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God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

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Hey, on instagram is an account named kayla_darktale, and she always posts your stuff. And I think that's not a problem, but she puts her on watermark on your posts. Do I need to contact her about it, or are you fine with it?

someone already told me about that (im not sure if it was the same person tho) and they wrote to this acc and they said they’ll stop posting my stuff with their watermark. but if it’s still happening then please can someone contact them? im fine with them posting my stuff but as long as they give credit and dont watermark it as their own !!

The very last thing I want to do is sit here and talk down at you and for this to fall short of nothing but a big old moan. But after witnessing the dash these past few days, there are a few things that I fear do need to be addressed if the group is to carry on thriving like it can.

1) AS ALWAYS, REAL LIFE OBLIGATIONS SHOULD COME FIRST! They’re more important than the dash. However I must ask that you do contact the main if you need time away. We have a HIATUS LIST for a reason, and all you need to do is provide a predicted start and end date and we’re gravy, guys. It’s that easy, and it can help with understanding the state of the dash.

2) WE NEED TO HELP THE DASH! I understand that sometimes, after you’re done with your day, the last thing you might want to do is write or sit on the dash. I get it, believe me. But there’s only so much a handful of people can do all by themselves to try and keep the dash flowing. If you’re worried about flooding the dash, I honestly actively encourage it! Don’t be afraid to do that. 

3) ACTIVITY! Musings, quotes, and photos still do not count as activity. Just like one or two replies then disappearing does not. I understand there are only so many hours in the day, but we all need to do our bit. And for the new additions to the group, don’t forget, you need to at least start activity within twenty four hours of having your follow posted. Whether it’s a plotting or starter call, a few replies, and a starter!

This did after all, turn into a bit of a moan. But it’s in the best interest to keep this thing going and is truly said in kind!

Long story short: please be proactive with your posting! It’s not a one man job to keep the dash alive, guys! And don’t forget to contact the main if you need to step back for a few.


Half sirens. Monstrous, animalist creatures as the result of the loss of their gems. 

She grew in height but also in visuousness, using her keen hearing and snake-like tongue she can keep track of her prey even without her sight. Using her deadly speed, she will either use her barbs, claws or thin teeth to bleed you out. With venomous tipped spurs on her body make it danger to even get close to her. A potent neurotoxin, it prevents wounds from clotting and eventual and slow paralysis of the body. Even at long-range, she can disable a target with a piercing shriek causing confusion and possible hearing loss. Being a very patient predator, it doesn’t matter to her how she takes you down but she will make sure it is as long and painful as possible. Do not maintain prolonged eye contact at any point in time.

Aria, a large and hulking beast. With the most obvious change being her arms, she’s capable of lifting nearly 4000 pounds, along with her thick plated skin and large horns she is a nearly unstoppable force of nature. Being able to propel herself through the water and on land with surprising speed, her heavy frame is not to be underestimated considering the amount of distant she can cover in very little time. With a vice-like jaw and cone-shaped teeth, her bite can pierce and tear the sturdiest of matriel. The small pits below her eyes increase the sensitivity of her sense smell and is observably enthralled by the smell of blood. 

Shimmer has been keeping the lights on at her apartment 24/7 for a reason. Sonata, a depth dwelling predator has the most natural instinct to hunt compared to the other two. She is manageable and even friendly at a certain brightness but easily falls into her old habits if not careful. Being able to crawl on most surfaces looking up becomes a priority whenever Sonata is present. Her feelers are capable at picking up the slightest of movement and her eyes can even track anything even in the darkest of spaces. Her horrifying unhinging jaw contains dozens of needle sharp teeth allowing her to pierce and consume most fleshy prey. This isnt even mentioning her natural camouflage in low light to blend into areas and flexible skeleton for squeezing into tight spaces. A pure instinct driven hunter.

HOOO BOY I didn’t think I would have to do this in this nearly 3 years down the line, but my inbox has become a hellish wasteland due to misinformation so I’m gonna be as blunt as possible here: I don’t ship Makorra and I haven’t since the show ended.  Personally it’s just… not My Jam anymore. It hasn’t been for a while. But that’s not the point of this post.

An old post of mine started going around claiming that my opinion regarding fandom toxicity is invalid because “I’m a 24 year old makorra shipper who’s still bitter about korrasami”. I touched base with the person who left the comment asap to try to figure out what was going on & they told me they had me confused with another blogger. They retracted the statement immediately

but the damage had already been done. The version of the post with the “callout” is still circulating.

Look, if this was true and if on top of that I was in fact spreading any kind of hatred or making shitty posts that offended people, I would take this criticism to heart and work to actively change what I was doing. I want and have always wanted this blog to be a safe and comfortable space for anyone and everyone. 

But. Honestly. I refuse to go down because of a case of mistaken identity. This is ridiculous, guys.

If you have to call someone out, please try to do a little research. Misinformation can be harmful.

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?

casual freelancer affection Before Things Went To Hell™

  • york passing out high fives constantly
  • florida trying to shake hands with the director and being completely #rejected
  • wyoming and the old “tap the opposite shoulder” trick
  • south giving wash noogies
  • the twins bumping helmets
  • york and north’s dumb bro hugs/shoulder bumps
  • that time maine tried to get people to give him piggy back rides
  • d a n c i n g
  • carolina hip checking everyone with a waist when she was in a good mood
  • south’s really aggressive imitation of this that sent people to the floor
  • pretty much everyone understanding the way to get wash to calm down quickly is to touch him
  • carolina swatting at york when he was flirty
  • york grabbing lina’s hand and being even flirtier
  • wash with his head in connie’s lap during movie nights, her playing with his hair
  • maine carrying wash to his room when he falls asleep afterwards

it’s choro’s month!! so I plan give Choro the love he deserves ♥♥

this is pretty rushed and its A BIT too late for this to be a 5/20 drawing but i love narancia and i hope he had a good birthday wherever he is <3

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho