do not mess with that girl

Diana knew she was trembling, her grip shaking as she grasped her wand like her life depended on it - which, at the moment, it probably did. The largest of the shadowy creatures - probably the leader - took a step towards her, and she instinctively took a step back. It opened its mouth slightly, showing off pointed fangs as a dark mist seeped through the gap. 

Diana was too scared to identify the creatures, but considering it looked like a huge shadowy wolf, it probably wasn’t friendly.

And in the middle of the Arcturus Forest in the middle of the night, there was nowhere for her to run.

Suddenly, she felt a hand grab onto her own shaking one. Her head darted up, eyes wide in fear before recognising the girl beside her. The one who had gotten them both into this mess.

Akko looked at Diana with a frown, eyes shining with determination.

“It’s alright. We can do this.”

Diana knew she should be angry at Akko, but instead she found comfort in her words, in the feeling of her fingers interlocked with her own, in the warmth she gave off. Diana took a deep breath, strengthening her grip on Akko’s hand and raising her wand. She put on a brave face and turned back to Akko with a smirk.

“You’re right. We can handle this.”

Akko smiled back and they both turned to the monsters before them, magic flowing through their wands.

Dianakko Week 2017 - Day 4 - Protection/Working Together

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Apparently in the reboot the Professor also tried (and failed) to make the girls 24 times, using chemicals A through X. Which is... such a bastardisation of their actual origin story that I genuinely want to punch something. Everyone... just watch the PPG movie.

I get the feeling they do stuff like this to intentionally mess with fans of the original, which is honestly super mean spirited. You took a story about a man who wanted to bring goodness into the world for unselfish reasons and changed the reasons why he made the girls into something shallow and meaningless. Just because you wanted to troll people. If that’s the case, wow, nice job fam.

@alycatdraws sent me a drawing of Lilith, and oh, boy…

This girl is from a webcomic I made long time ago. It has blood, deaths, people naked doing “nasty things”, and everything bad. It was so messed up. I made it because I wanted to do something different and kinda dark and edgy, but I just can’t continue, it’s so messed up. Lilith is very cute tho. Even if she is a kinky succubus.


So, me and my 3 friends, (hmm im gonna name my friends some random names so if its your name that i used, i’m sorry) Tarry, Natalie, and Minna, were walking down the street. They decided to accompany me on my journey to go home. We were just chatting, joking, doing all wacky and weird gestures to each other when suddenly, a group of guys (there was 5 of them btw) touched my friend, Natalie on the shoulder. I mean, we dont know these guys and ofcrs we’re gonna be pretty pissed of their actions because they invaded my friend’s personal space…well, OUR personal space.

They started laughing, giving us inappropriate comments and high fiving each other as they walked across the street.

I got fed up of their little comments so…guess what we did?

“You guys wanna know what will happen to those boys out there that just can’t respect girls, like us?” Minna loudly asked me and my friends purposely to catch the attention of the guys across the street. It worked.

They gave us a confused look, slowing down their walking. Since i was so stressed out that time, (wdym that time? You are always stressed out, bella) I decided to play along and teach those guys a lesson to never mess with us.

“Oh, yeah. They usually get killed by the girls they mess with… damn, i’m kinda in the mood for a killing spree” I answered, giving them a grin.

“Guys shhh, stop that. We still dont have a place to hide a body” Natalie said. By now, the group of guys were speed walking away from us.

“You guys shouldn’t do those stuff, you hear me? Respect others please. If y'all dont want karma to crawl back to u, i suggest u guys to stop being immature and start respecting other people” Tarry (bless u Tarry, our mature friend) said as the guys quickly ran away.

After all the drama, we were so shook that we barely talked about what happened. We were proud of ourselves for standing up and holding our ground and i still cant believe we did that…. (usually we just ignore all the catcalling even though its disgusting) but like, we finally had the guts to speak up. (Both immaturely and maturely).

This week I have worked five nights and one day at a campus event hobnobbed with poets drafted a research proposal drafted a BIG OLD CHUNK of the results section of my thesis wrote a big jumbled beautiful mess of a blog post read like half a book about fairy tales and myths and revision and shit and tomorrow I have to do more hobnobbing with researchers and then go back to my regular job on the weekend and also I vacuumed all the rugs SO IF ANYONE NEEDS ME today I’m wearing my comfy jeans and lying in a sunbeam reading early ‘00s magical girl manga please leave your communications with my secretary 

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how do you feel about the new powerpuff girl (bliss)

ive talked abt this on twitter bc i never stfu about my opinions on there lol but god is it disappointing but also expected from a show tht showed 3 little white girls twerking 

so first off her design literally is terrible like b4 i get Political or w/e its just a mess by color standards she doesnt look like a power puff girl. she just doesnt. even if she had the same porportions of the others she doesnt look lik eshe belongs at all. 

now shes supposed to be older, albeit still underage, remember that. she is underage but they stll decided to give her a very, uh.,exaggerated hips/legs (lol one person i followed said theyre followin the nintendo trend of giving black girls huge hips and hjdsbjbg) like not only does it look ugly by the shows standards like it rly looks out of place and jarring theres ways they couldve NOT done that. (just given her the same rectangle body, just a big longer/bigger) 

theres this trend of giving underage woc adult bodies in media, and it sucks bc in real life black girls are such a target of harassment, abuse, r*pe, etc. bc of the sexualized stereotype in society/ reflects society and in return media influences society

they really did and give her a really adult voice also wtf? why cant she jst be a cute little black girl lmao.. like… god its ugly, its bad, and her personality itself is basically the stereotypical “sassy black freind” and its just a whole shit of ugly and bad. 

i didnt expect much but god, is it worse than i imagined. also fuck ppl fr defending it cuz its not. its not good by any stadnards. 

jean grey: prefessor xavier is the best thing that could ever happen to young mutants!
scott summers: he’s a great leader, a great teacher, and a great friend
hank mccoy: it’s thanks to charles that we’re all here now

charles xavier:


I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 


Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?


new dwd info got my brain gears turning. wanted to draw my best girl cus I’m trying to figure out how she could possibly fit in 

hey ducks sure do have a lot of diversity in shapes, huh? sometimes an adult duck is still duck-shaped and sometimes they’re full-on human shaped, sometimes they have hair and sometimes they dont, and boy, it sure messes me up

Day One Hundred and Forty

-Today is my first day at my new location. Everything is similar, yet so unsettlingly different. Each component of my register is in a different place, leaving me constantly grabbing at the air. However, this store certainly has its priorities in order. My register was adorned by a shiny box full of stickers. I think I will do just fine here. 

-I rang up a pair of parents accompanied by a young man, perhaps a year and a half of age, in a onesie featuring a bow tie and suspenders. I am pleased to announce that he was every ounce the gentleman one would expect. 

-A young girl was thrilled to receive a sticker from me, bouncing and giggling with glee. She then stuck it directly into her hair, ensuring a mess impossible to fix. Despite her parents’ dismay, I am overjoyed by the part I played in her happiness. 

-I handed a sticker to a young boy sporting a lovely set of cat ears. He then asked his mother if he could talk to his baby sister. Upon receiving a yes, he ran over to her and began to brag about his sticker. After a moment, he asked for another to give to her. I obliged, only to have him tell her that he was going to hold onto it for her. He showed a great amount of thoughtfulness and compassion in this moment, so I naturally handed him an additional five. 

-An elderly man with a thick Scottish accent gave me a lecture on the different varieties of Mountain Dew and their respective shortcomings. I am glad that my interests are so clear to all around me, as, in this brief transaction, I was taught more than two years of university ever did.

and now,

some things i like to think happened at the garrison between shiro & matt

  • the first day at the garrison as teeny babies was fun because matt was calm and shiro was not
    • matt: nice
    • shiro: wow look at that guy what a nerd wait shit he’s cute dear g od what the h el l
  • and dammit they were definitely roommates
    • matt greeted shiro and introduced himself. y’know, like a normal person, while shiro kinda stood there because now he’s rooming with the cute guy from earlier
    • shiro, internally: hey god, it’s me, shiro. what are you trying to do to me
  • shiro was right; matt was totally a nerd and he didn’t even try to hide it
    • shiro had to remind matt that he had to actually go to class because matt was too busy playing on his ds (of which he had 3) to notice the time
    • matt only ate ramen and shiro was very worried about him
    • shiro also only ate ramen but who are we kidding? matt’s health was more important to him
  • matt also never slept.
    • shiro, barely awake: matt it’s like 3 am what are you doing
    • matt, on youtube: mothman is out there shiro
    • shiro, internally: oh no he’s like keith
  • also let’s face it shiro was a total chick magnet
    • but shiro did not want them 
    • he’s so gay dude
    • girls would try to get him to go out with them and he’d politely make some excuse and decline but
    • matt would ask him if he wanted to do something later and shiro would accept. right in front of the girl he just rejected
      • he felt bad but he’s so fucking gay for matt ok
  • and you’d think a big buff guy like shiro would be super confident, right?
    • WRONG
      • shiro would try to compliment matt and he’d always stutter and mess up
      • meanwhile matt could tell shiro that he was lookin good with a completely straight face
  • it seemed like matt was cool 100% of the time but that’s only because while shiro was gone he’d vent to katie
    • katie pretended like she hated it but really she loved hearing that her brother was happy
    • matt: i told him that he looked hot in a normal t-shirt instead of the garrison uniform and he blushed i think but i had thrown up before because i was so nervous but at least i did it and kept my shit together
    • katie: whatever
    • katie, internally: if this guy doesn’t love my brother i’ll kick his shins
  • when katie met shiro she knew instantly that he was head over heels for matt
    • katie: y’know i wouldn’t mind having you for a brother-in-law
    • shiro: what
  • once when they were very tired after midterms they fell asleep together on the floor
    • when they both woke up they didn’t even move
    • matt had his head on shiro’s shoulder and shiro’s arm was around matt and they just sat there for hours
    • then matt passed out again because he hadn’t slept in 63 hours straight
  • matt knew no limits
    • shiro: matt please that’s too many monsters to drink in one sitting
    • matt, slamming down his fourth empty can: I HAVE A TEST IN HALF AN HOUR KEEP EM COMING

songs to listen to if you’re in love (link)

first day of my life - bright eyes

lights down low - max/gnash

sleep on the floor - the lumineers

build me up buttercup - the foundations

for him. - troye sivan

something - gnash

girls like u - blackbear

skinny love - bon iver

say you wont let go - james arthur

i do - colbie caillat

how would you feel (paean) - ed sheeran

rhythm of love - plain white t’s

i want to write you a song - one direction

chasing cars - snow patrol

only love - ben howard

love on top - beyonce

thinkin bout you - frank ocean

drive - halsey

from eden - hozier

crazy little thing called love - queen

1,2,3,4 - plain white t’s

bloom - the paper kites

somewhere only we know - keane

lucky - jason mraz

little things - one direction

mess is mine - vance joy

im yours - jason mraz

kiss me - ed sheeran