do not falter now

a random first (nalu) kiss, that is all. one prompt? who needs one prompt

  • staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in
  • running their thumb over the other’s lips
  • one sliding their hand into the other’s hair slowly
  • their entire body freezing for a second when their love kisses them


His eyes seek hers, a little uncertain and a whole lot confused.

Lucy’s fingers tremble as she slides them along his cheek, over his scar, before gently settling them beneath his ear. She opens her mouth as if to speak, but closes it again without a sound leaving her lips. 

His hand settles on the small of her back instinctively rather than by choice, and he slowly blinks at his arm before moving his gaze back upwards. His body has become stiff, as if he’s frozen to the spot, and his mind has followed suit. But there is realization dawning in his eyes, and he releases a shaky breath. “Lucy, what’re ya…” 

He doesn’t finish his question, and Lucy does not answer. 

“I was really worried, you know,” she mumbles, locking her eyes with his. She smiles. “But I’m not anymore.”

Natsu smiles back, a small but genuine smile, and some off the tension drops off his shoulders. “Good.” 

Neither moves. Neither wants to.

But then Natsu catiously, very cautiously, moves his hand upwards along her back until he reaches her neck, where his calloused fingers tangle into her soft hair. Lucy holds his gaze, braver than before, and the smiles still cling to their lips even as they both forget about them. They slowly drop off their faces and are replaced by something else, a clouded sense of contentness, of being lost in a moment.  

“Lucy,” Natsu says, and he sounds surprised. He looks surprised, too, as he brings up his left hand and probingly taps his thumb against her cheek before dragging it along her lip. “You’re not blushing.”

“Well, I am now!” she protests and closes her eyes, trying not to laugh. She feels weirdly exhilarated, as if she can do anything. Heat creeps into her cheeks, her heart beating faster and faster as she realizes what is about to happen. To really happen. She’s seen it in his eyes.

They both want this, though she couldn’t have told you since when, or how. 

“If you want to kiss me,” she hears herself say, stumbling over the quiet words, “You can do it now.”

For a moment he falters, staring at her lips as if trying to hold himself back, but then a smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, and he nods. Slowly, he leans into her and brushes his lips against hers. 

For a second, Lucy’s entire body freezes. She hasn’t expected her emotions to react quite as forcefully, but fireworks went off in her stomach and she feels the need to gasp for air. Only that would mean breaking the kiss, and that is the one thing she does not want. Not now, when Natsu so carefully, curiously, moves his lips along hers, and she can’t even bring herself to open her eyes. It has barely begun, is barely a kiss at all, but it feels all the more wonderful for it.

He exhales through his nose, a little shakily, before parting his lips and nipping at her bottom lip. Their mouths connect more fully now, moulding against each other with the care and innocent clumsiness only a first kiss can contain so purely. There are no more worries left in Lucy’s mind, and she laughs, drawing in a deep breath before pressing her body against his and running her hands through his hair and silencing his surprised gasp with her lips. 

Escape: the medical school years

It wasn’t easy.  He’d bitten his tongue more times than he could count. Lord knew Claire could get sharp tongued when she was stressed, but it was what he promised, and he would not break his vow.  He would support Claire through medical school any way he could.  Emotionally, physically, monetarily, it didn’t matter.

Night after night she spent studying in their flat.  Night after night he checked on her only to find she’d fallen asleep at her desk, or on the sofa with a book spread across her chest or fallen to the floor.  Night after night, he roused his wife, and led her stumbling, half-asleep to bed.

Night after night he let her rest while his body raged for her.  

It never stopped, the wanting her.  Some nights she tossed, muttering and restless. Some nights she thrashed and never fully settled.  He would not take advantage.  He would gather her in his arms, and soothe her with whispered words of love in Gaelic and rub her back until she stilled.  

Some nights she turned to him in desperation, grabbed for him, begged him. Those nights he took his wife in a passion born of abstinence too long observed.  

And then the drought would return.

The night before her anatomy exam Claire asked him to help her study. 

“I’ll do what I can, Sassenach.”  Jamie reached for her textbook.

“No.  I need to you lie down, and just let me name the structures of the body.”

He nodded.


Jamie’s brows shot up. “Ye want me to be naked?  I dinna see how that helps ye study.”  

Claire flapped her hands impatiently.  “It’s what we do. We work with cadavers and study the different systems in the body.  It helps me if I can just go over it that way.  I’m not much for memorization via a textbook.”

“Ye want me to lay there.  Like a dead man.  Naked as a bairn.”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”  Claire looked up at her husband.  “Please?”

Jamie shook his head.  “I dinna understand it a bit, Sassenach, but if ye think it’ll help ye.”  He pulled off his shirt, and shucked his pants.  Claire had to smile at her Scottish husband.  Never any underwear. Ever.  

“Bottoms up or…?” he gestured to his crotch.  

“On your back first.”  Claire giggled.  

Jamie lay on the bed, and closed his eyes.  Claire got right to work starting with his skull and naming the bones.  While she never actually touched him, he could tell her hands were close to his skin. He listened to her unwavering voice.  He was impressed.  She knew her stuff.  When she finished the skeletal system she started over with the muscles, then the nervous system.  

He was fine until she started in on the circulatory system.  Her finger lightly traced the veins and arteries down his neck, across his shoulder, from his arms and torso to his femoral artery.  He couldn’t help it.  Claire’s touch never failed to arouse him.

“Jamie. Concentrate.”

“Sassenach.”  He cracked his eyes open to cat like slits, pinning her with his deep blue eyes.  “I ken ye want me to be a dead man.  But my, what did ye call it?  My ‘corpora cavernosa’ dinna ken that.”  He closed his eyes again.  

She continued with her work and asked him to roll over. Right. How, exactly does a man in my condition lie on his front, then?  

Again, her delicate hands traced his body, a brush here, a light finger there. All the time naming his body parts with a sure and steady voice.  

When she was finished he breathed a sigh of relief and got up, opening a drawer for his sleep pants.    


Jamie looked over his shoulder at her.  “Nay, Claire.  I’m done.”  She couldn’t seriously expect him to live through that again.

“Jamie. Please.”  

“No, Claire.  I listened to ye. Ye ken fine what yer doing. Ye never faltered. Yer ready for yer exam.  Now, put the textbook away and let’s get some sleep, aye?”

Claire panicked.  She never felt ready for an exam.  If she could just run through it one more time she’d feel so much better.  “Jamie, you said you’d help!”

Jamie took a deep breath trying to control his impatience. He understood her nervousness, he truly did, but sometimes Claire’s fear got the better of her. “Claire. Come, mo graidh.  Ye’ll be fine.”  

“Jamie, please!”  

Her voice was all Nurse Beauchamp, but Jamie was not her patient. Nor was he a practice dummy.  What he was, was a sexually frustrated husband. 

Which is why he snapped.  

“Jamie, please?  Please?  No, Claire, that’s the one thing Jamie canna do. He canna “please”.  I’ve no’ had the pleasure of my wife for weeks.  So dinna make it sound like I’m being unreasonable here.”  

Claire was shocked.  “What the bloody hell does that mean?”  

His voice was a low rasp of need.  “It means, Sassenach, that if ye run yer hands o’re my body one more time I’m no’ gonna pretend to be a dead man for much longer.  I’ll be very much alive wi’ you under me, knickers off, and me so deep inside ye, ye won’t know where I start and you end.”  

She gasped.  Claire stared into her husband’s eyes and saw the truth of it. The banked desire.  That hint of loneliness that she only witnessed one other time in her life.  

But dammit, he knew it would be like this.  She had warned him!  

When the guilt began to claw at her she fought back.  “Fine.  I’ll study downstairs then.” 

She grabbed her textbook, took one step towards the bedroom door and found herself lifted off her feet by his arm around her waist. She shrieked, and dropped the book.  

Jamie fell onto the bed taking Claire with him.  “Nay, lass. Not tonight.  Tonight ye come to bed on time.  Wi’ me.”

Claire pushed at his chest, but he was immovable.  Jamie pushed up Claire’s shirt and fastened his mouth on her breast.  She moaned.  It had been a long time.  The sensation hit her fast and she melted.  She maneuvered her shirt over her head and pressed him to her.  Jamie growled in response and wrapped his arm under her hips to press her to him.

Ifrinn, Claire.  God, I’ve missed ye.”  His mouth covered hers and she closed her eyes to the feeling of Jamie surrounding her.  Her legs were tangled in his and she lifted her hips in silent communication.  Jamie rolled to his back taking her with him.  When she was on top, he unfastened the button on her jeans, yanked at the zipper and pushed them down as far as he could, hooking her panties with them.  He rolled again, Claire under him, as he helped her in her attempt to kick them off.  

Naked.  Finally.  He nudged her knees wide and settled between her thighs. Tearing his mouth from hers he looked at her.  Hair wild.  Whisky eyes dazed in passion.  Mouth swollen.  Breath coming fast.  God, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And she was his.  

“Jamie.  Please.”  That made him smile. That kind of begging he could listen to all night.

As much as he wanted to draw this out and savour the moment, he couldn’t. Claire’s hands were hot and desperate.  She wound her arm around his neck, pulling his mouth down to her, the other holding his bottom pressing him into her. 

It didn’t take long, and Jamie didn’t care.  They had been too long without. 

Sweet release.  

Claire wrapped her arms around her husband’s back, and hugged him tight. Jamie’s weight was the most comforting feeling in the world. He grounded her, held her fears at bay. She ran her hands down his back, feeling his familiar scars like a talisman.  

“Are ye studying again?” Jamie mumbled, head tucked against his wife’s neck, luxuriating in her touch.  

Claire smiled against his russet curls.  “Latissimus dorsi, external obliques, internal obliques, God, Jamie, you have the most amazing iliac crest.”  

“I do?” Jamie laughed.  “Weel, I have to admit, I’m rather fond of yer gluteus maximus, myself.”  His hand slid up her side, “And yer pectoral muscles are fine, too.”  

They laughed together.   He was her life, her love, her strength, her rock.  

“Thanks for helping me study,” she whispered.

Jamie planted a kiss on her collar bone.  “As long as it ends in a hands-on practice session, it’ll be my pleasure.”


Note: I really like doing these imagines and national day things so I would be grateful if any of you gave me a little feed back or your thoughts on these. I notice a couple of you guys liking my work so I just want to get better at these to make the reading experience better for you guys. What do you people think of adding pictures and (the ocasional) gif to the imagines. Are they too distracting from the story, do they help lead the story? It would be much appreciated. And, as always, requests are open. 

(Y/N): your name

(s/c): skin color

(e/c): eye color


“Y/N!” Elijah’s voice rang through the Abattoir full of barely restrained anger.

You rolled your eyes and put down the bags you were holding. You had just gotten back from a long day of shopping with Rebekah and all you wanted to do was lay in bed and relax. But in the Mikaelson household, there was no such thing as relaxing.

Rebekah gave you a ‘good-luck’ smile and took the bags from your arms to take them up to her room. You sighed and turned to face Elijah. His face was contorted with annoyance and his lips were set in a thin line. His eyebrows were scrunched together and his jaw was clenched.

“What now?” You asked with annoyance laced in your voice.

“Niklaus,” he simply said. You sighed. Of course. The only thing that could make Elijah this annoyed and make his gentlemanly personality falter. “What did my homicidal hybrid boyfriend do now?”

“Niklaus is determined to slaughter a group of witches who are annoying him,” Elijah replied. “I tried to talk some sense into him but, unsurprisingly, my brother is hard headed. I was thinking that you would better luck.”

“Elijah, if you couldn’t get through to him I doubt that I can,” You said.

“Y/N, I think you underestimate the influence you gave on my brother,” Elijah said.

“Fine, I’ll try but I can’t promise I’ll have results,” You warned. You turned away from the noble original and crossed the room to the stairs that would lead to the floor where Klaus’s room was located. You waved away the thanks that Elijah called after you and made your way to the familiar door. Once you arrived at Klaus’s room you knocked on the closed door softly and when your only reply was a grunt you opened the door. Klaus was on the floor with a canvas in front of him and he was painting furiously.

He was obviously letting out his repressed anger without breaking things in his room. He had started to this because the last time he was mad and had started breaking things, Hope had walked in and had gotten scared. After some comforting from her father she had made him promise not to do it again. Unsurprisingly, he agreed immediately.

“Elijah, I thought I told you to leave me alone,” Klaus said without turning to face you. He sounded irritated and annoyed.

You smiled and crossed your arms while leaning on the door frame. “Well lucky for you, I’m not Elijah. I’m much prettier.”

Immediately after hearing your voice he turned to face you, not only turning his head but turning his whole body. That’s one thing you liked about Klaus, even if he was mad at someone else he would always give you his full attention when you asked for it. The scowl that had previously been on his face fell and his blue eyes softened as he took in your appearance. He set the brush down in a bowl of water, careful not to stain the carpet, and got up from his place on the floor. He walked over to you and took your hands in his, his large hands almost completely enveloping yours. “My love,” he said, his voice losing the sharpness it once had. “I thought you were out with Rebekah.”

You smiled and pushed yourself off from the door frame so you were standing up straight. You squeezed his hands and momentarily forgot the reason you had come up here and just relished in being in his presence. “I was but we just got back.”

“And what did you buy? You mentioned a new book you were interested in,” Klaus pressed. He led you to his bed where he sat with you on the edge of the bed so the two of you wouldn’t be uncomfortably standing while you talked.

“I bought the book and a new-” You started but stopped when you remembered your conversation with Elijah. “I’ll tell you later, something more important has come up.”

Klaus frowned. “What could be more important than listening to how your day went?”

Your heart swelled at his words. You two might have been dating for a long time but he still found ways to make you gush with happiness. No, Y/N, not the time to swoon over Klaus, you can do that later. Time to do what you told Elijah you would do. So you reigned in your school girl giddiness and deemed a more serious expression. “Well how about how your day went? And your plans for today. Specifically having to do with going around and murdering witches.”

Klaus’s small fell and he sighed. “Elijah told you didn’t he? Bloody hell can nothing stay private in this family?”

You laughed softly at his exasperation. “No, nothing can. And even if Elijah hadn’t told me, you are obviously in the mood to rip a couple hearts out,” you said and pointed to Klaus’s unfinished painting laying on the ground.

Klaus shrugged with a cheeky smile. “What can I say, I get side effects when I go cold turkey.”

You hit his shoulder and scowled at his joke, “Klaus, I’m serious. You can’t just go around killing people, there are consequences.”

“I can’t help it, they are annoying pricks,” Klaus said. He shrugged and laid down on the on the bed. He put his hands under his head and smirked smugly. “And I am the original hybrid, nothing they do could possibly hurt me.” Klaus was radiating confidence and pride.

“You might not be able to directly get hurt but what about the people you love? What about Hope?” You asked sternly. “You have other people to think about now, Klaus. You can’t go around being reckless.” Klaus’s smile fell but he didn’t say anything so you continued. “She may be powerful but she is still a child. She needs her father to protect her and be there and you can’t do that if one of your enemies gets to you.” You turned to look down at him and touch his hand. Your eyes shimmered with emotion. “I love you, Klaus, and I would never ask you to become a different person but you have to stop being so reckless and kill anyone who says something about you, cause if you haven’t noticed, people don’t really like you around here so they will always talk bad about you. You just have to learn to ignore it.”

Klaus sighed and pulled you gently down on the bed so you were laying next to him. He snuggled closer closer to you and you buried your head in the crook of his neck. You two stayed there for some time until you felt Klaus nod his head. “Very well my love,” he said. “I will spare their lives but a little torture isn’t too bad.”

You scowled and hit his chest. “Klaus,” You warned. 

Klaus started to glide his fingertips over the exposed skin on your shoulder. You shuddered at the action and blushed. “Well, love, let’s just say by the time we’re finished you’ll be too tired to go out with Rebekah tonight,” he said.

Your breathed hitched in the back of your throat. “And why’s that?” You asked breathlessly.

“Well, you can’t dance on sore legs.” Klaus leaned his head down so that it was hidden in the crook of your neck and pressed his lips against the (s/c) skin.

You gasped and Klaus chuckled lowly at your reaction. “I think I like this way of coping,” you said.

Klaus pressed a kiss to your cheek and pulled away to look into your (e/c) eyes and smile. “Me too,” he agreed.

Next Up: Imagine having a relationship like JD’s and Veronica’s with Klaus.

Remedy (4)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful. 

Taglist is fixed! Please message me if you want to be tagged. (not on this post pls, just message; I just can’t keep up otherwise!)

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Remedy (1) Remedy (2) Remedy (3)

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Voltron Whump Week Day One: Fever

Summary: Pidge goes hiking with the squad even though she’s not feeling well. Not one of her brightest ideas, but nobody really thinks coherently when they’ve got a raging fever. For @hastalalaterkeith7152 because it’s pretty much a given now I tag you in everything you wanted some sick Pidge and also you give me consistent feedback on all my writing. thank you friend. She/her pronouns are used for pidge in this fic.

“We’re here,” Lance announced, much too joyful for six o’clock in the morning and much too loudly for Pidge’s ears. What were her friends even doing here, anyway? Oh, right. The boys had planned a hiking trip. Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Shiro all filtered into her house.

“I’ve got food,” Hunk stated, setting a picnic basket on the kitchen table. He began to rummage through its contents, making sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. “Okay, let’ see, carrot sticks, celery, cheese, crackers, protein bars, juice boxes, and of course, peanut butter sandwiches.” He pumped a fist in the air.

“Hunk, this isn’t a fourth grade field trip,” Lance said, “we’re all grown–oohh, you didn’t tell me they’re animal crackers!”

“Moving on,” Shiro gave Lance an uncertain glance, “I’ve got plenty of water, a compass, first aid kit, extra band-aids, because Lance is a klutz–” 


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[fic] say nice things to me [1/1]

(ao3 link)


It’s been over six months now, and there’s no reason for him to turn into a pile of mush whenever Levi compliments him, but he does anyway. He admits to himself that this is a thing that happens to him, and now that he’s acknowledged it, surely it will become less of an issue. 

Turning into a pile of mush is still manageable, but the unmistakable arousal that also washes over him is most inconvenient.

-  -  -

ahahaahsad have i ever told you guys about my massive love for ereri fics with praise kink?? no? srsly i will marry u and have ur babies for ereri praise kink. i’ll sell my own grandma for ereri praise kink, idec.

this is set a while after dental care, but since all that’s here is mostly plotless frickle-frackling, you don’t have to be familiar with what happened previously. this also got way longer than expected and, as usual, contains an obscene amount of fluff bc that is what i’m all about. i’ve never written smut before, so do give me constructive feedback if something comes to mind!! < 3

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution.

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You May Not Believe Me..

Hello chingus. It’s admin Hui, here witH A JEONGHAN SMUT. I got this idea when I couldn’t sleep, and also b/c there isn’t enough Jeonghan smuts in the world. I mean, who couldn’t love this evil angel?

Group: Seventeen

Genre: Smut w/ a fluffy ending.

Word count: 1655

Warnings: getting bias-rektd by this baby

Pairings: You x Jeonghan

Enjoy~ ♥

I awoke, though it was barely past twelve. My numerous phobias – once again – were encased in a nightmare. I tried to forget the nightmare, but I kept shuddering just by simply replaying the images in my head. Still, I absentmindedly started towards my safe place: Jeonghan’s dorm. Everyone else was dead asleep; tomorrow was their free day. Of course, it would be spent sleeping and eating.

Knocking on the door, I hear a soft hum on the other side. I am sure Jeonghan had been expecting me, considering I hadn’t asked to sleep with him for a while.

In the beginning, it was innocent, backs facing each other. But now, my insides stirred with anticipation and excitement as to what he’d do to me.

I twist the knob quietly, and the room is illuminated by the pale moon entering from his window.

“Cannot sleep? Or something else?” Jeonghan’s cheeky smirk seems brighter than the moon, but I shake my head.

“Nightmare. But, I wouldn’t mind for the latter.” I say, settling beside him. Instantly, his hands go to my waist, and lifting me up and setting me on his lap.

“Let’s sleep.” He mutters, nuzzling his nose into my neck, his breath hot against my wanting skin.

I let him lay down first, following soon after. Our fronts face each other, and soon, I feel his hand grope my thigh, lifting it above both of his legs. My breathing stops, my heart racing. I knew he did this with other girls, that he knew what he was doing to me. Yet, I still can’t seem to stop wanting to feel him inside me, though it hasn’t happened.


Soon, I let my hands run over his features. Unlike the other times, I plant soft kisses where my hands go.

My fingers land on his prominent cheekbones, and I let my lips make gentle contact with the smooth skin. Jeonghan hums in satisfaction after I kiss his temples, cheeks, forehead.. just about anywhere except his lips.

I let my fingers touch the soft, pink skin.

“Kiss me.” Jeonghan whispers, his eyes closed, though the command was clear.

“What?” I say, even though I know I heard him.

His free hand goes to the back of my head, and I feel warm contact of his lips on my own. My eyes widen, but I let my lips move freely.

The kiss soon turns heated, with Jeonghan turning his head slightly. We pull away, gasping for breath.

“Have you ever French-kissed someone?” Jeonghan asks with a sly grin, knowing the answer.

“No..” I say shyly, pressing my lips together.

“That’ll change. Listen, I want you to open your lips, not wide, and just push your tongue out a little.” Jeonghan’s hand unlatches from my thigh, knowing that it’d stay there. Obeying him, I parted my lips enough for him, and let my tongue rest father at the front of my mouth. His hand cups my cheek, the pad of his thumb rubbing against the skin.

He nears me, and I soon feel something wet and warm press against my tongue. Jeonghan provokes me into moving, his soft tongue dominating my own.

I let a gentle moan slip through my lips, and opening one eye, I see Jeonghan smirking down at me.

My hands run through his body, and I feel Jeonghan’s fingers ghost over my own body. Every section that he touched felt like it was lit on fire. I pull away, seeing as we’re both panting, gasping for breath.

Jeonghan’s hands go to the hem of my shirt, and looks at me. He knows I have never gotten this far with anyone, much less have had sex.

I nod, getting onto my knees to help pull the shirt over my head. My hands grab at his own black shirt, and he smiles sweetly, before letting me tug it off. My eyes bulge at the sight of his beautifully-toned body; slim, yet the muscles on his stomach were prominent, his arms lean, but not ridiculously muscular. I start at his jaw, placing a kiss right on the square. I let my lips wander, feeling Jeonghan’s hands grip at my waist, my core directly on top of his member, which feels partially hard. I start going down his neck, nipping kisses, until I hear a lewd moan escape from his lips. I stop for a second, but then bite and suck on the place that lets his moans become slightly louder.

His moans.. they’re almost musical; light.

Before I have the chance, he turns us over, pinning me down to the bed. His lips go for my collarbone, where I’m very sensitive. I try to muffle my moans, but Jeonghan looks up the instant I don’t release the sound.

“(Y/N)-ah, you don’t have to hide that you like it. Who cares if other people listen? We know everyone is asleep, baby.” His hands slide to my waist, his thumbs rubbing patterns of any sort into the flushed skin.

I mewl out soft moans, and feel Jeonghan’s erection grow harder with each one. His hands go behind me, to my back. With his nimble fingers, he unclips the piece with ease. I feel my core throb with each second, my mind fuzzy.  

He nips small kisses at the rosy buds, erected with pleasure. He trails kisses down my torso, landing at the waistband of my sweatpants.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispers against my bare torso, looking up at me. I want him, and I’ll express it.

“You. I don’t care how, but I want you in me.” I say, sitting up and holding onto his face.

“Are you sure? I don’t know if I can give you everything from this point on.” Jeonghan starts, and I know what he means. Commitment. A relationship. I don’t care. I’m sure I’ll regret it later on, but it’s more than likely that he will too. He was all about one nights, one try. Only if you were good enough you could go again. My heart tugs at me, but this seems best.

“I’m sure. I promise.” I stick out my pinky, and he wraps his longer one around mine.

“Then, we begin.” He barely finishes before my pants and highly expensive panties are torn off and discarded. His own sweatpants are discarded along with his boxers. His member stands tall, and I’m almost a little intimidated. I lay back down, and Jeonghan’s hands go on either side of my body. He lowers his head, kissing my forehead.

“Tell me if it hurts.” He states, and I feel his head press against my core. The feeling alone sends shivers down my spine, making me wrap my arms behind his neck. He enters slowly, and I feel something rip, and a sting follows soon after. Jeonghan’s sweet lips kiss all over me, trying to distract me. Once he was completely inside, I felt full, filled to the brim.

One he started thrusting, carefully, the pain went dull. But soon, I understood why people did this.

“Wow.. you’re so fucking tight princess.” Jeonghan growls in my ear, and my heart pounds against my rib cage.

The feeling turns into pleasure, and soon, the slow pace isn’t enough.

“Faster.” I pant, my hands unlatching and instead gripping at his broad shoulders.

Jeonghan speeds the pace up, and my moans grow louder, my curses unfiltered.

“Ah, shit Jeonghan. Don’t stop.” I let my fingers claw at his back, and Jeonghan lowers his head, his lips pressed on my own. We move slowly, Jeonghan’s hips snapping harder and faster, angling himself. He hits my sweet spot inside, and I nearly scream from how amazing it feels.

My body trembles lightly as I feel something collect in my abdomen, turning into a knot. A thin layer of sweat covers Jeonghan, making him glisten deliciously.

“Hannie, I think I’m close.” I pant into his mouth, and soon, the knot snaps violently, sending me to grip and claw at Jeonghan’s back, nibbling at his shoulder as strong waves of pleasure nearly make tears collect in my eyes.

I feel Jeonghan’s shoulders shudder, and his elbows nearly buckle from the strong hit of his release. Warm and thick spurts of his come shoots in me, but I do not falter. Ya boi’s been taking birth control for nearly two years now. Jeonghan obviously knows this, along with a few other people.

Jeonghan collapses beside me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his face buried into my neck. I grab the blankets, and pull them over us, cuddling beside him as he falls asleep.

I think for a bit, how I’ve known Jeonghan nearly my entire life. Since the 4th grade, to be exact. I know everything about him, as he does me.

But what I don’t know is what he spurts out in his dream.

“(Y/N)..” He whispers, and I hum, as if expecting him to reply.

“I love you.”

My face flushes. I know he doesn’t mean that.

But I let myself sleep while smiling, because, deep down, I know he means that.


The next morning, I awake to an empty spot beside the bed. But, then again, it was Jeonghan’s dorm we.. did things in. However, as I turn, I see a note with hastily scribbled hearts, along with words.


              I know you may not believe me for what I said. Maybe you still think I’m just someone who wants to sleep around. But what I said last night is true. I know you like the back of my hand. I love you, (Y/N). Every time I was with someone else, only you is who I wanted. Please meet me outside later. It’s my treat.


              Your little Hannie. ♥”

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

NOTES: So many people kept asking me what ages Ariella and Loki were when I started this, I apologise for not putting it in sooner. 

To begin with, Ariella was about the age of a 14-year-old girl, but in Aesir years, which apparently is like 96 to 1 or something, and Loki was 15, now, Loki is about to celebrate his ascent to manhood at what I am putting down as the equivalent to an 18th birthday, but because of their lifespan, is actually far longer than 3 years.

Loki and Ariella met every market for years, their friendship becoming stronger at everyone, and as Loki’s milestone of his eight-hundredth birthday approached, they only became closer.

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The 102- Part 6: Now You Gotta Survive

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
Part Four Here
Part Five Here 

Pairing: Bellamy x reader 
Characters: Jasper, Monty, Clarke, Finn, Bellamy, Octavia 
Warnings: violence, swearing, angst, gore, mention of alcohol, (almost) major character death 
Summary: After Jasper is hurt, the reader and the rest of the 102 realize they aren’t alone down there. The race is on to find and save him before it’s too late, and the ulterior motives the members of his rescue party have won’t help. Will Murphy, Finn, Clarke, the reader, Bellamy and Wells be able to work together and find Jasper? And, if they eventually do, can they save him in time?
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A/N: This one got a little long! 

Days had passed since you and Bellamy first ventured into the forest together, and you hadn’t talked to him since. Any hint of friendship wasn’t spoken of, and you’d all but forgotten about the moments the two of you had shared. You had so much more on your plate. 

Earth was tough. After the initial euphoria of being on the ground wore off, everyone realized that staying alive was harder than they thought. The only person you knew of who even paid attention in Earth Skills was Clarke; everyone else either skipped it entirely or just forgot.

The mandatory classes they made everyone in lockup take were all but useless. With 30 kids shoved into a drab, stuffy classroom, there wasn’t any hope of learning to begin with. So now all 102 of you were stuck on a planet you’d heard nothing but stories of, with absolutely no idea how to survive. 

Everything was new: the sky, the trees, the sounds, the air even. You all were figuring it out, and nobody knew what they were doing. Having lived in a space ship your entire lives, even the concept of Earth was confusing. Doing the bare minimum was hard and everybody was having trouble adjusting to the newfound challenges. 

Bellamy had turned into a makeshift leader around camp, and you had no idea why. Maybe it was because he wore the guards jacket, even though he’d made it clear he wasn’t a guard. Or maybe it was simply because he held the gun, and had as much of a twisted view on the world as the rest of you. But through intimidation or inspiration, he seemed to have an effect on the rest of the kids. They listened to him, looked up to him even, and followed every command. You, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Clarke, Finn, and a few others who saw you and Clarke as the leaders, seemed to be the only ones thinking for yourselves. 

And then there was the Jasper situation. 

Turns out the self proclaimed “geniuses” on the Ark had dropped you on the wrong damn mountain. And while you’d been storming through the woods with Bellamy, Clarke and a few others set out for Mount Weather- where all of the food and supplies meant for you were stashed. But about a mile in, Jasper was speared. 

From 300 feet away, someone struck him in the chest with pin point accuracy, which drew the horrifying conclusion that you weren’t alone down there. If they were human or not, you didn’t know. But they didn’t seem to like the idea of newcomers very much. 

The silver lining was pretty damn dull too: Jasper had screamed when they moved him, so he wasn’t dead. Yet. 

That was the big question around camp, Do we go after him, or not? 

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anonymous asked:

So excited fam!! I hope this blog flourishes 🌈! Can I get a scenario with kiyoshi, kagami, and midorima, where they're watching their female so run a marathon and right before the finish line her legs buckle and she can't really stand up by herself to finish the race. How would they react/ comfort her after the race was over? Thanks!

thank you! i hope so too ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁


This was it, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the moment you worked so hard for, the moment you imagined all those amazing emotions coming all at once and making you feel like you’re on top of the world, or so you thought.

The finish line was right there, right in front of you, you could almost feel the victory, but that all crashed downhill when the pain shot in your leg making the only thing in front of you the floor

The race was over, and you weren’t the winner. 

You were devastated, and what made it worse was that your boyfriend Kiyoshi, the one who supported you through it all, and cheered you on, was right there all along. Watching your every move with a smile upon his face, until he watched you fall

His smiled had disappeared then, and was replaced by worry.

Kiyoshi wanted nothing more than to make you feel happy, he knew how much this meant to you, and seeing you, the one he loved the most this upset broke his heart. 

The two of you were on your way back home, walking silently. He couldn’t bare seeing you like this anymore so he had an idea.

He walked in front of you, his back facing you and knelt down. “Come on, hop on! Nothing a piggyback can’t fix!” he exclaimed.

You were too sad to protest, and honestly, you needed to rest. You put your arms around his neck, buried your face into his neck, and cried.

He decided to tell you how much he loves you, how much you make him proud, and how lucky he is to have you.

“I love you so much. I know this is hard, and I know how important this was to you, but I promise you’ll be alright soon. I know you did your best, you were amazing.” he whispered.

“Sometimes things go wrong, but that doesn’t mean its the end. Next time you will get them, you will win, and I will be there for you just like I always have been and always will be, no matter what.” he continued.

Hearing him say all those sweet words, the right words, and everything you needed to hear right now only made you cry more. You were happy to have him beside you.

Kiyoshi smiled upon feeling your scent, and breath close to him. He started walking again with you on his back. He knew you were crying and as much as it upset him seeing you like this, he knew that for now you just need a shoulder to cry on.

Although, that did not stop him from singing your favorite song on the top of his lungs 10 minutes later. 

By then you were a laughing mess from his horrifying singing voice. 


You were laughing as you ran your way towards victory, you couldn’t help but laugh. Hearing Kagami’s screams from the crowd all the way here made you so happy, you just started giggling. 

“That’s my baby right there! You got this! I love you so much! You’re almost there!” Kagami screamed. He did not waste any chance to show you off to anyone who would hear him, and let them know you were his.

Kagami saw how close you were to the finish line, “GO GO GO GO GO” his cheers grew even louder, and not once did he lay his eyes off of you. 

Not even when you fell

The entire crowd went quiet when you suddenly weren’t standing anymore. You were on the floor, unable to move, and your tears were threatening to come out any second. 

Your leg hurt so much, and you couldn’t stand up. You lifted your face to see your boyfriend’s eyes still on you, but he was smiling. 

“Why is he smiling?” you thought.

You were losing. What’s there to smile about you wondered, that was until his screams came back. 


Now you really couldn’t help it, you were crying. You couldn’t believe you almost forgot your boyfriend was not the type to give up so easily

Kagami watched you.

The finish line wasn’t that far, you could make it if you skipped on one leg. You got up, and the pain rushing over your other leg made you regret this, but you were determined to try, and so, you started skipping.

Finally, you made it.

Kagami came running down, and made his way to you. He hugged you, carrying you while you cried into his chest. 

“I lost.” you mumbled between cries.

“But you didn’t give up. Even with the pain, and even with only one leg, you managed to get up and continue your way, so just imagine how it will be next time when you’re using both your legs.” he held you tighter.

“I love you.” you whispered.


You couldn’t believe it, you lost

You were lying in your bed, replaying yesterday’s incident in your mind. The more you remembered the more it hurt. It shouldn’t have been that way. You should have won.

If it weren’t for your stupid leg buckle, you could have been number 1. You could have won. You were so sad that you didn’t even see your boyfriend after it. You just left.

You were too embarrassed to face him. He’s been helping you train for so long only for you to lose at the end. You really couldn’t bare to face him.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard someone knocking on your bedroom door. You didn’t answer, you just turned the other way. 

Midorima wasn’t always the best at expressing his feelings, especially when he loves someone so much. He couldn’t do anything for you yesterday, you just left, and he didn’t try to stop you. 

When he knocked on your bedroom door, and didn’t hear an answer, it broke his heart, but not as much as it did when he saw you curled up in bed, not looking at him, and crying.

“I’m sorry.” he spoke.

You were confused. “Why is he apologizing?” you thought.

You sat up quickly, the confusion surpassed your embarassment and sadness. “Huh?” you asked.

“I’m sorry I failed you as a boyfriend. I was supposed to be there for you, I should have stopped you before you left yesterday, but I didn’t. I knew you were upset, I just didn’t know what to do. You were so upset, and there was nothing I could do for you, but tell you I love you, and that’s not really much of a help.” he said.

Your lips formed into a smile before you even knew it. “You….. love me?” you faltered.

“Of course I do, nanodayo.” he said. His face was now beat red.

You were now officially, a sobbing mess. 

“E…E-EH WHY ARE YOU C..C-CRYING? IM SO SORRY PLEASE DON’T CRY!” he was freaking out, and soon became a stuttering mess.

You ran towards him, and hugged him the hardest you’ve ever have. “I love you too.”

Midorima decided to stay the night at your place and hold you in his arms for as long as he can. Even if he’s not the best at expressing his feelings emotionally, he’s not the worst at expressing them physically.

It's Us

Summary: Dean is frantic in his search for you once he figures out you’ve been kidnapped by Souless!Sam.

Words: 1670

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Torture

Originally posted by canonspngifs

“What do you mean they’re gone?!” Dean fumes, balling up his fists.

“I- I don’t know,” Cas stutters. “When I came back-”

“Why were you gone?” He continues, holding back his fury. “You two were supposed to watch Sam while I met with Crowley, that was the plan!”

Cas looks away with stony eyes, guilt crashing over him like a typhoon. “I’m sorry.”

Dean paces past the angel, headed towards the trunk of the Impala. “Y/N’s tough. She can handle herself,” He mutters. “She has to.”

“I’m sorry,” Cas repeats, a little more force behind it this time.

“Are you?!” Dean explodes, looking up from the arsenal laying out in front of him. “You don’t seem to understand how badly you just screwed up!”

“Well then explain it to me,” Cas challenges, now agitated as well.

Dean turns back to the guns, cocking a few of them and loading bullets. “Dammit, Sam is soulless, Cas! He knows that I’ve been trying to get his soul back and now he’s doing whatever he can to stop it. He won’t even hesitate to kill her and you know it.”

“Well what are we going to do?” Cas asks, looking down at the ground.

“You’re going to get in the damn car, and I’m going to find her.”

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elerinwen  asked:

Hiii! Here's a prompt for you: “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”

Hey Libby,

Thank you.  I was all set to do angst and I still want to do that really and yet somehow I ended up with this -  wasn’t going to post this, but it’s taken over a week of staring at it so here you are - some is under the cut. xx


The rain stopped falling as they entered the forest, now above the trees there’s only sunlight.   

There’s that smell in the air that always comes after rain, fresh air that’s enriched by the scent of the trees and the flowers around them.

Around them, the only sound is of birds, of water in the rivers and maybe the sound of Liam’s own heartbeat.

He fights not to lose his footing on the ground that’s still not dry, and covered in leaves but manage it he does. 

Zayn isn’t so lucky, and actually the sound of birds, etc., definitely hadn’t been the only sound in the forest.

An “I hate you Leeyum,” here and a  “Me trainers are ruined you knob,” there and Liam daren’t imagine what Zayn’s reaction will be when they reach their destination.

If he can persuade Zayn to  go any further that is, he turns round and Zayn’s picking himself up from the floor, he’s covered in leaves and mud and yet somehow he’s still the best sight Liam’s seen.  

Even when he’s glaring at Liam like he is now, though, as soon as he meets Liam’s eyes, his expression softens and he says in a warning tone that manages to be without heat or anger somehow.

“Don’t say a bloody word you.”

And then he’s gone ahead and Liam has to run a little bit to keep up with him.  

By the time they reach their destination, the sun’s disappeared behind the clouds, and Zayn’s better mood as they’d walked along, talking about superheroes, talking about having a massive burger when they get back home, has disappeared with it.

He’s silent for a moment to be fair as his mouth falls wide open, and there’s an almost imperceptible shake of the head and its on a knife edge how he’ll react.

That said the, “Fuck you, you fucking prick,” doesn’t come as that much of a surprise.

“Just hear me out Zayn,” and then before Zayn can say another word, Liam walks the two or three steps to the log, the log  that  stretches between the tree on the side where Zayn still is and then on the other side of the valley. 

For Liam, its as second nature as walking on a pavement, but he gets Zayn’s reluctance, he does.

Except, if he’s a mess here, then how will he ever cope when he’s on his own in a situation far more shitty than this?

Liam kicks off his shoes and then without looking back tells Zayn, “You won’t need your shoes.”

“Err, I will Leeyum cos there’s no fucking way I’m getting on that log even if you pay me.”

Liam doesn’t reply, instead he takes off his jacket next, tossing it on top of his trainers, leaving just his vest top and the pair of jogging bottoms on.

Without hesitation he takes one step, then two and then practically skips to the other end of the log.

Then he turns, and Zayn’s there, clutching onto his trainers, but shaking his head as he peers over the edge.

“No way Liam.”

Liam takes two or three steps along the log so he’s halfway across, lowers himself and then cause he can’t help it, he beckons Zayn onto the log with his finger. 

Zayn shakes his head again so Liam sighs and then straightens up, hands on his hips. 

“Okay then Zayn, but what then, I know you hate heights and yet you want to be a fireman, i’m pretty sure that you having a moment when you’re halfway up the ladder about to rescue someone from the fire that’ll kill ‘em if you don’t hurry up, won’t go down too well with anyone.”

Zayn’s shoulders slump and that’s when Liam knows he’s won, when Zayn locks his eyes onto Liam’s and takes his own jacket off, and drops it and his shoes on top of Liam’s and says in a loud but shaky voice.

“Ok, but don’t you dare let go of my hand, you hear me?”

Liam really does skip the last few steps to meet Zayn at the end of the log and he reaches out his hands to Zayn’s.

“Not going to let anything happen to you Zayn, I promise.”

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lariren-shadow  asked:

Prompt: you are the only exception

Rey has faced death so many times. In sun-baked, scuttled starships, broken transparisteel raining down around her. In the Sinking Fields, when she was young and her footing was careless and the earth itself seemed to drag her down. On the coldest nights, after a failed day of scavenging, six seven eight days with no portions and her stomach screaming in want. 

But Rey of Jakku would never have dreamt of it here, rain-soaked and cold (water, so much water, and she’d never thought it could be so very cold), on her back in the mud with a black-clad knee pressed hard to her sternum and a crackling blade at her ear. 

And yet she is calm, somehow, even with her saber flung far out of reach, Luke still engaged with the other Knights of Ren, and Kylo Ren looming over her, this hulking creature who seems to breathe darkness.

Maybe it’s a counterpoint to how calm he is not. He’s breathing hard, flushed, hair disheveled. His scar is a livid slash against his pale, rain-slicked skin.

He is silent, outwardly.

Inside, she hears him screaming, and even through her calm she trembles.

“Do it,” she says, manages even as he presses down harder. 

The blade wavers in his hand. 

And she’s angry, that this beast of a man would falter now, with her beaten beneath him. “Do it,” she yells into the lash of the rain, and she feels him start. “You’ve killed how many, now? You’ve no regrets about killing them, killing your father, killing everyone who felt the Force.” 

Her calm wavers in the face of his darkness, and she pushes up, brings her face close to his and bores her gaze into his, accusing, angry, pointed.

“So why won’t you kill me?”

He’s still faltering, weak, and Rey growls, calls her saber back to her one-handed and moves

And they’re slotted back together, saber-to-saber, red to blue, gazes dark and teeth bared as they fight. 

She barely hears it, a soft thing, registered deep at the back of her mind next to the painful pulse, the push-pull somewhere between light and dark where his Force signature wraps around her like a clinging vine, suffocating, tight. Desperate.

You, Rey, he says, whisper-light, and she nearly loses her footing, falls against him. You are the only exception.

ML Angst Week: Day One

Notes: My entry for Miraculous Angst Week, day one. Today’s prompt is mistakes/aftermath. I hope you enjoy!

p.s. I’m not sure about Miss Fortune’s pronunciation. Tell me if I’m wrong.

“Miss Fortune, I’m Hawk Moth,” spoke Hawk Moth with an evil grin. “Your soft heart shouldn’t have been broken like that.”

“Yes…” answered a lonely girl from inside her room.

“I grant you powers you can never imagine, in return you must bring me Chat Noir’s Miraculous. And then… you would have to hand me yours,” said Hawk Moth.

The girl seemed to hesitate for a few seconds but eventually, she gave up and muttered, “With pleasure Hawk Moth…”

Hawk Moth laughed devilishly and watched as dark smokes engulfed the girl.

Back in the girl’s room, a small, ladybug shaped creature watched in horror as her best friend transformed to an evil monster.

Adrien Agreste was very tired when he got home.

It wasn’t because of the early photoshoot he had that morning or the pop quiz Mm. Bustier had taken that day. In fact, it wasn’t related to his school at all. Almost not at least.

Adrien set his bag at his chair and flopped on his bed. Seconds later, his kwami, Plagg flew out of the bag and let out a content sigh as he stretched.

He eyed the boy on the bed and said, “Some Camembert would do me some good you know.” The only response that came from Adrien was an unhappy grunt. At that, Plagg sighed and flew over to him. He started poking his head as he said, “You’re way softy for your own good.”

“I’m no softy,” grunted Adrien.

“Yes you are. I’m not the one who’s down just because he was too oblivious to see one of his friends had a huge crush on him,” said Plagg with a roll of eyes.

Adrien opened his eyes and gazed at the kwami who was sitting on his head. “It’s not as simple as that. Marinette… she’s wonderful but-”

“Not as wonderful as Ladybug? You serious?” said Plagg nonchalantly.

“Well, yeah. I mean, no! I mean… she’s kind and caring and sweet and very talented but… I already love Ladybug. I do like Marinette just… not as much as Ladybug,” explained Adrien with closed eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as he groaned and said, “But I just can’t forget the expression on her face. The hurt, the sadness, the disappointment… she looked… looked…”

“Heartbroken?” Plagg said.

“Exactly!” exclaimed Adrien. “I just… wish things were different.” With that, he rolled to his side and closed his eyes. Plagg flew away and looked at the boy before he let out a sigh and flew to Adrien’s closet where he kept the Camembert.

Thirty minutes later, Plagg was sitting comfortably on the coach as he ate his cheese and switched between TV channels. He was simply checking each channel when suddenly he noticed the news on the news channel. He quickly went back and watched with wide eyes as the reporter talked about the new villain. After few seconds of watching it, Plagg shot up from the coach and sped toward the sleeping Adrien. Even lazy and careless couldn’t not care about this.

“Adrien, Adrien, wake up!” said Plagg as he tugged on his hair.

Adrien woke up with a groan. “What’s wrong Plagg?” he asked groggily.

“There’s an Akuma on the loose,” he answered as he kept tugging on his hair.

Upon hearing that, Adrien cracked an eye open and looked at him. “And since when do you care?”

“Since this particular Akuma could be the one and only Ladybug,” he answered with a hard glare.

That made Adrien sit up straight and look at the TV with wide eyes. Indeed, the new akumatized victim looked a lot like Ladybug. Especially with her hair style, eye color, her suit…

Oh no…’ Adrien thought with horror.

The Akuma on the TV looked at the camera with an evil smirk and spoke, “Hello pathetic people of Paris. You can scream all you want about your ex-superhero but I couldn’t care less about you pismires. The only thing I want is Chat Noir. I know you’re watching this wherever you are Chat, you’d better get in here before anything unfortunate happens. Oh, and don’t forget a little thing for me. You’ll get Adrien Agreste here for me or I’ll make sure there’s no Paris in the near future!” She laughed and looked back at the camera with so much hatred and coldness in her eyes. “Tick Tock kitty! I’m not as patient as I appear to be. You have until sunset so hurry up!”

“Ladybug…” Adrien whispered in disbelief.

“Yeah, kid. That’s her. You’d better hurry up,” said Plagg as he watched Adrien.

“But…but… how can I-”

“Chat Noir!” said a voice from Adrien’s window. His head immediately snapped in the voices direction only to find a small ladybug shaped… creature?

“A… kwami?” whispered Adrien.

“Tikki!” A black blur passed Adrien before he had the time to react. Plagg hugged the red kwami as soon as he got to her.

The red kwami giggled and hugged him back for a few seconds before she pulled away and flew to Adrien. “Adrien, I need your help right now!” she said urgently.

“Um, okay but who are you?” he asked.

“Oh, excuse me, I’m Tikki. Ladybug’s kwami,” she said with a warm smile.

“Ladybug’s kwami…” said Adrien with furrowed eyebrows. Suddenly his eyes widened in realization. “Wait… that Akuma really was Ladybug?”

“Yes Adrien, you must hurry. She’s in danger,” said Tikki with worry.

“But… how am I gonna defeat her?” asked Adrien. Tikki looked at him with determination before she started her speech…

“Well, hello there my Lady,” said Chat Noir with his usual grin.

Miss Fortune’s head snapped in his direction as soon as he spoke. She sneered at his sight and said, “Look who’s here. The lonely superhero. What are you going to do now kitty?”

Chat’s cheery expression faltered in a blink of an eye and he looked at her with worry. “Ladybug, don’t do this. You’re better than this,” he said gently.

She laughed and looked at him with coldness. “Ladybug might be a goody two shoe but I, Miss Fortune will make sure her name will be lost forever and ever. Now tell me, did you do the little favor I asked you?” she said.

This time, Chat downright glared at her and answered, “I’m afraid not Ladybug.”

“DON’T CALL ME LADYBUG! I’M MISS FORTUNE!” she screamed. “And how dare you not listen to the amazing Miss Fortune! I’ll make you pay for it.”

She growled angrily and looked at him with a furry he had never seen before. Suddenly she pounced on him and looked at him with coldness, anger and… hatred…

“Tell. Me. Where. He. IS!” she screamed in his face.

Instead of an answer, he glared back at her and said, “Tikki, now!” Miss Fortune looked at him with confusion but was taken by surprised when the little kwami flew from Chat’s hair and touched her earrings. Miss Fortune gasped and became immobile as soon as she felt the touch. A few seconds later, she fell back on the ground as she started shivering and a black butterfly flew out of her earrings.

Chat didn’t hesitate and did what Tikki had told him back in his room. “Cataclysm!” he shouted. Then, he jumped up and trapped the akuma in his hands. A few seconds later, a beautiful, white butterfly flew out of her hands. He smiled as he watched the little bug flew away but his happiness didn’t last long when he heard a whimper behind him. He quickly turned back and tried put on his goofiest smile…

…only to be met by Marinette.

His smile froze on his face and he felt something heavy dropped in his stomach. His mind was running at a very fast speed as he tried to digest the scene in front of him. Little by little, pieces fell into place and he couldn’t help but feel his body as it started tremble.

“M-Marinette…” he said under his breath but it was enough to draw her attention to him.

Marinette raised her head but her eyes went wide as she finally understood the look on his face. His unbelieving eyes…

He knew…

“C-Chat! I-I’m so sorry! I-I…” she stuttered helplessly.

“No,” he whispered.

“What?” Marinette’s head snapped up and she watched her partner as a new feeling started forming in his eyes.

“Y-you need to know,” he said slowly.

“Know wha-” Marinette’s mouth was shut as soon as she saw the blinding light. On instinct, she squeaked and squeezed her eyes shut. “Chat… no. Don’t make the mistake I did,” she said with her closed eyes.

“Marinette, open your eyes. You have to know. I can’t live with the horrible mistake I did if you don’t,” he said with a pleading voice. A few seconds later, Marinette felt bare, soft hands touch hers as the owner of them tried to peel hers off of her face. She showed no resistance and once her hands were secure in Chat’s, she slowly opened her eyes.

The first sight she saw was the soft eyes that were a beautiful shade of green. The same eyes she spent so much time fantasizing about. The same eyes that had looked at her with worry and guilt earlier in the day. The ones she had loved since that day under the umbrella…

The next thing she noticed was his face. His soft smile, the small crease in his brow, his soft and beautiful hair…

“A-Adrien?” she whimpered.

He smiled softly and answered, “Yes, it’s me Marinette. I… I’m sorry for what I did earlier. It-it wasn’t true! I-I love you!”

Marinette felt her heart stop for a few seconds before it started beating very fast but she pushed the feeling to the back of her mind and instead frowned and the boy in front of her.

“No you don’t Adrien. Don’t lie to yourself,” she said.


Marinette’s frowned deepened as she pushed her body off the ground and untangled her hands from Adrien’s. “No Adrien. Don’t you see? You love Ladybug, not Marinette. You never even allowed yourself to notice Marinette,” she said.

“That’s not true. Of course I noticed you. I liked you as Marinette,” he said with sadness.

“No, you didn’t. You just noticed me today didn’t you? If you had paid attention to me, you would have seen my crush on you. Then maybe you wouldn’t have been so shocked when I told you I liked you. I bet you just noticed the girl who sat behind you in school after you found out about my feelings, didn’t you Adrien?” she said with sadness clear in her voice.

Adrien’s mouth opened to answer her when the truth of her words finally sank in. He realized that all she said was true. He remembered when she had confesses to him and how he had thought he was just having a weird dream. Or how just after her confession he started to think about her…

He couldn’t help but lower his head with an expression of guilt and sorrow. Marinette smiled a bitter sweet smile and muttered, “That’s what I thought.” With that, she started walking away from him.

“Wait, Marin-”

“I can’t. Adrien, I… just can’t,” she said with teary eyes as she started to walk away from him. Adrien lowered his head once again and turned away from her. He couldn’t bear the sight of her like this. Disappointed in him, heartbroken…

It was just at that moment that he realized a very big part of his heart was gone with her. And she clearly didn’t want it…

What had he done?

Note: I didn’t have any time to reread this. Please tell me if I had made any mistakes. You can check the story on AO3 as well: Hope you enjoyed this!

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Hmm.... how about number 57 with Q for the new prompts list? Pleas and tank you!!

57) things you said when no one else was around

Q was wearing the smile. The smile that meant trouble, and with him, it was always there. So when you saw it, you instantly suspected Q to be up to something.

He noticed your narrowed eyes and leaned forward, smile never faltering. “What did I do now?” He asked teasingly.

“I’m not sure yet.” You answered, turning your attention back to the PADDs. “Whenever you smile like that, it means you’re about to do something.”

Q gave a light frown before standing, coming over to plop down beside you, ignoring your work. “Well, I’m smiling for a whole other reason.” He said. “I was remembering what you told me this morning, before you made me leave before your shift.”

Immediately, the memory returned, and your cheeks started to heat up.

And that just brought Q’s smile back full force. He leaned in even closer; close enough to kiss your cheek, if that was his goal. “I just enjoy the fact that you only tell me you love me when we’re alone. Like I’m your secret.”

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Blossoms in Winter

Part of my Inquisition Remains AU, takes place after “And Your Sorrow Shall Become Joy”.

Cullen x Arian, warning for mentions of childbirth.

Cullen knew for a fact that this was the most terrified he had ever been.

Normally the man could keep his wits about him under pressuring circumstances, but such a feat was impossible at the moment. He was powerless to assist with the situation at hand, and it left him in absolute fear and helplessness.

Arian was groaning in understandable pain, her back propped up against at least ten pillows in their large bed. Healers and the like were hurrying to and fro about their room, gathering things and placing them elsewhere, one in particular kneeling in front of his wife’s legs with a determined expression.

“That’s a good lass,” the elderly woman muttered to the elf, raising her head to offer a little smile. “Keep your focus, my lady.”

Arian just grunted as her head rolled into the nook of her husband’s shoulder, who was sitting just beside her on the mattress with his hand tightly clasped in her own. Cullen wasn’t about to reveal just how frightened he was - not when she needed his strength more than anything in that instance.

He found himself reflecting on how the healers had attempted to chase him from the room the moment Arian went into labor hours previous. He had been his stubborn, commanding self when he refused to leave her side, he wasn’t about to falter now.

“You are doing wonderful, my love,” he whispered to her, leaving a soft kiss to her sweaty forehead. Tresses of platinum hair curled around her face, and her cheeks were flushed red from exertion. Though she had argued earlier that she looked awful, Cullen disagreed. Never had she been more beautiful than in that very moment.

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Catch Me If You Can


A frown was plastered on your face as you sauntered down the hallway of the palace, your mood dropping every passing second.

And the reason why? Well, let’s go back to a few hours ago.


“Why can’t I go to town today?” you asked, slight irritation on your voice when Nico told you that you’re not allowed to step out of the palace grounds today. “You know the market fair’s starting today, Nico!”

Your butler, Nico, let out a deep sigh before answering you. “Alyn went to escort the king for a meeting, (Y/N). You two had a deal that you won’t go out without him, remember?” Alyn actually went out of his way to remind Nico of that before he left and the butler would make sure he stays out of Alyn’s wrath.

You couldn’t help but scowl at that. Of course you remembered that deal. It was one of the few things that Alyn asked you to do when you two got married in secret three months ago. Only a few, trusted people knew about the secret wedding. There were some details to be sorted out before a grand wedding could be held in public between you and Alyn. “Is it still valid if he didn’t warn me beforehand that he’ll be out the whole day today?” you asked Nico, hoping to find loopholes in the deal.

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hoseok scenario | sorry, mama (pt.1)

Next Part>

♡ I know my mum has had to sacrifice so much for me. I think I stole her life away from her when I was born. That’s why I’m never having children myself. That’s why I’m never falling in love. 

genre: angst
word count: 2.6K
warnings: implicit sex



Voices bubble and pop in front of you. You watch the sparks in your champagne dance along. Every part of the room is plastered in pastel colours, and yellow carnations peer from every table centre. You tap on your glass with a spoon, and the world murmurs to a halt. Each head fixes in your direction, excited expressions pinned to masked faces.

Here she is, the star of the show, the bride herself.

Hoseok’s hand is locked firmly in yours. He feels cold against you. You clutch on more firmly, fingers intertwining, palms pressing. Your groom.

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Playing Amends (KnB Fic)

You can also read this fic on Ao3!

Rating: G

Characters: Oreshi, Bokushi (You could even say it’s AkaAka, I think?)

Word Count: 3,400+

Warnings: None, really! Brotherly teasing. Mild angst. Also, I love Bokushi a LOT, and it shows. (I finally got to write about him, YAY.)

Summary: Akashi has something he needs to tell his other self. His little brother is angry with him, and for good reason. In the end, though, music is a language they both understand. (Oreshi PoV, set after the Winter Cup.)

A/N: This random one-shot is all @akashiseijuro4 and @shadowwinggirl‘s fault, because they were being cute at each other and it was giving me feelings. So then this happened? (For those who don’t know, they’re basically Oreshi and Bokushi.) So here, have some AkaAka brotherly love! Be warned, in my headcanons, these two tease each other CONSTANTLY inside their head. Because brothers, I guess? (This fic also fits with my giant timeline that starts with The Bridges Between Us. This scene takes place a few months later.)

Half past midnight, Akashi Seijuurou was serenading the stars.

It was common for him to turn to music at this hour, to refresh his mind after another prolonged session of studying. He supposed the servants must be used to his nighttime concerts by now. Still, he was in the habit of opening the balcony doors in his parlor, to funnel the music across the vast grounds of his Kyoto estate.

Even in early springtime, when the air trailed a lingering chill upon the tips of its rimed fingers, Akashi opened the doors wide. And for an hour or so, he allowed the cold night air and the gentle music to clear his head.

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