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13 Study Tips (By Sprouts)
  1. Spaced repetition. Study short, but often. It is more productive to have regular study sessions with short sleeping breaks in between. 
  2. Find your own style. Find the study style that suits you the best. Some people like to study alone, some snack during class, etc. 
  3. Sleep! This one’s pretty obvious. Lack of sleep decreases your concentration. 
  4. Focus! This one’s pretty obvious too. Keep all distractions away to increase productivity. 
  5. The Pomodoro Technique. Set your timer to 25 minutes where you focus on your studies, take a short break, and repeat the process. [I personally like to use the app ‘Tide’, but there are other apps you can download] 
  6. Do the hard material first. Most people have the strongest willpower in the morning [not me], and when you do the hardest material first, you’ll feel more motivated to get more work done. 
  7. Exercise, meditate, and converse. Regular physical exercise, meditation, and group conversations are proven to grow your brain. 
  8. Go places. You can create deeper memories of a subject if you learn in a richer environment that offers more visual clues. 
  9. Take fun seriously. Find a fun way to study, it’ll make it more enjoyable for you. Positive emotions are important for increasing your potential. 
  10. Space your studies. Repeat the material in spaced intervals. This means reviewing whatever you’ve learnt every few days. 
  11. 30% Read, 70% Recite. You can use this when you have to memorise a poem in 1 hour. Spend 20 minutes reading, and 40 minutes reciting, this should lead to the best results. 
  12. After you’ve finished studying, quickly test yourself. Immediate recall in the form of a test or a short summary can increase retention up to 30%. 
  13. Don’t force it. Unfortunately, you can’t force yourself to be motivated to do work. 

Why do I feel like I’ve typed this out before…

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Read everything you need to know about YT streaming.

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Witch Tip

Download and use Galaxy Tarot, you will learn the card meanings in no time.
It also teaches you about each individual card’s (rider waite) symbolism , numerical significance, suit meanings, etc.

(Obv disclaimer, study the card meanings from as many different sources as you can and get your own idea, but this one’s very accurate and easy to memorize and just great)

I Believe You [Saeyoung Choi/Reader]

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Paring: Saeyoung Choi/Reader [you]
Summary: You would love him even after a thousand lifetimes.
Dedication: For @sangyosoul, not what you wanted. But, i’ll make u something better!!

A/N: ooo shiiittttt it’s dat giiiirrrlll whaddddup. nah, seriously tho’. sorry for being mia. school is beating me into the ground and so is life. o well. hope this will be okay until i get back in the swing.

btw, would anyone be interested in a masterpost for my mysme fics?

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any apps i can download on an Ipad for digital art? D: cause im too broke to buy an art tablet

my favorite app to draw on an iPad when i still used it for art was Procreate (its around $8 i believe but its really really good), there’s also Sketchclub (about $3 and it also has a cool community where you can create an account and post stuff on it, i remember everyone was super friendly on there), Medibang Paint Pro apparently has an app version of it, there’s also Ibis Paint (not my favorite but I used it a couple times and its free), and Drawcast (also free and it was my first drawing app/art community i joined back in 2011)