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Honestly after finally playing Joseph’s route for myself I’ve gotta say…Some of you really have been spreading a lot of misinformation and it’s likely been causing people a lot of stress.
Like I still think the ending is bad and the cheating sucks and I hate how the game accuses you of being a homewrecker when the “dates” could easily be viewed as two friends hanging out who might have a slight attraction to eachother but don’t really act on it (which you don’t until Joseph tells you that he and his wife are separating).
It could’ve been so much more. I’m not about to go on a tangent by invalidating anyone’s negative feelings on the entire route, but for me personally? It wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be. People hyperbolizing his route caused me more distress than the actual game did.

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Hey, I'm a future ap spanish student and I'm still having trouble with tildes and like certain rules and such. Do you know any cheat sheets I can use just to get me started? It's really hard for me sounding out the words because I feel like everything needs a tilde lol. Thank you so much and your blog really helps out ❤️

You’re going to want to check out the rules of esdrújula because that explains a lot of the tilde rules.

(I’m not sure how well this is going to show up as an image)

Monosyllabic words (only one syllable) are written without a tilde (fe, ve, dio, fue, vio, guion), except monosyllabic words that require a diacritic accent mark  and él as opposed to tu and el

Monosyllabic words are classified as tonic (dé, sol, ve) and atonic (de, con, su)… meaning some are vocally stressed and some have no vocal stress.

[this is why you see tres and seis without accent marks but then dieciséis and ventitrés do, because they need to show people where the accent should be]

Polysyllabic words are accented visually according to the placement of the tonic stress [where you put the vocal accent]  within each word, and the letter it ends with.

1. Agudas [sharp] = The stressed syllable is the last one / ultimate

  • el telón = curtain [theater]
  • el colibrí = hummingbird
  • el señal = sign / signal

2. Llanas [flat] or Graves [deep/serious] = The stressed syllable is 2nd to last / penultimate

  • el árbol = tree
  • el lunes = Monday
  • el tema = subject

3. Esdrújula = The stressed syllable is 3rd to last / antepenultimate

  • la gina = page
  • modo/a = comfortable
  • único = only / unique

Sobreesdrújula = The stressed syllable is right behind the 3rd to last [due to conjugations and commands for the most part]

  • gamelo = tell me [usted command; “tell it to me”]
  • maselo = eat it [usted command; “eat it (up)”]

Words that are agudas take an accent when they end in a vowel OR when ending in consonants N or S (not preceded by another consonant)

  • acá = here / near
  • el comité = committee
  • aquí = here
  • revi = [3rd person] revised / reviewed
  • el iglú = igloo
  • la razón = reason
  • el compás = rhythm / compass [mathematics; not sailing which is brújula]

When they end in more than one consonant they don’t have an accent mark. And there’s also no accent mark when they end in Y


Words that are llanas/graves have an accent when they end in a consonant OTHER than N or S

  • el piz = pencil
  • la rcel = jail
  • el nel = tunnel
  • el rax = thorax

They also take an accent mark when they end in more than one consonant, and when they end in Y.


Words that are esdrújula or sobreesdrújula ALWAYS have an accent mark.

(It doesn’t matter what vowel or consonant they end in, they’ll always have accent marks)

@emmerah: I believe your request was bby Ami and Mako having a play date.

So here I have what would be them nearing the end of that and well Mako is feeling a little bad because she didn’t mean for Ami to get her dress dirty. While Ami is just delighted BECAUSE FRIEND and no worries, she should have known better than to wear a nicer dress to a play date at the park. It was bound to happen.

Also bby Ami with long hair because I would like to believe that not all the senshi had the same hair style their entire lives.

I also polished yours a bit more since you’ve been waiting forever.

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Do you ever think of cheating on your husband for a young thick 🍆?

I haven’t tried growing eggplant this year. I’ve done cucumbers and zucchini. Do you think i still have time to plant so I can harvest this year? Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening just as much as the next hoe, but I won’t keep my vegetables a secret.

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Do you think alluka doesn't realize how horrible her requests are because she was young and then isolated? Or was is it always nanika making the requests and alluka doesn't even know what she said?

Alluka is a creepy little shit. She’s a Zoldyck after all, they all have their degree of cruelty. Nanika names what it requires, Alluka asks for it all willy-nilly. She realizes what she’s asking for but like “bitch if you want infinite cash you better give me your lung”. I think they watched FMA in isolation.

Do think one can cheat a request from alluka by giving it figuratively? Like she asks for your brain instead you show how smart you are. Was it ever tested or stated in the show?            

This is a good question, but I think Nanika is a literal type of being. I doubt it can be tricked without an emotional bond, like it has with Killua. Then it’s yours as a handy God-mode sister. It’s never mentioned, so who knows?

Alluka: “Give me your heart.”

Me: *drops on my knee and proposes*

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)