do not be an imitation of someone else

just some Jack Wilder stuff.
  • Imagine Jack just listening to you talk, and before you know it, he’s mastered your voice and he uses it when he’s playing around and mocks you.
  • Imagine Jack mastering Danny’s voice and he uses it to screw around with the rest of the Horsemen over the phone.
  • just i m a g i n e this sinnamon roll and the imitations he can do.
    • Imagine him using some imitations to make you smile when you’re upset/sad(uses ones like Elmo, or sillier ones verses more serious tones).
  • Imagine him ruining the moment by saying something in someone else’s voice.
    • He thinks it’s downright funny.
      • You think otherwise.
  • Imagine him trying to teach you how to study and how to imitate people’s voice.
    • You fail miserably.
      • He tells you, “That’s okay. I don’t want you sounding like anyone else when you sound perfect already.”
        • gives you a cheeky lil’ smile.

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The Mimics

Mimic- The Oxford Dictionary:  Imitate (someone or their actions or words), especially in order to entertain or ridicule.

Both Gemini and Pisces, the chameleons of the zodiac, have a very peculiar but humorous way of entertaining those around them with impersonations and impressions, often being able to morph into something or someone else entirely. It can be especially funny when they do so in a sardonic manner, emphasising the idiosyncrasies of the people around them much like a distorted caricature. There is a definite trickster energy to both of these signs, where making people laugh around them fuels them in a way, encourages them on. Their shifts in personality allow them to have many fields of experience, but also bring great laughter into the world.


This is something I saw on @blasticheart blog. I was scared to do it a long time ago when i saw it on someone else blog but then i was like “i can do this” and gave it a shot. Though i was supposed to pick 5 and the first one was supposed to be my original art, i kind of picked 6 and didnt know who i should drop so here are the ones i tried to mimic sorry if it doesnt look like your art…i tried…


I REALLY love your art styles. Its too cute/cool/creapy/and funny. I hope yoo like my imitation of your art…

And another theory about autism.

Listen, so I’ve got a new theory on another factor that could contribute to the reason why autistic people have difficulties with socializing!

Autistic people have a different approach to learning/memorizing new information than most neurotypical people. We tend to be “hands-on”, meaning that no matter what we’re currently learning, we have to do something with it. In order to learn how to tie shoelaces for example, we might need countless repetitions of the actions done by ourselves while other people learn through observation. Other people just watch a few times how someone ties their shoe, they try to imitate the movement they see. But we, in contrast, tend to discover our own way of doing it because we are not good at picking up skills just like that.
If we learn a new information, we have to write/talk with our own words about it or maybe create something else out of it so we can keep it in mind.

When it comes to explaining why people follow social norms in the first place, the theory with the most supporting evidence suggests that norms are internalized by everyone during the process of socialization.
The theory offers plausible explanations for why people follow rules even when they know disobedience would be a wiser decision and many other examples in which following a norm brings more pain than gain.

The thing is, because autistic people learn in different ways, we might not be as good when it comes to learning about social norms as neurotypicals. We may memorize some of them very well (probably as a result of previous punishment because of former disobedience), but we’ll probably always have to put more conscious cognitive effort into this than allistics. At least that’s what I would conclude.

Additionally, we often lack the ability to identify the social cues others send in order to inform us about implicit social norms (and you can bet your ass there are many of those). This could be caused by something completely unrelated, but it could also be the result of a failed learning process as well. What if we struggle with social cues because we just didn’t have the right approach to learning it during the time of our childhood in which we should have done that?

(This would actually be an amazing topic for my bachelor’s degree.)

I think we should talk about this:

Lets start with the fact that if the question was “how would you describe Krysta_?” and Kai would do this, everybody would go crazy saying that they are so in love etc.

If this was girl-boy situation people would say that they are dating for sure.

He made a fucking heart do describe Kyungsoo.

This thing is fucking suspicious. I mean not to me. For me it obvious, what was the purpose of this, but it should be suspicious for everybody else.

First of all, isn’t it strange that of all EXO members someone pick Kyungsoo?
And who made it anyway? Suho?

Hell no. He woul never pick Kyungsoo for Kai to imitate.

He’s like the biggest Kaisoo anti in the world (maybe only Chen is more anti-DiKa).

So who pick Kyungsoo? Director? Stuff?

And isn’t it suspicious, that he was the last guess?

Like the cherry on the top.

And if you saw the video, have you noticed that when it came to Kyungsoo Suho became stiff, his voice changed, when he was talking to Kai he was kind of uptight?

And how he threw sheets on the table angrily at the end?

And why Kai did this?

He was stretching on purpouse. Just to make the hart.

And he made it perfectly shaped.

But again. WHY?

Apparently Kyungsoo logged to the v-app right before Kai’s show  started.
Did Kai want to send him a message?

But it wasn’t very subtle.

It looked like he wanted heart to be seen.

Was he giving fans hints on purpose?

And if, WHY?

There’s a lot of questions and no answers.

Ofcourse, it could be a coincidence.

Coincidences happen.

But for me he was trying to tell us something.

And I think I know what it is.

I really love the fact that Heather Duke is the only one without a primary color. Veronica, Heather M, and Heather C are all one of a kind (whether or not that’s a good thing) But all Heather Duke can do is imitate her surroundings. She’s so lost, she doesn’t even realize she’s been running on autopilot with a synthetic personality forged by someone else. What happened to the funny chubby girl she was in middle school? When did she stop caring about real things? Red, Yellow, and Blue just are. But green? Green has to be created. 

  • friends: why do you always change
  • me inside: because I have an unstable sense of self and don't feel comfortable in my own skin hence my desperate attempts to vacate myself from the prison of my own body and my extremely horrid tendency to get lost in delusional idealism and imitate the likes of people I admire then failing miserably and decaying into a fruitless attempt to be someone I can never be then engaging in self injurious acts for not having the confidence to go about a typical day without taking on the mannerisms of somebody else and feeling like an unoriginal piece of trash
  • me: I just like 2 change things up :-) just 4 fun
  • the Outsider: Corvo, I need you to be the Masked Felon again.
  • Corvo: Get off my lawn!
  • the Outsider: It's happened again
  • Corvo: damn kids with their damn floaty powers.
  • the Outsider: what will you do with the power I've given you
  • Corvo: *throws a crossbow bolt* stupid whale trickster god.
  • the Outsider: It's always good to see a familiar face
  • Corvo: where's that chains-smoking geezer.
  • Corvo: *imitates picking up a telephone*
  • the Outsider: What you decide will ripple across the years
  • Corvo: Daud! Hey, Daud! The Void called!
  • the Outsider: An Empire at your feet and you lost it all
  • Corvo: They want their boy band back!
  • the Outsider: How will you make your mark on this wretched world
  • Corvo: Go bug someone else. I'm retired.

gatsbyandlavender  asked:

Congratulations on getting an A dear!!! So so proud of you! What's your best method for revision? I struggle so much staying motivated 🐝

hello m'love n thank u so much !! for revision i have a lot of different methods but i usually rewrite my notes in a kind of condensed form n then i’ll use flash cards as well as doing lil section summaries !! but honestly i’ve found that trying to imitate someone else’s revision methods often doesn’t work, u just need to try lots until u find one that works best for u !! hope this helps bee 💗💗

I’m working with @Refinery29 & @LaneBryant to break plus size women out of the niche and into the norm with The 67% Project, and they asked what my vision for “better representation” of plus sized women looks like. Frankly, I just want to live in a world where plus sized women are not afraid of their own bodies. That’s it. So many of us are straight up terrified of the skin we’re in- and we’ll do anything possible to imitate someone else. But what if we were surrounded by imagery that’s actually representative of diverse feminine beauty, instead of a rotating cast of multiethnic Barbie dolls? In an ideal world, I would #SeeThe67 every time I turn my head- in magazines, on television shows, in movies. And not just the curvy fashion models shaped like Marilyn Monroe or the requisite “fat best friend.” Waiting for acceptance and representation is a waste of time. We’re curvy goddesses- ass kicking amazons, even. It’s time to show off THAT reality instead of the unbalanced options we’ve been offered.

Leggings + Sports Bra + Boots- @lanebryant

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PSA: stop comparing people’s art to popular art styles™

Do you know how infuiriating it can be to have your artwork, that you spent hours on, being compared to someone else’s who is more popular? Or being sent messages that say ‘your art looks like X’ ‘wow are you copying X?’

Like.. please shut up. Yes, maybe sometimes artists are obviously inspired by popular people™ because maybe they like the art style??? Shocking. (Spoiler alert: It’s popular™ for a reason).  And yes, sometimes artists try to copy what they like, because they LIKE IT. I do it, everyone and their mom does it. But most of the time everyone eventually deviates and develops their very own art style. It’s natural to learn by imitation. That’s kind of a rule of nature.

Unless of course you purposefully copy someone to mooch off of their fame™ and make money with it or something. But it’s mostly very obvious when someone does that and it doesn’t happen awfully often.


Most of the time it comes off as accusatory or just really damn annoying. Or god forbid you directly compare them ‘X does it better’. Like holy shit in what world do you think something like that is ok?

Pardon my language, but seeing this is just really annoying the heck outta me. 

Yours truly.

Random Sad Prompts
  • You died but I couldn’t let you go so I buried your corpse in the backyard and now your soul is trapped here haunting my house
  • I’m your reflection but I’m in love with you but can’t do anything but imitate and look at you forever while you are all happy with someone else
  • We lived happy together but one day you turned into a goldfish and died before I could find a way to make you come back to normal
  • I confessed my feelings but you chose an erotic anime hugging pillow over me
  • Our wedding is three days away but I hit my head and now I have amnesia and I can’t remember you but am suddenly obsessed with Disney movies
  • You are an astronaut and became an ally of some alien nation while I’m wating for your return that will never happen
  • We are married but you were charged for a murder you didn’t commit and were sentenced to death penalty and this is our last day together
  • We are book cover illustrations and our books stay side by side on the shelf but the librarian brought a new book collection and put it between us and now we will never be together again
  • I’m a human sacrifice for a cult you are part of but I still love you even if I’m about to be killed by your hands


I made a polyvore which is a place where I can make outfits and stuff


SEND ME A PHOTO OF ANY CHARACTER OR PERSON WITH THEIR NAME / WHAT THEYRE FROM (ex. sailor Jupiter from sailor moon OR suga from kpop group BTS)


(please do this I am so bored, u don’t have to have BPD to submit images or characters or anything!!)

Like a snowflake, there is no one like you on this planet. Do not waste time trying to imitate others. Be your best version and show it to the world. Be yourself not someone else is your greatest talent. If everyone had the same look, talk and walked the same way, no one would be unique. Individuality does not exist. Being different is what makes you special and makes the world so interesting.

“Girls, girls, quiet down you’re going to damage my eardrums. There’s enough of me to go around,” he smiled throwing them a wink. He turned then to see someone else hovering nearby. “Another adoring fan? Or another victim of damaged eardrums? If it’s the latter I really do apologize, and if it’s the former, well hello,” he grinned.

One day I realized that I didn’t want to imitate, that I had no desire to envy someone else’s good luck, and to my great pleasure I found that people wouldn’t hate me for expressing my personal hopes and preferences. The qualities that gave me this insight and allowed me to assert myself are in all of us, if only we’ll have more faith in what we can do by turning away from negative thoughts - Marilyn Monroe

When a young person first decides he wants to write, a number of mountains spring up around him, labeled with the names of his heroes.

Hemingway Mountain, let’s say.

He heads up it, armed with his love for Hemingway.

At some point, he starts to get tired. Tired of imitating. Tired of the low-ceiling feeling of trying to express his reality in someone else’s voice. Tired of the way that, by trying to sound and think like someone else, he is falsifying: selling his own experience of life short, omitting things he knows are true, adding in things he knows aren’t.

If he’s lucky enough to realize this, he trudges back down off Hemingway Mountain and starts over again.

Ah, look: Toni Morrison Mountain. That’s more like it.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Then one day—maybe age has something to do with it, or something difficult happens that brings him to a boil—he snaps. No more imitation. That’s it. Something breaks. He starts sounding … like himself. Or at least he doesn’t sound like anyone else, exactly. A new mountain has appeared; he can actually see it, his name on it.

But wow, is it ever small.

It’s not even really a mountain. It’s like … it’s like a little dung heap or something.

Okay, okay, he thinks and goes over and stands on it.

The work he does there is not the work of his masters. It is less. It is more modest; it is messier. It is small and minor.

But at least it’s his.

He sent the trained dog that is his talent off in search of a fat glorious pheasant, and it brought back the lower half of a Barbie doll.

So be it.

Better than being stalled out forever.

He’ll make a collection of lower halves of Barbie dolls and call that a book.

And the thing is: it is a book. That’s what a book is: a failed attempt that, its failure notwithstanding, is sincere and hard-worked and expunged of as much falseness as he could manage, given his limited abilities, and has thus been imbued with a sort of purity.

A book doesn’t have to do everything, I remember saying to myself back then, as a form of consolation; it just has to do something.

So, although this book is short and took seven long years to write, and is truncated and halting, and is, yes, dark and maybe even a little sick in places, I remember the years during which it was being written as some of the richest and most magical of my life, full of hope and love and aspiration and the satisfaction of, finally, making something happen.

—  George Saunders, from the preface/author’s note to the new edition of CivilWarLand in Bad Decline