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Knowing that Kaitlin isn’t going to get any industry recognition for Dee this season is making me kind of angry. She’s always fantastic, but there’s something about these last few episodes that have been especially wonderful.

1-Look at Hero or Hate Crime, when Charlie confesses that they’ve been smoking together:

In a matter of seconds, she goes through several emotions-

  1. slight confusion from Charlie’s plan to cover smells
  2. surprise that he told them about the smoking thing
  3. betrayal/ ‘what are you doing?!’

Notice how she freezes, leans just slightly forward, then farther back

2- In The Gang Tends Bar-

She makes three facial expressions that, in progression, show her feelings 

  1. At the beginning, “aw that’s really sweet, I love him”
  2. Middle, she snaps out of it and looks at the other guys
  3. Lastly, she has a regretted look on her face because she knows she has to rip Charlie up… but remember in The Gang Misses the Boat when Charlie and Dee have a conversation and Charlie says the guys make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do and Dee says it’s peer pressure? I think she ripped Charlie up because a) she’s afraid of her own feelings, and b) she feels peer pressured into doing it

3-Then later in The Gang Tends Bar-

I originally meant it to be funny, but it’s still important.

When Mac gives Dennis the rocket launcher

  1. She looks kind of happy for Dennis. Her brother is making some progress and actually has feelings and cares about things, and got a gift that he loved, which probably means more after his confession that he’s hurt that they never get him anything for valentines.
  2. Maybe even glad that Dennis has Mac, and that being an “old married couple” and the “codependency” she accused them of is actually good.
  3. That if Dennis can show such raw feelings in front of everyone, and he and Mac can have their thing, then maybe it’s okay to accept that she does feel lonely, and there may actually be some kind of connection with/ feelings for Charlie.
  4. Mac and Dennis really have strong feelings for each other, and she’s gonna have to continue sharing a bed with two people who are in love with each other.

(2 was taken from this post, so I take no credit for that great observation)

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

when i was like eight i had this vague notion that small handwriting was a signifier of mature and intelligent adulthood, which wasn’t wrong exactly because yeah little kids tend to write their letters real big, this is not news. the problem was that it became my goal to write as small as possible, constantly, like if i had a line height of about a millimeter i considered that shit ideal. and on the one hand my teacher finally had to ask me to write bigger because she couldn’t grade my spelling tests because she couldn’t read what the fuck i was writing, but on the other hand she did let me rewrite my vocab words and took my word for it that i had also spelled them correctly the first time. was this because my tiny handwriting made me look more trustworthy, mature, and intelligent? no. it was because i was an obnoxious know-it-all and i always had the maximum allowed number of books checked out of the school library. that was twenty years ago and now i import my mechanical pencils because i refuse to use lead bigger than 0.3mm so she probably should have clarified that at the time.


Louis on the X Factor UK, 12/10.


the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents

wrapped around your finger (vocals removed)
  • wrapped around your finger (vocals removed)
  • 5sos

i wouldn’t normally upload a whole track but i feel like i’m having a religious experience listening to this and need to share, but if u listen closely at around 1:49 - 2:00 ish u can hear the screaming vocals a lil better than in the original version [ i do not own this song, all credits to 5sos and co. ]