do not draw like this

fizia-mizia  asked:

Maybe Jackie and Marvin on a date with H1 and G1? ps ur art is gr8 <3

I like the way you think!

And thank you <3 I’m glad you enjoy my stuff

I wanna draw something but I don’t know what


Art from tonight’s stream! Worked on a lot of concept doodles! I’m kinda really proud of them.

Tonight we did: Marnie and Leina in fall wear, @hachikoes OC in his verse for Dream Savior, and Marnabelle’s dad!

Thanks to everyone who came! It was fun! Maybe we can have another Friday Night Stream in the future?

“no the dogs made it”


this whole scene and everything with magnus’ death hit me real hard just,, having a happy ending like this healed my soul. i’m so happy for them. everything ended up good, and that means a lot.


Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??