do not let me draw after midnight

Winner takes it all

Winner takes it all

Me and Draco grew up together because our families are friends. And of course, when we both attended Hogwarts and got sorted into Slytherin our families were very happy. We both are each other’s best friends. But the last year I had noticed that my feelings for Draco got stronger, too strong to be a friendship. Luckily 5th year is almost over, so then I can set everything straight.

“Draco” I screamed when he jumped out of a closet. “You almost gave me a heart attack”. “And that will make the score 88 to 89” he said. “Ooh I will win again this year, you just wait. I’m still in the lead” I said. 

At the beginning of our first year ay Hogwarts Draco and me invented a game, The jump scare game. Each time you scared the other you get a point and the person with the most points wins. The loser must do one thing the winner tells them to do, you can’t decline. Last year I won and I let Draco fly around the Quidditch field in his underwear. Now we just have one day left until the end of the game, we always end it one week before OWLS because even the top Slytherin still have to study a little. So, I only had 8 hours to stay in the lead of this competition. “Ooh no I will win this year, and I already have the best challenge for you” Draco said.  “No you won’t” I sang. “Come on get a room you two” Pansy said angry. She bummed my shoulder roughly and walked to her room. 

10 min till midnight (also the end of the game)

I jumped on my bed and when I was ready to call it a victory night, because obviously, I had won again this year, I suddenly heard creepy noises come from under my bed. Slowly I bended down to see where the noises were coming from. I was just inches away from the ground when suddenly Draco’s head popped out from under the bed. “AAAAAAH” I screamed. “Gotcha” Draco grinned. “You son of a” I started. “Now now (Y/N/N) no filthy language needed” Draco mocked. Suddenly the bell of the clock tower sounded, 12 stroked, that means it’s midnight and the game ends. “And now?” I asked. It’s midnight and we have a draw”. “Mhm let me think” Draco said. “What if we do rock paper scissors, winner wins all” He said. “Ok rock, paper, scissors” we said at the same time. I formed a rock, but Draco had paper so I lose. “Damm it” I cursed. “Oke tell me what to do”. “I want you to……. Kiss me” He said with a smirk. He didn’t have to say that twice, I liked him for a long time now. Immediately Draco started to kiss me back. We ended the kiss after a few minutes. “Wow (Y/N)” Draco stutters with a grin.

5k Contest 3rd place winners!

Alright guys, it’s time to decide the last round of winners!

As promised, there will be three winners for this one and each will receive one sketch of any single character.

The winners of this prize were chosen at random using a Python script I wrote myself. You can see the source code here. The list of entries was captured immediately after the contest ended, so any entries submitted after midnight on the 17th were not recorded. I will contact the winners of this prize, if I do not get a response within 7 days, I will re-roll that winner’s position and contact a new winner.

Here are the results:

Seed: 1408700215
Total entries: 238
194 reblogs and 44 fanart submissions with 20 people doing both

There are three winners for third place.
They are…

  1. voidguardiannat
  2. moonpony
  3. drawingpatchmod

I will contact the winners to let them know that they won and to get their request for me to draw.

Two of these winners submitted fanart, displayed below:



Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted! It means a lot really! There were some really awesome submissions, and I’m going to be posting a few of my other favorites that didn’t win any prizes as Honorable Mentions.

Thank you followers for sticking through all my posts about the contest. I promise, more updates are coming soon! The mod’s life has gotten a little bit crazy these last couple of weeks, and there’s been little time to work on updates. But they are still coming, and soon hopefully!