do not name it

 i’m love him,, these aren’t his actual colours but they’re cute. Kinda hate myself for the batim refs I slipped in-

name ideas so far have been Snacko, Inkblot and Bunson

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are there les Amis that aren't in the movie?

Bahorel is famously absent, though he’s *there* he never gets a line or anything. It’s due to the fact that he’s not present in the libretto of the musical, and since the movie is based on the musical well, here we are. Other than that, they’re all pretty much there, though they aren’t named for the most part, because their names have been cut along with some parts of the songs (mostly ABC café)


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov