, I’m graduating next month and I won’t be starting college until the Fall, so guess who has more free time soon!? Anyways, I started a new request, but then remembered I had this one already started and almost done. So I finished it real quick and I’m posting it as a sort of apology for being so inactive. I hope this one is to your liking, anon!

Prompt:  Hi! Can you do a Bucky x reader where they kinda have a love/hate relationship and one day they are arguing and the reader is like “bite me” to Bucky and he’s like okay and leaves a bunch of hickeys on her. And then like the next day while them and the avengers are chilling Steve see’s the marks and is like the hell? And Bucky appears and is like she said bite me so I did. Sorry if this is confusing and thank you so much!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, teasing, angry/horny Bucky, heavy kissing, hickeys, no smut tho.

Gif not mine

The relationship between you and Bucky was friendly but at the same time… strained. At times the both of you would get along and sometimes actually hang out. Other times you would be at each other’s throats. This obviously was driving the team crazy since they never knew what mood the two of you would be in. However, everything finally came to a head one evening after a particularly stressful mission.

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen my-” Bucky was cut off as soon as he walked into the bathroom connected to your room and saw you. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

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Animes with a large yaoi fandom that are NOT yaoi/BL~

UPDATE: To the idiots who are actually flaming me, how cliche and illiterate can you get, it’s hilarious. 

I’m probably going to lose a shit ton of followers and get a lot of hate on especially on a bishies blog like this, but I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for a while and frankly, need to let this out of my chest. 


So to my disturbance but unsurprisingly, I noticed a lot of people who like anime, but have not seen the following animes I am about to list, thought they were shounen-ai, boys love or yaoi. Because of that, a lot of people avert from them dismissing the animes off as pure fanservice for crazy fangirls. 
I understand this because I was and still am one of those people who stayed away. 

But after having the pleasure of diving into actually watching/reading Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Hunter x Hunter, K-Project, etc. you start realizing how damn deep these works of fiction are and you really enjoy the characters and plot once you zone out the fandoms. 

There is no yaoi or BL whatsoever and any fanservice added is simply added in the anime and is in no way canon to the original work, manga.

I won’t be mentioning sports animes or reverse harems cause they’re full of guys, the fandom is bound to be crazy over that so I’ve given up hope. 

Basically, I just want to be a bitch and crush fangirly dreams so this post is pretty much me proving to newcomers why these animes are not yaoi and the men are not ‘gay.’

Okay, if you hate this already, stop here, backspace, block me, whatever. If you agree, carry on.

If you do happen to carry on but don’t agree, DO NOT attempt to argue or fight with me on this. Sorry to say, but I’m not really that open-minded and I stand firm on my beliefs here so if you don’t agree, then don’t ever socialize with me. Everyone is happy. We’re good.


Let’s start with Durarara!!

Let’s start with the most popular and raging ship in that fandom. Shizaya.
Shizuo and Izaya have been confirmed that they feel only hate and dislike towards each other. They literally want to get rid of each other. That’s it. And somehow, that is interpreted as ‘love’ by fangirls. 
In any case, the author already answered that Izaya was ‘normal’ and that he ‘has his needs.’ In Japan, that equates to being a healthy, heterosexual male who has normal sexual urges now and then. 

Despite claiming to love all of humanity, Izaya does flirt with women a lot and even said how he wants to date one or a few of them when they threatened to kill him. 

Shizuo used to have a crush on an older woman who sold him milk. He was originally supposed to be paired up with Namie by the author. He is also ship teased with Vorona and she to him.

Never had Shizuo shown any interest in men. 


Now on to K-Project. 

Reisi has been canonically ship teased with Seri. Seri has been revealed to harbor a bit of a crush on him. 
Reisi has no other feelings towards Mikoto other than wanting him to take responsibilities as King and a comrade. Mikoto is 100% indifferent to everything aside from his clan and family. 

Yukari Mishakuji is beautiful. He talks femininely, use makeup and skin care products. He paints his nails and is obsessed with everything beautiful.

He also said that he would only date Nagare Hisui IF he was a girl. If that doesn’t not ring a bell, I don’t know what does. 


Let’s go on to the ever so famous Kuroshitsuji and its famous bullshit rumor about it being “supposed to be a yaoi.” 
A Japanese person runs a blog on this website responsible for translating Yana Toboso’s blog. 
She has already confirmed that literally, no one in Japan including the author herself know anything about that made up rumor. As time went by, the rumors only got worse to the point that even non-shippers believe it (like I stupidly did in the past)

Both Yana and her editor already said too many times that Sebastian and Ciel feel nothing for each other aside from business, hostility and distrust. Let’s also add that Yana had GFantasy publish Kuroshitsuji. A company that strictly prohibits yaoi and BL of any form.  

Ciel throughout the manga and especially in the latest chapters had only shown concern and love towards Elizabeth Midford. Ciel, a cold-hearted child obsessed with revenge was legitimately about to throw his life on the line when Lizzy was in danger during the Campania arc. 

Whether this can be interpreted romantically or platonically on Ciel’s part is more ambiguous, but there is no doubt that the two care greatly about each other. 

If Sebastian really had ‘feelings’ for Ciel like so many fangirls like to believe, he would definitely do everything in his OP demonic power to get rid of Lizzy and have Ciel for himself.

Instead, he actively teases Ciel and respects Lizzy as well as support their fiancee relationship. Any ‘feelings’ he has towards Ciel is that of a predator and his dinner. 
Sebastian also has a lot of fun interrogating women in certain, special ways. Something he has never shown interest in doing with men. 


Finally, Hunter x Hunter.

Ever since a shounen like HxH attracted female viewers, no doubt because of the generous amount of bishounens on there (Hisoka, Killua, Illumi, Chrollo, etc,) the yaoi fandom now dominates the place and Killua and Gon became the most popular ship.
Even more than canon ones like Meruem and Komugi. 

I have run across people who even said that Killua and Gon are canon and that there can be nothing to challenge that. (apparently fangirls think they own shit now)

Killua had said countlessly that Gon was his “dear friend.” To anyone with common sense, a friend is not the same thing as a lover lol. There is nothing between the two little boys aside from a beautiful friendship that often occurs between children and adolescents even if a website like tumblr might find this shocking.

Let’s finish this with Hisoka, a character that has much controversy recently regarding his sexuality ever since certain people including I headcanoned him heterosexual cause we can.
But because of that one simply headcanon, people I personally knew and I were attacked, harassed, badmouthed and mocked. 

Until Togashi or Ishida confirms anything, Hisoka is left ambiguous. 
That does not mean that we cannot analyze canon evidence however.

When it comes to every single male character in HxH (including Illumi and Chrollo, the two male characters often shipped with Hisoka,) Hisoka has only expressed desire to fight and eventually kill them. This stretched down to Hisoka’s only ‘friend,’ Illumi. He has absolutely no problem killing Killua just to earn Illumi’s wrath to have the opportunity to kill him.

Hisoka’s interest in fighting Chrollo turned into 100% indifference when he learned the Phantom Troupe leader could not use nen courtesy of Kurapika.
Gon is just another toy he wants ripened to have the pleasure of killing.

The only person Hisoka is intimate with, tried to sleep with, get a date with, shared his past and his abilities with is to the beautiful female character Machi.
This extends to the latest chapter of 357 where he seemingly spared her at least temporarily out of respect.

Even when Machi threatened to chase him down to the ends of the world to eradicate him when he playfully makes her choose between him and Chrollo, he seemed satisfied with that.


For Shingeki no Kyojin, the most popular pairing in the Western fandom is Eren and Levi.
In the Japanese fandom, the most popular ship is Eren and Mikasa.

While I’m at it, SNK’s author answered in a Q&A that he purposely wrote Levi to have an attraction towards Petra Ral. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my throwing shade analysis of the above yaoi-dominated animes. 

(Also, I own none of the drawings used.)

anonymous asked:

i really hate when aphobes shit on inclusionists for saying stuff like "dont argue with me on this post please" because i have dpd and avpd, which means i have a huge fear of being alone / hated and also a huge fear of confrontation. trying to participate in the discourse and fight for aro and ace people stresses me out to no end, but i do it anyways bc i care about this a lot. i dont say that people cant disagree with me but i feel like theyre mocking me whenever they make fun of it :/

I think one of exclusionists problems, not pertaining to discourse topics itself, is that a lot of them don’t know how to respect boundaries. So here’s a list of things that I made for everyone in the discourse to remember.

1. If someone asks you not to start an argument on their posts, don’t. They have a reason.

2. If someone asks you to not screenshot their blog, don’t. They have a reason.

3. If someone asks you to not vague about them, don’t. They have a reason.

4. If someone blocks you, that means they don’t want to talk to you anymore. Leave them alone. They have a reason.

5. If someone asks you not to call them something, don’t. They have a reason.

There are probably more, but these are the ones I have for right now.

–Mod Mercy

I hate the mentality on here that “adults” (I’m using this term very lightly, considering I mean people aged 19-22 who are effectively floundering, useless members of society praying to stay on their parents’ health insurance for as long as they can) aren’t allowed to disagree with a minor or it’s suddenly considered bullying.

I’m incredibly hesitant about even posting this because I’ve had two anxiety attacks in the last few days and really don’t feel like having a third because of anon hate or people openly slandering me, but I think that also exactly why I need to post this. Frankly, it’s not fair that my mental health is being fucked with because certain tumblr users thing fictional characters are more important than actual people.

On tumblr you’re just not allowed to argue with minors. If you do, you’re a bully. If you have more followers than them, they’ll accuse you of sending people after them to be attacked. Your best bet is to simply block them and try to move on, because you already know at this point that there’s no winning in arguments with minors. They’re going to think whatever they want and nothing you try to say is going to get you out of it, because they aren’t going to let it go.

You know what? I was like that too. At 17 I was probably an ass on here and did stupid shit and said and did things that hurt people. I regret that now that I’m a little older. I regret saying hurtful things and picking fights and vague posting about people over fictional characters. I’m not proud of it, and if I could apologize to some of those people I definitely would.

Minor or otherwise, you don’t get to put real, living people over a fictional character.

It’s not okay that I’ve woken up to asks telling me how horrible I am for “not liking” X character and telling me to kill myself, or whatever other awful things this website conjures up. Yeah, I take those asks like a fucking champ and laugh it off because that’s what people have come to expect, but that doesn’t make them hurt any less. The doesn’t magically make my anxiety stop. It’s not okay that when I block people to avoid an argument over something stupid I’m slandered and told I can’t handle a critique. And it’s not okay that I’m sent into a fucking anxiety attack after accidentally finding a post complaining about me.

I’m anticipating some nasty asks for posting this, and I’m sure people are still going to vague about me and this is only going to add fuel to the fire, but honestly it’s not like it can get much worse at this point.

Being a minor should not be a get out of jail free pass. Hurting people isn’t absolved by age, and tumblr’s “protect the children” mindset is frankly horrible.

My favourite fandom? The Tom Hiddleston Fandom.

No drama, no arguing, no hateful anons - everyone just really loves Tom Hiddleston. 

They reply to gifs of Tom with more gifs of Tom. They just all make me so happy.

@tinchentitri - you have exposed me to this, and I thank you. Please thank all the other hiddleston blogs too - you guys are so funny and great, you guys make it such a nice fandom to be part of 😊

Basically, I just saw the tom doing sports post and it occurred to me how much I love you guys 😉😊💖

the ioun post you knew was coming

Let’s start with the most important point, one I do not want any of you to forget: I’m not mad at Scanlan for getting Ioun’s blessing. I’m disappointed that Percy didn’t. There is a huge difference between these two things and I will lay them out as such. If you came at me for this post arguing that I hate Scanlan or I’m insulting him, I’m just going to ignore you because you clearly didn’t read anything I’m about to write.

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Brawling Love Part 4

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing


It has been 4 days since Bucky’s outburst in the kitchen and you have yet to speak a word to him. You actually haven’t spoken to anyone on the team even though they have clarified that they love you very much.

Your insecurities were getting the best of you.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Tony greets when you drag yourself and Bucky into the kitchen. You don’t say a word as you rummage through the pantry, grabbing your favorite cereal before walking to get the milk.

“Lady Y/N! You’re awake and looking lovely this morning.” Thor was the next to speak, pulling you in a hug. They were like this everyday. Always showing you affection, just trying anything to show you that they truly did love you.

After the hug you serve yourself some cereal and sit down on the stool. Bucky pulled the other stool closer to yours and sat down in silence. He desperately wanted you to say some thing - anything. He didn’t care if you yelled at him, called him names or insulted him, he just wanted you to talk, to hear your voice.

You ate your cereal in silence while having Bucky glance at you frequently.

“Listen up,” Tony calls out, grabbing everyone’s attention. “To uplift everyone’s  mood,” he looks directly at you, “I’m throwing a party tonight. Everyone better be there.”

“Great. We’re gonna have to replace the window again.” Sam says, referring to Tony’s last party where Tony busted through the window, drunk as he showed off his upgraded Iron Man suit.

“That was one time and I was really excited to show everyone how badass my suit was.” Tony clarified but Sam just scoffed.

Everyone turned their attention to you and Steve approached you calmly. “Are you gonna be there Y/N?”

You don’t say a word, you just stare down into your bowel. Steve looks over at Bucky and shoots him a glare as if saying this was all his fault.

“I know.” Bucky says out loud, closing his eyes. Everyone was mad at him for the things he said and Bucky was mad at himself as well.

“You better fix this.” Steve tells him and you know they’re talking about this whole situation.

You finish your bowel and walk over to the sink, dumping it in there before walking back to the elevator. Once the doors close, Tony turns to Steve.

“I’m not even half way done with the key.” he confessed with a sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well you better figure out something quick.” Steve said, placing his hand on his hip as he looked around the room.

“I’m so going to kick his ass once we uncuff him.” Nat mutters, shaking her head.

“I shall join you.” Thor speaks up with a smile.

“I don’t understand why Mr. Barnes would say such a thing in the first place, I like Miss Y/N very much.” Vision says and Wanda pats him on his shoulder.

“Because he’s an idiot, Vis.” she tells him.

“We don’t have to go to the party if you don’t want to. I’m fine staying in here, not talking and stuff.” Bucky shrugs, standing outside the shower curtains while you showered. He had showered before you. Bucky’s right arm was pulled wherever you pulled it and you made sure to not touch your body much with your left hand, not wanting Bucky to slightly graze your skin.

“Tony would make me go either way.” you mutter, washing your hair. He sighed, thankful for hearing your voice for the first time in 4 days.

“You’re right.” he nods. “hey maybe after a while we could ditch the party and go to the ice cream shop down the street. I know you-”

“Stop pushing your luck.” you cut him off. “Just because I talked to you once does not mean I’ll do it again.”

Bucky rubs his face with his metal hand. “Y/N I’m trying to fix things. Please let me.”

“No. You were right, I’m not and never will be as pretty as Nat and Wanda, I’ll never compare to their skills I’ll never live up to their achievements and I am a stuck up, annoying ass know-it-all bitch who no one likes.” you speak and the guilt eats Bucky alive. How could he say those things to you?

You turn off the water and stick your hand out of the shower. “Towel.”

Bucky reaches over and hands you your towel, not once looking at you because, hey, privacy. You manage to wrap the towel around your body then pull Bucky into your room.

You decided on a simple strapless black dress, making it easy for you to put on. You reach into your top drawer where you kept your undergarments and pull out a pair of underwear. Bucky kept his eyes away from you, not wanting you to hate him more for glancing at your naked body.

You dropped the towel and slipped on your panties before covering your boobs with your right hand. You pull Bucky over to your closet and take the dress out, putting it on quickly. The only downside being you couldn’t zip up the zipper in the back. by yourself.

With a sigh and not many options, you look back at Bucky who kept his eyes on your bed. “James.”

He turns his head almost immediately. “Yeah?”

“I need you to - can you.. zip up the dress?” you find it hard to ask him.

Bucky gulps, eyes trailing down to the zipper. He bit his lip, seeing your exposed skin and nods. “Uh, yeah, sure.”

His metal arm finds the zipper and tugs it up ever so slowly. You physically shiver at the metal to skin contact. When he was done he drops his hand from your back and you turn around.

“Thanks.” you mumbled. With a sigh you continue to focus on your hair and makeup. You let your hair naturally dry as you worked on your eyeliner and when you were done you took out your curling iron.

“You look gorgeous.” Bucky comments, watching you plug it in.

“That’s because I have makeup caked on my face. Without it I’d be ugly.” you say, flicking the switch to turn the iron on.

Bucky can feel his heart clench again. It was his fault you though of yourself this way. “No, you look gorgeous everyday.”

You scoff. “Sure James. You don’t need to lie.”

Bucky decided not to argue with you. He let his eyes fall down to the floor in shame. He hated himself at this very moment. You grabbed a piece of your hair, getting ready to curl it when Bucky spoke again.

“I’ll do it.” he says and you look at him through the mirror. “I’ll curl your hair for you.”

You continue to stare at him before slowly handing the iron over. One less thing for you to do. “Don’t burn me.” you say.

Bucky couldn’t help but smile.

A/N: I’m sorry this part was shitty and short, I just wanted to post like I said I would, this is just a lil filler.


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digdipper09  asked:

Hey I just got suddenly apprehensively curious after reading that lovely bits about Tiny Steve, but what happens when they figure out how to send him back to his own time? Would Tiny Steve refuse? Would Tony feel sad?der when he's gone? I'm sure at least Big Steve might feel relief from not getting framed by himself (?) so often. Maybe Tiny Steve's spirit lives on in everyone's terrified muscle memory like they accidentally or not accidentally say something mean or that can be construed as mean

And everyone just wince because they can almost hear pissed! Tiny Steve trying to cross time and space to come fite them. Like a lot of them look at Big Steve and Steve just sighs a lot.

Tiny!Steve would probably refuse at first but Tony, self-sacrificing martyr that he is, takes Tiny!Steve aside, and gently holds his hands, and whispers, voice shaking, “You need to go back, Steve. This isn’t–this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing.” He lifts his hand, cups Tiny!Steve’s cheek. “You–you have things that you need to do still. You need to go do them.”

“But you need me here,” Tiny!Steve insists. “You need me here.”

“I want you here, Steve,” Tony tells him. “But where–when you come from, they need you more.” He strokes a hand through Tiny!Steve’s hair. “Please, Steve.”

And Tiny!Steve swallows back the angry rush, the need to argue, because Tony is right and he hates it. “I’m only going because you asked me to. And I’m going to come back for you.” He sneers at the room where everyone’s waiting for him, including post-serum Steve. “And I’ll be better than him.

Tony smiles wetly and cups his cheeks. “You just do what you have to do, sweetheart. Just–you need to go back. Okay?”

“Okay,” Tiny!Steve whispers, draws Tony down for one last kiss before he has to leave. “Okay.” He brushes a thumb over Tony’s cheekbone, considers biting the words back because he knows it’ll hurt Tony more than it’ll help, probably. But apparently that’s something he does now, keep secrets. He doesn’t want to be like that, be the person that hurt Tony by keeping something important from him. “I love you.”

And Tony smiles again, tears rolling down his cheeks at the action and it’s the most lovely, heartbreaking thing. “Oh, Steve. I love you too. It’s always been you.”

And Steve hates whoever he’s become, that he’s had Tony’s heart in his hands all along and decided Tony wasn’t worth it.

(The problem with Tiny!Steve is that he misconstrued a lot of things as mean because he’s from the forties and so he was ready to fight about everything. It was terrifying. At least for Tony that culminated in Tiny!Steve gasping and cupping his cheeks and assuring him he’s wrong. For everyone else they needed to be ready to Catch Tiny!Steve’s Hands.)

((People don’t stop flinching after they speak for a month.))

PSA: Terf callout

An awful terf has been harassing me and others in the BatJokes shipping community, specifically transgender/allies, making death threats and just generally being a terrible human being. Please, for the safety and comfort of other transgender people on this website, please reblog this and report this user.

Some quotes from the lovely @snowysugarsparkle :

*in response to a transgender headcanon for TLBM* “I’m blocking you.”

*in response to an anon calling her out and accusing her of promoting the MURDER of every transgender individual* “BOO HOO.”

*in response to someone else calling her out* “WOMEN DO NOT HAVE DICKS.”

*responding to another transgender headcanon post* “DISGUSTING WANNABE’S.”


She already blocked me for arguing with her so her link doesn’t work here but please report this user, protect other transgender people from similar harassment and cyberbullying, please.

@snowysugarsparkle is a terf
@snowysugarsparkle is a cyberbully
please report @snowysugarsparkle

anonymous asked:

I swear you malec fans just want a malec porno scene. Get the fuck over it already. We've seen magnus shirtless and alec shirtless. We've seen malec kiss, cuddle, and just be out right sweet to each other. We've seen malec grow, argue, forgive, and apologize. We are witnessing an actual relationship that IS NOT BASED ON SEX. I'm tired of seeing these posts because they are making me hate a ship I really do enjoy. I can't tell you how to feel or think but damn zaddy, move the fuck on already

excuse you??? you have no idea what you’re talking about?? 

yeah look at me

only talking about malec sex

all the time….so much porn mention //

i’m disgusted…

lmao, anon, don’t you dare come here and attack me for something you made me into! it’s never been about us being thirsty hoes wanting malec porn?? it’s about us wanting malec to be treated the same as any other heterosexual couple on tv. if we can have time in the show for all these meaningless hook ups such as jace and a random seelie girl, then we sure as hell have time for some intimacy between the only lgbt, canon couple on the show which they constantly use to promote the show. 

Thank you, and goodbye.

anonymous asked:

if Levi had an Instagram account, he would post photos of what? Sorry if it's a too different question I just had to ask!

HAHAHAHA! I love this question!  I’m going to answer as if he had an Instagram in canon.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

His tea collection. His knife collection. Messes people leave around the barracks as he blasts the creator of said mess in the tags. Anyone in his squad in an embarrassing scenario. Hanji being hogged tied before being thrown in a bathtub. The massive stacks of paperwork he gets to stare at daily. The view from his horse. Piles of random animal shit that he tags Nile to. Before and afters of his cleaning fiascos. Erwin’s eyebrows. The facial reactions of people getting randomly sniffed by Mike. Dead titans. Lot’s of dead titans. How To’s vids and collages like, “How To Get Blood Stains Out of Your White Pants!”. 

One thing tho, he’d NEVER take a selfie. The only shots of him on his instagram would be temporary ones Hanji posted of him passed out in his chair as they hacked his account. They’d pay for it later once the pic was deleted xD

A little...well no sorry a long rant about SM....

I read a lot over the last while, amongst the bubble of new Samzie shippers & just general Outlander fanning, I also saw a lot of hate towards Sam & a lot of trolling towards MM after recent events in late Feb & now in SA. Like I said when I first started this blog I would try my hardest not to include other ppl than SamCait & I was doin a pretty good job if I do say so myself but then some weird shitstorm happened & here we are!!

So back to my point & SM….I’ve seen quite a few ppl from all sides of the fandom arguing about why a certain blonde doesn’t control her SM better & others sayin she shouldn’t have 2, shippers need 2stop wit the hate etc so here’s my two cents on it all for what it’s worth!!

I work in a job that doesn’t require me to moderate my personal SM activity, even tho I wouldn’t have too as I don’t troll, target, bully, harass or send hate to any1, I’m not posting scandalous pics or engaging in illegal activity (other than shipping as according to some apparently the police need to b involved in this fandom) I am however also responsible 4the digital marketing for the company I work for so of course when I’m utilising them I keep them professional.  

Now being say an “actor” this is your work, you have to mix your personal with your professional & find a balance on SM or you create separate accounts for the two in order to help you seperate the two lives if must be! Now the actress who at the very least has a friendship/whatever-the-fuck-ship with Sam baffles me as to why she allows the crazy shit storm of comments on her IG….since November she has received so much hate on every dam pic & the latest ones in SA, like sock accounts & trolls are going to town on her……so firstly disable commenting bcos even the comments praising you or your “romance” come across as creepy from second hand fans & it’s just desperate & slightly mortifying regardless if it’s true or not….secondly if a casting director or studio executive was looking for the next big up and coming star of say a franchise, the next Jennifer Lawerence & your name was thrown around, they would look to c how marketable you are, who you would appeal too, they would go to your SM as well as past works, it’s now a facet of your cv, it reflects how you conduct yourself in real life so why in gods name would you keep up such gross commentary, it affects your image negatively. Because at this rate on her IG there’s more hate than support & that wud be alarm bells for a casting director…she’s controlling the perception of herself very poorly…she’s allowing trolls to write her narrative…sometimes “I suggest you ignore” isn’t the best advice & wont cut it!!

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