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Hi there! So I really want a career in publishing but everyone keeps telling me it's a waste of time since I'll make no money and it's a dying industry.. I try to be optimistic about it since it's what I want to do but it still hurts when people knock on it. Any advice?

I don’t understand the argument that it’s a dying industry. Do they mean print books? Because they’re actually on a rebound after the ebook boom. As are independent bookstores.

As for storytelling itself, humans have been doing that since the dawn of sentience. So it’s not going away any time soon.

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What Orlando is doing is particularly disparaging towards Gillian. It takes away from her achievements as an actress and shows a lack of consideration towards her personal life. (I'm saying this as we know for a fact she's not single, regardless of whether DD is or not). Also, the fact that GA and DD have never acknowledged any of his tweets about the two of them makes his behavior even less acceptable.

I just think any person using a public platform they have been blessed with to talk about what another person should be doing with their body or their heart instead their own achievements is questionable. It’s one thing in the relative anonymity of the blogosphere but when you have the potential to reach out via print or online journalism, when you’ve just given what could be a career making speech in a groundbreaking TV show… it seems short sighted, cheap and disrespectful, regardless of who you’re talking about or their relationship status.

It’s especially hard to swallow when it’s a male actor making statements about what his female costar (who he has never met) should be aspiring to in a relationship. Basically it just seems poorly thought through from every angle and I think it massively detracts both from Orlando’s profile as an actor, reduces the impact of his character on American Gods and looks like a joke his supposed friends and colleagues aren’t really into.

It’s a mess, I’m trying not to read any more of it now though because I don’t want it to spoil American Gods and it’s not like there’s anything we can do. If he wants attention… he can’t have mine 

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