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Okay so I was finishing work outside earlier and a random girl came up to me out of nowhere and leant over the fire escape and was like "Can you do me a favour?" and she handed me a folded up towel really delicately and told me there was a tiny mouse wrapped up in it, and she asked me to go release it somewhere safe for her because she had no shoes on. I literally dunno who she was or why no shoes, but POINT IS, can you pretty please turn it into a Wayhaught prompt? Just because because

Waverly lets out a soft sigh as she drags a black trash bag across the parking lot, the mound of discarded gifts from her ex, weighing her down significantly. “Fuck you, Champ,” she murmurs to herself as she readjusts the bag again. 

She’d dumped the man as soon as she found him in his dorm with another girl and not just any girl, her own sister, Wynonna. Sure, Wynonna had apologized and really Waverly wasn’t all that mad at her, if anything she was relieved that she had an excuse to end her relationship. 

Champ on the other hand…he could go fuck himself, in fact, that’s probably what he’d be doing while Waverly disposes of any shred of evidence that she’d ever been with him. 

“Why the fuck is the dumpster on the other side of the fucking building?” Waverly huffs as she pauses to take a breath, running a hand through her hair. 

She shakes her head a bit, looking around the corner and into the alley where the dumpster sits, trying to gauge how much effort she needed to get her bag from point a to point b. 

She knows she could have asked her roommate for help, but there was something uncomfortable about getting someone else involved with something so personal. “Okay, you got this, Waves,” she nods before hulking the bag back over her shoulder. 

Thankfully the lid is open when she reaches the dumpster, making the job of wrestling the mess into the bin, just a little bit easier. When she’s finished, Waverly leans against the brick wall, eyes closed as she just lets herself relax. 

“Hey, you okay?” A soft voice above her asks, making the small girl jump, her eyes snapping open. There’s a tall redhead standing on the fire escape, a small towel folded in her hands. 

“Uh, yeah,” Waverly replies, brows furrowed as she takes in the other woman’s appearance. A baggy hoodie over fuzzy pajama pants and no shoes. “What are you doing?” 

The ginger looks down at herself and then to the towel in her hands before shrugging a bit. “Wanna do me a favor?”

“I-I guess?” Waverly answers, an odd frown pulling at her lips as she watched the taller girl kneel down, extending the folded towel toward her. 

“There’s a tiny mouse wrapped up in this, could you take it to the grass over by the car ports and let it go? I would but…I forgot my shoes and I’m five floors up from here,” Mystery Girl says, with the most sincere look on her face. 

How could Waverly deny this beautiful, caring girl? So, she reaches out and gingerly takes the folded towel from her. “Yeah, of course,” She says softly, bringing the little package close to her chest. 

This makes the girl grin before she’s darting back up the steps, presumably heading back to her apartment. “Alrighty then,” Waverly chuckles to herself as she heads toward the car ports. 

She kneels down in the grass once she reaches it, unfolding the towel slowly. “Hey little guy,” Waverly hums as she catches sight of the small, grey creature. 

The mouse wiggles their little pink nose at her, letting out the smallest little squeak when she gently strokes the top of their head. “You’re really sweet, huh?” Waverly murmurs, watching the mouse crawl from the towel and up her arm. “Don’t you wanna go home?”

The little thing just continues it’s journey up her arm, curiously sniffing her shirt before nibbling at it gently. “Aww, I can’t just leave you out here…” 

With that revelation, Waverly gently picks up her new friend and places them back in the towel, folding it up before making the trek back to her dorm. 

After introducing her roommate to their new pet and checking to see if it was a boy or a girl (which was harder than they anticipated, google was involved) they affectionately named him Goob and placed him in a small plastic tote with some towels and some veggies they checked to make sure were mouse friendly. 

“I’ll head to Petsmart tomorrow morning to get him a nice set up and food,” Waverly hums, smiling at her new little friend. 


A few weeks pass and Goob seems happy in his enclosure that seems much more extravagant than anywhere Waverly has ever lived in, complete with many tubes for him to run around in. “Can’t believe you gave up about half the living room for him,” Wynonna comments as she bends down to look into the cage. 

“I just wanted him to be comfortable…” Waverly mumbles, shrugging a bit as she comes to look at her pet. “I’m even looking into finding him some friends…since they’re social animals and I’ve read that they get really lonely.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” Wyn chuckles, shaking her head a bit as she straightens up. “Anyway, you ready to go? Doc’s waiting in the parking lot.” 

“Yeah,” Waverly smiles, taking a moment to drop some treats in for Goob before grabbing her jacket. “Let’s go!”

They head down stairs, chatting about the night they were about to have. Doc and his partner Doll’s had finally opened up their new bar and they were treating Wynonna and Waverly to free drinks for always supporting them. 

“Hey, do you mind if I check my mail quick? It’ll only take a second,” Waverly hums as they step off the elevator, brows raised at her older sister who just shrugs. “Kay, just wait for me by the door.” 

Waverly all but skips to the wall of mail boxes, skidding to a halt when she sees a familiar crop of fiery hair a few boxes down from her own. “Mouse girl,” she finds herself saying outloud, causing the taller girl to turn. 

“Oh, it’s you! I was kind of wondering when I’d run into you,” She says, running a hand through her already messy hair. “Well, hoping actually. I wanted to introduce myself since I didn’t after handing you a small life.” 

Waverly chuckles at that, biting her lip. How was this girl so damn cute? “Yeah, that was a little weird,” she says, shrugging her shoulders a bit. “But I’m Waverly.” 

“Nicole,” The red head replies, leaning against the wall of boxes. “I hope that little guy is alright out there.” 

“Yeah, about that, I kind of adopted him when he did the cutest thing and climbed up my arm and I just…i couldn’t leave him out there, ya know?” Waverly spits out quickly, rubbing the back of her neck.

This makes Nicole grin, the same grin she wore when Waverly accepted the little creature. “That’s really awesome and super adorable,” she says, shaking her head a bit. “I’d love to see him sometime.” 

“I’m sure Goob would love that,” Waverly replies, a blush crawling up her neck at the thought of seeing Nicole again. “I can give you my number, so you can let me know when you’re free?” 

“Yeah, that’d be awesome,” Nicole hums, offering up her device without a question. “Wait, Goob from Meet the Robinsons, Goob?” 

“Yeah actually,” Waverly smiles, handing the phone back before shuffling her feet a bit. “But, I should go, I have a thing to go to with my sister.” 

“Have fun,” Nicole says softly, offering Waverly a warm smile that has the smaller girl feeling a certain kind of way. 

“Thanks, I’ll text you,” She murmurs, taking a few steps back before turning around and forcing herself to walk to where her sister was waiting for her. 

Waverly is in the car when her phone vibrates, Nicole’s name flashing across the notification bar.  Do you like fishing? Cuz I’ve been hooked and you’re reeling me in 

Jesus,” Waverly breathes out, her cheek flushing as she shakes her head, sending Nicole a heart eyes emoji before tucking the phone away, unsure if she’ll be able to keep her mind from wandering during the night. 

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 

✮ Chapter Six: Balance ✮

Word Count: 7541

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Monday sees Riley return to classes at Hillford High. At lunch she enters the cafeteria with Mabel and they sit together, later to be joined by Lucas, Thomas and Tristan. 

The conversation is - like it was all last week - basically just the boys talking to the girls as it was obvious the three family members were always in each others business so it wasn’t as if a simple ‘How was your weekend, what did you get up to?’ would suffice between them. 

They were so in each others business that Riley wonders how Lucas has a place that’s secret and separate from his cousins. How does he explain away the time? These are all thoughts that bounce around Rliey’s head and pull away her attention like a trance. 

“Earth to Riley,” Thomas snaps in the brunettes face to which she shakes her head in shock and quickly swats away his hand. 

“Where is it you went just now?” Tristan asks with a small smile. 

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Hey! I'm a beginner "green witch".. I was wondering when you create a spell jar and seal it with a candle, how long do you keep it? Could you give it to a friend as a gift? Do you ever dispose it or do you keep the (spell) jar for good?

Hi!! Thanks for the question! Usually I keep the spell jars in a safe space until for some reason I feel that the spell jar’s purpose has been fulfilled. Then if the contents are all biodegradable I will scatter them outside my house. Otherwise just hang on to them!


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Request: Klausy with 7,9, and 13? Pretty pleaseeeeee :))))))

7-I almost lost you. 9-Don’t you ever do that again. 13-Kiss me.


It’s almost midnight and you’re already in the place where you asked Davina to meet you. You’ve been planning this meeting for days, since you decides to finally face her after she found out you and Klaus are in a relationship. You and Davina were friends and,  even if you were in love with Klaus, you never did anything against her or him, and that’s something she never understood until she knew about you two. Klaus, on the other hand, did understand, he knew you loved your friend and never did anything to prove him you would betray him. He trusted you, he still does.

Davina: “What do you want?” You didn’t see or feel her coming, which is a bit odd since you are able to feel someone, being a Heretic.

Y/N: “Are you seriously still mad at me, Davina?”

Davina: “Yes, I am. You were my best friend, Y/N.”

Y/N: “Did I ever harm you? Did I betray you?” You feel a bit bad because she’s saying you’re not longer friends.

Davina: “I feel betrayed. What didn’t you tell me?”

Y/N: “I knew this would happen, Davina. Your hate towards him has you blind.”

Davina: “It looks I’m not the only blind here.”

Y/N: “Davina, stop. Stop this, stop searching for ways to destroy him, to kill him, you know anything would work. You will get yourself kill. I’m telling you this as your friend.” You try to make her consider but you know, deep down, it’s impossible.

Davina: “Are you? Or are you telling me this as his girlfriend?” You don’t know what else to say, you know her and you know she won’t ever listen to you. “You know what? Since you’re here I should take an advantage from it.” She says with an evil smile on her face.

You don’t understand what is she talking about until you hear her murmuring something you know it’s a spell. You try to do the same but she somehow paralysed you.

Y/N: “Davina, what are you doing?” You feel a terrible pain on your stomach which makes you kneel immediately. You start coughing and you see blood falling on the street from your mouth. You can’t speak anymore, you can’t defend yourself.

Davina: “I’m going to manipulate him since I have the second girl he loves the most.” You can’t believe Davina is acting like this, that she’s hurting you after all you two have been through.

You feel the pain disappearing a little and you are capable to move now, you start to do a spell but before it even affects her, she paralyzes you again.

Davina: “Don’t even bother, I know how to deal with you.” She says before she makes a move with her hand making your neck to break, momentarily killing you.


You wake up expecting to be in a cell or chained, feeling weak you wouldn’t be able to move but you don’t. You open your eyes to find out you’re in Klaus’ room, in his bed. You sit quickly too confused to feel relive. Is this some kind of illusion?

Klaus: “I was starting to preoccupy, love. How are you feeling?” He enters into the room and sits next to you.

Y/N: “I’m fine, I recover fast.” You say say grabbing his hand.

Klaus: “I’m aware of that.” He intertwine your hand with his. “I have been thinking on one possible reason of why would you go and confront Davina but I can’t find one, would you please explain it to me?” He asks with a frown on his face.

Y/N: “I did it for us, Klaus. For you, for this family, for her. I’m tired of fighting.”

Klaus: “But it wasn’t necessary, my dear. I… I almost lost you.”

Y/N: “I’m sorry, I just thought that… if I talked to her she would reconsider about her necessity to destroy you.” You remember what happened last night and it makes you angry. Davina, who you considered your best friend, was disposed to kill you.

Klaus: “Don’t you ever do that again, promise me you will not get yourself killed because of me.”

Y/N: “I can’t do that, Klaus. I know you would have done the same or worst.”

Klaus: “You are such a stubborn girl.” He says smiling and it makes you smile too.

Y/N: “I think that’s what you like the most.”

Klaus: “Indeed.” He laughs. “Do you need something, love? Are you hungry?”

Y/N: “I just need one thing.”

Klaus: “Anything, just tell me.”

Y/N: “Kiss me.” He smiles and does what you asked for. Sometimes it hits you how much you love Klaus and the things you’re willing to do for him.

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Why should I chose Christ instead of Buddhism?

Compared with Buddhism, Christianity has several distinguishing features that show that it deserves consideration.

First, while both Christianity and Buddhism have an historical central figure, namely Jesus and Buddha, only Jesus is shown to have risen from the dead. Many people in history have been wise teachers. Many have started religious movements. Siddhartha Guatama, the historical Buddha also called Sakyamuni, stands out among them for having special wisdom and a profound philosophy of life. But Jesus also stands out, and He has confirmed His spiritual teachings with a test that only divine power could pass. Jesus’ body of teachings is confirmed by the death and resurrection of His literal body—a fact which He prophesied and fulfilled in Himself (Matthew 16:21;20:18-19;Mark 8:31;1Luke 9:22;John 20-21;1 Corinthians 15). Jesus deserves special consideration.

Second, the Christian Scriptures are historically outstanding, deserving serious consideration. One could even say that the history of the Bible is so compelling that to doubt the Bible is to doubt history itself since the Bible is the most historically verifiable book of all antiquity. The only book more historically verifiable than the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) is the New Testament. Consider the following:

1) More manuscripts exist for the New Testament than for any other of antiquity—5,000 ancient Greek manuscripts, 24,000 in all including other languages. The multiplicity of manuscripts allows for a tremendous research base by which we can test the texts against each other and identify what the originals said.

2) The manuscripts of the New Testament are closer in age to the originals than are any other document of antiquity. All of the originals were written within the time of the contemporaries (eyewitnesses), in the first century A.D., and we currently have parts of manuscript dating back to A.D. 125. Whole book copies surface by A.D. 200, and the complete New Testament can be found dating back to A.D. 250. Having all the books of the New Testament initially written within the times of eyewitnesses means that the books did not have time to devolve into myth and folklore. Plus, their truth claims were held accountable by members of the Church who, as personal witnesses to the events, could check the facts.

3) The New Testament documents are more accurate than any other of antiquity. John R. Robinson inHonest to Godreports that the New Testament documents are 99.9 percent accurate (most accurate of any complete antique book). Bruce Metzger, an expert in the Greek New Testament, suggests a more modest 99.5 percent.

Third, Christian ethics has a stronger foundation than Buddhist ethics. Christian ethics is founded in the personal character of God. God is personal and moral. His nature is good, and therefore all actions which align with His goodness are actually good. Whatever departs from His goodness is actually evil. For Buddhists, however, ultimate reality is not understood as personal. But morality by its very nature requires personality. To illustrate, consider the morality of a rock. One does not blame a rock for being used in a murder since it is not a person with moral duties. Rather, the moral duty lies with the person who used that rock for evil purposes. Buddhism lacks the personal framework for moral duty. With Buddhism, karma is the framework for morality. But karma is impersonal. It is akin to a law of nature. Breaking a karmic “rule” is not intrinsically evil. There seems to be no significant difference between error (non-moral mistakes) and sin (moral wrongdoing).

Furthermore, many Buddhists even assert that the dualities of “good” and “evil” ultimately break down. “Good” and “evil” would be part ofmaya, the illusory world of sensory reality. The categories of morality are not grand enough to map onto ultimate reality, and enlightened individuals will see that good and evil blur into one. But such a position means that ultimate reality would not be “good.” It wouldn’t be “evil” either, but then what assurance exists that “ultimate reality” is even a worthwhile pursuit? And what grounds would there be for living a morally good life as opposed to an amoral life without regard for moral distinctions, or an inactive life avoiding moral choices as much as possible? If Buddhism asserts that reality is not ultimately personal and the distinctions between good and evil are not actually real, then Buddhism does not have a true foundation for ethics. Christianity, on the other hand, can point to the character of God as personally founding morality and providing a basis to distinguish good from evil.

Fourth, Christianity rightly appreciates “desire.” Buddhist ethics seems to have a core difficulty at this point. Sakyamuni taught thattanha, “desire” or “attachment,” is the root of suffering and is to be dissolved. But some admittedly good things are based on the idea of desire. Love, for example, is “to desire the good of another” (John 15:13;1 John 4:7-12). One could not even love unless one had a degree of attachment in desiring someone else’s well-being. In contrast, Christianity teaches that desire is good when it is properly directed. Paul urges Christians to “desire the greater gifts” of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:31;14:1). In the Psalms, we see pictures of worshipers longing for and desiring fellowship with God (Psalm 42:1-2;84). And, of course, God does not simply act loving, He is love (1 John 4:9;Psalm 136;John 3:16). Sacrificing desire altogether seems to throw out the proverbial baby (love) with the dirty bathwater (suffering).

Fifth is the question “What do you do with your sin?” Buddhism has at least two ideas of sin. Sin is sometimes understood as ignorance. It is sinful if one does not see or understanding reality as Buddhism defines it. However, in Buddhism, there is still an idea of moral error termed “sin.” To do something deliberately evil, to break a spiritual or earthly law, or to desire wrong things, these would be identifiable sins. But, this latter definition of sin points to a kind of moral error that requires real atonement. From where can atonement rise? Can atonement come by adherence to karmic principles? Karma is impersonal and amoral. One could do good works to even the balance, but one cannot ever dispose of sin. Karma does not even provide a context whereby moral error is even moral. Whom have we offended if we sin in private? Karma does not care one way or the other because karma is not a person. Can atonement come by prayer or devotion to a Bodhisattva or a Buddha? Even if those characters could offer forgiveness, it seems like sin would still be left unpaid. They would forgive sin showing it to be excusable; it is not a big deal.

Christianity, on the other hand, has the only adequate theological view of sin. In Christianity sin is moral error. Ever since Adam, humans have been sinful creatures. Sin is real. And it sets an infinite gap between man and bliss. Sin demands justice. But it cannot be “balanced out” with an equal or greater amount of good works. If someone has ten times more good works than bad works, then he or she still has bad works on the conscience. What happens to these remaining bad works? Are they just forgiven as if they were not a big deal in the first place? Are they permitted into bliss? Are they mere illusions thus leaving no problem whatsoever? None of these options are suitable.

Concerning illusion, sin is too real to us to be explained away as illusion. Concerning our sinfulness, when we are honest with ourselves we all know that we have sinned. Concerning forgiveness, to simply forgive sin at no cost treats sin like it is not of much consequence even though we know that to be false. Concerning bliss, bliss is not much good if sin keeps getting smuggled in. It seems like the scales of karma leave us with sin on our hearts and bliss either cannot tolerate us, or it must cease being perfect so that we can come in.

Christianity has an answer for sin. No sin goes unpunished, but the punishment has already been satisfied in Christ’s personal sacrifice on the cross. God became man, lived a perfect life, and died the death that we deserved. He was crucified on our behalf, a substitute for us, and a covering, or atonement, for our sins. Furthermore, He was resurrected, proving that not even death could conquer Him. He promises the same resurrection unto eternal life for all who put their faith in Him as their only Lord and Savior (Romans 3:10,23;6:23;8:12;10:9-10;Ephesians 2:8-9;Philippians 3:21).

This is no “easy believism” where God, like a janitor, just cleans up all our mistakes. Rather, this is a life-long commitment where we take on a new nature and begin a new relationship with God Himself (Romans 6:1;Ephesians 2:1-10). When a person really believes God is who He says He is in the Bible, and really believes God did what He says He did in the Bible, and a person puts his or her life on that belief—that person is transformed. He becomes a new creation by the power of God (2 Corinthians 5:17). You cannot stay the same once you have that belief. One could just as easily continue reading the morning paper after realizing his house was on fire. That knowledge (the house is on fire) motivates action and changes your life (stop reading the paper and do something about the fire).

Nor is Jesus simply an answer among many others. All the world’s religions have some level of truth in them, but ultimately, Jesus is the only answer to the human condition. Meditation, works, prayer—none of these can make us worthy of the infinite and eternal gift of heaven. None of these can undo the sin we’ve done. Only when Christ pays our sin debt and we place our faith in Him can we be saved. Only then is sin covered, hope assured, and life filled with eternal meaning.

Finally, it is only in Christianity that we can know that we are saved. We do not have to rely on some fleeting experience, nor do we rely on our own good works or fervent meditation. Nor do we put our faith in a false god whom we are trying to “believe-into-existence.” We have a living and true God, an historically anchored faith, an abiding and testable revelation of God (Scripture), and a guaranteed home in heaven with God.

So, what does this mean for you? Jesus is the ultimate reality! Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for your sins. God offers all of us forgiveness and salvation if we will simply receive His gift to us (John 1:12), believing Jesus to be the Savior who laid down His life for us, His friends. If you place your trust in Jesus as your Savior, you will have absolute assurance of eternal life in heaven. God will forgive your sins, cleanse your soul, renew your spirit, give you abundant life in this world, and eternal life in the next world. How can we reject such a precious gift? How can we turn our backs on God who loved us enough to sacrifice Himself for us?

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What do you do to the "slaughtered" games after reviewing them like dalmations 3? Do you keep them on shelves or do you dispose of them so no human being should ever play them?

I legitimately actually really seriously shoot them