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NDRV3 Character Trailer #3

As always, cut for space purposes. Had to queue this because Tumblr wouldn’t let me just post it directly–my computer is throwing a shitfit tonight, sorry.

Since @kaibutsushidousha will post a subbed version of the video shortly after this, so please hold off on using these translations to sub the actual video! Comun’s pretty quick so it won’t be a long wait.

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twenty-five days of OUTLANDER [4/25]
favourite LINE DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK → in which master raymond answers a question (2.07, “faith” / dragonfly in amber chapter 25, “raymond the heretic”)

  “Why do you call me madonna still? My hands rested on the slight concavity of my stomach, gently as though not to disturb the shattering emptiness. “I’ve lost my child.”
  He looked mildly surprised.
  “Ah, I did not call you madonna because you were with child, my lady.”
  “Why, then?” I didn’t really expect him to answer, but he did.

We are at school, stop (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: pls do Drabble 42 😫

List of drabbles:

‘We are at school, stop’ you told Peter as he touched your thigh. He was smirking and looking directly at the teacher, who was explaining biophysics. He didn’t usually pay much attention to that class, and that day he had decided to tease you. Trying to push his hand off your leg, he applied more pressure, his fingers getting dangerously close to your crotch. ‘Peter, I said stop’ you moved, feeling uncomfortable about the fact that you two could be caught.
At lunch, you sat together with some of your friends, and being a little bored, you decided to tease Peter a little. Placing your hand on his crotch under the table, you left it there, resting your head on his shoulder. Kissing his jaw, you said to your friends, ‘I’m going to the toilet’. Applying pressure with your hand before getting up, you smirked at Peter and waited for him to come behind you. When he finally did, you both took no time to find an empty room. Peter took no time finding your lips, his hands roaming down your sides, applying pressure on the places he knew made you the horniest.
‘What about skipping next period?’ he asked, his lips close to yours, touching. You didn’t even think about it before nodding, your hands going to his belt, trying to undo it. ‘Easy, tiger’ he said, laughing. Shutting him up by kissing him harshly, he didn’t go easy, breaking apart from you to lock the door and walking to you to remove your shirt, you not caring about being at school anymore. This was way better than Maths, anyway.

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You hear the door click shut, but don’t turn away from watching the unsub through the glass. “You didn’t have to do that, you know.”  

“He threatened you." 

"Not directly." 

"Well, then indirectly.” You turn to face Morgan, who’s crossing his arms over his chest, frustrated. “Bottom line is: He threatened you. ‘You’d be perfect’ is a threat." 

You sigh and step up to your friend, placing your hands on his shoulders. "I can protect myself." 

Morgan chuckles. "I know that. Doesn’t mean I can’t too." 

A moment of silence passes in which the two of you just look at each other. 

You both jump when the door to the hallway opens. JJ stands in the doorway, blue eyes passing back and forth between you and Morgan curiously. "Hotch is about to start the briefing.” Morgan clears his throat and nods, stepping past her and into the hallway. You go to follow, but JJ stops you on the way out. 

She smirks at you with one eyebrow quirked knowingly. “Did I just interrupt something?" 

 Your cheeks flame. "No.” Her smile only grows, and you scurry off down the hall after Morgan.

assorted tdt notes, part 1

i’m back with random notes of things that appealed specifically to me in the dream thieves! i’m writing these notes as i read (hooray for structure!) so..enjoy!

  • i still don’t understand the secrets at the beginning. it all sounds like nonsense to me. i do love that the second secret is framed as like a song, that’s cute
  • “probably not pleasant at all,” the gray man describes declan waiting to have his door kicked in, while at the same time describing declan’s whole entire life
  • old people make ronan anxious
  • “at night, [gansey] looked particularly small” gansey is tiny #confirmed by ronan

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Imagine Gibbs’ reaction to seeing you in your marine uniform for the first time.


Your father turned, a slow grin spreading over his face as his eyes trailed over your brand new uniform. You were standing ramrod straight, your gaze fixed directly ahead. You snapped into a salute. He chuckled, stepping forwards and straightening your collar. “At ease, marine.”

You relaxed, folding your hands behind your back and smiling at your father, “How do I look?” you asked, glancing down at your crisp new uniform.

Gibbs’ smile grew, his eyes filled with pride as he saluted. “Like a marine.”

You laughed, “What is that even supposed to mean?”

Your father grinned, touching your shoulder, “It means I’m proud of you.”

Gif Credit: Gibbs


He’d never directly confronted her about it before. She didn’t know how to respond. “But… but you know it isn’t like that.”

“Are you actually serious?”  He put his hand to his forehead in frustration. 

“August… I do care, please, just tell me what you were going to-”

He cut her off. “You know what, forget it. Forget I said anything.”  She just looked at him. 

“I’m gonna go see what that noise was.”  He took another drag on his cigarette before dropping it on the ground and stomping on it. “Don’t follow me, alright?”

My Fair Warrior: Part 18

Setting: New York City, New York, USA, 2022

Summary: The only hope of getting Rhys out of jail is a secret database holding all his original files. But to access it, Feyre must first hear a pre-programmed mesage from Rhys … one that changes everything.

Ship: Feysand

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,014

A/N: Part 18 of my Modern AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. 

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How he knows you're in the mood: ( Magcon boys + Omaha preference )

NASH: you’re very touchy. Normally your not into PDA but if you’re in the mood your hands are always on his or you kiss him more often.

CAMERON: you get very quiet. You don’t speak much and when you do you drag your words out more than normal.

MATTHEW: you stare at him a lot. Sometimes he’ll find it creepy because he’ll look at you at least three times and you’ll still be staring directly at him.

TAYLOR: You are much more dirtier with your words. You become very perverted.

SHAWN: Shawn can never tell when you’re in the mood because he’s that cute little innocent boy so you always have to be straight forward with him.

CARTER: You normally text him wink faces until he gets the hint. It never takes him long.

AARON: You become nervous. You’ll act nervous around him.

HAYES: you’re more giggly. Everything is way more funny.

JACK G: You become a major tease. Either you’d pull your shirt down some, giving more of a view to your breast, or you’d give Jack a perfect view of your ass.

JACK J: You play with his hair. You always had a thing for his hair when you were in the mood, you never knew why but when you were in the mood your hands always found their way to his hands.

SAMMY: you’d just simple call him Daddy. Unless he was in front of a lot of people you’d just bite your lip constantly.

NATE: he’d never get the chance to know because you’d be in a hurry to get some action, you’d always find a way whether it was fragging him to the airport bathroom or making Jim stop what ever he was doing and find the most abandoned area at the moment.

So funny story...

Today while I was at church I was talking to a friend when out of nowhere my priest, Fr. Gabriel, comes running over cassock flying everywhere shouting “Sara! I need to talk to you!” So I’m thinking oh no what did I do to upset him this time. And as he comes running he pulls a freaking squirt gun out of his pocket-less cassock and points it directly at me. While all this is going on parishioners are staring, children are screaming, I’m bracing myself for the water that’s about to blast me and my friend has this look of total confusion. Then as I’m standing there with my hands up because a priest is pointing a water gun at me Fr. Gabriel says ever so sternly “did you leave this in my office?!” I paused for a second and asked “why would i do that?” And he hands it to me and there’s a note attached. It read “So your hands won’t get tired from sprinkling the congregation with holy water. Step one: fill with holy water. Step two: spray the congregation” I didn’t leave it in his office and he insisted that I was guilty. But I’m honestly only guilty of one thing. Not thinking of that idea first.

2p’s Playing SLENDER


2p! Canada: *looking directly at Slenderman* okay but like… he’s not scary???


2p! France: If I wanted to waste my time then why don’t I do it with something more interesting like trying to keep a civil conversation with Allen?

2p! China: *HE YELL*

2p! Russia: okay but how about no?

2p! Italy: Please, some childish game could never- HOLY FUCK THIS

2p! Germany: lol wait where am I

2p! Japan: *CUE THE SALT* haha no

2p! Romano: *girly Italian screaming*

2p! Prussia: *Jumps at a scare* hahaha I’m okay *actual enjoys the game*

2p! Austria: I want him to be my friend 

Ok, have a seat, this is gonna take a while. I’ll try to be brief. I’m sorry but I’m salty af, I couldn’t keep this to myself even though I tried.

As you can tell by my bio and my headcanons, and my posts, reblogs and so on, my OTP is byeler. Wihich means I strongly believe Will Byers is gay. But, hey! This is not nsfw content; it just means I believe he wants to hold another boy’s hands, and hey! This is totally fine, in case no one has told you.

I’ve read in the past few days a couple of mean comments over what I believe about Will Byers’ sexuality, None of them were directly for me, actually one of those were an answer to another person’s post, but this is bothering me so much, I couldn’t just look away from this.

Let’s do it by parts. First of all, Will had an awful life so far and he’s only 12, I know, right???!!! But this is not a fucking reason for him not to be gay. Because being gay is not a fucking problem, it’s not something gross, it’s not something disgusting. Being gay is the same thing as being hetero. Yeah, he would suffer homophobia, but let’s talk about that later this post.

Second, no, he’s not too young to “decide” (???????) whether he’s gay or not: by saying this, you’re taking as reality that the “normal” is being hetero, and being gay is a choice, it’s not a fucking choice, not even close. We are born like this, and saying this you’re accepting a therapy could make us hetero by choice again as well. No. And the last argument I’m using here: why any of you (people that are making Will’s sexuality something huge) has said “Isn’t Eleven too young to decide if she likes boys or girls”? I’m not putting into question if the kiss between her and Mike was right or wrong, this is not my point, in fact, I think it was right by the flow of the story. What I’m trying to say is: why hetero kids don’t have their sexuality seen as inauthentic? Why people say it’s too early when it comes to queer people, queer children?

And now, let’s talk about homophobia. I received an answer in a post that I made about Will facing homophobia and being disgusted with himself, but only when he’s with Mike, he realizes he has never felt something so right in his life. This answer said something like “it always comes to homophobia around here”. Yeah, it does. I’m having this headcanon of Will being gay truly knowing he will struggle with homophobia. How am I supposed to pretend he’s not going to face it? I could make a poll to know if any homosexual person here hasn’t suffered with it, but I already see that when I read someone complaining about making a 12 years-old boy gay. “Why does he have to be gay?” I’ll follow up by saying: Why not? Homophobia has become something unavoidable, so, yeah, I want him to pass through this, to show that queer kiddos can pass through this as well, even though it happens in the 80′s, and it’s hard as fuck, I wish I could see Will being sassy dealing with this.

Dear queer kid, I see you. I see the way you’re trying to pretend to be what your parents say it’s normal, I see the way you zap through the channels trying to find someone just like you on TV, and you hate movies like ‘Little Manhattan’, because you’re not like them, you’ll never be. I see you because I was once a queer kid too, I was born like this, and nothing will ever change me, or you.

These children that struggle with being sinful, wrong: They are the reason I believe in Will Byers’ homosexuality, because there’s nothing wrong if you’re dividing your cookies with a same gender person as you and you feel like holding this person’s hand. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. And that’s the first step to accept that there are children out there that since the day they were born, they don’t feel comfortable with the gender they were born with. There are children out there that don’t want to kiss or hold hands with other people at all. And y’all should just get over it.

(Imagine if I told you I have this headcanon Barb Holland is Assexual just like me. You’d probably freak out.)

Stay safe. Love you all.

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Imagine gymnast Tsukki, like his mom made him do gymnastics as a kid so now he can tumble and do backflips and walk on his hands and he revealed it whenever he was walking on a railing and did a backflip and landed perfectly in front of the team

wh at the fuck whoa

and like that cool thing u cartwheel and land in a spilt eheh he does it and look directly at yamaguchi

~mod ao

his hand found my cheek, brushing away a stray tear or three before tucking my hair behind my ear.
“but what if there’s someone else-” I began, trying to spit out the words weighing down on me.
he pulled me as close as humanly possible and looked me directly in my eyes. He said not to worry but I kept brushing off his words until his hands, sturdy and steady, held my chin up and had my gaze locked in with his.
“because no one could ever love me like you do.”
—  excerpt | a.w
we’re still going, eight in the morning

title: we’re still going, eight in the morning
yoursongonmyheart, nooelgallagher
word count: 32k 

Harry washes his hands quickly before grabbing his phone. His screen lights up to 3 notifications.

DJTommo is now following you!

@DJTommo mentioned you in a tweet!

Direct Message from @DJTommo!

Harry yelps, throwing his phone to Niall who just barely catches it.

Niall looks down at the phone, seeing first the tweet, then the DM. He tosses the phone back to Harry, who nearly drops it. “What are ya doing, mate! Answer him!”

Harry thinks for a moment about what he wants to say. This is his chance to actually talk to Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson messaged him directly. He can say anything he wants. He begins typing, his fingers shaky.

Niall comes over to stand next to Harry and peers down, looking to see what he wrote. When he does, he lets out a groan.

…Or, the one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

Autumn, Your Favorite Month

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader is excited about the first day of Autumn and expresses it to Bucky

Warnings: Fluffy asf, some innuendos

A/N: Because I feel happy atm and because who isn’t excited for Autumn?

“James Buchanan Barnes.”

You said in a monotone voice. Walking down the stairs into the tower’s kitchen wearing your favorite dark purple knit sweater and fuzzy black socks, you met Bucky with a straight face as he chewed on his morning breakfast.

He set his spoon down into the bowl he had in his hand, slowly looking up at you in worry. “Something wrong, doll?” He asked, placing the discarded items in the sink.

“We need to talk.” You said as you walked up to him, now directly in front of him. Bucky’s eyes widened.

“Shit..” He began. “Did I do something wrong? Are you not happy? Dammit did those recruits mess with you again? Did I not do the laundry - I swear I put our loads in yesterday before Clint did..” He began to ramble, thinking about some errands he forgot to do in the past as he felt guilt rush over him. You couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. A smile cracked onto your lips as you began to laugh. He was clearly confused.

You spun around, gripping the sleeves of your sweater as you looked outside of the glass walls of the tower, seeing the rain pour down onto the Manhattan view of New York. “Oh, Bucky Barnes..” You sighed out.

He stopped you from dancing, gripping your waist with both of his arms at your hips as he stared down at you in confusion. “Are you alright?” He whispered.

“Do you know what day it is?” You asked him, fixing the collar of his grey shirt.

He shook his head. “October second…” He whispered to himself. Bucky looked up at the tall ceiling, beginning to think of what day it was today, and why you were acting all strange. He began to think that you were on your monthly cycle, but remembered that you recently finished. Anniversary? “No it can’t be… We got together in the month of April..”

“No, silly!” You said, shimmering out of his grasp. You grabbed his phone from the island and clicked the calendar app. “It’s Autumn!” You said, showing him the screen.

Bucky squinted at the date. “Okay, and?” He asked, leaning back against the table.

You quickly sighed and clicked the weather app. “Look at the weather.” You said. The current weather now was 66 degrees and cloudy, revealing a raincloud for Tuesday.

“(Y/N).. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He laughed. Your smile dropped.

“It’s Autumn, Buck! My favorite season of all, besides Winter, of course.” You winked and held his shoulders. “It’s finally fucking cold which means more cuddling, pumpkins, hot chocolate…Using Tony’s fireplace that we haven’t used in years - oh my god!” You squealed, smiling like an idiot.

“Ohh..Oh yeah!” He said, pulling you closer. He ducked you under his arm as he led the two of you into the common room and sat down on the couches. “Autumn. Your favorite month. I forgot that you always loved the cold. I should’ve known since you’re wearing my sweater that you bought for me to wear so you could steal it a week after..” He laughed, shaking his head.

“It’s a nice sweater, babe.” You said, leaning your head onto his chest. You sighed in contentment. Being embraced in the arms of your boyfriend made you the happiest woman alive, and getting to spend the years with him made you smile even more.

“Does this mean that you’re going to plan random outings again?” He mumbled in your hair as he buried his nose in it.

“Probably with your help. We’ll have pumpkin flavored everything. It’ll make you sick.” You smiled.

“As long as I get to spend it with you.” He said. He smiled as you lifted your head up. “So, since we’re both free this week, what do you have planned?”

“I didn’t really have anything planned for this week so I don’t know.” You shrugged. You thought about the things you and your boyfriend could do during the week, already planning the whole three months left ahead of time. “Dunno. We’ll think about it the day of. Right now, I’m really needy and I want you so..” You smiled as you put both of your legs on the sides of his waist.

“Your different moods drive me crazy, doll.” He laughed. He put his hands on your hips as he placed a small kiss to your lips. “We’ll be able to do it under the covers now, just how you like it since it’s cold.” Bucky winked and smiled at your reaction.

You pulled back from the kiss and stared at him with your mouth open. You lightly smacked his chest which caused him to laugh even more. “Eww, Buck!” You groaned in disgust. “You know I hate when we do that. It gets all sticky and moist and ugh.” You cringed and got off his lap to sit next to him again.

“Sticky like the insides of pumpkins? Or..” He questioned. You looked at him and quickly got off the couch.

“I hate you.” You said, walking backwards to still face the soldier in front of you. “Ruined the moment, jackass.” You joked as you pouted.

Bucky sat on the couch still, watching as you walked up the stairs to go to the lab. “Aw, c’mon, doll. You love me.” He smirked.

“I love you..” You mumbled.

“Can’t wait to spend the Fall with you!” He yelled.

“You better be!“

Pulse Points:  Chapter 8

You can read it here or on I hope you enjoy it!  Happy Saturday, dear readers. 

“It’s doesn’t look crowded,” Henry observed as they pulled into a parking place directly in front of the restaurant.

“It’s three o’clock,” Mary Margaret stated, switching off the ignition and taking a deep breath. “Not exactly prime time for either lunch or dinner.”

Henry nodded, feeling for the letter in his coat pocket, squeezing it harder than he probably should. He grabbed the car door handle and sat up as tall as he could manage.

“Let’s do this,” he said. “For my mom. She deserves a happy ending.”

Mary Margaret reached over and laid her hand on top of his, giving him a gentle squeeze, looking him directly in the eye.

“She does,” she agreed. “But we can’t guarantee that for her, Henry. All we can do is share what we know and try to find out the truth. What your mom and Robin decide to do about it is completely up to them. You know that, right?”

He swallowed, squinting out the window at snow shining so brightly under the sun that it hurt his eyes. He wished he’d thought to bring his sunglasses.

“Yeah,” he said, looking back at his godmother. “But we can at least give them a second chance.”

“Yes,” Mary Margaret said. “That we can do.”

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Request: Can I request a Drabble with #19 “Hey! I was gonna eat that!” and #6 “I have been wanting to fight someone all day. Don’t test me.” with Dallas Winston please? Thank you!!!

I stare at the sandwich that Dallas was taking a bite of and I let out a sigh.

“You alright there Y/n?” Dally asks. I lift my eyes up to look directly into his own.

“Huh?” I ask and I lean my head on my hand.

“Well I said-” Dally starts but stops when one of the boys begin to call his name. Dally lets out a grunt but he gets up fro his chair anyways. I take my chance as I get up and look right, left then right again like I was crossing the street or looking for someone who was going to blow my cover. I grab his sandwich and take a bite savoring the taste.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I look back like a wild animal to see Dally with wide eyes and an open mouth.  I dropped the sandwich back on the plate.

I was gonna eat that!” He whines.

“I only took a bite.” I mutter folding my arms. “Plus you’re the one who took the last of the bread and cheese.”

“Well you can have the rest.” He lightly tosses the plate over to me.

“Dally.” I say

“I don’t want any of your germs.” I look at Dally to see that he has a bright grin on his face.

“Watch yourself Winston, I have been wanting to fight someone all day so don’t test me.”

Dally comes over to me and wraps his arm around me from behind. “I would like to see you try.” He grabs back his sandwich and he presses a soft kiss to my jaw.  

I push him with my shoulder, “You’re terrible at sharing.”

“You’ve kept this up for the thirteenth time already, can I have my grappling hook back now?”

“No! At least not until I can do it!”

Hanging down from the rope, squared up facial levels with your spider-themed lover, you close your eyes and lean in for the kiss, until you heard the sound of the hook un-grappling from it’s position and ended up kissing the floor.

Disappointment brewed inside you, and you let out a distressed whine as you realized you failed for the umpteenth time that day.

But, you heard a light chuckle and felt a delicate hand cup your cheek so that you were looking up directly at her, and left a soft kiss on your lip.

“Alright, you got your kiss-”

“But I didn’t-”

You were shushed by another kiss, and felt a hand take the grappling hook back, while another hand helped you to your feet.

“It’s endearing that you’re trying so hard, but I think you had enough for today.”

~ Mod Roto