do not drink the water that has flowed through the dog park

Sweet Creature; H.S.

“No, Harry! Just – fucking plain no. In what alternate universe would you think I’d be happy with you making decisions for me?” Y/n yells at me, throwing her hands up for emphasis as she storms away from me. I know I should go after her, tell her that I didn’t mean to do so, but I’m sure she knows. I’d never do anything to make her unhappy.

I’m sure she’ll realise that in a minute as well. Y/n could have quite the temperament but she’d never go to bed angry. Usually, five minutes after we fought, we’d apologize to one another. We were both stubborn, but clever enough to know what’s important in life. Y/n and I had met a couple years prior, but in the beginning I don’t think neither of us thought of going on a date, getting in a relationship and even later – moving in together.

I don’t know how it happened, or when, but somehow along the line I realised how quickly and hopelessly I had fallen for her. Thank god she experienced the same.

I let my large body fall onto the sofa, a loud huff escaping my parted lips. I let my fingers curl around the scrap book Y/n had been making yesterday evening, filled with pictures of us and things she found important to her. I had always found it an honour I were included in that.

I laugh to myself when I see baby pictures of her. One in the tub, her dog sneakily drinking the bath water behind her. Or one where she was dancing with a loaf of bread. Just from seeing her carefree face on the photo, I could imagine her hearty laugh echoing through the house.

“H, I’m sorry. I overreacted.” I hear Y/n’s voice behind me and I raise my hand, waving her over. “We’re both in the wrong, sweetheart. I promise I’ll never make big decisions without you. You know I just wanted to surprise you.” I lift my head, smiling at my girlfriend as she walks around the sofa. She slides herself onto the armrest, her upper body leaning against the back.

“Remember our first date?” I speak, patting her bare leg as I turn to the next page. There are photo’s covering the paper of twinkling lights, lots of greenery, with me somewhere in the background. I took her to Morden Hall Park, one of my favourite get-aways. We were slowly strolling, enjoying the scenery around us, when suddenly she took my hand and pulled, pulling me into a slow jog that turned into a full run. Somehow we ended up face first on the grass, laughing our asses off. It was the best time I had in months.

“Yeah. You tried to give me a compliment. Do you remember what you said to me?” Y/n chuckles as she slides from the arm rest onto the sofa next to me, her warm body pressed against mine as her fingers brush over the photograph.

“Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever forget such a mishap. Sweet creature.” I laugh somewhat awkwardly, biting the bottom of my lip as I let my gaze wander over our newly bought furniture, trying to avoid her. “Anything would’ve sufficed. Girl, woman, lass; whatever implied I was female.” Y/n laughs is so hearty that I can’t help but chuckle along.

“Yeah yeah, I know. You’re going to pester me with it until I’m in my grave, yeah?” I laugh, pulling her onto my lap and pressing my lips against her neck. She is ticklish and bounces up and down on my lap to get away from my prying fingers and tickling lips. “We’re still young, you shouldn’t talk about that. But, probably.” Y/n answers me when she has calmed her breathing and snakes her arms around my neck.

“I’d take it as a compliment. Means I’m willing to spend my whole life with you, you know?” I grin, pressing my lips briefly to hers. She loses herself in the kiss for a moment, but pushes herself off to grant me a raised-eyebrow-grin. “You have the weirdest ways of complimenting a girl, Styles. But I’ll take it. Just because you’re cute.”

“That’s why you’re with me? Because of my looks.” I gasp, holding my hand against my chest as Y/n fiddles in my lap. “Well – I – I thought you knew. Sorry.” She shrugs her shoulders so nonchalantly she has problems keeping a straight face. My hands attack her sides again and I throw her onto the sofa, hovering above her.

When her laughter has subsided and I find that I have tortured her enough, I stop my assault and merely hover over her. Her mood changes before my eyes and I hold my breath as she speaks.
“When is your solo tour starting?”

I took a big gulp of air, letting a sigh flow past my lips before I press them softly to her chin. “Next month.” A frown takes over her features and I know she has enjoyed the last year of having me almost all to herself, but this was planned almost as soon as the band parted their ways.

“You could come visit me? As much as you like. I’d like to have you with me.” I mumble, kissing her whole face, taking my time to show her how much I appreciate everything she has done for me and is about to do. “I like that, but I hate coming home every time when you’re not here.” She frowns even deeper, moaning softly when I press my lips against her weak spot.

“Then come with me. For the whole tour. You won’t have to miss me, and I don’t have to miss you.” I grin brightly, lifting myself up on my hands to assess her facial changes. For a split second, I see the twinkle in her eyes and her vibrant smile is on full show. Until her logic jumps in.

“What about our home?” Her fingers trail along my shoulder, to my biceps and down to my hand. She lifts it, making me imbalanced, and presses her lips against the back of my hand. I know I have to convince her. I couldn’t bare even a day without her with me.

“When you’re with me, I am home.” I press my lips to her once more, putting more pressure behind it as I try to show her all the love and need I feel every morning when I wake up to her beautiful smile.

Something about Mary - by sheeladogwoman

Mary didn’t know why she agreed to come on this day trip with her stupid husband. Their marriage had been rocky for a few months now. Ever since she found his cache of dirty porn on his laptop. Disgusting stuff. This moral woman has had him on a short leash, so to speak. So today is meant to be a day they spend together without the kids, rebuilding their relationship, in other words, he’s trying to suck up to her.

Bob always found Mary an attractive woman, even now after having two kids. The long haired brunette still maintained her figure and is pretty fit for her age at thirty-four. He admired her curves, her busty DD breasts with dark large areolae and big nipples. He loved the way her body jutted down straight behind her breasts and then flowered into a wide, inviting pelvis. His mother had called them childbearing hips, much to Mary’s embarrassment. Her butt is still firm, despite some minor cellulite, and her legs were long and lean. No, to Bob, Mary is the most beautiful woman he had known.

Therein lay the problem.

Mary, despite her rocking body, is not the most sexually adventurous woman, and after ten years of marriage, they had pretty much devolved into a routine of once a week, every Sunday morning before the kids got up. Not exactly the most thrilling love life, so Bob, frustrated and horny because he saw his wife’s body every day turned to masturbation to ease his blue balls. This led to internet porn, and before long he had collected a hard-drive full of videos that Mary discovered one day.

You name it was there. MILF, BBW, watersports, scat, POV, GONZO, lesbians, dominatrix, orgies, threesomes, gangbangs, teen, DP, toys, solo, BDSM, hardcore, soft core, and the list could go on forever. Thankfully, he didn’t have any of the illegal stuff or she would’ve left with the kids that day. Still, the level of her self-righteous disgust and anger assumed godlike proportions and poor Bob has been trying to undo the damage ever since.

So here we are, Saturday morning driving through the countryside to a B&B in the mountains. Mary sat in silence in the front passenger seat as their car swayed around the windy road making her feel sick.

“Honey, how often do I have to say sorry,” Bob said, glancing at her from the driver’s side.

“Until I believe it,” Mary said with a pout.

“It’s only porn, it’s not like I cheated on you.”

Her eyes were cold, hard, and flinty as she stared at him with a deep frown.

“That just proves you miss the point. I might’ve known. Turn the car around and take me home,” Mary said loudly.

As Bob could feel his marriage slip away, they heard a loud bang from the engine and black smoke started to billow from under it. Bob quickly pulled the now spluttering vehicle to the side of the road with the loud banging noise slowing as he did.

“Shit!” Bob cussed. “That’s the last thing we need.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I think we’ve blown a rod.”

Bob pulled the latch for the hood.

Is that bad?” Mary asked, knowing nothing about engines.

“Bob leaned under the roof and said to her, “It means the car is fu… Err, damaged beyond repair. It means you got your wish, we’ll be going home once we can get a tow organized.”

He pulled his phone out and cursed again as he had no reception. Bob asked her to check her phone, but she had no reception either.

“Alright, I saw a house a couple of miles back. We can walk there and call for help,” Bob said with a weak smile on his face.

Mary turned her cute button nose in the air.

“I’m not walking anywhere, we have valuables in this car that could be stolen. No, you got us into this mess, so you can get us out.”

Bob’s head jerked back and his eyes bulged.

“I got you into this mess? Well, sorry for trying to save our marriage, you ungrateful bitch,” he shouted at her.

Slamming the door so hard the car shook, he stormed off down the road leaving Mary alone.


Mary sat in the car for around half an hour drinking a bottle of water, and not even a car passed her in that time. So she decided to get out and stretch her legs. They were parked on the side of a mountain and the view over the valley below took her breath away. The air seemed so crisp and fresh, and the smell of pine wafted on the breeze. Enjoying the beautiful day she finally could feel herself relax.

Sitting back against the hood, she could feel the urge to pee slowly building and tried to ignore it. The last time I peed in the woods was back in my Girl Scout days, she thought and chuckled. The country side seemed deserted, with only the sound of birds and the occasional flying insect buzzing by. What the hell, she thought and crossed the road entering the woods. I don’t have to go too far, she decided, just as long as I’m obscured from the road. No one will see me out here. So after about five minutes she found a good clearing surrounded by thick scrub and trees and entered.

Mary is wearing a light blue sundress, with sneakers and white socks. She has white hipster panties and a white sports bra on. In the dimness of the clearing, she pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her pocket, deciding the risk of peeing on them is too great when squatting. Her urine stream has always been a bit unpredictable. Sometimes her urine runs like a hose, sometimes it sprays everywhere. Glancing around at the ground, she finally decides on a spot near a big bush that didn’t have insects or appear too dirty.

So pulling her dress up, she squats and closes her eyes to wait for her pee to commence. Suddenly she hears something in the bushes around her, and they shake, slowly at first but gradually getting more violent. In a heartbeat Mary finds she is not alone anymore as six wolves come through the scrub and start growling at her. She remains as still as stone, her eyes bulging and mind blank. The wolves are drawing closer, baring their teeth as they snarl at her with the ferociousness only a wild predator can achieve. Her chin starts trembling and she squeezes her eyes shut so she wouldn’t have to see the first vicious attack.

Suddenly, she starts peeing.

Not a trickle, or a tinkle, but a full blown flood. The pee hits the ground with force sending microscopic droplets into the air filling the clearing with the smell of Mary’s pee. The wolves stop, and glance at each other. They sniff the air and some lick their lips. Tails once stiff and alert relax. The biggest wolf, a snow white beast crept forward smelling the pee running from under Mary’s sundress. He pushes his muzzle under the hem of her dress and take a big sniff.

He turns to the other wolves, licking his lips and wagging his tail slowly, and pushes his nose under her dress again. Still Mary’s piss flows out of her as if she hadn’t peed in a week. He lapped at the golden stream, tasting the bitterness of it. The taste didn’t perturb him, he had worse. As her stream slowed to a trickle and lastly a drip, the wolf finally found the source of this wellspring of pungent wine, her pussy.

Mary, of course, has no idea what’s happening to her. Her eyes are still clenched shut, and her body is trembling. In her mind all she could think is: Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! However, when the alpha wolf raked his tongue directly over pussy, going from her anus and past her clit to her Mons, her eyes and mouth burst open with a loud gasp. Peering between her legs, she could see the furry white wolf had stuck his head right into her most secret place. She thought about pushing it away, but the cold stares of five gray wolves watching her made her hesitate.

The alpha keeps lapping at this new found tasty morsel of flesh. It had a familiar taste, not unlike a bitch, but not as strong. Yes, it decided, this thing tastes like a bitch. This unleashed a new thought pattern in the wolf, no longer is he thinking of this animal as prey to eat, but now he’s thinking of it as a bitch to fuck. So he begins to lap harder at her bitch cunt, trying to get her to cooperate. After all, the mating dance is common to all animals.

Mary had thought if just lets the wolf do his thing, maybe they’d leave her alone. So she didn’t try to fight against the sudden ravishing of her cunt. She had decided she wouldn’t enjoy it as she forbids Bob from doing such a disgusting thing. However, an aching, sensual feeling began to develop in her legs and stomach. Her clit grew hard and slowly began to throb sending jolts of delight through her body. Her breathing started to get heavy, and ragged. Once again, she closed her eyes, but not out of terror this time. Mary is enjoying the wolf’s attentions.

The alpha wolf can taste her bitch cunt grow more intense in flavor, he knows she’s starting to become horny and that’s what he wants. He withdraws from under her dress and glances at another dog with a certain gleam in his eyes. His lieutenant understands and launches himself into Mary so she falls onto the ground. Mary screams, and her instinct is to try to get to her feet and run. As she does, the alpha whit wolf jumps on her back, pushing her onto her hands and knees. His strong legs wrap around her waist and hold her.

Already Mary can feel his cock poking her from behind. She isn’t stupid, she knew how dogs bred, and this wolf certainly wants to breed her. Strangely, as she feels the cock poke into her dress all she can think about is how dirty the dog is going to make one of her favorite garments. Mary is a total fashion queen, and so in order to save the dress she grabs the hem and pulls it over her waist. Exposing her genitals to the wolf in the process. Later, this is how Mary would justify her actions to herself anyway.

With her bitch cunt now free, the wolf concentrated on finding it, and after several near misses, he found it and rammed his big cock deep inside feeling her velvety warmth wrap around him. Mary grunted, as the wolf is clearly bigger than Bob, even though he’s a handy six and half inches. She never had cause to complain or desire a larger cock before as Bob is a decent lover. However, the wolf’s cock feels so much bigger, and is now stretching her cunt in ways she had never experienced other than in child birth.

The wolf found good footing as he is uphill from her, and having such good purchase means he could pound her as hard as he could. He so wanted to knot her before the others took their turns, at least that way he had a chance of being the one to impregnate her. One of the advantages of being the alpha, he gets first crack at everything.

The squishy slapping sounds of copulation along with the aroma now filled the clearing as Mary could feel the wolves cock continue to expand inside her. The friction from his energetic probing of her inner most depths sparked in her a feeling she had never known. Sex as pleasure. This seemed so strange to her, as she saw sex purely as a function. First to have kids, and second, to keep Bob happy. It never occurred to her that she could get true pleasure from sex. So deep inside her stomach began to feel strange, as a spring is tightening, and her legs went all wibbly-wobbly. Most of all, her clit burned, and the heat it radiated made her quiver and move her head around as if she were in pain.

He could feel his knot getting bigger and with the most powerful thrust he could muster, he pushed it into his new bitch’s cunt. His tongue hanging out of his mouth as he panted deeply releasing the heat from inside his body. Mary screeched in protest as the giant ball of meat, rasped her insides and the end of the giant cock slammed her cervix. She began panting too, as her orgasm continued to wind her body in coils of tension. Sweat dripped from her face as quickly at the wolf’s precum dribbled out of her pussy onto the ground. Suddenly, as if time itself had slowed, the coiling tension in her body could wind no more and it released in a tidal wave of organic pleasure.

Her head moves all around as she moaned loudly.

“Fuuuuuuuck… Fuck me!” She screamed.

Her body started to shake violently all over, her skin flushed as a disco light, and her cunt and anus began a spasm of uncontrollable contractions. The wolf, feeling his bitch cum and having his knot firmly inside her, began to ejaculate with a loud grunt and a long whine. His orgasm caused him to close his eyes as his balls emptied inside Mary’s cunt. Both slowed as their pleasure abated, Mary and wolf panting together as animals do.


The alpha wolf wanted to stay and enjoy the knot, but in the wild some luxuries are out of reach for the danger of other predators attacking while the wolf is distracted is ever present. So he dismounted until he stood ass to ass with Mary and pulled, dragging her over the ground, until his cock slipped out of her wet cunt. A gush of cum followed, and the other wolves dived in and started licking the gooey mess. Mary stays still, the tongues reviving her animal lusts again. Eventually, one of the grays mounted her and slipped his thick cock inside her abused cunt. She moaned as he started thrusting deep into her.

Mary had become totally submissive to these beasts, something she never thought possible in her life. She had always been the one in control, the one who held all the cards. Yet at this moment in time, she would gladly let these wolves fuck her forever. Her body quickly responded to the new wolf, although not as big as the alpha, still bigger than Bob. This wolf liked to hold her neck in his jaws while he jabbed her repeatedly with his thick cock. She reached under to rub her clit and as soon as she touched it detonated inside her body with the power of a daisy-cutter. Again her body shook, spasmed, and convulsed under the dominant probing her pussy is being put through.

A white foamy substance formed around her mouth, and around her red, swollen pussy lips. The wolf had slipped his knot in a few times, enough to stretch and exert pressure on her g-spot, so her orgasm reached an exciting new peak.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! F-F-FUCK! Oh! Oh! GOD, OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” She moaned in a shrill quivery voice.

The second wolf suddenly shot his load into her, despite not successfully knotting her and after a few minutes he jumped off pulling his cock free from her red cavern of flesh. White water cum running out as if a waterfall. The other wolves lapped at her, making her moan again as tongues entered her gaping cunt to lap her insides clean of a competitors seed. Mary didn’t need to wait long before the third wolf had mounted her easily slid his cock inside her to his balls.

Again, not bigger than the alpha, but still bigger than Bob.

The gray wolf’s agile fucking soon activated her senses and again the feeling of heat began to radiate from her clit. She begins to rub it, enticing another orgasm to come from deep inside her womanly places as an offering to these wolves, an homage of sorts. These potent emotions and sensations she would never have known if it weren’t for these animals. The slippery squishing of flesh on flesh didn’t seem out of place in this wild landscape. It’s natural, the age old call of evolution. The wolf shot his load inside her after only a few minutes, and even though he had knotted her, her bitch cunt now had no strength to prevent them from easily pulling out of her.

The wolf’s fucking felt good, but he didn’t make her cum which made her feel sad.

The next wolf took his place and after a few aborted attempts, one nearly stabbing her anus, he finally slipped inside and again she went back to work trying to build an orgasm in herself. She wanted so badly to cum again, to feel her body overwhelmed by climax. It’s all she craved now, and so her fingers worked her clit nimbly as the wolf sliced her cunt with his meaty cock. After a few minutes of intense fucking, and Mary feeling her orgasm is just within reach, the dog slips his knot inside her and starts to fuck her with it.

She sighed loudly as new jolts and jerks of pleasure hit her, and she knew this is what she needed to push her to orgasm. She needed her g-spot stimulated by the knot pressing and rubbing it in a most lascivious manner. Finally, her body exploded again, the convulsive waves of climax shook her from her core outwards. The wolf feeling her cum all over his cock, shot his warm seed into her, pushing her into another orgasm as her uterus stretched again. Her cunt now so full of wolf seed, it burst out between her pussy lips and the wolf’s cock under pressure, making a naughty Queef as it did.

As the wolf dismounted and pulled his cock free, Mary collapsed in exhaustion. Her body could take no more, and the remaining wolves, only pups really, sniffed around her hoping to get a turn too. The alpha wolf growled at the two young pups and they back away. He gave her a lick across her cheek, tasting her sweat and her scent. After glancing at his pack, they wolves ran from the clearing, leaving Mary alone at last.


Mary climbed to her feet and could feel the cum inside her, moving around, so she squatted again – much as the wolves had found her – and let the white sticky substance run out her abused cunt. She studied her pussy closely, it had never been like this before: all red, puffy, swollen and inflamed. Her vaginal opening now gaping so much she could peer inside her cunt. After waiting long enough for most of the cum to evacuate, she stood and walked back to the car.

Mercifully, Bob had not returned so she grabbed her bag and cleaned herself, fixed her hair and makeup, and changed into another dress that appeared similar to the one she had been wearing, and lastly put her panties back on with a sanitary pad to absorb any more leakage. Bob will never notice, she thought with a chuckle. He’s a man after all. So she waited for another hour until Bob finally returned driving a hire car, followed closely by a tow truck. She got out of the car and waved to him with a smile as he pulled up.

“Sorry, it took so long,” Bob said apologetically. “That house I saw was more like five miles away, and they drove back into the last big town we passed to organize everything with our insurance. I hope you’re not mad?”

Mary smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“No, it’s been worthwhile sitting here in this beautiful place alone. It’s given me time to think about some things,” she said.

Bob raised his eyebrows. “Anything I should know about?”

She took his arm, snuggling into him. “Why don’t we keep going to the cabin you booked, I don’t see why she waste a weekend just because the car broke down.”

Bob blinked rapidly, staring at her.

“Where’s my wife?” He joked. “What did you do with her?”

Mary laughed lightly, flashing her bright blue eyes.

“I’ll let you find out when we get to the cabin,” she said in a seductive voice.

“There’s something different about you,” Bob said scratching his head.

The End.

Play the Ace pt 2

{A/N} I am so, so thrilled that you guys like this series already and I’m very excited to continue it! Thanks again, and requests are always open!
 xo Harley

Warnings: Light cursing. (So is it truly a warning?)

“Oh doll face, you’re gonna regret disrespectin’ me like that in my own club.”

You pull your arm away from his grip in a huff, knowing the only way you’ll be able to escape it is if he releases you himself. To your relief, he lets go. His metal teeth shine behind a sinister grin as you face him again.

“This is your club?” You ask, confused. Why would I of all people have received the offer to play here tonight? Your mind starts racing a mile a minute as you try to piece things together.

“This is my club.” He responds, a smart-ass tone detectable in his words. His body sways as he speaks animately, causing you to recoil slightly. “And when I heard about you through the good ol’ grapevine, I just had to know what all the.. hoopla was about.” A smirk glazes over his features as his eyes trail your body again. “And boy do I see what it’s all about..”

Your face twists into an expression of disgust, despite the sound of his voice hitching your temperature a degree or so higher.

“Well, you won’t be seeing me around here anymore. I thought this offer was.. was genuine. You just wanted me here to eye-fuck me.” Or worse, you think. You exhale, your breathing jagged as you turn to leave. Your heels clack as your dress flows and clings to your legs. How could he be such a dog? How many other girls will he do this to? How many other girls has he done this to already? You make your way to the back where your things are, grabbing your {F/C} clutch and your keys. Suddenly self-conscious about your appearance, you tug the neckline of your dress upwards a bit more.

Keeping your eyes on the floor is your rule as you make your way to the main entrance. You try to be as swift and unnoticed as possible as you walk. When you reach the door, a hand with long, slender fingers adorned with a purple glove holds it open for you. Your heart races while you try to pass through as quickly as possible. You already feel trapped here, even after one short encounter with who the world knows as The Joker.

Just as you walk through the door, you’re suddenly jerked backwards by the fabric of your dress. You look down at your hip where you felt the tug and see the same purple glove. Though your eyes are glued on the floor, you know it’s him. You’re scared stiff, almost too terrified to move again now.

“Don’t think this is the last time I see you, {Y/N},” you can feel his breath on your neck as he speaks, “Whether you play this club, or not.” His tongue clicks on the ’T’ as he lets you go, leaving his hand open and slowly stretching his fingers. You start speed walking back through the doors without a word, hoping to anything and anyone that could ever help you that he won’t decide to follow you out and do whatever he may have had in mind from the start.

You approach your car, using the hub to unlock it to make the easy transition from outside. You quickly throw your clutch in and hop into the drivers side, slamming the door and locking it. Knowing you’re safe and that The Joker isn’t tailing you, you deem it okay to have the breakdown you’ve been concealing from the moment his ice blue eyes met yours. You allow an audible and overwhelmed sigh to spill past your lips, tears welling in your eyes as you break into a few soft sobs.

Not wanting to stay in the parking lot for too long before you get into more trouble, you start your car. You speed off into the night, watching diligently as the club gets further and further away in your rearview mirror.

Your keys jingle in your hand as you walk through the penthouse doors. Still shaken from the nights small but stirring events, you immediately throw your clutch and heels onto the plush white sofa and head straight for the master bathroom. 

Your false, fluffy eyelashes are the first go. You pull a couple of bobby pins from your hair and take a makeup removing cloth to your face, wiping away what’s left after your tears took care of the rest. You immediately draw a bath in the large jacuzzi garden tub, sliding out of your dress and underwear. You glance in the mirror, noticing a bruise on your arm that had already begun to surface to your delicate {S/C} skin. It was dark and purple. Just like him, you think. A quiet laugh leaves your tiers, and immediately you’re unsure of why. 

You slide into the hot water and relax, dropping a fizzy, purple bath bomb into it. A smile places itself upon your lips in a strange daze of amusement as it spreads over the water and around your skin. You snap out of it again, shifting your eyes away from the purple and onto the floor. Your breathing quickens as you throw yourself into the brink of a panic attack. Why are you thinking about him? you think. You clutch your temples and submerse yourself back into the purple water, letting it rush over your mouth and nose slowly while you carefully hold your breath.

You drop your hands and relax, closing your eyes. His eyes from across the room flash in your mind, his metal grin shining against the lights as he smirks at you.. The tight possessiveness of his grip on your arm feels real all over again. It flings you out of your thoughts. 

You quickly sit up and inhale with a gasp, the water falling off of you and splashing back into the tub. Your hand reaches to grab the bottle of sweet red wine next to the tub. Ignoring the glasses, you pop the cork with the bottle opener - also at the ready, thanks to a lush for an interior designer - and take a long swig. 

Partially hanging out of the tub now, the cool air in the room kisses your wet skin, acting as the cold shower you need. You watch the lights dancing in the city below and around you through your {E/C} orbs just through the large windowed wall, trying to catch your breath. 

He’s the only thing on your mind. You feel like your sanity is slipping away from you. What was it about him that left such an impression after such a small period of time with him? You shake your head, lightly tapping the side of your damp face with your free hand as a friendly-reminder-slap while the bottle remains in the other. Catching a slight chill, you sink back into the purple water again gently as you take another drink.

“Baby, are you okay?” a sweet, familiar voice asks from the doorway.

missraion  asked:

Welcome back, then! •v• Can I request a fluffy Jimin scenario, based on the song "Can't Stand It" by Never Shout Never? Just- something fluffy like our Jimin is uvu Your blog is very nice by the way!

Can’t Stand It

When love hits you, it hits you like a two-hundred-pound, steroid-raging, six-foot-five body builder. At least, that’s how it happened for me. A hard, fast, lethal punch to my gut.

“Jimin,” her voice chirps—chirps! Like the cutest little robin or dove—her mouth turned up with excitement as we near the beach. She’s never been; never experienced the cool, jade sea pooling against her toes, sand sagging beneath her feet—her perfect little feet.

“Look! Oh, look!” Her beautiful, delicate fingers point out through the passenger window, toward that vast expanse of white sands and gulls and saltwater breeze. “It’s so beautiful, Jimin,” she murmurs so softly, so tenderly, so lovely.

“Yeah, it is,” I breathe, parking the car, glancing that fist nearing my gut—that brutal punch of love.

Love that completely snuck up in its guise of a girl with bright, wild eyes and forget-me-not smiles. The girl with the untarnished, white spirit. A girl I’d never known I had been searching for until she’d been dropped into my life—like heavenly rain in a god-forsaken drought.

My clumsy, cute, little bird.

I’m staring. Shaking my head, I fling open my door, rounding the car to her side. She plops those little yellow flip-flops on the pavement, white nails glistening in the sunlight as she steps into the salty breeze ripping off the beach. Her eyes flutter closed, hair twisting in the wind, and then, she tips back the long, smooth column of her throat to sniff the beach air.

No makeup. Genuine smile. Ratty tee-shirt and shorts covering her bathing suit.

“Perfect,” I sigh, leaning into the biting metal of the car, scorching my cheek. But, it was worth it to admire her in all of her perfection.  

“Hmm? What was that?” She swings those bright eyes toward me and I feel my stomach clench. “Oh! Here let me help, Jimin!”

Her little hands brush over mine as she grabs the towels from my grasp, leaving me with a half-full bottle of sunscreen, our cellphones, a book (for her), and a lime-colored umbrella. Pulling away from the trunk, she knocks her head on the lifted door, wincing. “Ouch—.”

“Are you ok?” Dropping the beach supplies, I shoot a glare at the inanimate object and inspect the back of her hair.

A little, embarrassed giggle escapes those strawberry pink lips, and she says, “I’m fine. Just clumsy as usual.”

Run away with me…I want to say.

“Ok.” Close enough.

We make it to the beach, belongings in toe, with no other injuries though I make sure to fuss over my wounded bird. She assures me there is no way she has a concussion, that she has walloped her skull many times in her clumsy—super-duper cute—life. But, I’m still wary. Checking her pulse discreetly with my thumb on her wrist—not even sure if that’s medically correct—and scrutinizing each blink.

If they get to be too bleary—I’m taking her to the hospital. No questions.

Nothing is going to take this girl from me—especially a concussion. Not on my watch!

“Let’s swim,” her stained, navy blue tee-shirt finds its way over her head, falling unceremoniously to the grit of sand below. “Will you do my back?” she shimmies out of her shorts, grabbing the large bottle of sunscreen.

I swallow, my breath hitching painfully in my chest. All of the blood in my body races to my cheeks. She twists her mouth to the side, waiting for a response, shaking the bottle gently. “I’ll do yours, too if you want,” she offers, rubbing some yellow lotion into her arms and legs.

My eyes are going to pop out of my head. Her bikini leaves little to the imagination. Its yellow and white straps holding up little slabs of fabric to cover what they could—which is to say, not much. Still, she looks classy…cute.


A lifeguard passes, flexing tanned muscles and toting a lifebuoy. His glorious head of hair still damp. Must have gone in after someone. Surveying the beach, he prowls along in search of another victim—I mean, prey…I mean…no, that’s really what I mean—and then, bingo! Those predatory eyes target her. My little bird.

He rolls his shoulders, cracking his neck, licking his chops like a mountain lion about to make a meal of a fawn. She was oblivious, smoothing more lotion into her skin before turning to me wordlessly and massaging some into my own. That’ll stop him, I smirk.


Leering, the slash of an excited, challenging grin broadens over his mouth as he saunters toward our towels and umbrella. I could have growled, could have sunk onto my haunches and raised my hackles to attack this new threat, but she’s placing my hands on her back, and I’m lost in the softness of her skin. Still, my eyes narrow over the red and white clad lifeguard, teeth gritting as he passes with powerful strides, shooting her a sensual smile.

She crinkles her nose and looks away, paying him no more attention than a pile of dog poo at her feet. He ducks his head; staggering under the weight of ruined pride.

I bite my lip.

Every part of me wants to kiss her, to whoop and cheer, to scream: SHE’S WITH ME! But, she’s pulling me to the ebb and flow of the tide, toes squishing in the wet sand, sliding over the smooth, wet stones, our mouths gulping the pungent sea brine with each hurried breath.

She splays those wings, splashing the refreshingly cool water with her legs. “This is amazing!” Her tinkling laugh is lost in crashing waves, swallowed up in the endless sea.

Standing still in the churning water, I admire the lines of her body; the way the sunlight catches the glistening drops of ocean spray in her hair; the way her smile echoed through every piece of me until I was wobbling on my knees. And then, something truly horrifying happened. A harsh, swift wave comes crashing into me, and as it releases back it takes something very valuable…

My trunks. My white, sodden trunks. They wink playfully far in the distance, nearing a few random surfers riding out the high, high waves.

“Jimin, I’m going to get a drink, ok? Do you want to come with me?” She was inching closer and I reflexively backed away.

This is bad. Shaking my head vigorously, I wave my hands in front of my chest, giving her a hesitant, nervous smile. “N-n-no. I’m just going to—uhm…stay here.” Forever. I add quickly, “You can use my card, it’s in my wallet under your book and towel.”

She moves closer, and I swim further out. She cannot find out about this I need to get those trunks, and fast. Waving over my shoulder, I shout, “I’ll meet you on the beach in a bit. I need to—uh—exercise. I skipped the gym this morning.”

A lie, but it was enough to send that adorable, little, yellow clad girl up the shore, toward the concession stand hiding in the corner of the beach.

Now, to swim.

Paddling my arms, I propel myself toward the surfboards and thrashing waves. But, my white swim trunks are nowhere to be seen, and no one seems to know their whereabouts—most just laugh, peering through the rippling water, as if they don’t believe my story.

“Sorry, bro. Looks like you’ll be doing the walk of shame up the beach,” a bleach-blonde surfer drawls.

I shoot him a dirty look, swimming away with a flat, “Thanks.”

I never did find my trunks. So, drifting back, I shiver in my pruned skin, hovering just beneath the water. Considering drowning myself, I held my breath. The humiliation of my nakedness suffocating every ounce of oxygen in my lungs.

But, I know that I won’t do it. I can’t do it because I have to be where she is…even if it costs me every ounce of shame I have. I have to be in her presence—her overwhelmingly perfect presence.

Well…What am I gonna do now? Gosh…this is not the way I wanted her to see me naked…

Hands grab my shoulders, hoisting me up, up, up, until I am above the water. Breathing in salty gulps of air. Her hands cling to me, eyes lining with worry as she says, “Are you ok? I thought you were drowning.”

She presses her lips to mine. A chaste, relieved kiss covering my soaking, somehow parched lips. I cough and reply, “Me too—listen—I—.”

Her eyes are wide, and she moves away as something very notable brushes her thigh. “Jimin…”

“Yeah,” I say, wishing there was an anchor tied to my foot to sink me to the bottom of this stupid sea. “I lost my shorts.”

A grin, then a snort, then an all-out fit of roaring laughter. Even when it’s at my own expense, her laugh is unbearably cute. I feel my body go stiff and red and hot as she nears me with a wicked smirk. “Well, well, guess you’re trekking up the beach nude then, huh?”

A gasp of horror falls from my mouth as she begins leading me closer to the shoreline, closer to complete and utter humiliation. But, then she stops, letting go of my shoulders with her usual gentle smile. “I’m just kidding. I’ll be right back, ok?”

And, she’s a fading yellow dot on the beach. A dread fills me suddenly, pumping through me in angry black shadows. What if she leaves me? Here? Forever? For good? I can no longer see her silhouette on the sand, can no longer hear the sound of her beautiful, heart-warming laughter.

I don’t ever want to lose her, I decide. Can’t stand the thought of it even. So, squaring my shoulders, I begin the ascent up the shore, the water revealing more and more patches of skin. People stop and stare, gasping, laughing—drooling—as I stand in all my glory.

“For love,” I remind myself, and then, love hits me right in the chest. Literally.

“Jimin!” she squeals, hurtling toward me and tackling me with a towel. “Here! Wrap this around your waist—oh my gosh.”

Her cheeks are a feverish red as she shields me with that tiny body, eyes averting toward the horizon. I quickly tie the cotton blue towel around my hips, blushing a furious shade of red. The crowd disperses, going back to their lounging and swimming and reading. But, the predatory lifeguard saunters over, looking all too pleased with himself as he kicks the two of us off the beach.

We were banned that day. But, it was still a good day. And, hey, I still have the girl one year later—one year with no end in sight.

III. and in the shadows of their dreams

summary: they’re in japan and nothing seems to make sense, so they hide in hotel rooms and pretend they can’t see what’s right in front of them, and it works, for a while. (badlands au chapter 3- based off of ‘drive’)

word count: 5.8k (chapter 3)

warnings: lots of swearing, alcohol, mentions of sex, kind of smut but also not lmao

a/n: this chapter is longer than i expected it to be and i spent so long writing it that i thought my eyes were going to fall ouT but i hope you like it, messages and feedback is always appreciated <3 also, thank you for all the support for the series!!! it seriously makes me so happy that people are enjoying it and i really hope you enjoy this chapter as well <33 as always a massive thank yuo to @adorablehowell for betaing amy you are the BEST <333 read it on ao3 here!! // chapter 1


It still baffles me that caring too much about someone drives that person away. What, is it because you’re scared of being responsible? You can’t reciprocate? You’re afraid of not being able to do the same? Because if that’s the case then I don’t want this kind of modern idealization of love if it means I’d have to hide how I feel about someone all the time just to keep things interesting.

— Keen Malasarte, tired of this bullshit convention.

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