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Get to know me!

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What’s your age?

I’m 16

What’s your current job?

I’m currently a student in high school so I don’t really have a time for a job during the school year

What are you talented at?

I’m good at a bunch of artistic stuff and piano (basic ik) but I also do circus and I am very talented and experienced at napping 

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?

I want to really work on exercising and learning to love my body <3

What’s your aesthetic?

It honestly varies a lot but I feel like I give off a witchy don’t fuck with me vibe appearance wise but I’m actually a very nice potato when you get to know me

Do you collect anything?

PLANTS, vinyls and crystals of course!

What’s a topic you always talk about?

how gay I am tbh and how much I dislike this one homophobic elitist asshole

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

When people put their shoes on my bed 

Good advice to give?

Take some time everyday to do one thing for yourself whether it be putting on a face mask, yoga, cuddling a pet, taking a bath; it doesn’t matter but make sure to treat yo self

What are three songs you recommend?

505 by Arctic Monkeys

Gold on the Ceiling by Black Keys

Are We Electric by The Kooks

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How old are you? 21 (22 at the end of april!)

What’s your current job? currently unemployed, but i start school in april!

What are you talented at? hmm… i’m a musician but also a graphic designer in training soo… those? lol

What’s your aesthetic? the only way i can describe it is “goth princess”? i’m one big cliche when it comes to anything goth and i really like pretty things and old castles :P

Do you collect anything? pens and stickers? lol

What’s a topic you always talk about? richard armitage, the hobbit, feminism (or politics in general), the hobbit, lord of the rings, guy of gisborne, richard armitage, jrr tolkien… oh and thorin oakenshield

What’s a pet peeve of yours? repeating myself 50 billion times lol

Good advice to give? pursue happiness with diligence (i can’t take the credit for that one - it’s from a mastodon song!) and don’t limit yourself (my grandfather has told me that my whole life!)

Three songs you would recommend? oh god, only three?? hmm… i listen to a lot of metal and post punk and alternative music so i’m not sure most people would like them… lol i’ll give it a shot tho! 

“our legacy” by while she sleeps reminds me of thorin talking about/to the company

“the bitter end” by placebo or “blasphemous rumors” by depeche mode make me think of guy!

and since i mentioned it up there, i’ll recommend “the sparrow” by mastodon, which is more of a personal one :)

if you’ve read all of this; thank you! x

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i. how old?: 15

ii. current job?: don’t have one

iii. dream job?: i’m not sure tbh, but maybe work with owls?

iv. what are you talented at?: listening to music is a talent right? 

v. what is a big goal you are working towards/ achieved already?: idk. i guess just have a quiet life. maybe even reach 200 on @dailyjosukeplush

vi. what is your aesthetic?: snowy backgrounds and maybe blue as well.

vii. do you collect anything?: not really. although if i find something interesting i may collect it.

viii. what is a topic you always bring up in conversations?: i’m not very talkative, but i guess just anything interesting i happen to think of.

ix. what is a pet peeve of yours?: people bringing attention to me whenever i don’t want attention brought to me (which is 90% of the time) and people asking me “you’re quiet, aren’t you?” (this mostly applies irl)

x. good advice to give?: keep on truckin’ 

xi. recommend three songs or more: Neo Romantic - Yasushi Ishii, Fantasy - Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Selfish High Heels - Yung Bae

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How old are you?
20. I’m a grownup.

Current job / dream job
Currently a security guard who basically gets paid to marathon Critical Role and cartoons. 

Dream job? History teacher bc I’m a nerd.

What are you talented at?
I have…no idea. falling down stuff? Being self-deprecating? Cooking pork chops?

What is your aesthetic?
I…Still don’t know what that means.

Do I collect anything?
Um…Copies of Firemane Avenger? I have seven so far. Magic cards.

What is a topic that you’re always up to talk about?
Lord of the Rings, son! I looove Lord of the Rings! Also the First World War. 

What is a pet peeve of yours?
Arrogance. Nobody is perfect, or even close. Don’t be a dick because you think you’re better than everyone else.

Good advice to give?
Stay in school don’t do drugs and properly punctuate and capitalize your sentences like i always do

Honestly though? Don’t be a dick. That’s the key to happiness and having friends. Don’t compromise who you are, of course, but don’t be a dick.

Recommend three songs.

Um..Hang on…

sure why not

you know what sure

this one too.

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Current Job/Dream Job?: i dont currently have a job but some day i want to do something cool that has to do with history!

What are you good at?: idk, im good at writing things with lots of emotion behind it i guess

What is your aesthetic?: dark green, rain, brown, books, blankets, anarchy, sufjan stevens, the 1975, hickeys, survival, combat boots, baggy sweaters, idk

Do you collect anything?: books and feelings

Hobbies?: idk, reading, writing poetry, photography, like trin said watchin game grumps lol, listenin to music, idk

Good advice to give?: always remember that you’re valid no matter what anyone says

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How old are you? almost 29

What is your current job? research assistant in clinical psychology, therapist in training

What are you good at? putting furniture together, also writing papers and organizing things.

What’s a goal you’re actively trying to achieve? Writing my stupid thesis before my internship starts in May

What’s your aesthetic? Books, big coffee cups, cheaply printed journal articles (not entirely by choice), small fluffy dogs, words scrawled on paper. 

Do you collect anything? Books, Succulents (you know the flower things?), more books, dvds (don’t care if they’re practically obsolete now!).

What’s something you’re always willing to talk about? Oh… Harry Potter (and a bunch of other franchises), social norms and problems, video games and gaming psychology, psychology in general, fun sarcastic little quotes 

Pet peeves? when people try to talk to me while I read or listen to something on my laptop (seriously I’m not wearing headphones to make a fashion statement!!!) 

Good advice? Why? Would? You? Ask? Me? That? I’m a freaking psychologist, I don’t have *one piece* of good advice… um… take care of yourself, allow yourself to breathe, make sure you have a little time each day to do something you love. 

Three songs you recommend?

Antebellum by Vienna Teng

Miserere Mei Deus, Gregorio Allegri (I listen to classical collections on youtube while I do my statistics, don’t ask :P)

Slow me down by Emmy Rossum

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Get To Know Me

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How old are you? 21

What’s your current job? Im a bakery clerk. not as fun as it sounds lmao

What are you talented at? Im pretty good at picking up music stuff umm..Im good at math? I dont really know, I dont like talking/thinking about things Im good at

What’s your aesthetic? *deep breath in* IRELAND

Do you collect anything? I kind of collect comics? Idk man I “collect” a lot of random crap. Mostly nerd memorabilia. Oh! I do keep all my tickets! To movies and shows and games, anything that gives a ticket, I save them.

What’s a topic you always talk about? check the title of my blog bro (but also anime)

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People coming into a store 5 minutes before close. People not using their friggin blinkers. Idk how to say this without sounding rude but like..people who wont listen to reason? Like ignorant people who flat out refuse to learn or understand? I hope that makes sense.

Good advice to give? hmm…I’ll come back to this one.– I’ve decided to go with “guard your heart”. Take it as you will

Three songs you would recommend? Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy, I See The Light from the Tangled Soundtrack, aaaaaaand Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon

Anyone who wants to do it is tagged. ^^

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

OC asks
  1. What is your OC’s favorite color?
  2. Does your OC collect anything? What do they collect?
  3. What kind of things is your OC allergic to?
  4. What kind of clothing does your OC wear?
  5. What is your OC’s first memory?
  6. WWhat’s your OC’s favorite animal? Least favorite?
  7. What element would your OC be?
  8. What is your OC’s theme song? 
  9. Do you have a faceclaim / voiceclaim for your OC?
  10. What deadly sin would best represent your OC?
  11. What are your OC’s hobbies?
  12. How patient is your OC? How hot-headed are they?
  13. What is your OC’s gender / sexuality / race / species / etc.?
  14. What foods does your OC like to eat? What are their least favorite foods?
  15. If your OC could have any pet, what would they choose? Why?
  16. What does your OC smell like? 
  17. How do they make a living? What kind of job do they want / not want? What is their dream job? What do they think of their current job?
  18. What are your OC’s greatest fears? Weaknesses? Strengths?
  19. What kind of music do they listen to? Do they have a favorite song?
  20. If they came from their world to ours (if not already in our’s) how would they react? What would they do?
  21. What personal problems/issues do they have? Pet peeves?
  22. What kind of student were they/would they be in high school?
  23. What is a random fact about your OC? 
  24. What is their outlook on life? What is their philosophy / what do they think in general about living?
  25. What inspired you to create them / how did you create them? Were they originally a fancharacter? What was their personality / design like when you first made them?
  26. Who is the most important person in their life? Why? Who is the least important to them (that still has an impact and why?
  27. What kind of childhood did your character have?
  28. What kind of nervous habits do they have? Do they stim? Do they have any kinds of addictions?
  29. If they could choose their epitaph for their grave, what would they choose?
  30. Do they want to get married? Why or why not? Would they ever want kids? Do they have kids? Why?
  31. What is their most traumatic memory/experience? What is their favorite memory?
  32. If they could have one thing in the world, what would it be?
  33. Would they ever kill someone? What would someone have to do to push them to kill someone? If they would kill someone, why? 
  34. What social groups and activities does your character attend? What role do they like to play? What role do they actually play, usually?
  35. How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories?
  36. What does your character want most? What do they need really badly, compulsively? What are they willing to do, to sacrifice, to obtain?
  37. What’s something that your character does, that other people don’t normally do?
  38. What would your character do with a million dollars? 
  39. What is in your characters refrigerator right now? On their bedroom floor? Nightstand? Garbage can?
  40. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What do they wear? Who will they be with?
  41. What does your character do when they’re angry? Why?
  42. Does your character have any scars? Where did they get them from? 
  43. What was the most offensive thing your character had ever said?
  44. How does your character react/ accept criticism?
  45. If your character was given a slice of pineapple pizza and they HAD to eat it (or something bad would happen), how would they react? Do they even LIKE pineapple pizza?
  46. Your character is given a voodoo doll of themself. What do they do with it? Do they see if it actually works?
  47. Can your character draw? What do they like to draw? Do they doodle?
  48. What were their parents like? How has that affected how they are as an adult?
  49. Does your character like candy? Do they get sugar rushes? What are they like when they get a rush?
  50. If your character was presented with imminent and unavoidable death/fatality, how would they react? Would they try to avoid death anyways? Would they try to make their last days count? 

Rose leant against the doorframe, watching the Doctor as he fixed his hair into a less spiky style than usual, taking in what had started out as a tame (and rather attractive, if she may say so) stubble from his latest field trip and had surprisingly been allowed to grow into a proper, full beard. The red shirt he was wearing was different from his usual choice of colours, too, but for some reason still seemed oddly familiar.

“Not that I really mind, but is there any particular reason for the sudden change in styling…?”

The Doctor’s eyes met hers in the mirror, while his fingers continued expertly tousling strands of hair into a certain look.

“Well, Tony told his mates he’s going to introduce his cool sort-of-brother-in-law to class for a cool presentation, didn’t he?”

The blonde couldn’t help smiling at the obvious care he showed for her little brother, feeling warmed by how much making Tony happy seemed to mean to him.

“Aren’t you putting a little too much thought into that comment, Doctor? It’s just a school presentation… Besides, I should think having a proper, renowned scientist showing off a flashy experiment should be plenty cool, yeah?”

The part Time Lord shrugged a nonchalant shoulder in reply, but Rose could see the hint of a blush colouring the tips of his ears.

As she continued watching him fix his hair, taking a more appreciative look at his appearance (and the tight jeans he was wearing), she suddenly realised why the new look seemed familiar.

“Wait - have you been checking out the fashion section in Mum’s magazines?”

A beat of silence.



The high tone his voice had taken, paired with the sheepish look on his face (and the definitely pink-tipped ears now), were enough to spur her into a fit of giggles.

Once she’d calmed down enough, she soothed the Doctor’s flustered indignation at her reaction with a soft kiss, letting him know that she appreciated his caring.

Even if it was rather amusing.

Dedicated to @littlewhomouse (she’ll know why ;) ) and @tardisfangurl, whose initial suggestion of putting bearded!DT into a checked flannel shirt (which then turned into Hipster!Tentoo trying to be *cool*) sparked the random silliness x)

~Cute Childish Asks~

What’s your favourite…

1) MLP Pony?
2) Care Bear?
3) Pokemon?
4) Animal?
5) Toy/Activity?
6) Cartoon?
7) Drink?
8) Sweet food?
9) Fictional character?
10) Outfit?

Do you…

11) Have a fear of the dark?
12) Collect anything?
13) Play with make-up?
14) Have a bedtime?
15) Like bubble baths?

X or Y

16) Videogames or board games?
17) PBS Kids or CBeebies?
18) Bratz or Barbie?
19) Disney or Ghibli?
20) Theme park or arcade?

Post a picture of…

21) Your favourite toy!
22) You in your favourite outfit!
23) Your pet!
24) A piece of artwork by you!
25) Your favourite place!


26) How + when did you get your favourite plushie/stuffie?
27) How did you meet your best friend?
28) Have you ever made your own jewellery?
29) What was the last dream you had?
30) What is your nickname?

🌲 Forest With Me Spell 🌲

The forest is full of peace and magick, bring it home with you to boost your spells and provide peace.


🌲 Bottle

🌲 earth (dirt, sand, rocks)

🌲 Assorted forest items (berries, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds)

(side note: do not collect or ingest anything that you are unsure about. Even if 99% sure about a plant id, don’t pick it. It’s for your own safety.)


🌲 Take your bottle on a nature walk or hike. This can be anywhere deep in the woods or in an urban park. Work with your surroundings.

🌲 Half way through you walk stop and collect some earth from the ground and place it in your bottle. This can be what ever is locally available to you, but should be as natural as possible.

🌲 Hold the bottle and dirt in your hands and center yourself. Focus you energy into the bottle and invite the earth to put in its own energy. 

🌲 Add other items from around you. These items can add additional effects to your spell. I added pine needles for protection, some dried wildflowers, and berries for regrowth.

🌲 After your bottle is full close it.

🌲 Keep the bottle close to you for the rest of your walk. Allow it to absorb the energy all around you.

Moving Forward

Keep the bottle on your altar, on you, or where ever you need it most. Allow it to project forest energy all around.

Feel free to create a diverse biome of energy be creating more jars with different parts of the forest.


Day 7

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

For My Followers

Part 1

Signing up for a shady secretary job is one thing but said shady job actually being offered by vampires is another thing.

You’re not a skeptic and you’ve never exactly valued your own life very much so you took the job.

You quickly find out that the Volturi value your life about as much you do.


“Your job here is to organize the schedule, pass messages onto the masters, welcome us as we come in, say farewell as we leave, do anything we ask, and collect the mail. You are not to open any mail you must pass it onto the masters. You are not to interrupt when the doors are closed, and you are not to divulge the secret. You can continue living your life in town but you’ll find you won’t have time to return to your social life. You will call members of the guard sir or ma'am and the three kings master,” the tall beefy guard explains as he leads me through the old castle. His name is Demetri and he seems annoyed at being given the task to play tour guide.

“Yes sir,” you reply. He grunts and leads you to a nice mahogany desk.

“This is your desk,” he says and gestures for you to sit. You nod and sit down at the desk. There’s a set of pens and pencils on the desk in a straight line and a mac computer. You fold your hands and look up politely at your red eyed boss. “You are to be here at seven sharp every morning and you leave at three unless instructed otherwise. You may have days off if you request them a week in advance. Any questions?”

“None sir,” you answer politely and smile. Demetri rolls his eyes and stalks away. Once the blonde vampire no longer watches you scribble down all the rules he said and place them in the top desk drawer.

You may not value your life but you value work ethic.

So begins your first day as the Volturi secretary.


You quickly learn names and abilities of all the guard except who don’t seem that bad at all. Of course they’re all horribly frightening and don’t care for you at all but they aren’t rude.

You’re good at your job and you assure to follow all the rules laid out. Even though your job is easy you never slack off in your free time. To keep busy you start hand making a calendar for the Volturi. Each month has a guard member or two sketched out on it while the three kings stand as the cover.

Your main task is organizing fake tours for Heidi to lead so the Volturi can eat without suspicion being raised. Though the screams haunt your dreams you manage to stop flinching every time a tour comes through.

Other jobs include scheduling trials for vampires who’ve broken laws, planning parties, handing on letters, sending gifts to friends of the Volturi, and anything else that is asked of you. Once you had to learn how to fishtail braid so you could braid Jane’s hair.

Overall you’re not happy, you ever are, but you don’t hate your job. The pay is nice and it keeps you busy.


“(Y/N)!” Jane snaps and you instantly bounce to attention. The blonde vampire is storming up to your desk with a murderous look on her face.

“Yes ma'am?”

“A trial is scheduled for the day of my and Alec’s birthday!” she hisses. “We were supposed to have a ball.” Jane is furious and looks ready to kill.

“I’m sorr-”

“I know it wasn’t you! You keep track of the birthdays ritualistically.” It’s true you have all the birthdays written down and you always plan something if the particular vampire cares about their birthday. “I want to know who told you to put a trial over it!”

Jane is glaring viciously and her hands are clenched.

“Mr Demetri requested it,” you answer calmly.

“I’m going to rip his head off,” she growls. “Thanks.” You’re stunned, none f then has ever shifted blame from you to another member of the guard, and no one has ever said thanks.

“Your welcome but ma'am, is the fault not mine?” you ask curiously.

“It’s not because I know you were ordered explicitly to follow all orders. I also know Demetri is mad because I stole his favorite cloak,” Jane replies curtly and then storms off.

You wonder silently if they’ve started to like you.


“Dear (Y/N) I wonder if you could help me choose a table cloth for Jane and Alec’s party?” Aro inquires with a sickly sweetness. He called you into the throne room for this express reason apparently.

“Yes I can master,” you say and walk forward. Your heels click on the granite floor loudly, too loudly.

“Never wear heels again (Y/N) they are intolerable,” Caius demands.

“Ah but sweet (Y/N) looks so delicious in heels,” Aro muses. “Felix, and Heidi certainly think so.” The referred vamps immediately hiss and scowl. You feel your face heat up in betrayal to your mind.

“How can they stand the sound?” Caius mutters but everyone disregards him.

“Oh hush brother. Now (Y/N) tell me which table cloth is best?”

You choose the red one which pleases Jane and Alec.

On your way out you purposefully take light steps to cushion the sound.

“Aro this girl has been here for months when will we kill her?”

“Caius we also discussed turning her.”

“We always say we’ll turn them but we never do.”

“This one is different.”


“(Y/N) will you come to our party?” Alec asks suddenly appearing behind you. You squeak in surprise and whip around to find Jane and him looking at you expectantly.

“If you request I come then I shall sir. Unless I’m indisposed,” you reply nicely.

“What do you mean? What could possibly make you unavailable. You have nothing to do outside this job,” Jane remarks bluntly.

“Ma'am the only way I would miss your party is if I was dead. In my line of work I understand that my death could occur at any moment.”

Jane and Alec both stare in shock and then a certain emotion you couldn’t figure out.

Before you know it Jane grabs your arm in a bruising grip and roughly pulls you to the throne room.

So it’s finally happening, your death.

send me an x files episode! (s1)
  • pilot: how old were you when you first watched TXF?
  • deep throat: have you ever trespassed?
  • squeeze: do you collect anything?
  • conduit: type your name in binary code!
  • the jersey devil: worst/best date you've ever been on?
  • shadows: if you could become the 'guardian angel' of someone after your death, whose would you want to be?
  • ghost in the machine: if you could invent one type of robot / machine, what would it do?
  • ice: what makes you aggressive?
  • space: did you want to be an astronaut as a kid?
  • fallen angel: ever camped in a trailer?
  • eve: diet coke or regular?
  • fire: have you ever smoked?
  • beyond the sea: what song do you want played at your funeral?
  • gender bender: what's the smoothest pickup line you've ever heard?
  • lazarus: if you could switch bodies with someone else for a day, who would you be?
  • young at heart: you have to choose an age at which you must live eternally. what age do you choose?
  • e.b.e.: favourite lone gunman?
  • miracle man: if you were able to cure one disease/virus, which one would you choose?
  • shapes: which animal would you want to shape shift into?
  • darkness falls: your least favourite insect?
  • tooms: what's worse, the conviction of an innocent or the acquittal of a guilty person?
  • born again: if you were to be reincarnated, where and how would you like to live your next life?
  • roland: favourite star constellation?
  • the erlenmeyer flask: if you were to encounter an alien, what would be the first question you'd ask it (as soon as you've established you can communicate & understand each other)?
Send me a number!!

Ask me questions and get to know me better!! Or alternatively pick a question and send me your answer so I can get to know you better!!

1. What’s the happiest you’ve ever been?

2. What’s your favourite movie?

3. What’s your favourite book?

4. Do you believe in miracles?

5. What inspires you?

6. What’s your favourite season?

7. Have you ever been in love?

8. Do have any regrets (if so what are they)?

9. Favourite thing about where you live?

10. Have you ever been overseas?

11. What’s your favourite place in the whole world?

12. What’s the saddest you’ve ever felt?

13. Where would you like to visit?

14. Biggest fears?

15. Do you believe in the paranormal?

16. What’s your star sign?

17. Favourite musical artists? 

18. Do you collect anything?

19. What’s something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

20. Do you play any instruments?

21. Describe your favourite people in the whole world

22. Would you change the past or look at the future?

23. Do you have any crushes?

24. Do you prefer day or night?

25. Do you have any bad and/or anxious habits?

26. Have you ever had your heart broken?

27. Do you believe in anything enough to fight for it?

28. Do you have any obsessions?

29. How do you deal with stress?

30. Do you want children?

This is the unused journal page that I found the most interesting and finally I was able to figure out what it says.

“Mabel could not think of a single doll that the old woman didn’t own. A sad sigh came from behind us as our host entered the room carrying a tea set. She told us that Mabel was correct - she had a complete collection of every doll in the entire world. What would an avid collector do without anything to collect? My sister suggested that there would be new dolls in the future. The woman said there would be nothing new until fall: what was she to do until then?

As my sister stammered, I turned towards the Gideon doll. It was just as creepy as the real thing. Mabel admitted she had no solution but would help in any way she could. The old woman cooed, “I know you will my dear!”, just then I noticed the Gideon doll shaking and sweating. It was as creepy as the real thing because it was the real thing!

I ran across the room and knocked the tea cup from Mabel’s lips. The old woman knew I was onto her. She lunged at me and pinned me to the ground underneath her. She poured tea from the tea pot onto my face while trying to force my mouth open. Mabel watched us, totally confused.

Just then the Gideon doll fell from the shelf and hit the ground. One of it’s button eyes fell of revealing a the human eye of Gideon Gleeful underneath. He was struggling to break free of some sort of spell. I knocked the tea pot from the old woman’s hands and Mabel knocked her out with an oversized sock monkey.

Mabel put the sock monkey under the old woman’s head like a pillow and we both carried Gideon out of the parlor of terror. We left him in a basket on the Gleeful’s front porch. I’m sure the spell will wear off, though I think Mrs Gleeful would like her boy better if he stayed immobile.

One more note. We went to the police and dragged Sheriff Blubbs and Deputy Durland to the site of the creepy old Victorian. We found an empty lot instead. Then I realised we were one street over from Parpan place, we walked over found the house and had the old lady arrested. “

I was tagged by my art senpai @brunegonda 

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

1. How old are you? 16 .-.

2. What’s your current job? I’m a loser with no job

3. What are you talented at? I can do a cool wavy thing with my eyebrows 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? I want to start a comic, but I’m waiting for the day I stop being lazy 

What’s your aesthetic? 2D animation and grey cloudy days

6. Do you collect anything? movie tickets and junk

7. What’s a topic you always talk about?  anything I can fangirl over or rant about

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours? my sisters loud breathing 

9. Good advice to give? don’t drink coffee past 6pm

10. What are three songs you’d recommend? Message Man, Favorite Record and Bleak December ;D

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autumn asks 🍂

acorn: what movie do you wish life was more like?

apple cider: what is your favorite thing about yourself?

candles: eyes or lips?

caramel apple: lace or leather?

cloudy day: favorite film? 

cobweb: salt popcorn or sweet popcorn?

cranberries: autumn, winter, summer, or spring?

falling leaves: favorite leaf color?

full moon: do you believe in astrology? 

foggy morning: dream home?

green tea: favorite music? 

harvest: what are you tired of hearing about? 

hay: what scares you the most about growing up? 

leaf collecting: do you collect anything?

old books: who is your favorite author? 

pumpkin pie: favorite element of nature? 

raincoat: do you believe in magic? 

soft socks: morning person or night person? 

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How old are you? 24

Current Job/Dream Job: I’m not working at this moment, I’m in college.Dream job…I always wanted to be an archaeologist

What are you talented at? I guess playing the piano..

What is a big goal that you are working towards (Or have already achieved)? getting my degree

What’s your aesthetic? chilly nights, pastel colors, music on my headphones, dark nail polish, christmas lights, hot chocolate, mythology

Do you collect anything? no,not really..

What’s a pet peeve of yours? when people in front of me walk really slow

Good advice to give: never stop dreaming

Recommend three songs:

1.The XX-missing

2.Crosses- bermuda locket

3.30 seconds to mars- was it a dream

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