do not feed or tease the chair bears

Things I associate with MONSTA X

Shownu: Turtle necks, gold jewelry, jean jackets, leather jackets, rolled up jeans, blazers, drive in movie theaters, hand written letters, flannel, messy hair, embroidery, ripped shirts, tile floors, diamonds, ear piercings, wiping sweat off of your forehead after a long day, vcrs, playing the Atari, cassette tapes.

Wonho: Hopping fences, ripped jeans, breaking curfew, record shops, running from the police, walking alone in parking lots, ripped wallpaper, playing with matches, broken mirrors, empty pill bottles, walking on train tracks, abandon industrial buildings, walking the streets at night, chipped paint, 

Minhyuk: Blowing bubbles, playing with kids, finding Easter eggs, looking at baby pictures, roller skating, picking flowers, giant teddy bears, being in a friends house for the first time, old school radios, band aids, stuffed animals, picnics, getting a trophy for the first time, dipping your feet in a pool, drawing on shoes, running through sprinklers.

Kihyun: Caring about someone passive aggressively, reluctantly feeding the person you like, brushing hands as you walk, back hugs, flirting, doing silly things with the person you love, playful teasing, pushing each other of rolling chairs, riding bikes by the seaside, running around in the rain, night binges.

Hyungwon: Drinking coffee in a quiet cafe, steam from freshly brewed tea, walking around barefoot, watching the sunrise by the seaside, oversized sweaters, holding hands, goofy pictures, cuddling in the winter, hot chocolate on cold days, lazy kisses, cloud gazing, laying on a field, walking on hardwood floors, eating chocolate when you feel lonely, road trips.

Jooheon: Wiping fog off of a mirror, walking around at night, wrapping yourself up in your blanket, cloud gazing, the moon, watching a match flicker, goodbyes, binge watching movies with someone, tears running down your cheeks, watching a clock tick, feeling rain drops hit the top of your head, back hugs, when you don’t want to let go of someones hand, having to let someone go.

I.M: Watching fans spin slowly, sitting in ice cream parlors, watching a sunset, eating cotton candy, flower crowns, cherry blossom trees, pink fluorescent lights, confessing your feelings to someone, listening to someone speak, resting your head over someones heartbeat, when your heart skips a beat, pouting, getting to know someone, butterfly’s in your stomach.