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im sorry but how can anyone fucking honest to god call serial killers “cinnamon rolls” and “pure” and fucking just completely dismiss what they did!! ive seen three different people do that today now like!!! no!!! wyd!!! they KILLED people and if you cant what’s wrong with that and cant see that they should NOT be idolized then i seriously question your morals because friendly reminder!!!! murder is fucking wrong!!!

@harrysmeadow and @lookformyownparadise tagged me to post my top ten songs from this week, sooo without further ado:

  1. Destroyer – Saint Motel
  2. Power – Little Mix
  3. Love’s Just A  Feeling – Lindsey Sterling ft. Roody
  4. A Song Like You – Bea Miller
  5. Wolf – First Aid Kit
  6. Fire – Louis The Child, Evalyn 
  7. Shot Through The Heart – Bon Jovi 
  8. Kingdom Come – Demi Lovato ft. Iggy Azalea 
  9. Dangerously – Charlie Puth
  10. Thumbs – Sabrina Carpenter 

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i’m fine, i’m fine

When I got up this morning I had no idea that today would be the first day in at least a couple years wherein someone would try to punch me in the face.  The last time this happened I was in a dojo, on mats, wearing a gi and shouting, “Come at me!”  People were supposed to be trying to punch me in the face.

Today I was sitting in an office, in a chair, wearing a tie-dye shirt and cargo shorts, and I wasn’t shouting at all and people were not supposed to be trying to punch me in the face (the cargo shorts aren’t that bad), but one particular person missed that memo and tried to punch me in the face anyway.

The why behind the punching is not important.  (Suffice it to say it’s not a good reason.)  What is important is that I ducked the punch and used all my years of martial arts training to retaliate by a) shrieking like a tiny child and b) throwing a box of Kleenex at my assailant.

Puffs Plus with Aloe clocked said assailant right in the kisser.  Take that.

anonymous asked:

(sorry for any mistakes I made) Ok so the fact that Alcor likes kids became widley know and some cults think that maybe is because kids have stronger/pure souls but since other cultas have already offered him kids and things don´t really end good for them they start to believe that since the kids are forced to colaborate their souls flavour/power is weaker/changes somehow ans Alcor HATES it. So they think that maybe if they get a willing one, Alcor will grant them everything they want (part 1)

(part 2) So they creat this small orphanage were they get lots and lots of kids left alone because of supertnatural realted stuff. There they select the best ones (some have the Sight, are very smart, stuff like) and start to “groom” them so they are the best sacrifice ever. After a while they have a bunch of kids willing to sell/give their soul to the mighty Alcor. They start the ritual to summon Alcor and present him the bunch of kids, he obviuosly wipes the floor with the cultist and

(3) He tries to send the kids back but they kept telling him they want to offer their souls no matter what he does to them. Dippeer has a crisis because one side wants so badly to eat their souls and is making some very convincing arguments but the other is screaming at him not to because it wrong. At the end Mabels needs to summon him back because he should,t take this long with a summon. When he appeares on the room he is crying and she asks him what is wrong

(part 4) He tells mabel the whole thing and at the end she asks him what he did to the kids. “The only thing I could do for them” he says. (I´m really sorry and I will collect my pass to the corner)