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Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

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what ships do you have with denki btw?

uhhhh denki is dating;

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den you have @c0py which are just being grossly cute :/ 

I mean, I like Nagato’s straight, not getting in anyone’s way hair

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Go to hell Raven.”

Pieces of my Heart - Part 26

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A chapter full of fluff and smut….enjoy! haha….I edited it twice, sorry if I missed anything

Betty woke on her stomach to the feel of Jughead’s lips slowly moving down her back.  She shivered when she felt his tongue along the curve of her spine.  He left a kiss at the base of her spine and his hands slowly turned her over, leaving soft kisses over her waist and stomach.  He loved the new curves of her body since having the baby.  She was soft and curvy in all the right places and he couldn’t get enough of her and since Jenna had started sleeping through the night, he took full advantage of the uninterrupted hours.  He shifted, and moved between her legs, placing soft kisses lower and lower, his fingers parting her.

Betty shuddered and moaned as his tongue swept over her.  Her hands slid into his hair and she lifted her hips to him.  He lapped at her, his fingers curling inside her until she shattered, her release coating his tongue and causing a deep growl to erupt from his throat.  He licked his way up her body, pausing at her breasts, being careful to not take his daughter’s nourishment and moved to suck the skin just under her collar bone.  Betty gasped and wiggled, trying to get him where she needed him.  He took her mouth in a kiss and she could taste herself, causing her arousal to sky rocket yet again.  

“Juggie, please,” she whimpered, and he smiled down at her, easing slowly inside.  He held her head, his eyes drilling into hers as he moved, slowly at first and then quicker, deeper, harder.  She pulled her knees up and he sank deeper, his head dropping to the curve of her shoulder, his breath coming in gasps.  He reached down and stroked her and Betty came hard around him and he followed quickly after her.  He lay over her for a long while until she pinched him in the side to move.  Yet when he did, her legs didn’t want to let go.  He rolled onto his back and grinned.  

“We keep this up and Jenna will have a sibling in no time,” Betty muttered, trying to catch her breath.

“Or five,” he said, stroking the leg she threw over his stomach.  She laughed.

“You back to wanting six?” she asked.

“Or more,” he said, his smile growing bigger.

“Juggie, you barely got through the labour and delivery without passing out.  You really think you can handle that again six times?”  Betty asked, laughing.

“If they are as perfect as she is, I’d do it 100 times,” he said softly.

“Well, you better collect more ladies,” Betty teased, rolling on top of him and propping her chin on her hands folded on his chest.  Jughead slid his hands down her back and rested them on her backside.

“I’ve got my hands full with this one,” he said smiling, giving her a squeeze.  “You’re so soft,” he muttered, his hands moving over her.

“Yes, I should really start going to the gym, tone back up,” she sighed.

“Please don’t, I like you soft,” he said seriously.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to use you for my workouts,” she said, a sexy glint in her eyes.  She wiggled against him and he groaned.  

“Give me a few minutes,” He said with a pained laugh.  Jenna had other ideas, as her hungry cries filled the room through the monitor.  “Or not,” he said with a smile.  Betty climbed off of him and slipped into his boxers and t-shirt.  He folded an arm behind his head and watched her leave the room to give the baby her breakfast.  He was happy when Betty brought her back to their bed and settled in next to him, holding her to her breast.  She latched hungrily and he reached over and stroked her chubby cheek.  Jenna’s tiny hand clutched his finger and he didn’t think life could get any better.

Her eyes opened and he was once again startled by their color.   They had slowly changed from the steel grey she had been born with and now at 5 months, they were a soft shade of green.  His hair and her mother’s eyes.  She was perfect.  She watched him and suddenly stopped suckling and grinned at him, milk dribbling down her chin.  Jughead laughed and leaned down to kiss her cheek.


Veronica came over in the afternoon and Betty had chased Jughead from the apartment.  She had a dress fitting and he wasn’t allowed to see.  He took Jenna out for a walk.  The designer had to adjust the dress, due to Betty’s larger breasts and rounder curves.  There was no other way around it.  Jughead refused to push the wedding further and Betty didn’t want to either.  

“Well, you look simply stunning,” Veronica said with a clap of her hands.  “Even better than before I think.  You’re so voluptuous!”

“You think he’ll like it?” Betty asked breathlessly.

“Are you seriously asking that?” V said laughing.  “He’d love you in a freaking garbage bag.  He’s so in love with you, he literally sees nothing else.”  Betty flushed and turned to admire herself all around.  Veronica was right.  The dress was stunning.  Once the seamstress had all the pins in the right place, Betty carefully got out of the dress and pulled her sundress back over her head.

The wedding was three weeks away and Betty was so excited and nervous, she didn’t really know how to express her feelings except to smile all the live long day.  She was going to be Mrs. Jughead Jones and she could hardly wait.  

“So I’ve decided, that even though you and Jughead want a quiet, small affair at the river, you two have literally become the sweethearts of Riverdale and everyone wants to be part of this wedding.  If it’s ok with you guys, I want to throw a reception party at Archie and I’s apartment after you guys get hitched,” Veronica suddenly blurted out in a rush.  Betty turned to her in surprise.  

“You would honestly have to ask Jughead.  You know he’s not a fan of big parties and this one will be centered around us which will make it worse for him.”

“He did fine at our wedding.  He looked like he was having a great time,” V said slowly.

“That’s cause he wasn’t the center of attention,” Betty said laughing.  A half hour later, Jughead was back with Jenna and as Veronica was bouncing her around on her lap, Betty brought the question to Jughead.

“Veronica wants to throw a reception party at her place after our ceremony,” Betty said, watching his face.  “I told her it was up to you.”

“Why is it up to me?” Jughead asked, confused.  “Its your wedding too.”

“I know, and I wouldn’t mind at all, but I know you don’t like crowds of people and you’d be the center of attention, and….” Her voice trailed off at his smile.

“Betty, I’m pretty sure the center of attention would be you,” he said laughing.  “And Jenna.  I say lets do it.  I want nothing more than to show off my two girls.”  Betty squealed in delight and jumped into his arms.  He kissed her, his hands resting over her backside.

“Shall I take Jenna to the next room?” Veronica asked, amused.  Jughead set Betty down and grabbed a water from the fridge.

“So, just how many people are you thinking, V?”  he asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

“My place is huge, I’m inviting everyone.”  Jughead rolled his eyes and Betty laughed in delight.  

“One condition,” he said.  V listened intently.

“There is one room closed off that is only for me and my girls, if we need to go take a breather or feed her.  I don’t want people around when I need a break.”

“Done!”  Veronica clapped her hands in excitement.  “I need to go!  Once again I’m sending invites at the last minute,” she exclaimed and handed Jughead the baby and hurried from the apartment.

“Jughead?” He turned to look at Betty.

“I love you.”

“I love you more,” he said smiling.  Jenna reached up and pulled his beanie and it landed on the floor.  Betty smiled when he didn’t bother to pick it up as he nuzzled his nose to the little girl and he got rewarded with a drooling mouth that latched onto his chin.


The wedding of Jughead Jones to Betty Cooper was honestly the most exciting thing that had happened in Riverdale since Archie Andrews had married Veronica Lodge.  In truth, it was even more exciting because everyone had always known Archie and Veronica would get married, but nobody had known that Betty Cooper would return and turn bad boy Jones into a love struck forever smiling fiancé and father.  Everyone was dying for an invite to the party that was sure to exceed anything they had ever seen.  The ones that didn’t get an invitation literally cried and were promised lots of pics and videos from everyone else.

The wedding day arrived and the weather was absolutely perfect.  It was the last week of September and the colors and beauty of fall made the most gorgeous backdrop at the river’s edge.  A lovely wood and flower archway stood facing the river and the colorful trees on the other side.  There weren’t any chairs as the few people allowed at the intimate ceremony were few.  Veronica had insisted a tent be set up for the ladies to freshen up once they got to the spot and Betty was thankful, as she needed to take a moment to gather herself.  She couldn’t help but laugh at Veronica’s outlandish decorations.  You would have thought they were planning on being there for a week.  

The tent housed several mirrors and couches and lovely rugs lay on the ground to protect their feet.  Betty smiled at her reflection, hoping it’s what Jughead had imagined in his head the day he told her what he thought their wedding would look like.  Her hair was down and she had several lilies woven into it, with a delicate tiny crown of smaller flowers resting on top.  Her jewelry was simple emerald earrings and the eternity necklace he had given her almost two years before.  The dress was simple and elegant. An organza and lace creation that lay over and hugged her curves and pooled at her feet.  Betty had chosen to have lace sleeves added as the autumn had a chill in the air and she thought the look was timeless and beautiful. A V-neck design showed a hint of cleavage and a small jeweled flower gathered the bodice at her hip before the dress continued in soft folds and pooled at her feet.  It was simple, elegant and stunning and she felt beautiful in it.  

Jellybean entered the tent and walked over to Betty and took her hands, her eyes were brimming with tears.  Betty’s own eyes were misty and she brushed the back of her finger under JB’s eye.

“Don’t ruin your makeup,” she said with a smile.

“Oh Betty,” the young lady said, her chin trembling.  “I am so happy for you and J, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have been hoping for this day, for so many years.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for loving my brother, for saving him, for giving him all he’s ever wanted and dared to dream for.”

“He saved me too,” Betty whispered, reaching out to hug the girl.  “I don’t know what I’d do without him.”  Jellybean stepped back and wiped her eyes carefully.

“Is there anything I can get you?” she asked just as Veronica came into the tent, carrying Jenna.  Betty grinned at her daughter, who was wearing a white dress that had more chiffon than any tiny dress should have and she looked like a beautiful little marshmallow.  She had already drooled all over the front of it and Betty laughed as she reached for her.  Veronica backed up a step.

“Not until after the ceremony.  If she drools on you, auntie V will be very annoyed!”  Betty sighed and seeing Jenna was perfectly content, didn’t push the issue.  There was a bit of fussing over her and fixing this and that and Jellybean asked Betty again if there was anything she needed.  Betty felt her heart hammering in her chest and almost felt like she couldn’t breathe and swallowed.

“Can you get Jughead for me?” she asked quietly.

“What?!” Veronica exclaimed.  “Absolutely not!! He cannot see you before the ceremony!  It’s bad luck!”

“Veronica, I don’t believe in all that crap.  Jughead and I have had all the bad luck we’re ever going to have already behind us and I really feel anxious right now, I just need to see him, he calms me down,” Betty exclaimed breathlessly.  “I’d rather we see each other without anyone around anyway, first look and all.”

“Oh fine, nothing you two do is ever traditional anyway.  You kinda roll by your own drum.”  Veronica ushered everyone out of the tent and left Betty alone, and went to find the groom.

Veronica found Jughead standing with Archie and walked over and shook her head when he reached for Jenna.  

“No, she’s drooling too much.  Betty needs you.”

“Is she ok?” he asked, concerned.

“Wait, isn’t that like taboo or something,” Archie asked.

“Betty insists that they have had all the bad luck they will ever have and she doesn’t care, she just needs you for a minute so she can calm down.”  Jughead smiled and headed for the tent.

Betty stood, gazing at herself in the mirror when she saw Jughead enter the tent behind her.  She turned slowly and the look in his eyes made her heart hammer more than it already was.  She nervously clutched her hands together and he walked slowly over to her, stopping just a foot in front of her.  He was dressed in simple black dress pants and a white button down shirt, and of course, suspenders.  A lily was pinned to his shirt, no beanie was perched on his head and his unruly black hair was already falling across his forehead.  He was so beautiful, it made her chest ache.

“Say something,” she whispered after long moments of silence.  

“I’m trying,” he whispered back, unable to find his proper voice.  “You’re so beautiful I can’t breathe.”

“Anything like you imagined?” she asked breathlessly.

“I couldn’t have imagined this,” was his answer.  His voice shook and so did the hand he lifted to her face.  She leaned into his caress and closed her eyes.  “Are you ok?” he asked gently.

“Yes, I was just anxious and I needed you near me,” she said with a smile.  His eyes were misty and hers followed suit.  He took her hands and rested his forehead against hers, taking a deep breath.  They stood quietly, breathing each other in until her heart calmed and her breathing was steady and strong.  

“I love you, Jughead Jones.”

“I love you, Betty Cooper.”  They both smiled, knowing it was the last time he would be calling her that.  He lifted her hand and pressed a kiss to her fingers.  “I’ll be waiting,” he whispered and then he was gone.

Veronica came back into the tent quickly and made sure Betty hadn’t messed up anything.  

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if you two had had a quickie before we started,” she said with a roll of her eyes.  Betty giggled and let out a few deep breaths.  She took the bouquet of flowers Veronica handed her and smiled.  She was about to become Jughead’s wife.  That thought alone almost made her pass out.  How on earth all the stars had aligned for this day to happen, she had no idea, but she was so glad they did.

“So who’s all out there,” Betty asked as Veronica fussed with her dress.  

“Hardly anyone, cause you two weirdos didn’t want a big shindig,” V said laughing.  “But I get it,” she added with a smile.  “You two have gone through more than anyone should and it’s only right that the only people allowed to witness this are those closest to you.  So we have your mother, FP, me and Archie, lovely JB, beautiful Jenna, Sheriff Keller…..”  Betty’s head snapped up.  Veronica started laughing.  “I’m only kidding Betts.”

“Jesus, you have a morbid sense of humor,” Betty muttered.

“Must have got it from Jug,” V said, still laughing.

“I feel sad that Polly couldn’t come,” Betty admitted.  “Baby number 4 is about ready to pop though, so I’ll accept her excuse.  My dad, well, I kind of don’t care and I didn’t really expect him to come.”

“And anyone else in your life will be at the party,” V said smiling.  “So, let’s get this done.”

Betty stepped out of the tent and saw Jughead waiting at the arch with the clergyman and the few other people stood off to the side, their eyes on her.  Archie was seated on a chair and started to play a lovely melody on his guitar and Betty walked slowly across the moss, her feet bare and her heart bursting, toward the love of her life.  A happy screech from Jenna caused them to look at her and laugh before their eyes once again found each other.

Jughead watched Betty walk toward him.  He had never seen anything so beautiful in his whole life.  Her eyes were shining and her cheeks were flushed.  Her smile was dazzling.  He couldn’t believe they were finally here and his eyes roamed over her, imprinting her into his brain and heart.  She finally came to a stop in front of him and he had no idea what the man marrying them was saying, he couldn’t even breathe properly as he stared into her eyes.  After a while, when he managed to focus, she was handing Veronica her flowers and took both his hands in hers.  He swallowed as she began her vows.

“Juggie,” she began in almost a whisper, not caring if nobody heard, as long as he did.  “I have loved you for so long.  I never knew love until I loved you.  Your heart and your soul are so beautiful and I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe, to be able to call you mine.  We lost so many years, and I never imagined when we were apart that we would be here, in this moment.  I hoped and longed for it, but I never knew I would actually get it.  You are an amazing partner and the most wonderful father to our little girl,”  Betty’s voice caught and her eyes brimmed with happy tears.  Jughead felt his own well up and he smiled and squeezed her hands, his heart hammering at her words.  She took a deep breath and continued.  

“You make me feel safe, and loved and when everything is spinning around me, you make me feel calm. I will spend the rest of my life loving you and taking care of you.  I promise to always be there for you, to support you, to help you, to encourage you.  I promise to never hurt you or make you feel like you are less than the amazing man you are.  I love you more than I thought it was possible to love and I promise to tell you every single day.  I promise to be faithful to you and to love you for the rest of your life and I can’t think of anything better than being your wife and I promise you have my heart for all eternity.”  Betty finished, and reached up with a laugh that sounded more like a sob and brushed the tears off Jugheads cheek.  “Oh, and I promise to never break another camera and thank you for being so great at changing diapers!”  Jughead laughed, as did everyone around them.  His eyes twinkled and he had to fight the urge to kiss her smiling mouth.  God he loved her.  

Betty felt herself tremble as Jughead took a deep breath.  His eyes were still wet from her vows and she squeezed his hands in encouragement. He smiled at her, and she thought once again how ridiculously handsome he was.  

“My love,” he began and she promptly burst into happy tears again.  He paused with a soft laugh and leaned his forehead down to rest on hers for a moment, and she breathed him in, calming herself.  “My love,” he began again and she grinned.  Jughead couldn’t help but laugh again.  He leaned down and whispered in her ear.  “Stop it or I’m going to forget my vows and carry you to the fucking tent.”  The clergyman frowned and cleared his through, having heard the lusty threat.  Betty bit her lip and smothered her laughter and nodded quickly.  Jughead straightened up and took a deep breath.  His smile slowly faded and his face became serious, determined.

“I have longed for this moment my entire life, and I love you so much” he began softly.  “The year we started dating, I didn’t feel like I deserved you and I was scared the entire time.  It almost feels like that part of my life isn’t real.  The years that followed were the worst time of my life and I felt like I was nothing, that I deserved nothing, that I meant nothing.” Betty felt her tears well.  “I never believed in God, I didn’t think he existed cause I saw nothing good in my life, but then he gave me you, Betts.  He brought you back to me and that first day I saw you at Pop’s, I felt a spark of hope in my heart that I hadn’t felt in years. You are my heart and my soul and I have loved you my entire life and I can’t believe I get to spend all of it with you.  I don’t deserve so much happiness and yet, I have it.  You gave me the most beautiful little girl and I promise I will always take care of you and Jenna.  I will never hurt you and never betray you and I will never leave you.  Until I take my last breath, I will love you and cherish you and protect you.  I am whole when you are with me and I will spend eternity making you happy.”  Jughead wiped the tears from Betty’s face and she did the same to his.  He decided to add a little something as well.  “I also promise not to do anything that will make you want to break things and I promise to change diapers for all the babies you give me.”  Betty laughed through her sobs and squeezed his hands.  Everyone wiped tears as the clergyman went through the rest of the ceremony.  

“Do you, Forsythe Pendleton Jones….” Jughead grimaced and Betty giggled.

Their ‘I do’s’ were whispered with tears and their diamond circled wedding bands were slipped on with happy smiles and sighs.  They barely listened to the formalities.

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife.”  Betty smiled at the breath of relief that Jughead exhaled, and when he said Jughead could kiss his bride they were already reaching for each other.  

He kissed her, their friends clapping and wiping tears, as he poured his heart and soul into the kiss.  She was shaking when he pulled back and she had to clutch his shirt to keep from falling.  

“I love you so much,” she whispered and he lifted her in a tight hug and twirled around with her.  

“Not half as much as I love you, Betty Jones,” he said with a smug arrogant grin.  Her eyes widened at that.  She was Betty Jones.  She grinned and started kissing him again.  The official gave up trying to get their attention and stood back.  

“Mr. and Mrs. Jones everyone,” he said, smiling.  Betty and Jughead were surrounded and pulled into hugs and kisses and excited laughter.  Jughead reached for Jenna and Jellybean reluctantly released her.  He pulled Betty into his side and they walked with everyone to the tent.  Once inside, the women were a whirlwind of activity around Betty, fixing her makeup and straightening this and that.  He sat on the couch holding Jenna and watching.  

“The party starts in 3 hours,” Veronica announced.  “We’ll get the pictures done here and move to the other locations and hopefully you guys aren’t too tired by then to have some fun.”

Several hours later, the happy newlyweds arrived to loud cheers and clapping at V and Archie’s place.  By the time they got through all the ‘congratulations’, Betty was ready for a nap.  Veronica let her and Jughead to the private quarters she had prepared for them.  It was blissfully sound proof and they were left alone to regroup.  Jellybean had already gotten Jenna down for the night, having fed her the bottle Betty had left for her and she was tucked away in a crib in the corner.  Betty watched her sleep for a while, so blissfully happy, she thought she would burst.

Jughead slipped his arms around her and dropped a kiss on her shoulder.  She leaned against him and sighed.  After a moment he turned her slowly and smiled down into her eyes.  

“Hi wife,” he whispered.

“Hi husband,” she whispered back, her smile radiant.  He took her face in his hands and kissed her, and when he felt the tremors of desire, he pulled back and took a deep breath.

“We need to at least make an appearance, Mrs. Jones,” he said laughing.  

“Lead the way, Mr. Jones,” Betty smiled, then paused.  “Oh, wait.”  She lifted her hands to her shoulders and Jughead had no idea what she did but suddenly the dress no longer had sleeves and he raised an eyebrow.

“That like a magic dress or something?” he asked, bewildered.

“But, of course,” she giggled, and took his hand to follow him to the party.

Jughead’s father didn’t stay long as he got tired easily after his illness and Betty gave him a long hug before he left.  

“You take good care of him, Betty,” he said, his eyes misty with tears.  “I didn’t do much right by him and I’m so glad he has you and you’ve helped him heal.  I couldn’t be more proud of him or you.”

“Thank you,” Betty said softly and gave him another hug.  After mingling a couple hours with people, she looked around for Jughead.  She hadn’t seen him for a while and she missed his presence.

“Have you seen Jughead?” she asked Archie, after searching a bit in the crowd of people.  

“I think he went to check on Jenna,” he said, with a nod down the hall.  Betty walked to the back room and found him sitting on a couch, his head leaned back, his eyes closed.  She closed the door quietly, locking it and walked over to him.  She hiked up her skirt and settled herself on his lap, straddling him.

“Mmmmmmm, I hope that’s my lovely wife,” he said, his voice husky.  

“It might be,” she said leaning down and biting his earlobe.  His arms came up around her and he opened his eyes.  “What are you doing in here?” she asked, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Taking a breather,” he said smiling.  His hands gently brushed down her back, his fingers making lazy circles.  Betty leaned down and placed a kiss on his jaw, and his hands gripped her hips.  He leaned back and his eyes were stormy, needy.  She kissed him again, this time on the mouth, licking her tongue over his lips and he groaned and tangled his fingers in her hair.  After a moment, she pulled away, breathing heavy.  She felt his arousal in his pants and she ached for him.  Standing quickly she pulled up her skirt and pulled her lace panties down her legs while he fumbled with the button of his pants.  She climbed back into his lap and his hands moved between her legs, finding her wet and ready.  He took her mouth with his again and helped her ease down on him.  Betty whimpered as he filled her.  It was wild and wet and they didn’t take it slow and within minutes they came together, their kiss muffling their cries of pleasure.  Betty collapsed on him, sated and breathless.

“Shit,” Jughead said hoarsely.  “I wanted our first time as husband and wife to be slow and sensual and on a bed of roses with candles and wine and….” She covered his mouth with hers to shut him up.

“I needed you,” she said after long moments.

“I just fucked you in your wedding dress with our daughter sleeping in the corner,” he said, sounding rather grumpy about it.  

“I had an itch,” she said, a smile playing at her lips.  “Seems like you did as well,” she giggled.  She climbed off his lap and went into the bathroom and freshened up and they headed back to the party.

Another couple hours later, Archie and Veronica came up to them and handed them a key card.  Betty looked at it and saw it was the hotel that their wedding had been in.  

“The penthouse awaits,” Veronica said with a smile.  

“Wow, really?” Betty exclaimed.  

“Yes.  It’s yours for two nights.  Don’t worry about Jenna, me and Jellybean got all the milk you had stored in the freezer and if we run out, we know where to find you,” she said, smiling.  Betty grinned and turned to Jughead.  She didn’t have to convince him.  They said quick goodbye’s and after gently kissing Jenna without waking her, they were out the door.

The hotel room was beautiful and extravagant.  There were flowers and chocolate and strawberries and candles and much to Jughead’s delight, champagne.  She giggled at the knowing look on his face.  

“Don’t ruin any mattresses this time,” she teased, as she looked around the suite.  She walked into the bathroom and gasped.  “Oh my God, we are taking a bath first,” she exclaimed, looking at the enormous tub.  He came up behind her, his arms coming around her.  

“Sure,” he agreed.  “I like you all wet and slippery.”  Betty sighed and turned around, pushing him back against the wall.  His hands settled on her hips and hers rested on the wall behind him and she kissed him until he could barely breathe.  He pulled back with a growl and squeezed her backside that his hands had found.  She pulled away and started the water and added some bubble bath and then she gave him a coy grin and walked into the bedroom.  

“Come get me out of this dress,” she said seductively.

“I thought we were taking a bath,” he asked, looking at the filling tub as he followed her.  

“We are,” Betty said laughing.  “I need to get out of this thing first.”  Jughead came up behind her and looked in horror at what seemed like hundreds of tiny buttons.

“Betty, what the fuck!” he exclaimed, not having the slightest idea how he was going to undo them.  “Can’t I just rip it?”

“Don’t you dare!” she muttered.  “Just start at the top and work your way down.”  Jughead sighed and with great care, patience and numerous annoyed ‘fucks’, he managed to get them all undone without tearing the dress.  She turned and slowly let the dress fall to the floor.  She gave a small shriek when he grabbed her and lifted her into his arms, walking back into the bathroom.  He deposited her into the bubbles and she gasped.

“I’m still in my lingerie!” she exclaimed as he started to undress.  

“Yes, you are, and now it’s wet and basically part of your skin and I’ve never seen anything hotter,” he said with a grin.

“You’re ridiculous,” she laughed as he stepped into the tub.  He sat and pulled her into his arms and she kissed him eagerly, desperate and hungry for him.  Jughead held her face in his hands, his thumbs stroking her jaw as he curled his tongue around hers.  Betty reached behind him and turned off the faucet, as the water was pretty close to spilling over the edge of the tub.  

“We should lay towels down,” she said laughing.  “We are bound to make a mess again.” Jughead was too busy pressing kisses along her collarbone to care about the mess they might make.  Betty moved closer and pulled his head up, wanting his mouth on hers again.  He gave her what she wanted for a bit and then pulled back and smiled.  He moved with her and suddenly she found herself sitting on the raised seat on the edge of the tub, her back against the cold tile wall.  His eyes darkened with desire as the bubbles and water flowed down her skin.  Betty looked down and laughed at the bra that seemed molded to her.

“Well, second skin is right,” she said, her voice husky, needy. He started to move closer and she put a wet foot on his shoulder, stopping him.  “Something you want?” she asked in a seductive whisper as she swept her hand down her body, coming to a stop between her legs.  She slipped it inside the lace and he glared as she swept her fingers over herself.  She pulled them out and reached over, placing them on his lips, and he slowly sucked them into his mouth.  He pushed her foot off his shoulder and reached for the lace, pulling it down her legs.  His hands slid up the inside of her thighs, one leg lifted over his shoulder and he ducked down and ran his tongue over her.

Betty moaned and held his head to her, lifting to his mouth.  His fingers slipped inside her, curling and she gasped his name when he sucked on her swollen nub.  He laughed against her when her fingers pulled a little too hard on his hair.  Within minutes he had her shaking with release and as was his favorite thing to do, did it again.  She was yelling by the time his mouth moved up her body, stopping to bite at her nipples through the soaked lace and then fumbled to get it off and swirled his tongue over the tight peak, sucking it into his mouth.  He could taste the liquid they held and it aroused him even further, and he pulled her down off the seat and she gasped when she slid over him, taking him deep inside.  

“God, you feel so good,” he gasped against her neck, bucking against her.  She tried to move and the bubbles and water made everything twice as slippery and she got frustrated at her inability to stabilize herself.

“Bed, Juggie!” she gasped, as they fell back against the side.  “Now, take me to bed!”  He struggled to stand, not wanting to let her go and somehow they managed to get to the bed, soaking wet and covered in bubbles and they fell on the sheets and he thrust quickly into her again.  She didn’t want it slow and sensuous, she wanted him hard and deep and Jughead couldn’t have done it any other way.  He braced on his hands and thrust into her again and again and when she arched her back and gave a long cry, her body clenching hard on him, he growled as his body instantly shuddered with his own release.  Jughead fell against her, their still wet skin sliding together and she started to laugh when he couldn’t stop from sliding to the side, pulling her with him.  They landed on the plush carpeted floor with a thud and he grunted, taking the brunt of the fall, his head hitting the leg of the bedside table.  A lamp crashed to the floor.

“Well, that was earth shattering,” he said, as she continued to laugh hysterically.

“They will ban us from this hotel, forever,” Betty gasped when she finally managed to stop laughing.

“That was totally worth it,” he said with a smug grin.  “Where are you going?” he asked when she got up.  

“We need champagne and strawberries,” she replied with a giggle.  He grinned and got back on the bed.

Later that night, when all was quiet and Riverdale was sleeping, Jughead got what he wanted and made love to Betty, slowly, sensually.  Their bodies coming together like they were made for each other.  He was lost inside her, she was wrapped all around him, their breaths and soft cries mingling around their tongues.  

“I love you…..I love you….” He chanted as he kissed her happy tears off her face.

“More, Juggie,” she whispered, reaching for him yet again.  Her ‘I love you’s’ mingled with his as they spent the night wrapped in each other’s arms.


Back home a couple days later, Betty watched Jughead play with Jenna on the floor.  She was trying to crawl and his excited encouragement made her heart ache with happiness.  When the little dark haired angel managed to crawl a couple feet before landing on her stomach with a happy drooling grin, he grabbed her and rolled onto his back, holding her up in the air over him.

“You did so good, baby girl,” he said laughing, and was rewarded with a baby squeal and a drop of drool on his chin.  He wiped it with a smile and glanced over at Betty, noting the happy look on her face.

“Hey mama,” he said softly.  “What you thinking about?”

“Just how all the pieces of our hearts are sealed back together again,” she said, her eyes shining.  He winked at her and held out his hand and she joined them on the floor.  Life couldn’t get any better than this.


Well, sadly, this brings this story to a close…..I have loved every minute of it and i’m so so happy that so many of you loved it as much as I did. I will be returning periodically to check in on our Betts and Juggie and see how life has been going for them. Stay tuned for future snippets of Pieces of my Heart.

I have another work in progress and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names


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s-ummr  asked:

Heyyy ok I have a whole bunch of grid notebooks that are just blank and I have no idea what to do with them and if I don't do something now, I'll end up having a collection of 100+ blank notebooks for the rest of my life. I'm not good with planner stuff and tracking things (e.g. Sleep, books, etc.) and it's almost summer so I don't need them for school, and I already have a journal/diary thing. I'm just wondering what to do w them D: thanks¡!

I have the same problem! I have so many notebooks that I never use. Here are a few random ideas of what to do with them;

  • Carry one in your bag to jot down random things, lists, etc
  • Make a list of books you want to read, and then review them
  • Make a list of movies you’ve seen and what you’ve thought of them
  • Save them until the fall and use them for school
  • Give one as a gift
  • Make a five year journal (write one line a day on a different page, and then go back the next year and write another line)
  • Use one to do morning pages (three pages of free-writing)
  • Make one a time capsule – write down everything about you and about your life, the world, etc. and then label the front 2017 and keep it somewhere safe to see how much has changing in a few years!
  • Use it to hold daily to do lists, notes, random stuff like that
  • Practice improving your handwriting

If anyone has any other idea, please add em on! I’d love to hear them, too. 

anonymous asked:

are u actually friends with pissed off californian

i got to kno them bc they posted some dumb shit and i yelled at them @online and then they posted some shit opinions that i argued with but they seemed kinda like not fuckin braindead like most of the hard-right ppl ive followed so i thought maybe i could have meaningful discussion.  but like… idk rape/racist jokes are just 100% garbage trash go To Hell do not Collect 200 Dollarinos.  


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Me: I’m going to hell.

Sister: You don’t believe in hell.

Me: I stepped on our puppy’s foot.

Sister: Go straight to hell, do not pass go do not collect $100.