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Harry is obviously grateful for everyone’s support. He couldn’t have possibly made this clearer in every single interview he’s given and he has gone out of his way to actively defend his primarily young and female fanbase from judgement and derision of obnoxious male ~real music fans~ who try to handwave girls’ interest in Harry as being less worthy than their own.

Consider your expectations as a fan. Needing him to tweet “thank you” again and again, turns what’s supposed to be your genuine enthusiastic support, freely given, into transactional “I don’t feel validated in response to this specific self-appointed fan-victory, so I’m upset”.

Harry is allowed to be lowkey on social media. He’s not a machine you put support coins in until acknowledgement tweets falls out.

ACNL Witchcraft

I’ve gotten back into playing acnl recently and been noticing so much witchy stuff you can do!! A lot of it is up to your own interpretation & you have to make your own correspondences but I wanted to post about it so here ya go

-divination based on which gem you get from the gem rock each day
-could also do this with fossils or gyroids but gems already have correspondence resources so they’re easier
-seashell divination!!
-Katrina is literally a fortune teller built into the game, USE HER
-you could especially use the lucky clothing piece of the day in a luck spell if you have a similar thing irl!!
-using villagers as tarot of some sort, coming up with correspondences for each and depending on if they’re moving out, in, or staying, use that for divination(ie if a lazy villager is moving out it could mean nows your chance to get shit done)
-for the correspondences you could base it on their looks(color, clothing style), language(catchphrase, quote), species, personality(lazy, cranky, etc) & more, it should be easy to discover your own correspondences! (:
-you could also time travel to do this faster/get readings as many times as you want per day
-altars for deities in rooms!! You could even have specific characters for specific deities
-eating fruit/anything else edible like cake in honor of deities or as an offering of sorts
-ik I have a lot of divination on this post as is but divining with flowers!! based on the colors of them and/or what kind of flower it is!! you can even do this based on placement of the flowers(ie if it’s near a river it can be linked to water correspondences, or specifically river correspondences)
-I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST DIVINATION ONE divining with letters received from villagers,, gifts are bonus points
-like sending them a letter with a question(gift included or not) and using the letter they send back as an answer to the question, the paper they used can also be relevant(lotus, firework, etc), and any gifts they give you
-doing spells IN GAME!! like you can set up everything!! you have access to crystals, flowers, seashells(sea witchcraft anyone?), fruits(kitchen witchcraft!!), it’s a cool way to do low budget witchcraft!!
-you can also use fish and bugs in spells!! and literally anything really there’s a ton of furniture and clothes and oh boy think of the possibilities?? amazing
-candles are in the game too but you don’t have a wide selection
-if you don’t have all the materials for a spell irl finish it in game!!
-using lucky items as a boost in spells!!
-the emotion things you can get(idr what they’re called or w/e) for intent in spellwork
-you could do things like curses by burying an object representing a person then burying pitfalls all around them
-or a blessing but with crystals itself of pitfalls or something
-you get the idea
-SIGILS USING RELEVANT ITEMS. money sigil? place money bags(or anything else in the game you can get corresponding to money) in the shape of the sigil. love sigil? there’s so many rose options and each color can mean different things, go for it
-sigil fireworks
-need to bury something in a spell but for example it’s not biodegradable, or you can’t bury something for some reason? just do it in game!! you could put it behind a house or something if you don’t wanna ruin the aesthetic of your town
-disposing of spellwork items by selling them to Reese
-or by mailing them away
-public works projects have so much potential i don’t know where to start, I might come up with some specific ideas later but for now just think about it yourself, it ain’t hard to figure out(fire pits, fountains, wind turbines, flower arches, there’s stuff for all the elements and more)
-yknow that thing where you can “report” villagers for being problematic? use that in curses, problematic language for a silence curse for example
-transformation spell? go to shampoodles and get a makeover
-turnips for anything money related as they are a popular source of money in the game
-using npcs themselves in spells. need something to represent crafting? Cyrus. fashion? any of the able sisters or Gracie. anything youth or children related? Timmy & Tommy. so much more but I’ll stop here.
-you can customize so much furniture to have your own patterns, use this!! sigils, color correspondences, there’s so many possibilities!!
-sleep/dream spell? Dream suite. You could even perform spells while in the dream town and have it be kind of like the astral!
-K.K. songs for any music magic, the names themselves can lead to correspondences
-with the added option of the amiibo it makes it possible to make acnl magic more physical and present in this world. you could use the amiibo like a wand of sorts!
-island tours as a base for spells
-doing different initiatives in honor of deities(plant a tree for Demeter for example)
-emoji spells but instead using the extra symbols you have access to in game(heart, star, etc)
-multiple ways to implement this, for example have it be a villagers greeting/catchphrase and every time they say it in activates, you could send a letter to future you with it, put it on the bulletin board, etc
-making a sigil pattern then displaying it at able sisters and for every villagers that starts wearing it, more power for the sigil

I never intended for this post to get so long but you can obviously see how much potential there is! This list was compiled over a couple of days, imagine how much more I could come up with if I spent longer on this!!
If anyone wants me to make a correspondence list for anything acnl(especially villagers/npcs) lmk and I’ll try to do it. (: If you want me to go in depth about any of the ideas above just ask and I can make a separate post about it.
If you do anything based on these ideas please lmk!! I’d love to see what you did!! :D I might post about some of the things I do. ^-^ 
Some of these ideas could work in other versions of animal crossing but this is intended for acnl. do what works for you


용인벚꽃축제, 희원 정원 and 호암미슬관
naver blog

남자친구랑 집과 멀지 않은 용인에버벚꽃축제에 가기로 했어요. 에버랜드라서….
So this time I went with my boyfriend to Yongin Everland cherry blossom festival, which is a lot closer to where we live. We weren’t…. 

Please don’t judge my Korean skills but please do feel free to comment or make your own posts in Korean to practice!

I’ve seen a few posts from people that want to start meditating but can’t seem to get going on their own. For these folks I highly recommend looking up guided meditations online. There’s many on youtube that can help you train your focus and mindfulness.
They’re also useful for experienced people that have taken a break from it and want to get back into it. Sometimes I get so stressed I can’t focus on my own (even though I’ve been doing it for a while) so I’ll listen to a guided meditation to help me out.

Imo, listening to guided mediation is just as good as meditation on your own.

Pop-Up Prompt!

Write About: Hollow

Recently watched a playthrough of a game called Hollow Knight and thought that the word Hollow could inspire some great poems! 

Game Trailer:

The prompt is to just write about the word Hollow and whatever it evokes in you. There are no rules. Anyone can participate as much or as little as they want and you can make up analogies and metaphors and interpret things your own way, but if you want me to see what you write for the prompt, you have to make one of your FIRST FIVE tags #PardyPrompt so that I am sure to see it on the tagged page ( You can also submit your piece to me if you’d like to, but be sure to check off the #PardyPrompt tag as well. You do NOT have to personally tag me in your posts, and if I ever miss something you’ve written, just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out.

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Friendly reminder: it’s Sarah j Maas’s series and she probably ended her own plans to TRY HER BEST to appease y'all.


“trying her best” does not mean it’s good rep. “trying her best” would mean doing research. Would mean not tokenizing a single gay character in the last book after obviously not planning for it at all. “Trying her best” would mean not turning someone’s sexuality into a plot twist for the sake of drama. It would mean not having a gay character to “appease” her queer readers, but just for the sake of actually representing a real group of people. Unfortunately “trying her best” would include actually trying 

anonymous asked:

oh man re that last ask - someone reblogged the-ace-community on my dash so i looked at their blog and litro their first post was talking about how they 'found the bill nye thing uncomfortable' bc it was 'appealing to adults who were kids when the show was first on' (or whatevs) about sexuality/gender stuff far do u have to reach to hate on your own fucking community????

how does that even make sense anyway lmao what the fucking fuck that’s so backwards ass conservative bullshit “uwu im uncomfortable with people mentioning this orientation as valid identity people are born with because children”

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Ooh can i request josuke or okuyasu with s/o how owns dogs or cats? :O

Since you asked for Josuke or Okuyasu with dogs or cats I decided to do Josuke with dogs and Okuyasu with cats!

- Admittedly Josuke isn’t going to be too fond of your dog at first. All the dog hair that appears on his clothes bothers him enough to the point where you have to keep a lint roller handy when he comes over. Plus, even if your dog doesn’t actually do this, he’s still paranoid that your canine friend might take a liking to his very expensive shoes and turn them into very expensive chew toys
- Eventually, after having spent enough time around your dog and seeing all the cute moments you’ve had with your pooch he comes around and you can catch the both of them in the kitchen at midnight snacking on peanut butter as Josuke rambles on to your dog
- One of his favorite pictures is one Tomoko took of the 3 of you at the park. Your dog is eagerly nuzzling into your lap as you smile, caught mid laugh in the picture. Josuke isn’t looking towards the camera nor is he watching the dog’s antics. Instead he is staring at you with a look of pure adoration. Unfortunately not even a minute after the picture had been taken a stray frisbee had passed by and your dog, eager to chase after it, had practically trampled poor Josuke. It had taken more than a few soothing kisses and promises of shoe shopping to appease the pompadoured male. Despite the mishap he still loved the picture and it had a permanent home in his wallet so he could see it every time he opened it up

- He gets along with most animals pretty well. There’s just something about him that seems to soothe them, sometimes you feel like you’re in a Disney movie with how often he attracts various creatures. Your pet cat is no exception and you’d be offended at how much your cat seemed to like him more than you if it wasn’t for the fact that every time they interacted you melted a little from how cute they were
- You were worried about Stray Cat and your own cat getting territorial with one another but they surprised you by getting on fairly well. Your camera is filled to the brim with pictures of them playing with each other and Okuyasu. You also have numerous pictures of all 3 napping together, your cat on your boyfriend’s chest and Stray Cat’s pot tucked under his arm, both pets purring loudly as Okuyasu snored
- Your cat has the habit of jumping up on the furniture and knocking things over. You’ve lost more than one mug this way. In situations like that The Hand becomes incredibly useful. You’ve two worked out a system of Okuyasu using his stand to pull whatever was knocked over to a place where you can safely catch it and return it to its rightful place. The downside is your cat now thinks of it as a game and purposefully knocks things over and even Stray Cat has started to pick up the habit

melodychan19  asked:

I want to start my own art ask blog featuring my character, Melody (i.e my muse), but i have no idea where to start and i don't have any online equipment for art. All of my stuff is hand-drawn. Do u have any advice on how to get started?

I think it would be a good idea to first figure out what you want to do with this blog. Is it for fun? For improvement? Popularity? It’s important to ask yourself this as you make your blog.

Next is you’re going to have to post frequently. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many messages that people have asked you, yet. Post sketches, or think of skits for your characters. As long as it’s something. That way, people know that you’re an active blog, and so they’ll be more likely to stick around. Plus, if you already have content available, it’ll give people a better idea if this is a blog they want to invest time in. 

For your art, make sure your scans are as clean as you can possibly make them. If you’re going to be posting art, it’s going to be important that people are able to see the art and not have to guess what it is they’re looking at. I can’t do much in terms of art tablets, but if you’re interested in doing digital art there’s free art programs like inkscape (for vector art), firealpaca, and krita.

Try and advertise your blog as best you can. Sometimes just having a link available on your page will help get the word out.

Also remember that people may not ask you questions right away. It may take some time for you to gain an audience, but that’s okay. Don’t let that discourage you from continuing to keep trying. It’s a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun, too.

Also if someone sends you hate mail, or a tinyurl link, just ignore it. Trust me, it’s not worth your time.

Anyways, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. I hope this was able to help, and I wish you the best of luck on your blog!

I’ll be pretty busy for the next month (final projects, studying, actual finals, college graduation, con, job, and moving), and the two people I had lined up to handle the blog during my hiatus are both are having their own issues. So I’ll be posting about draws if they’re worthwhile (if I don’t post on them, they’re probably not worthwhile ;o ) and events if strategy is important. A good majority of what I provide is just retelling the news, so I’d suggest Daybreak Town twitter for such in the meanwhile.

If your curious why I can’t take a “few minutes” out of my day to do things like normal, full rollover posts usually take me about two hours so that I have time to test accurately (getting RBs to LV99, finishing an event, etc.), maximize readability (if I make a quick post, somebody always gets confused), and consider in what situations xyz would be useful (I stick mostly to active but unlucky f2p that’s followed my advice POV… but that’s not always the case, so I’ve got to take others into consideration).

Important to note: asking me on anon “what’s your opinion on x” or “make a post on y!” won’t get a response. I’ll respond to stuff privately (via not-anon ask or via tumblr messenger), as that requires less proofing and generalization (if I say the wrong thing, it doesn’t affect hundreds of people, just one; and I can answer for your specific situation). I don’t bite, promise! :3

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Damn death penalty is really fucking inhuman. Thanks for the information post about terre haute, thats why I love your blog so much, it cannot be said often enough. I also like how the only countries that still have the death penalty are 3rd world countries or almost 3rd world countries and then theres USA.

Hey thank you, but @bonkroof made the post about Terre Haute and I thank her because I was honestly too lazy to do it! 

USA try to give lesson to the rest of the world and want to bring democracy in the 3rd world when they’re still murdering their own citizen and call it ‘justice’.  
Btw our maybe next president Marine Le Pen wants to make a referendum to rehinstrate the death penalty. I can deal with all of her shit for 5 years but if she’s elected and do this I’m gonna lose my mind because there’s no fucking way this country returns to the middle age. 

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Instead of sleeping I played around with a pen and a notebook re: the Kakashi/Kurama/Naruto thing and I was like hmmm what setting could possibly facilitate this. Obvious answer: post canon. But then: Kakashi being Hokage is stupid AF. Fix it fic where Kakashi isn't Hokage? And it spiraled on from there. So far I've got ideas about a Jinchuuriki uprising that may or may not have been the result of time travel. Hokage!Obito, Anbu Kakashi, Uzukage!Naruto, Sasuke/Lee, TenTen/Sakura Ino/Karin. Why

xD I think at this point you can’t even blame me anymore, this is all your own doing. 

fankakm  asked:

What kind of paper you use for your paper cut art?

I mainly use scrapbooking paper. It’s sturdy enough to hold its own and when you layer it, it becomes even sturdier. Plus it holds paint well and they come in fun textures and colors! The Ariel piece I just posted was done entirely with scrapbooking paper.

I do occasionally do use other papers too, like origami paper, printer paper, watercolor paper, etc, but those are usually layered with the scrapbooking paper to give it the stability it needs.

Guys we reached 100 followers! I still can’t believe all the support this project has received! Thank you all for helping us spread positivity and happy thoughts by sending your messages or rebloging and liking all the others! 

We want to do something to celebrate this milestone and following the theme of this blog we are doing a blog recommendation page! What’s this you say? It’ll be a page where you could see all of the amazing blogs of our lovely fandom, so we can go follow more awesome HP blogs. You can send a recommendation and we’ll add it to the page.


  • Must be following the project
  • Reblog this post
  • Send a blog recommendation of a blog you love, a blog you think it’s underappreciated or your own blog! 
  • Send a little compliment about the blog as well.
  • You can check out the page here

We’ll be answering this asks privately (so it would be best if you send it off-anon) and the ones sent on anon we won’t post the response (but we’ll definitely add them to the page don’t worry).

Thank you all again for your support! We love you so much 💕

okay im sure you guys saw this coming but we’re at the end of the semester, so that means ill be disappearing for a bit (to focus on work and getting my health back in shape cause its…bad)

So ill see you guys in about 2 weeks or so~!❤ take care, be safe, all that good stuff.

Also in regards to the last post, i dont think i ever mentioned it on here? (correct me if im wrong) but like omg you guys are so welcomed to make your own Ringleader OCs. like skfjfjsj that makes me so happy ;u;
i also mentioned on twitter that if you do make a ringleader of your own i would be more than happy to have them make a cameo in the comic~!

but yeah if any of you are interested in doing that, you can learn more about the universe here ( if you want like an overview of how what ringleaders are, what they do, what kind of magic they wield etc. anywaus im out! ill see you guys later (ill be popping in to answer questions and what not but ye)

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Would that be Pickled Escargot?

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PE still has too many mamoru feelings for my own personal keikaku

(keikaku means plan) 

Look at this anime nerd.

No, but Mako, Rei, and Ami DO get abducted, sooo. I think Pensive Elegance is doing something with that, at least. (She said, assuming that we won’t get a chapter focusing on the them in the manga because they’re in fucking stasis or some shit plus no one cares about them.) But I think the musical is making the best of a bad situation. I’m not sure it’s particularly necessary plot point or so vital that something better can’t be developed without splitting the team, though.

I completely agree there is too much Mamoru focus in Pistachio Emptiness for my tastes.