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Spread the Love - My Forever Favourite Fics

Remember when I said that I asked y’all to send in your favourite fics of your own or someone elses? 

Your Favourites

Well I think It was high time to tell you mine. I had been planning on doing this a long time ago but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it but now here I am posting this showing all my love to the most memorable stories  have read since I joined this site. So without further a do, below are at least 60 stories that I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed. All have a comment about what I liked about it and if you’re lucky you may be on there twice.

BTW it’s a very long post.

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Eddsworld Fandom Gothic

-The comics have become more and more abstract each day. They’re now in a language that has been dead for millennia.

-You are preparing a Monster Tom cosplay. You look down at your hands to find them slathered with black body paint. They are shaking. You don’t remember painting your skin. How long have they been black? Still shaking, you slowly reach to the top of your head and feel two horns attached to your skull. You do not remember how they got there.

-All of your clothes have been replaced with hoodies. You don’t remember owning anything else.

-You decide to watch “The End” again. Tord sounds different. More….robotic.

-There is no drama in the Eddsworld fandom, you repeat to yourself. You like a discourse post. There is no drama in the Eddsworld fandom. You reblog a discourse post. There is no drama in the Eddsworld fandom. You make a discourse post.

-Everyone on your dash has a Tord URL and icon. You can’t tell anyone apart and you’ve already @’d the wrong URL for a reply 4 times now. You look at the last blog u @‘ed and realize it’s your own. You too have a Tord URL and icon.

-An Edd ask blog keeps posting in your URL tag. It offers you personal advice that is a bit too personal. It knows the color of your bedsheets. Do not be afraid, it tells you. The drawings of Edd have far too many teeth.

-You go to a con. Someone compliments you on your incredibly accurate cosplay. You are not wearing a cosplay. You thank them anyways. Your voice is not your own.

-You identify strongly with Tord. He says something clever, and you find yourself smiling. He says something self-deprecating and it’s like you’re being plunged back into the most self-hating time of your life. He gets maimed, and you feel something cold trickling down your skin. You touch your flesh and your hand comes away sticky. Your can no longer see out of your left eye. You are very afraid.


So… This happened last night. Splenic torsion. No stomach or intestinal issues, just the spleen. Spent six hours at the emergency vet, and he had surgery this morning at 2-3 am. He’s in at his primary care vet for post op care today, and I bring him home tonight. He’s alive, though now without a spleen. The two pictures at the bottom are before and after surgery so you can see the big difference in body language.

So if we’re a little quiet for the next few days or weeks, that’s why.

Lastly, if you own a deep chested large dog, please do your research on bloat and torsion. Know the signs. If I had waited to bring Bear in, this would have become a life threatening or fatal condition. I moved quickly, so the surgery was easy and he is going to be okay.

kidvillan  asked:

What type of gaster do you have And how do you think he got to the void

there will be some spoilers ahead, read at your own risk

edit: Just to clarify - the art that I create of the skelebros doesn’t follow this headcanon. I like to keep it as neutral as possible.)

My Gaster isn’t meant to be any different from the game’s Gaster, I just took a few artistic liberties with the multi hands, missing arms and general physique.

He ended up in the void through the same means as is implied in the game - he fell into his creation and shattered across time and space (whether that creation was the CORE is up for interpretation)

I guess there’s only one thing that is significantly different to most Gasters out there - my headcanon is that Sans and Papyrus are actually two halves of Gaster, so them and Gaster could never exist in the same timeline at the same time. I know it is majorly preferred to think of them as Gaster’s creations (or even sons), but something about that just always rubbed me the wrong way. 

(I still love the art and stories that depict Gaster as the creator/father, though. Eiznel’s Adjustments and Firsts are among my top faves, as is Handplates)

I have a few reasons for believing this. Papyrus says some really interesting things about Sans in some of his phone calls with Frisk (Sans emits slime, Sans’ room is like a portal to a different world [The grey door in Waterfall that leads to the Gaster room is shaped exactly like the doors in the skelebro house.], Sans is pranking Frisk across time and space, Sans likes sciency stuff). There’s Sans’ workshop with the broken machine, the blueprints written in Wingdings, the badge in the drawer that is (almost certainly) the Royal Scientist badge. Gaster Blasters, etc

There is significantly less that ties Gaster to Papyrus, that much is certain. We have the fact that both of them write/speak in all caps, but other than Papyrus being definitely a little weird with the way he moves sometimes (exits the screen spinning, slides backwards, jumps ridiculously high over Frisk) there just isn’t much else. He also has this weird aura of innocently knowing more than he is aware of.

I know I kinda opened a can of worms with this and  w o w i e  this got a little longer than I intended, but that’s more or less the gist of it.

I’m cool with anyone’s headcanons about Gaster (and in extension, Sans’ and Papyrus’ connection to him) since this is such a cryptic side of the game that has purposely been left open for interpretation. 

anonymous asked:

I just found this blog and want to catch up on what's happening, but your chrono link doesn't work and this theme is terrible for me to read your posts on the blog. Do you have any suggestions for me? Clicking on each post to read them individually on its own page will take forever.

Hey, I’m sorry my blog’s a bit of a mess right now! Until I get a chance to fix up my theme, the best I can think of is using mobile to scroll through all my posts!

But, to help you catch up a bit I’ve made a quick list and relationship chart between the actors (for my other new followers too) so you guys can have a better understanding of what’s up. I hope it helps!

(the guy Guang’s in a relationship with is the cameraman by the way)

Thanks for checking out my actor AU!

I keep seeing, “Well, no, Nazism is American!” posts crossing my dash, and I seriously have to ask you guys – Well, first, you realize that this is actually the argument that the Nazis are making, right? And then second, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this shit?  What do you think you’re helping? Is this somehow supposed to be comforting to your Jewish followers?  Do you think it’s somehow going to inspire your gentile followers to be more active in the fight than “Nazism is UNAmerican” posts would?  Seriously, how is repeating the same shit the American Nazis are saying, but doing it in a scolding tone, somehow supposed to be productive?  Or are you just more interested in being right?

I don’t give a fuck what people thought was American back in the day.  I really don’t give a flying fuck.  The America I choose to live in, the America I’m going to fight for, is staunchly anti-Nazi.  So I’m gonna keep saying that Nazism is un-American.  Regardless of what it was.  It’s not anymore.  Not in my America.

“Racist heathens aren’t real heathens.”

Bullshit. Pretending that heathen spaces don’t have a racism problem is the reason we can’t get rid of it.

No more of this, “I’m not folkish but I believe you just have a better connection to your ancestors’ faith.”

No more of this, “I just don’t understand why PoC would want to be heathen in the first place.”

No more of this, “Racist heathens are just a tiny minority.”

Own our community’s shit, own your own shit, and do what you can to make it better. 

Cheer Up Post #5383

For the anon requesting the northern lights, galaxies, the night sky, and sunsets, enjoy!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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raksha-the-demon  asked:

What kind of information do you keep in your "reptile records"? I've never owned scaly friends, and that statement in your post made me curious.

All KINDS of stuff! Birth dates, vet records, feeding notes, weights and measurements, breeder info… I’ll tape pieces of old sheds in there, write notes about caging and husbandry changes, all kinds of stuff. It’s kind of like a scrapbook/baby book. 

anonymous asked:

why do you reblog your own posts? This really annoys me, seems attention seeking

Gee, why do you go on anon to tell me this? This really annoys me, seems like being a coward.  

I don’t think I owe you, or anyone, an explanation, but because there might be other people wondering this too, I’ll give you my 3 reasons. 

1 - People on tumblr come from different countries, and I timezone reblog once or twice because when I post something over here, it is the middle of the night on another place, or too early in the morning in another. Ikr? Sue me for wanting my followers to see what I post. 

2 - Creating posts, decorating, posing and editing takes time, I see literally no problem in reblogging stuff that took me a good time to make and I’m proud of so that everyone can see it too. 

3 - This is my blog and I basically can do whatever I want. I tag all my timezone reblogs as #timezone reblog so you can go ahead and block that tag. Alternatively, you can click that little unfollow button because I honestly don’t need this negativity on my blog or on my life. 

I really hope you have a good day and life and that you learn how not to be bothered by such small things. Happy simming!

i was going to post “its a real good strategy to just take down confederate statues on your own instead of waiting for the government to do it because its not like they’re gonna make another one” and then i realized thats definitely not outside the realm of possibility

Do you ever...

Do you ever just sit in your room and meditate on your own personal energy, feeling it in the core of your body? Sometimes I lay in bed on my back and close my eyes letting it spread around me from the top of my head to the ends of my toes. It’s somewhat euphoric and a great time for me to cleanse myself of those negative thoughts and energies that stick to me because I am an empath. Share with me your stories and thoughts :)

Pop-Up Prompt!

Write About: The Best Part of You

Not everything is as bad as it seems. Not every poet is always somber. Today, we write about the good things! The happy things! The best things! There are no rules. Anyone can participate as much or as little as they want and you can make up analogies and metaphors and interpret things your own way, but if you want me to see what you write for the prompt, you have to make one of your FIRST FIVE tags #PardyPrompt so that I am sure to see it on the tagged page ( You can also submit your piece to me if you’d like to, but be sure to check off the #PardyPrompt tag as well. You do NOT have to personally tag me in your posts, and if I ever miss something you’ve written, just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out.

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2-many-famndoms would like a post featuring sunsets, puppies with blue eyes and cats with orange or green eyes. Enjoy!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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anonymous asked:

hey ! i really like your art and i was wondering how you got so good at anatomy and poses? do you do studies and if yes what kind of studies

My secret is 8 years of permanent practice and basicly that´s all I can tell you: 
Draw every day as much as you can! Trace pose references and pose studies and then try to draw them on you own and never give up!!
You ARE allowed to trace from pose studies to practice. As long as you either never post your trainings or credit and link the original artist.
There is no secret which you do once and suddenly it´s gonna work well. You have to train it. Just like learing a new language, a new hobby like dancing or riding horses. There is nothing like “Do this and do that and then it´s magicly gonna happen.

So this is super late but I recently hit 1.2k followers and I wanted to do something to celebrate! i am amazed at the explosion of followers i’ve gotten recently from cleaning up my blog and producing my own content sldfjsdlkf i love yall so much!!!


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witherburn would like a post with black animals, typewriters, and cello. Here you go!

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