do not know why the hell i did this

                                    HERE’S   TWO   WORDS   FOR  YOU  ALL ,   ❛  MISS   ME     

          okay ,  we  all  know  we  missed   kai  motherfuckin’  parker   cause  i  sure  did.  so ,  why  not  like  this  for  a  possible  starter  from  him.   ONE   LINER ,   SMALL   PARAGRAPH   ——   hell ,  whatever  the  hell  he  feels  like  doing .  just   LIKE   THIS   POST   &   he  just  might  surprise  you  with  a   PORK   RIND   or  a   STAB   WOUND   to  the  stomach  ?  surprise ,  surprise  little  ones ,  xo.

Okay, seriously though. That episode left me with two very important questions:

1) Where the FUCK did the stripper pole come from?



just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

  • Rose: Hey Ladybug and Chat Noir are so cute together
  • Juleka: yeah
  • Alya: I know, right?
  • Mylene: Didn't Ladybug kiss Chat Noir that one time?
  • Chloe: oh yeah, that was cute!
  • Marinette: but... Didn't she just do it to save him? *looking away*
  • Adrien: *smashes through window*
  • Marinette:
  • Marinette: why are you at my house

love/hate sentence starters

feel free to change pronouns as needed.

  • “ I can’t tell if I hate you or if I like you. It’s infuriating. “
  • “ I hate you so much. “
  • “ I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you. “
  • “ Go to hell. “
  • “ You’re such an adorable jerk! “ 
  • “ Truth is… I never really hated you. “
  • “ Truth is… I never really loved you. “
  • “ Why did I ever love you? “
  • “ Why did I ever hate you? “
  • “ I hate them, I hate their stupid sarcasm, I hate their stupid adorable face, I hate how I mess up my words every time I’m around them- “
  • “ Honestly? You’re not as bad as I thought you were. “
  • “ You make me sick. “
  • “ Do you really hate me that much? “
  • “ Tell anyone and I’ll kill you, but… I sorta really care about them. “ 
  • “ I was such an asshole… You should hate me. “ 
  • “ I know I should, but I really don’t hate you. “
  • “ Did you ever really care about me? “
  • “ Of course I care about you, you asshole! “
  • “ I love you. “
  • “ I hate you. “
  • “ I don’t know how to feel about you anymore. “
  • “ What the hell are you talking about? “
  • “ You’re a terrible person. I don’t know why I still stick around. “
  • “ I’m sorry for all those things I said about you. They weren’t true. “
  • “ I never meant to hurt your feelings. “
  • “ It’s too late for an apology, asshole. “
  • “ It’s okay. I’d hate me, too. “
  • “ You should leave. “
  • “ Please, stay. “
common day sentence starters.

What time is it? Do you know? ”  

Pardon me, did you drop this?

Could’ve been a beautiful day. Now the rain has ruined everything.

What are the chances, huh? What are the chances.

How are you doing today?

Did you need a ride?

Let’s go get a bite to eat. Come on, my treat.

Why the hell is it so damn hot outside?

Hello? Can you hear me?

Hey, miss/mister, do you possibly have directions to the nearest gas station?

Breakfast is and will always be the best part of every morning.

Last night was wild, wasn’t it?

Is there a problem?

No, I don’t wanna move. Too tired. Go without me.

I want to go to the beach. What do ya’ say?


If this traffic doesn’t clear up in the next ten seconds, I will literally scream out this window.

Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.

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Imagine this tho

*Yurio’s phone rings*
Yurio: *picks up*
Otabek: “It’s me.”
Yurio: “Hey Otabek.”
Otabek: “Mila Babicheva is a friend of yours right?”
Yurio: “Baba? We aren’t friends, she’s just my rinkmate, that’s all.”
Otabek: “Oh… I see… Either way, what is she like?”
Yurio: “How the Hell should I know. She’s like an annoying grandma, constantly teasing me. And she’s always happy for some reason, except that one time she broke up with that ice hockey player.”
Otabek: “Did she ever ask you to do pair skating?”
Yurio: “Uhm. No? Why are you asking that?”
Otabek: “She asked for my phone number. Since we don’t know each other I couldn’t find another reason why she’d do that.”
Yurio: “Oh.”
Otabek: “Is she always like that?”
Yurio: “As far as I know she never did that before… Uhm. I mean… I guess so.”
Yurio: “So… Are you going to contact her or not?”
Otabek: “Why not? It would be rude to ignore her.”
Yurio: “Oh… okay…”
Otabek: “What’s matter?”
Yurio: “Nothing…”
Otabek: “Are you sure.”
Yurio: “Yes, don’t worry. I don’t mind.”
Otabek: “Wait… You don’t mind what?”
Yurio: “Uhm. Ah? Nothing… Oh, Yakov is calling, I need to go. Bye.”
*quickly ends call*


Whether you ship them or not. Yurio srsly seems like the type that would feel like a third wheel and still be like: “Me jealous? Ofc not, ha, as if I care.”
AND THAT MAKES ME RLLY SAD SOMEHOW. Srsly someone protect Yurio in S2.


Hey again, I’m here to inform you guys about another Bangtan hater. It’s getting out of hand and I don’t understand why people are wasting their time on hating on BTS/ARMY. 

I know people from our fandom can be rude sometimes, but that’s not even the whole fandom, for some reason haters like to generalize the whole fandom. Anyways, there’s this girl, Selja, who keeps dragging BTS because of ARMY. Which is completely dumb and ignorant because what the hell did BTS do to deserve that? Go ahead and hate ARMYs, but to drag BTS like that is just plain stupid. 

Some of her tweets: 

“I could have dragged V today but I held myself back. I have some empathy left. But ya’ll are testing me and my petty nature” ((About him crying about his grandmother’s death)) 

“It’s not my fault his grandmother died.”

“I can’t wait for GOT7, Monsta X, and 17 to end bts. Those bandwagon stans are already leaving.”

“I respect every group except bts”

Half of her tweets is practically hating on BTS, but she also tends to delete her tweets later. Luckily, I got some receipts. (’:

Please help report @AinsleyPaisley / link here on Twitter

Living With the Boys Would Include:

-being overly comfortable with each other 

-doing your makeup while one of them is taking a shower in the same bathroom 

-”hey Y/N you want to join me”


-”but why”

-stealing one of Mikey’s shirts and wearing only that with underwear 

-you/one of the boys walking into the room shouting “I need to cuddle”

-having a hard time choosing which boy to cuddle with when they all want to

-deciding that you will all just lay together

-you getting totally squished underneath them

-doing Cal’s makeup

-helping mike choose what hair color he should choose

-”you should dye it grey”


-”then why the hell did you ask me to pick”

-getting mad at Luke because he leaves water everywhere after he showers

-you not shouting at him because you know he will cry

-his face getting all red when you talk to him in a serious tone

-going to parties with the boys 

-you looking hot af

-them all running over to you when a guy starts hitting on you

-cheek kisses

-forehead kisses

-cute hugs

-holding hands even though you’re not dating

this sucked sorry

Questions I’d ask Jensen Ackles

Do all ventilation registers have the potential to become portals to Hell? Or do we need a Banishing Egg and a witch for that?

How often has Dean been playing Words with Friends with Mary? Did she just not notice he hadn’t responded for a few weeks?

Why the heck did y’all not run out of that hotel room with Cas and leave Kelly behind to smooth things over with the Secret Service? I mean y’all coulda come back for her later. She would’ve been safe for now, and could’ve covered your asses while you got away.

How did it feel to kill Hitler? What kind of pie would Dean consider the most celebratory for such an occasion?

(by the way, thanks for not killing the Nazi dude’s kid. Nice redemption for Dean, under the influence of the Mark of Cain, killing the innocent Styne kid in 10.22.)

Are you aware that there’s a portion of the fandom who deconstructs the show applying Postmodern Literary Theory, and a lot of the questions you think are outrageous or bizarre or unfounded are based on miles and miles of scholarly study on the major themes and parallels in the narrative, and that we’re not making this shit up?

Did Dean keep the leather jacket from 12.07, and can he wear it again sometime?

I have a theory that Dean’s been all over the country so many times that he’s practically memorized every road in the U.S. Is this why we never see Dean reading a map or relying on a GPS?

How unsettling was it for Dean at that Hunter Gathering to have a bunch of strangers know about some of his exploits second-hand (such as the fact that he’d been dead… multiple times over… ), yet had no idea of the true magnitude of the shit he has been through in his life? What was going through Dean’s mind? Was he more worried that they MIGHT know things about him? Like, Hell? Or Purgatory? Or the Mark of Cain and the Darkness? Or was he worried that he couldn’t even begin to think of what story he could tell these people that wouldn’t ostracize him forever for just being ~too fucking weird~? It reminded me a lot of how scared they were for anyone to find out about Sam’s psychic powers back early seasons, for fear they’d be hunted themselves. Then again, these new hunters seem a lot more diverse, welcoming, and understanding… Thoughts?

How did it feel to have Castiel, Angel of Wearing The Same Outfit for Nine Years, define your fashion aesthetic as “lumberjack?” Also, bravo to Cas for the snappy comeback.

Did Dean try praying to Cas from prison? I mean, it seems like the kind of prison where you’re not even allowed a phone call, but has he also been “out of soul phone range?” Just seems like something practical that would be worth a try.

The weird fence scrambling thing… Was Dean putting on an act there to match the Sweater-Wearing Social Worker persona he was playing for the case? Trying to look the part of an overworked paper pusher? Because we’ve seen y’all leap over fences a lot higher than that like a gazelle on the moon, so… Explain, please. :D

You know, I love how insane the gear up/transformation sequences are in KanColle. I mean, it starts sensibly enough: Step on the thing, it attaches your boots and torpedo launchers:

But why keep loading them up there? JUST SHOVE THEM DOWN A WATERSLIDE:

But wait, that loadout’s not done! Where’s her gun and funnel pack?

…you do realize steel and salt water really don’t get along, right? Why the hell are you storing this stuff down here?

Jesus that’s coming in fast-

Ouch! At what point in the design process did they decide the only way they could achieve this was by smacking a 14-year-old directly on the spine with 250 pounds of steel at 120 miles per hour?

Just throw the gun at her. It’s not like it’ll be hard to find if she misses the catch and it keeps doing warp speed out over the ocean! Somehow the torpedo launchers needed to be carefully and methodically attached, but the gun turret can literally be thrown at her.

It’s one of the few things from the show I unironically enjoy just for how bonkers it is, all while dramatic music is playing.

@avocatdelapoursuite​ but like how did you know this kinda shit is my weakness? xD

Words: 2037

“Why in the holy fucking hell are we hiding behind a bush?”

Marinette reached over and smacked Chloe on the arm. “Would you shut up for all of two seconds? I know it’s hard with that big mouth of yours, but do put in the effort.”

Chloe growled and smacked Marinette back. “Don’t hit me you brat! I’m in heels for God’s sake, I can’t be hiding in the park like a goddamn pervert.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Marinette said sarcastically. “I didn’t know I had to roll out a red carpet for you so that you wouldn’t scratch your precious Louboutins. They don’t match your outfit either, just so you know.”

“I will scratch your face if you don’t tell me why the hell we’re here.”

Marinette rolled her eyes and pulled out her cellphone. “We have a problem.”

“A problem that clearly can’t be solved in the comfort of a building, apparently.

Would you quite your damn whining?” Marinette scolded. “This is serious. It has to do with Carole.” 

Chloe froze. “….what the hell happened?”

“Carole asked Adrien out on a date today.”

“….excuse me?” Chloe snarled. 

“Yeah. A date. Today. In this park.”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Yeah! I know!”

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I have always known that feelings can change like the seasons do, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine you to be a fair-weather lover.
And while I would have weathered the tempests of hell to stay by your side – it seems you sought only sunshine because at the first sign of clouds you left me; alone and confused.
Don’t you know home is where the heart is and that homes are meant to be built on foundations solid enough to withstand such trials?
All my life I will never understand why you left so soon… why you never even tried.
It was not even stormy… just overcast with a chance of rain

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for when Otabek is sick and Yuri is the only one to take care of him.


I think Yuri would be so mad at Otabek for getting sick, but only because he’s worried, you know? I bet he would do everything to get Otabek better as soon as possible, while still being angry lmao. it probably goes a little like this:

“For christ’s sake Otabek, I told you to take a scarf before going for a ride, but NO,” Yuri grumbles angrily as he searches the cupboard for a pot. “I can’t find my scarf, but it’s not that cold today, don’t worry Yuri. Don’t worry my ASS,” he continues, slamming the fridge shut for emphasis after retrieving some vegetables. Otabek winces.

“Yuri, I’m fine it’s just a col-,” Otabek stops mid sentence at the death glare Yuri shoots him over his shoulder from where he’s standing at the kitchen counter, vigorously chopping carrots. Otabek has to admit that angry Yuri is scary when the anger is directed at him. It’s not a position he’s used to being in.

“You, mister,” Yuri starts, focusing back on the knife and chopping board (they don’t need another casualty, thank you very much), “have right about nothing to say right now. Less talking, more tea drinking.”

Otabek sighs in defeat and takes a sip of the chamomile tea he has his hands wrapped around. He’s sitting at the tiny kitchen table, wrapped in a fleece blanket. Yuri insisted.

“Thanks,” Otabek say. His voice is croaky. He should’ve taken the extra five minutes yesterday to look for his scarf, he thinks. He can see the tense line of Yuri’s shoulders ease up, the frown on the younger’s face doesn’t look quite as deep as just a few minutes ago.

“Of course,” Yuri says gently as he pushes the chopped vegetables from the board into the pot of now boiling water. A soft smile replaces the angry frown. They share a quick look before Yuri goes back to cooking. Otabek smiles, too.

“Finish your tea. Soup will be ready in 20.”

I will always hold you close

did anyone want this? nope. did i do it anyway? yep. 

philkas au in which philip falls apart and lukas puts him back together

Bo doesn’t let Lukas leave his bed for three days after he’s released from the hospital. Lukas’ chest still aches like hell, and he knows he should rest, but he keeps thinking about Philip and how much everything must hurt right now.

Lukas lost a mother, too. He knows that pain.

That’s why he heads to Philip’s the minute his father lets him. He finally allowed to shower, and cleans the hospital off of his skin. Then he climbs into his father’s car; the compromise was that Lukas get driven, the bike being off limits for now.

When he reaches Helen and Gabe’s, he finds Philip exactly the way he feared he would; holed up in his room, burrowed beneath the covers. Helen and Gabe tell him that he hasn’t come out to eat or to bathe. He hasn’t done much other than sleep. They’ve tried to talk to him, but he’s either gone mute, or has nothing to say. Maybe both.

Lukas closes Philip’s door behind him when he goes in, and moves to the edge of the bed, sitting down beside Philip, who is curled on his side with his eyes shut, face puffy.

Lukas’ heart breaks for the boy in the bed. His body language screams sadness and longing and hurt. He’s asleep, but doesn’t appear to find any solace in it.

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Title: Monsters

Characters: Daddy!Dean, Wife!Reader, Little Grace, Uncle!Sam, and Uncle!Cas

Word Count: 565

Request by @iamstarfire said: Hi :) Have you ever seen Monsters inc.? I know a little childish but you know when Sully scares Boo? Can you do that but with the readers & Dean’s daughter, Dean & Sam get into a fight and she gets scared of him & goes to Sam, Thank you. :D

A/N: I hope you like it!! Enjoy the fluffiness!!

“Dean relax, Y/N and I can handle this! Just let her finish changing and we’re heading back out!”

“Damnit Sam, this is why I freaked out so much when we got pregnant, for exact moments like this!! Why the hell did you let Y/N talk you into a hunt and how the fuck did you not kill the vamp?! Damnit I knew something like this was going to happen.” Dean yelled as he stalked out of the room, heading down the hallway to the garage.

“Excuse me I was trying to get Y/N out of there as fast as possible. They have my scent too ya know, they could come for me and not her!” Sam yelled back as he followed.

Grace heard the commotion and came out of the playroom, following her daddy and uncle’s voices.

“Sam, I gave you one job. Keep Y/N and Grace safe while I was gone. Damnit I knew I shouldn’t have had a kid! Just one more thing to worry about.”

As the door slammed in Sam’s face he turned, letting out a long breath. Taking a few steps he stopped when he saw Grace’s eyes welling up with tears.

“Why is daddy yelling!” she started to wail. “Why is he mad at me unca Sammy!!” Sam went over to her, scooping her up into his arms.

Soothing her he walked her into the kitchen, grabbing a chair and holding her in his arms until she stopped crying. “He wasn’t mad at you sweetie, I promise. Daddy’s just scared that’s all.”

Grace pushed back and looked up at him with her puffy eyes, “daddy doesn’t get scared!”

Walking up to the kitchen door you heard Sam laugh a little. “Oh yes he does, he just doesn’t like people knowing that.”

“No he doesn’t,” you added as you walked over to them. “Sweet pea daddy got scared that mommy or uncle Sam might get hurt. But he loves you so, so much, he could never be mad at you.”

Grace pouted a little, “he was when I colored on Baby with my chalk.” Both you and Sam started laughing.

“Well yeah sweetie, you know better than to do that. This is different though, daddy just wants all of us to be safe.”

The three of you jumped when you heard the slamming of a car door followed shortly by the slamming of the garage door.

Sam looked over to you, “huh, guess you were right.”

“Which of you geniuses hid the machete’s? Huh? You two are lucky I checked when I got a bit down the road and wasn’t at the freaki-“ Dean stopped the second he saw Grace’s eyes. “Oh little apple pie what’s wrong?”

“You got mad at me!” Grace shouted and buried her head into Sam’s chest.

“Oh sweetheart I could never get mad at you,” Dean came over and grabbed her from Sam’s arms. “Sweetie pie I just got a little,”


Dean laughed, “yes baby, a little scared. It’s okay though, I’m going to take care of it.”

“No,” you cut in, “the three of us will handle it and uncle Cas can come play with Gracie. How does that sound peanut?”

“I wanna play with unca Cas!! Go fight the monster’s daddy! Mama and unca Sammy too! Cas is gonna play dress up with me!”

“Again?!” Gracie giggled as Cas rolled his eyes.

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