do not lay flat

just a head’s up

get it done. you know exactly what i’m talking about. that essay in which the deadline is inching closer and closer, that maths exam that you need to study for, those grades you want to increase, those grades you want to maintain, that degree you want to study, the degree you want to finish, that cupboard you need to organise. even the plethora of aesthetic flat lays and study tips on tumblr do nothing compared to actually doing the work. yeah sure, edit and perfect how you do the work. but actually goddamn do it. because life is short and you’ve been blessed with an amazing and admirable drive and ambition, as well as a beautiful mind and an interest in learning. please don’t waste these things. 


Summery: Cute Reader x Cas Fluff where Cas has baby animals 

Sam and Dean had gone on a hunt leaving you to take care of the still ‘befuddled’ Cas. Not that you minded the angel was rather sweet, although when he popped out you hadn’t expected him to return with a rather sweet baby duck cradled in his hands.


“Look (Y/N).” He whispered as he set it on the bed and stroked its tiny head.” His dopey smile was plastered across his face when the little animal fumbled around on the bed.

“Cas where do you get him?” You giggled as the angel lay flat on the bed so the duck could waddle over to him.

“At a park nearby.” His face fell when the duck made a rather indignant noise and stared at the angel. “Shall I go and get it’s mother?” He asked suddenly.

“Maybe if it wants it’s mother you should send it back.” You said gently and with that he was gone.


It was another good half an hour before the angel returned, this time a cheeky grin on his face and you were sure his pockets concealed several animals as he hurried to the bathroom. You hurried over to the door, knocking when you found it locked.


“Yes?” You jumped when he appeared next to you.


“What’re you doing in there?” You asked suspiciously.


“Filling the bath, the fish say they need water.” Castiel answered before vanishing again.

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Leopard Gecko Bioactive Enclosures

I often get asked for tutorials or tips on leo bio tanks so I typed this up to share. Feel free to add or ask anything!

Okay so first off for a leopard gecko bioactive you need to consider a few things:

1) They need belly heat
2) They can’t have it too humid
3) They like to eat and this includes their cleaner crew
4) They love to burrow and climb if given the chance.
So with those in mind we can move forward.

Since you won’t have a lot of humidity you won’t need a drainage layer. That’s the good news. However you need belly heat so there are a few ways to go about this. What I personally did for Squirt was to make a permanent burrow on one side that goes down to the bottom of the tank. I put my UTH there. Another thing you could do, which I did for my Frog Eyes, is to lay out a flat stone underneath a CHE. The rock will absorb the heat and provide belly heat. Either works fine but the second method will be better for cooler ambient temp rooms, while the first method will be better for hotter ambient temp rooms. The CHE can raise the ambient temp too high if the room is naturally warm. The UTH is easier to control to make sure it’s at the perfect 90-92F range so that’s why it’s my preferred method.

For substrate, a mix of organic potting soil or top soil, play sand and excavator clay works great. For the bottom layers, I’d do more soil and sand than clay so the feeders can burrow. Then the more top layers add more clay so the surface dries relatively hard, which we all know is better for Leos. With the clay you can form your own burrows that will dry hard. Read the instructions on the excavator clay package. I personally used a plastic hide that I covered with the substrate so it was more sturdy. Either works fine though, and your Leo will also dig himself. You can add stones or whatever to the surface. If you put them in while its drying they will harden into the surface. Or you can add them later.

For plants I’ve had the best luck with aloe and air plants because they do well in arid environments. You just need to water sparingly, and air plants just need to be misted occasionally. Plant the aloe before the clay hardens, and air plants can be stuck anywhere really, not planted. I’d suggest adding them in very last after you’ve decorated the rest of the tank. They you can stick them into whatever spots look like they need more coverage.

The really tricky part with the dry environments is sustaining cleaner crews. Mine tend to die out or get eaten and I have to replenish them. Not a huge deal though. Your best bet will be mealworms and their beetles, superworms and their beetles, and Isopods (woodlice).

If your gecko is bad at shedding you can make a burrow with sphagnum moss in it to make a humid hide. This is best done with a plastic hide that is covered so it retains the humidity. Also make sure the entrance is easily accessible for you to add water. If you leave the bottom of the hide open to the substrate (meaning it’s not like a completely enclosed Tupperware, just the top is plastic) then this is also a good place to keep the humidity up for the cleaners that need it.

From there the rest is really up to you! I’d suggest looking up their natural environment and mimicking it (they’re from the rocky ‘deserts’ of Iraq and Afghanistan). If you have Isopods I’d add some wood/branches since they like to hang out there.

Does anyone else remember the time you first bought a bra that actually fit perfectly because you either got measured or learned the trademarks of a fitting bra, so you reveled in blissful happiness for the following weeks, bobbies firm and happy for all to see, and then you either lost your one perfectly fitting bra or had to wash it (cause bras are expensive as fuck), and you had to wear one of your old, tight bras that do not lay flat against your chest, or one that was way too big so you felt really saggy, and then you question why you let yourself live like that for months or even years

BooksbandspizzaFeb2016 - Day 12

So I took an ugly string bag and painted a galaxy on it. What do ya’ll think? :)

It’s pretty easy to make one actually, you’ll need:

. String bag ( Obviously)
. Paint colors of your choice, though black (or any dark colors really) and white are essential
. Sponges
. A spare toothbrush with hard bristles.

What to do:

1) So lay your bag flat on your work-surface, then paint that side with your dark colors. I do think it’s best to use the dark colors as your base, since the end results are better in terms of coloring.

2) Take up your lighter colors and with a sponge, lightly dab them on. There’s no order to this, dab as much as you want, wherever you want until you get a satisfactory mix of color. You can mix the colors a little and dab on top of other colors. I must say that I usually do this while the base is still wet. I don’t really you know what’ll happen if you don’t wait for the dark base to finish drying first, but the colors might not turn out as pretty and blended.

3) Now to create the stars, after you finish with the colors, dip the toothbrush in white paint. (I don’t really know how to explain why this happens, but if you use a brush with soft bristles it won’t work) When it’s dipped, brush your thumb firmly over the bristles, the white paint will splatter all over, giving you clusters of stars.

4) When the side you’ve just worked on is dry, turn the bag over and repeat the process with the other side.

5) Once you’re done with both sides, modify it by filling in the white spots that might still be in the bag’s edges and creases with more color

6) Optional, but you can also color the string if you want. You can leave them as is, or you can color them, your choice.

February 7th || 8/100 days of productivity ✨

Totally casual studying image 😬 Figured I’d try to do a flat lay picture, but it didn’t work out so well… ANYWAYS, took a bit of a break from the productivity challenge (which I get kind of defeats the purpose of the challenge) because the burn out was already starting to feel too real and last week just wasn’t the greatest. Trying to take it easy before I watch the Super Bowl’s commercials for my advertising class.

Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday!

Today was a good day!
I bought this diary the other day bc it was 40% off and bc Kiki K is beautiful. Also that cat pen 🐱

I’m Sooooo keen for Easter break that starts Friday! I’m going home woot hoot!

AND ty for all the messages and asks coming in, pls keep loving me (relatively useful procrastination).


VC Photo challenge (made by billibones) Day 1 - Antler selfie!

…. With a Wispa instead of a me

please remember that I basically had no idea what I was doing when I started designing this building or laying down the flats for this background so this just goes to show that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH PATIENCE AND SELF-CONFIDENCE

(self-confidence being something I lack in most every area of my life except art, so I’m lucky there at least…)

:: Random Gym Fun with Acidstorm ::


>> Blackcomb was laying flat on a bench, doing his late night workout, earlier, he was chatting with this seeker about having ‘fun’ at the gym and asked him to come over as a joke. He expected no patrons would show up this late. Midway into his last set, he heard the door outside slit open. Startled, he set the weights down on the floor and investigated the source.

The lobby was completely dark now, and the light source was from the dimmed gym area and the outside street, still, Blackcomb had a hard time to conclude who just entered his gym

“Hello? Who’s there?” >> 

I am getting so fucking flexible. I love it. I can do the splits on one side, lay complete flat on the ground in butterfly and in an open leg splay. And my back is getting crazy flexible too.

Thanks pole and yoga 👍