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Art Theft

Okay, let me say this as plainly and simple as possible.

Melodie is my character. Even if she is a fan character, I spent a lot of time on her, on her design, on her back story, on her personality. I do not want people RPing as her. I do not want people claiming her as their own. And I do not want people reposting ANY OF MY ART. 

I have seen people claiming Melodie as their own and to be frank it pisses me off. I do not like seeing her (OR ANY OF MY ART) reposted and used. She is not a toy for you to pick up and play with. She is my own character that I take a HUGE amount of pride in. 

The fact that you feel the need to STEAL my OC instead of making your own is pathetic. I have spent years of my life getting to the point where I can feel confident in my art to post it. 

If you think for ONE SECOND I am going to sit on my ass and let people steal my work you are wrong. I will not be POLITE, I will be as frank and rude as I need to get my point across.

You lost the right to politeness and my respect the MOMENT you stole my art. 

Another edit of an EA dress. The BG maid’s dress, turned into a short blouse with a cute little bow on the back. Comes in the 4 original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 40 colour options in total!! <3
🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 40 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this blouse or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

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Wasn't sure if you answer this type of question on b-d. Your tag said Columbia is a done deal given Harry's website is owned by sony. You meant it because even though HDD and Rob Stringer said things nothing has been "confirmed"? Do you still believe it's a distribution deal? Or is the reported $80m make it more likely to be a traditional deal? There was a post going around yesterday saying how sony could recoup the money based on sales but I thought it was very generous and included +

+touring like 1D. That valuation seemed absurd given they made the money they did touring relentlessly during the year in stadiums and harry couldn’t do that with just one album. Anyhow, thanks if you have time to answer. This got a little off topic!

Yes. While I’ve leaned heavily towards the Columbia deal being real since it was announced, there was enough shadiness and misdirection going on that I left open the possibility that it wasn’t true. But now that his official website is proven to be run by Sony, I think we can put that debate to rest entirely.

And I do believe that Harry is doing a distribution deal with Columbia through Erskine Records, but until the first single drops, that’s still a guess.

As for the $80 million, I think that is 100% pure bullshit. That post going around talking about recouping costs and blah blah is just someone trying to back into the numbers, when, in my opinion, the number was based off of the Apple report of them offering $25 million for one album and assuming that Columbia had to beat that for 3 albums.

Plus, as I’ve said several times, that kind of money for an artist is not paid in full up front. They offer a signing bonus and then points on albums and additional points if sales goals are reached and anything paid is done AFTER the initial signing amount is recouped.

I’m sure Harry did get a pretty substantial signing bonus, but more like $5-10 million than $80 million. The major deciding factors would be in him keeping his masters and publishing, sharing in profits from the beginning (not after the signing amount is recouped), and retaining artistic license and control.  He knows what that all is worth and it’s way more than a big check up front.

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Grape do you have photos of your fanfic binder collection? It's a really great idea to keep your favorite fics in binders :)

Featuring Kagome as my Vanna White meet my binder collection. Gosh I’m such a nerd but I’m so proud of this! 

These are the long fics I have. Each gets it’s own binder! Although Sequels have to share binders. (And touchofpixiedust gets her own big green binder with as much as I can fit in it) 

It’s kinda embarrassing but most have really old covers that I drew for them. Look at little me being in love with Kagome and Kikyo. 

Now these aesthetically pleasing binders here are oneshots. The black one is full of sin while the blue one is all the fluff in the world. 

Now this zippered binder. Is where I hold the unorganized motherload of old fics that are either non existent online now or horrible guilty pleasures of mine. Also lots of old fanart that no one else should ever see. 

I have waayyy too much fun making these binders. And of course I make sure the authors get all the credit. I really need to make another round and update all the covers for them. 

THankyou thank you for the ask!! 

Cheer Up Post #4918 - Hanami Edition

the-evil-twin would like a post featuring the Japanese custom of enjoying cherry blossom (sakura) trees, usually with friends/family. Here you go!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

Want your own Cheer Up Post? Find out how. Or see the others.

i love everyone in this fandom, but my opinions are just that; my opinions. you can disagree, you can object, you can even call me out on seventeen text posts! you’re entitled to do that on your blog and feel free!

in return, i’m allowed to post my own opinions in my own space without fear of reprisals. my thoughts on robert sugden don’t have to hurt you if you don’t want them to. blacklist me and blacklist him, but i’m asking you politely to respect my space.

i love that we all have independent thought and free will; they’re the greatest gifts we have developed. perhaps remember that you don’t have to agree and you don’t even have to like me, but you do have to respect that i’m allowed to have my own opinions.

stay safe everyone :))

Honestly? People who are interested in having an entity companion should do their research, talk to people who already have them, ask the store they’re looking at questions, browse through old posts, and work on their abilities to sense spirits so they won’t be entirely guessing when their companions do arrive.

But conjurors have a responsibility too. Especially if you custom conjure or reverse adopt an entity for someone and they don’t click with the human, you can’t just throw your hands up and tell them they should just work it out on their own or unbind if they don’t like it. You can’t just be like: I’ve already taken your money so your problems aren’t mine anymore. Even if the listing was a prebound, new companions sometimes make mistakes and everyone can make impulsive purchases on occasion. You can’t just not care about either of the two people you put together because you’ve already fulfilled what you’ve been paid for. Conjuring shouldn’t be the same as any other business.

  the roleplay fandom needs a motherfucking boost in positive vibes, and overall treatment of each other. this fandom has become a cesspool of hate, and i figured i’d do something fun to combat it. there’s no official way to participate, just do what you can to make those around you feel good.

3/28 — FIRST DAY TUESDAY; get the message spread around the roleplay fandom.

3/29 — SECOND DAY WEDNESDAY; send love to blogs you admire from afar, or consider close friends via the inbox or submit option.

3/30 — THIRD DAY THURSDAY; post something positive about yourself and your portrayal, we all need our own self love before we can do anything else.

3/31 — FOURTH DAY FRIDAY; promote your fellow fandom writers via reblogging their promos.

4/1 — FIFTH DAY SATURDAY; pledge something you’ll do to make the fandom a better place.

4/2 — SIXTH DAY SUNDAY; the finale!!!! keep an upbeat attitude while liveblogging.


With Arc-V’s end comes the second coming of Twitter Nonsense, Post-Canon Imagines + Headcanon edition.

Psst, send a few of your own to arcvimagines! Let’s do our best to kinda keep arc-v going past the end!

(quick poll because someone mentioned and I actually wondered this for a while–

I know it’s probably odd to question, but it’s something I’m somewhat unuse to? I guess lol

Anyway, like/comment if you read my posts (obviously if you’re not the one the post is for xD). I’m genuinely curious if anyone enjoys reading my stuff as much as I do theirs (and I enjoy a lot of your guys’ stuff :D)

I love seeing how each of you interprets your characters, canon and OC’s, and tbh, it helps me with my own writing as well. You guys are inspiring <3)

Camp NaNoWriMo Special: Character Arcs in a Hurry!

Because Camp Nano April is only a few sleeps away, here’s a miniseries to help get folks kickstarted into camp!

(If you’re not sure what Camp Nano is, there’s an explanation [HERE], and if you’re ready and raring to go, then I’ll be blogging about my own Camp Nano process and progress at @mason-does-things which has an intro post [HERE])

Let’s talk about Character Arcs!

One thing to keep in mind as you’re powering through your plot, is that the events of the story are going to affect how your characters develop as individuals.

But as you’re going along, how do you keep track of, and keep on track with, these character developments?

Personally I like to draw up a reference sheet of where my characters start in terms of their personality and goals, and a basic sketch of where I think they’ll wind up by the end of the story. And then, because otherwise I’d never be able to stay consistent, I also include a very brief description of their appearances and any personal quirks or habits that are going to be notable in the story.


Brief Description: 

Start Point: 

End Point:

I use 2-4 sentences for each of the descriptive sections, and note anything significant about the character that I will need to see at a glance later. The point of this is to make sure that you can see all the basic information as quickly as possible while you’re typing like the wind later.

Similarly to my basic outlining post [HERE] I draw mine up on an A4 note pad and rule lines down to divide the sections. I like to line the characters up in order of importance, starting with the main protagonist(s), then through the main antagonist(s), then secondary characters.

My rule is that if the character appears in more than one scene, they get an entry! You might not need that much, OR you might feel the need to build a few once-off characters before you get going!


Reggie, believing himself to be alone in the locker room, is jamming along to his post work out mix. He’s so engrossed in his singalong that he nearly collides with Archie on his way out. Arch is stood by his own locker where he’s been leaning quietly for half a minute, smirking at Reggie (unbeknownst to the poor guy). Startled, Reggie instantly breaks off the bridge; instead, focusing his efforts on attempting to regain his bearings.

“Nice harmonies”, Archie chirps as Mantle yanks at his left earbud. Though he cannot know whether his judgment is in any way valid he suspects that Reggie’s voice sounds stunning gr8 alongside Halsey’s. They’re both aware of the fact that Riverdale’s Got Talent Reggie will not be living this moment down without some lighthearted taunting.

“So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover? And bite that tattoo on your shoulder?”, Archie paraphrases. He poses the lyrics as questions. “Is that right?”, he adds, mockingly, after halfheartedly mimicking his teammate’s performance.

The two of them are standing unexpectedly and uncomfortably close to one another.

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HI, this isn't a question, just wanted to say that your posts about studying in england got me thinking about applying to uni abroad, and your posts about focusing on your own shit instead of being jealous of others were the Kick Up The Ass™ that i needed to actually do it. i'm going to england next october and i'm so STOKED. thank you for being an inspiration in taking none of one's own shit and working hard for what you want. <3

This is so wonderful. Congratulations! I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be and more.

promo time!!!!!

do you have a malec fic, art, edit, text post you want to get more love? send it to me and i’ll post to 8k+ followers! it doesn’t have to be your own, feel free to rec other people’s stuff you love. and please, for those of you who have created stuff you’re proud of send that too! i want to see it and so does everyone else :) i’ll set up my queue overnight to start posting tomorrow ♡ xx

a general psa:

if you’re going to talk shit about a character in tumblr, it is considered common courtesy to use a standard anti tag, e.g. anti-mon mothma. if you’re talking about them in the post break up the name so it does not show up in search results, e.g. m.on m.othma or mon mothm@ or whatever.

including a tag in the first five tags also means it shows up in the tag. if you want to keep something out of the tag you can use numbers, .e.g. “star wars, millennium falcon, x-wings, 4, 5, anti-mon mothma”

giving people the benefit of the doubt for now since there are many people new to fandom and tumblr with star wars, but please use these methods and stay in your designated corners. this goes for everyone. you can hate a character or ship but if you put it in the tag, all you’re doing is trying to upset someone’s day over fictional characters. you hate them. we get it. please stay in your corner.

now, if you’re sending people anon hate or replying to people’s posts with hate, you already know who you are. obi-wan would be disappointed in you.

It took about 9 weeks of posts in the end violence against women series for someone to say a “but what about men” thing

Believe it or not, I am aware that there are male victims of domestic violence. And I did feature sellers that help the relevant charities.

Also, it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

And yes, I do sometimes feature items from my own Etsy store, that were made by survivors of domestic violence. Why would that be a problem?

Seriously? Some people are afraid that Harry could be more successful than the others? What is this? A new kind of being selfish? You can’t be successful in this business without working your ass off and that’s what Harry’s obviously doing. How would you feel if people said such things about you? He deserves to be successful, he deserves to be treated with respect - just like anybody else. It’s sad that some people don’t want Harry to be successful on his own.

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hey there! i finally made a studyblr after a year of contemplating it and btw, i absolutely love your design (your icon thooo) and posts! i was wondering how you stay motivated to continually make nice notes and keep up the account. i mean, i love reblogging posts but when it comes to my own notes, i always end up running out of time and giving up all together with them. any tips?

ahh thank you i made it myself :) well i understand that taking pretty notes takes A LONG time and truthfully it’s a lot of work, and if you don’t have the time for it, DON’T DO IT! For me, i don’t take notes UNLESS they’re pretty, so the aesthetic of it actually motivates me to take notes if you know what i mean? another good way to take notes is to ask questions and answer them. your answers = your notes.
and i really love the studyblr community which is why i spend time on tumblr. if you do want to make original posts and don’t have a lot of time, you can always share little tips/ideas, take pictures of your study space, etc. 

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I don't understand, I thought you were a witch blog but you barely post witch stuff like??? No one follows you for gaming shit

Whoa this just fucking in

You are not allowed to post whatever you want on your own fucking blog

That’s crazy! No one told me that when I signed up??? I’m so sorry for offending you?? Kindly unfollow me so you mustn’t see the filth I share unrelated to witchcraft. What an atrocity.

No but really suck a dick and hop off mine. This is literally my blog. I think I’m gonna go ahead and share whatever I damn well please, and if that means I post a shit ton of Hancock and fallout stuff, guess what?? Then that’s what I’m gonna do. All day. Every Day. I’ll never post a witchy related thing again if i fuckin want <3

greed-the-dorkalicious replied to your post:tbqh though i have a meeting with my advisor next…

Ok I thought this said “affinity for dabbing” and I was like what the fuck Professor… why would you dab… why would you dab so much it interferes with your education

don’t you know? “d.a.b.” actually stands for “doing awesome biology”

“” is my career goal…….. don’t judge……..