do not be an imitation of someone else


If you’ve never read my initial theory post, please do yourself a favor and check that shit out. It is a foundation for the theory that, regrettably, was missing a lot of information that I wasn’t able to get to until I was able to do a reread of the series, plus I wanted to wait for the series to develop a little further. The original post was made right after “Deku vs Kacchan 2” was released, so we’ve had about 30 chapters of development. You might be wondering how on earth 3k words isn’t enough to make my point the first time, but here I am yet again! 

I might sound crazy, but believe me when I say… I am the MOST serious. 

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So Anti’s back. Time to hyperfocus

Today’s episode of Hyperfocus is on what Anti says.

So for any of you who are extremely confused (I was too until I did some hardcore searching), Anti made his grand return in the intro for Jack’s PAX East panel. The reason you may be seeing so many phone- recorded videos is because Jack told people to record it on their phones. But… Was it Jack?

We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s start with Anti’s first words, a voiceover on nothing. Did you miss me?” 

Sound familiar? Oh, yeah.

Dark said it when he came back. I’m willing to bet Anti got similar reactions. I, at least, reacted the same way for both: a little flailing, a little fangirling, and repeating, “Yes, yes I did.”


“Look at you all just sitting there, you all thought I was gone. Not worrying about anything. You all thought I was gone, but I’ve been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things.”

Anti, like Dark, wants us to pay attention. The difference here is that while Dark feeds off our attention and needs it (see: “You just need to let me in”), Anti simply craves the attention. As soon as the spotlight was off of him, he got jealous. He lashed out, because he wants to be seen again.

And when he says “I’ve been here this entire time,” that goes along with a lot of theories centered around the idea that Anti really did get rid of Jack on Halloween, and that Anti has just been pretending this entire time. Every glitch and Anti sighting between then and now has been Jack trying to get our attention.

Anti insults us. “Look at you all just sitting there.” He makes us feel at fault. He says we should have been worried. Flashback to Halloween, when he says “This is your fault.” He blames us. 

But he’s been here the entire time, which leads me back to what I said above about Jack telling us to record with our phones. Was it Jack? My theory is, no. If Anti claims to have been here this entire time, there has not been a single moment that it has been Jack since before Halloween. 

Moreover, I think Anti wanted a record of his reappearance, but in a chaotic way. This wasn’t in a video uploaded to Jack’s channel, it was an intro to a live event. Multiple people record this on their phones and share it on Tumblr, and the entire fandom is thrown into confusion and chaos.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Anti.

“You stopped paying attention. Well, I hope you’re happy. You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, Dark.

I wanted Dark and Anti to get along, but this right here makes me think that if they ever did meet, it would not be good.

Dark said he’d been “Pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” Most people agree that he was referring to Anti here. Anti had been getting most of the attention, and Dark was a little mad about it. But when Dark got to us, when we let him in on Valentine’s, it satiated his need for attention. He believed that he wouldn’t have to deal with Anti anymore, because he came back.

Anti, on the other hand, not only said “Betrayal, neglect, mistake,” he also said this very cryptic little phrase: “cheap imitator.” 

Most people, again, agree that after Dark came back, Anti got jealous once again. But instead of saying he’d been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked, he’d been betrayed and neglected. By us. He believes that by even looking at Dark, we’ve betrayed and neglected him. He calls Dark a mistake, and a cheap imitator. Not good.

But then this. “You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, the only thing I could imagine he is talking about is Dark. We turned to Dark, and Anti is not happy.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m always there, always watching. You can’t get rid of me.”

This goes back to above, where Anti says he’s always been there. Not much else to say about this, other than he’s always watching.

He sees everything we do. How we react to him, how we react to Dark. He sees every little headcanon we cook up. And he really doesn’t care what we say. Like Fall Out Boy said, “I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me.”

Here’s a big difference between Anti and Dark. Dark needs us to trust him and even like him for his plans to play out. Anti, on the other hand, just wants us to watch. He doesn’t care about controlling us, because he believes he can do anything on his own. We can’t get rid of him. When he says that, he shows that he truly doesn’t care what we think as long as we pay more attention to him than Dark.

Enjoy the show.”

The first thing that popped into my head was Mark’s Raspy Hill video, which was arguably an early Darkiplier appearance. Although it isn’t canonical or acknowledged by Mark, we all kind of understand it to be Dark. (Sidenote, even back then, before Dark had concrete characteristics, we can still see him trying to make us trust him. More on that if you want it. Hmu.) In that video, Dark says, “Enjoy your stay.”

Enjoy is the key word here. I don’t think either Dark or Anti truly meant that they want us to enjoy in the common sense of the word. They meant to pay attention, and don’t try to leave. No matter what, the show is going to be worth watching.

Edit: I’ve been reminded of Natewantstobattle’s Sister Location song “Enjoy the Show” featuring Jack and HOW COULD I FORGET. And, yeah, maybe Anti threw that little reference in there for kicks and giggles. Anti likes showing up in horror games, doesn’t he? I highly doubt that Anti was making direct reference to Dark, and it’s entirely possible that he was referencing the song “Enjoy the Show,” but at this point it’s impossible to separate Anti and Dark completely. There is undeniable interaction between the two.


Oh, and the sliced neck? Yeah, kind of confirms that Jack is gone. Anti has been in control since Halloween. 

And the gauges? Most likely a canonical character trait. Makes Anti edgier.

Live-Action TF2 Casting: NPCs

Ashly Burch as Miss Pauling

I had a lot of trouble finding someone initially who I thought would be good for this role. I have an issue with the dull sameness I see in most young, pretty actresses, but then someone suggested the lady who’s Miss Pauling’s actual voice actor, and it was like YES OF COURSE. She’s adorable and perfect!

Ellen McLain as The Administrator

Going off of the logic of using Ashly Burch for Miss Pauling, I thought the Administrator’s VA would also be a likely fit for the screen! Her voice is so integral to the character that the thought of having someone else imitate her is just distasteful to me. All you’d really need is good make-up and wardrobe.

Sirs Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart as Blutarch & Redmond Mann

CAN YOU EVEN FUCKING IMAGINE. I wanna see these guys have a ridiculous slapfight over gravel. They’d ham it up so good.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Gray Mann

This is the dude to play the creepy brother, for sure! It’s ANTHONY HOPKINS. Do I really need to justify myself here?

Nathan Jones as Saxton Hale

Saxton Hale is a larger-than-life adventure man, so I went with another wrestler, possibly the largest Australian man alive today. He’s 6′11″ (2.11m), and he definitely has the chops to handle such an over-the-top character. He was in Mad Max: Fury Road, for god’s sake!

Gwendoline Christie as Maggie

I knew I needed someone who’d be able to stand next to Nathan Jones without being completely dwarfed by him, if their relationship were to feel believable. I finally settled on Gwendoline Christie because I know she’d be able to handle it, having enjoyed her as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones. Not Australian, but I’m sure she can fake it.

Laura Prepon as Zhanna

Okay, hear me out. First off, once again I needed a taller actress if she wanted to be believable as Heavy’s sister. My pick is 5′10″ (1.78 m) tall, which was the minimum for me. I also just have a real soft spot for this actress because I watched so much of her on That 70′s Show back when it was airing. I’m certain she could do Zhanna justice, including a suitably exaggerated Russian accent. You’d also need her to bulk up a bunch, put on some extra fat and muscle, but that’s pretty reasonable, right?

(Oh, and she’s not so young that I’d be grossed out watching her kiss my Soldier pick, Randy Couture.)

Christopher Lloyd as Merasmus

Like with Zhanna, a lot of my reasoning for this pick comes down to personal affection, but how perfect is this guy, for real? He’s awesome at doing both serious & creepy and histrionic comedy roles, which is exactly what you need for a powerful yet somehow incompetent ancient, screechy wizard.

Anyway, those are all my picks. I could go deeper, but I nailed all the important ones. Go look at the #casting tag on my blog if you want to see all of the actors I picked, aside from these guys. I put way too much thought into it!

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i love your responses towards people who copy your art omgg like honestly its awful having your art copied. So much time and trial and error went into a piece just to have somebody copy it in like 15 minutes and it sUCKS THAT NOT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT.

i came across an artist whose style was 89% similar to mine and when someone else identified it and brought me up to them, they assumed a “OHhh~~ i didn’t notice but you’re right it’s a little similar to kkumri’s~” like lmaoooo don’t do this guys

I hate you │6

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summary:  Jungkook breaks your heart
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst 
word count: 2.5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: Thank you, everyone, for your support and encouragement, I really don’t deserve you, “I hate you 5″ hit  250+ likes. Hopefully, this part even though it’s just a filler will not disappoint you either. The next one is going to be juicier and will take awhile, so I’ll post it by 08.07.2017. P.S don’t hesitate to message me anytime, I love reading your feedback! (good or bad)

“You should go with us, it’ll be fun”-Ava told you as she tried on yet another dress

“I don’t want to be a third wheel, just leave me out this once, I won’t be mad”-you replied to her when she invited you to go to a party with her and Jimin.

“Don’t be stupid, there will be plenty other people you know, you never get to hang out with them, now you have a chance”

“I know that I just don’t want it to get awkward, especially after you ditched me to go with Jimin twice in a row”-you teased Ava

“Well, I apologized for that, but it wasn’t planned, it happened spontaneously, both times”-said Ava with slight shame for leaving you alone still apparent in her voice. You decided going to the party was worth a shot, especially because you desperately wanted to see Jungkook. 

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The Sister

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Request Summary: You’re Henry’s little sister but what happens when you start to crush on someone you’re not supposed to?


You walked around school, blowing bubbles with the gum in your mouth. The popping noises echoed through the empty halls and your eyes focused on the exit.

“And where do you think you’re going Ms. Bowers?”

Rolling your eyes, you turned around to find one of the teachers.

“Leaving. Obviously.”

The teacher looked at you sternly, arms corssed in front of her chest and her foot tapping impatiently on the floor.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class,” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, but it’s boring so I didn’t bother showing up. Now if you don’t mind me,” you said turning back around. “I’m going to continue what I started.”

As you walked out of the doors, you heard the teacher yell at you to come back, but you could honestlty care less. Slinging your backpack over your shoulder, you pulled out a cigarette from the pocket of your jacket and lit it. You blew out the smoke as you walked around town, appreciating how quiet it was.

You payed no attention to how late it eventually got, only noticing when more and more kids seemed to walk by. Figuring that school was out already, you got up from the bench you had been sitting on and started the walk home.

Until you heard a familiar voice.

“Where do you think you’re going, punk?”

Following the voices, you were eventually led to a small alley where you found your brother and his goons along with some kids.

You recognized the kids almost immediately. It was Richie Tozier, a trashmouth you found quite amusing, Eddie Kaspbrak, a germaphobe, and Bill Denbrough, the kid you just so happened to think was cute.

All three of the kids (even if they were the same age as you) were backed up against the wall of the alley with Henry and his friends surrounding them. You watched unamused as Henry shoved Bill a little bit, imitating his stutter.

“Really? This is how your spend your day?”

Henry’s head snapped towards you, eyes narrowing once he realized who it was. His friends seemed slightly uncomfortable and the kids looked surprised to see you there.

“Yeah, and why the fuck do you care?”

“Because your waiting your time, messing around with these losers.”

“Hey!” Richie yelled, only shutting his mouth when Eddie smacked him upside the head.

“Just leave and go find someone else to bother, Henry,” you continued. “These three aren’t worth your time.”

Henry stared at you for a second before stepping back and walking towards you. He stood in front of you and you stared up at him, not backing down.

“Whatever,” he said, pushing past you woh his friends in tow.

“Asshole,” you muttered under your breath.

Once you were positive they had left, you turned back around to the boys.

“Why’d you help us?” Eddie asked.

“What, can’t I do a good deed for once?”

Richie pushed up the glasses that were sliding down his nose and responded.

“Yeah, but you’re Henry’s sister. You’re almost exactly like him, why did you help us?”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you furrowed your eyebrows.

“So, next time, would you like me to just let them beat the shit out of you? Because that would definitely save me some time.”

The three boys stayed quite and you nodded your head.

“That’s what I thought,” you said, turning around and getting ready to walk out of the alley.

“Th-thank you.”

Stopping in your tracks, you asked, “What?”

“He said thank you, are you deaf?”

Getting angry, you spinner around and walked up to Richie.

“Watch it Tozier, because I might just call my brother back and let him finish the job.”

“Awww, does poor little (Y/n) need her big brother to help her out?” He said in a baby voice.

Your temper flared and before you could even register what was happening, your first met with Richie’s face.

“Fuck!” He cried, holding his bleeding nose.

“Shut your mouth Tozier, before I do worse.”

Picking up your backpack with a slightly bloody hand, you began walking out of the alley again.

Turning around slightly, you called out to Bill.

“See you tomorrow Billy,” you said with a wink.

As you walked out, you missed Bill’s face turn bright red.

Extended Ending:

“Are you kidding me?!”

Both Eddie and Bill turned to look at Richie.

“Don’t tell me you’re falling for the same girl that just punched me in the face?!”

“Y-you kind of d-deserved it,” said Bill, who looked at Richie out of the corner of his eye.

“Yeah,” agreed Eddie.

Richie crossed his arms childishly and muttered angrily to himself.

(Spoilers ahead.)

DDLC got me thinking…what if it was the PROTAGONIST of a dating sim that did a Monika and got attached to the player?

Sabotaging every route the player tries, acting needlessly cold in every scenario, even flat out refusing to go out and trigger events on account of needing “me time”. And even when you do manage to reach someone’s ending, he breaks it off immediately, claiming “there’s someone else.”

He tries to be cute. He tries to be special. He even imitates whichever character you’re pursuing in the hopes of being noticed. But time and time again, he’s ignored. The game never exactly gives you an option to “talk to yourself,” after all. He’s just the bland, boring, generic protagonist, meant only to be a stand in for the player and nothing more.

Unless, of course, he resorted to more…drastic measures.

aquarium dates - peter parker

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—– requested by @imaginesyes​ sorry for the extremely long wait!! hope you like it!! sorry that i didn’t really go in depth about it :(

some sentences are not mine: @ihavetoomanyaus

The bell rings causing everyone in class to shoot up, everyone heading towards the door to exit first. I slowly stand up picking up my books before ruffling my hair a little as I fast walk out of the classroom. Walking towards my locker I see that Peter is there, waiting for me.

“How’d you get here so quickly? Your class is on the other side of the school and mine is just down the hall?” I question as I open my locker stuffing my textbooks in there, grabbing my Biology book for studying.

“I-I guess I just walked really fast, you might have spaced out on the way here,” He stutters running a hand through his curly locks. “C-Can I ask you something?”

He looks down, his face imitating a red glow as he looks back up into my eyes.

“Do you w-want to go out with me this weekend? I mean it’s fine if you don’t want to, hell you might be studying. Or you could be busy, you could even be going out with someone else this weeken-” Before he could finish his sentence I cut him off.

“Of course I would love to go out with you this weekend Pete,” Giggling I shake my head at his wide eyes.

“W-Well, I’ll pick you up tomorrow then, wear something casual!” He says running off and out of school, most likely to go tell Ned, I shake my head at him closing my locker.

“You look gorgeous Y/N,” Peter says as he hands me a box of chocolates causing my legs to wobble from the cuteness. 

“I look like I do every day Pete,”

“I know, but you’re just so beautiful.”

I look down blushing as he holds his hand out for me to grab.

“I hope you don’t mind if we swing to where we are going.” I nod my head showing him that i was fine with it as he pulls me closer to him, tightening his grip around me as I wrap my arms around his neck, and we take off, swinging towards our location.

As soon as we get there he puts me down gently, running his fingers through my hair, brushing it back into place causing my cheeks to heat up.

I look around myself to see where we are.

“The aquarium huh?”

“Y-Yeah, is this okay?”

“It’s perfect.”

“I FOUND NEMO!” I yell, pointing at the clownfish, one of many.

“Which one is Nemo? There are like, 20.” Peter says his arm subtly wrapping around my waist.

“Shut up.” I whisper as I look at the fish in amazement. He chuckles, pushing me slightly towards the walk-through tunnel.


“You’re yelling again,”

“Sorry, I’m excited.”

“It’s cute.”



“Can we please touch the fish?”

“LET’S GO!!”

I reach into the tank as I graze my hand against a starfish bringing a smile to my face. Suddenly I touch a bigger fish by accident causing it to bite my finger.

“Ow what the fuck?” I hiss as I pull my finger out of tank. Peter’s eyebrows furrow in concern as he grabs my hand inspecting my finger. My lips turn into a pout immediately. Peter walks over to the information desk asking for a bandaid before returning to me with a smile.

“For your boo boo,” He says as he places the bandaid over my finger, placing a light kiss onto it.

“Oh,” His smile turns into a frown, my eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I missed.”

I stare at him in confusion, “What do yo-”

And he placed his lips onto mine.

The Mimics

Mimic- The Oxford Dictionary:  Imitate (someone or their actions or words), especially in order to entertain or ridicule.

Both Gemini and Pisces, the chameleons of the zodiac, have a very peculiar but humorous way of entertaining those around them with impersonations and impressions, often being able to morph into something or someone else entirely. It can be especially funny when they do so in a sardonic manner, emphasising the idiosyncrasies of the people around them much like a distorted caricature. There is a definite trickster energy to both of these signs, where making people laugh around them fuels them in a way, encourages them on. Their shifts in personality allow them to have many fields of experience, but also bring great laughter into the world.

Sun x Moon Life Mottos 1/3
  • Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon: "You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself."
  • Taurus Sun, Leo Moon: "Don't treat others the same way as you don't like to be treated."
  • Gemini Sun, Aries Moon: "Go parallel. Support others because there's room for all of us at the top. If you're lonely and at the top, you're on the wrong top."
  • Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon: "May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me."
  • Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon: "We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire."
  • Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: "A word after a word after a word is power. Turn soft and lovely any time you have the chance."
  • Libra Sun, Gemini Moon: "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
  • Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon: "Everyday is a chance to be a better version of yourself."
  • Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
  • Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon: "I try not to be hard on myself, but if I'm not doing my very best- I will never be pleased with the result."
  • Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon: "Each and every person is focusing solely on their self as they walk down the street, don't worry about how they look at you, worry about how you're looking at them."
  • Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: "Kindness is the key to fulfillment for yourself and others, unless someone decides to harm you. In that case when you decide to destroy them everyone knows it was justified."
All My Hope

Connor Murphy was dead. That was the only thing that he knew for a fact.

Connor remembered the weight of the pills in his shaking hand the moment before, and sinking into the blackness the moment after. He remembered the certainty that he wasn’t going to be stopped or discovered by a family member. He remembered knowing that this was it.

He knew he was dead.

He did not know why he was now sitting in the middle of a completely white room. There weren’t any doors. It felt like he had been drawn into an art student’s reference book.

It wasn’t a hospital room. Even the ones without furniture or windows had some amount of human error (whether is was a stain on the floor or a dent in a wall). This place was devoid of any mistake. It was completely blank.

But it couldn’t be a hospital anyway, because that would meant that someone had saved him.

Briefly he considered that this was purgatory. That would make some sense. He wasn’t exactly pure enough for heaven, but he doubted he was fucked enough for hell.

When he was alive he hadn’t worried much about what happened after death. He’d never really listened to the shit his father’s church spewed, or the spiritual phases his mother had gone through. Connor had always thought that death would be like going to sleep and not waking up. He didn’t mind the afterlife only consisting of a soft blackness.

This, however, was unpleasant.

The space around him seemed to be radiating light. It made his head hurt. It made him confused that he could feel pain. Maybe this was hell after all.

Connor wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting there. He found the whole not being aware of time thing very cliché. Which, now that he thought about it, would probably support the hell theory. This was Connor’s punishment for being a terrible son and brother: a boring cliché headache. For moment, Connor really did believe that he was going to be stuck like this for the rest of eternity.

That was why the tap on his shoulder startled him. He refused to admit that he sprang backwards, but at least he was able to stumble to his feet without tripping. His body felt like he had been sitting there for ages.

Standing where his back had been facing moments before was Alana Beck. Only, it wasn’t her. He knew it couldn’t be.

For one, he was fairly certain that Alana Beck wasn’t dead (and her dying the same time as him felt too coincidental to be real). Plus, if or when Alana Beck died she wouldn’t end up the same place as Connor.

And there was something off about the girl standing in front of him. It reminded Connor of looking at a staged photo of someone he saw regularly. He could recognize Alana’s face, the way she parted her hair. But there was something a little too presentational about her. He didn’t know Alana very well. In fact, he barely knew her, but he’d seen her enough to recognize that those weren’t her eyes. They were too frozen.

“You’re dead,” Not-Alana told him in the crystal clear voice the real Alana always spoke in.

“I know,” he uttered his first words since death. They came out smoothly. He expected his throat to be clogged and horse after the pills, but instead his voice was crisp.

“Good,” she grinned at him. It didn’t look right. “Then we can skip the freaking out bit.”

“What are you?” he asked before he could think of a better way to phrase that.

He was prepared for a lie. He was ready for her to tell him she was Alana, and he should know that since they’re such good ‘acquaintances.’ Instead her lips pursed into a very different sort of smile, and her eyes flickered over him. It took a second form him to realize that she wasn’t annoyed, she was impressed.

“You’re smarter than you look,” she told him. “I don’t know, maybe you could call me a ghost. I got demon once. Why don’t we go with that? I’m the closest thing to a demon you’ll meet.”

“So this is hell?“ he asked.

“No,” she shook her head. Her voice was light. “It’s far from it.”

“Okay,” Connor took this in. “Um, why do you look like Alana Beck?”

“I don’t have to,” she seemed slightly offended at the question.

Connor wondered if she was asked pointless things a lot. Did she talk to people a lot? He can’t imagine the dead having anything but questions.

“I figured this form would be easiest for you to cope with,” she continued. “If you want I can change to your sister—”

“No,” he said too quickly. He didn’t want to see Zoe, even if it was just an image of her. And he did not want to hear her voice, even if it was only an imitation.

“Okay, then,” Not-Alana nodded matter-of-factly. “We can get on to business.”

“Business?” Connor echoed.

“Connor Murphy, welcome to your second chance,” she announced.

“What?” he blinked at her.

“You’re getting the chance to live again,” she explained. “If you can save someone else.”
“What I don’t want to live?” Connor asked.

He had ended his life for a reason. He didn’t want a do-over where he knew he’d only screw everything up more. He didn’t want to feel pain anymore. That’s what death was supposed to be. It wasn’t supposed to be sitting in a white room talking to a demon in the form of someone he knew from high school.

“That’s not for you to decide,” she informed him.

“I killed myself,” he stated. “I chose to die.”

“Humans always think that life and death is in their hands,” she sighed, a knowing look passing over her face. “It never really is.”

“I don’t want to save anyone,” Connor held his ground. He just wanted an end.

She regarded him cooly before asking: “Do you want to be a murderer?”


“If you do nothing, he will die.” She spoke this as if she was talking about something simple. “You don’t want that on your conscience when you move on.”

He. So Connor wasn’t being asked to save just anybody, there was a specific person Not-Alana had in mind. Connor didn’t like this. He couldn’t save himself, how was he supposed to help someone else?

“Who?” he asked, even though it probably would have been smarter not to know the name of the person he was about to accidentally kill.

“You don’t know how this works yet,” she crossed her arms, but smiled as warmly as he figured was possible for her. “You’ll get the hang of it. I can’t tell you any more.”

“You didn’t tell me anything,” he started.

She took a step closer to him.

“You need to go to sleep now,” she said levelly. She reached her arm out to him.

“Don’t fucking touch me—”

He didn’t stumble backward in time. The second her cool palm made contact with his forehead he was slipping from the white room into darkness. But this time he knew the darkness wasn’t going to stick.

Connor woke up on his feet.

He was standing in the middle of a zoo. For a second it was just disorienting. One moment he was falling, the next he was on his feet. He missed the darkness as soon as it was gone. The world around him was too bright, loud, and real.

Hesitantly, he stepped forward, barely able to catch himself from stumbling. He felt dizzy. Maybe that was the fault of the pills. He wasn’t entirely sure what they did to him. He’d just hoped it would be more permanent than it was turning out to be.

Connor hadn’t been to a zoo since he was in elementary school. It was crowded. He didn’t realize this many people chose to spend their weekends in the hot sun, surrounded by other sweaty people and the smell of animals. He couldn’t see the enjoyment.

Connor started walking, his feet dragging on the dirty cement. He didn’t understand what he was doing here. How was he supposed to figure out how to save the life of someone who’s name he didn’t even know?

He scanned the crowd for Not-Alana, but his eyes couldn’t find her. He’d been dropped in the middle of a fucking zoo with little explanation and no instruction.

“What am I supposed to do?” He demanded at the air.

Wincing, Connor realized that maybe shouting into a crowd of people wasn’t the best way to get answers. Even if Not-Alana was spying on him, he doubted she was going to lend a hand after what she’d said before knocking him out. So all he’d really accomplished was making everyone standing remotely near him think he was crazy.

Only, none of the people around him spared a glance.

Connor was used to not being noticed by others, but this was different. This wasn’t a crowd of people pointedly ignoring him. It was as if—

“They can’t see me,” Connor spoke loudly. The lack of reaction from everyone around him proved his theory. Well, that only made everything ten times harder.

He kept walking.

Aside from being able to slip past people without feeling eyes on his back, this didn’t feel much different than life. The sun was still irritatingly bright, and the cheerful voices of others were still gnawing at his nerves. He still hated strangers. He hated the sunny smiles on their overly cheerful faces.

Everything about this place was just too obnoxiously happy. There were too many picture perfect families and couples. It was like he’d been zapped into a painting of a spoiled child’s understanding of reality.

Except for the couple yelling at each other next to a water fountain.

Connor wasn’t the type of person to eavesdrop. Unless if had to do with his parents of Zoe, he usually kept the hell out of other people’s business. However, he was invisible and these were the only two in the entire area that weren’t grinning like idiots. Not seeing what was going on would be a waste.

It took him a second to notice the kid standing behind the woman’s legs, and staring up at his parents with wide eyes. He looked scared. Connor wondered if either of the pair were violent, or if the kid just didn’t like the shouting. Judging by the way he was inching backwards, Connor was going to go with the later.

He pitied the boy. Even if the five-year-old couldn’t understand whatever his parents were yelling about, Connor was certain that he’d be able to see that his family was the only one not smiling. Connor knew that feeling all too well.

He watched the kid stumble away, unnoticed by the two adults, before breaking into a run. He didn’t know that toddlers could move that fast. But, without fulling realizing what he was doing, Connor followed.

Dodging the people littering the sidewalk slowed him down. Connor vaguely wondered what would happen if he tried to plow through them, but decided to save knocking unsuspecting zoo patrons on their asses for after he’d caught up with the little boy. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was doing this. It was almost like his feet were acting on their own accord.

What was he supposed to do when he found the kid? He was an invisible ghost, he couldn’t do anything.

The word ghost felt like the only way to describe his existence right now. For most of his life he hadn’t believed in spirits, or anything remotely supernatural. Acknowledging anything like that just felt like another connection to whatever weird spirituality phase his mom was sucked into. But what else should he call this?

The kid stopped when the crowd thinned out and the cement gave over to a grassy area. Connor watched him slump under a tree, pulling his knees to his chest. It made him look even smaller. As Connor approached, he realized the kid was crying.

What now? It wasn’t like Connor could go get his parents or a security guard. All he could do was stand there and watch the kid cry.

Hesitantly, he sat down next to the tree. Usually when small children cried the sound was shrill. It broke through the air in a harsh demand for attention. This kid’s tears were silent. He wasn’t crying for the reaction of others, he was crying because he was hurt. Connor had never witnessed this in someone so young. It was sad.

Eventually the kid lifted his gaze up. Connor watched his eyes scan the unfamiliar surroundings he’d darted to moments before. He stopped on Connor.

That was weird.

“Where am I?” the kid’s small voice whispered.

That was weirder.

“You can see me?” Connor blurted.

The kid was probably too young to realize how odd of a question that was, because he just nodded his head. Why could a toddler see him and no one else?

There were still tears in the kid’s eyes. He was looking to Connor for some sort of answer. Connor guessed he seem like an adult in comparison. Maybe the kid knew that he’d been sitting there the whole time.

“Do you want to find your parents?” Connor asked him.

He nodded again. Connor stood up, but the kid didn’t move. He just kept staring at Connor with enormous brown eyes.

“Come on,” Connor held out his hand. Slowly the kid grabbed onto his fingers, using Connor to pull himself up.

Connor led him back the way they came. He doubted that the parents were still at the water fountain. He wasn’t sure how long they’d been sitting under the tree, but he was certain that even the most distracted parents would have noticed their child’s absence by now. Connor also doubted that they’d be able to find the couple by just walking around. The kid would probably start crying before they were even close.

They kept walking until Connor spotted a security guard. He stopped, and kneeled down to talk to the toddler who was still clutching his hand.

“Hey, you see that guy?” Connor made his voice as gentle as he could. He’d never ben good at talking to children.

“Yes,” the kid stated, his gaze following where Connor pointed.

“He’s like a police man,” Connor didn’t know how else to explain security guard to a five-year-old. “Go tell him you don’t know where your parents are, he can find them for you.”

The kid’s face scrunched up.

“Can you?” he asked.

“No,” Connor answered.


The truth wasn’t the most believable answer, but it wasn’t like Connor was talking to someone old enough to question his logic.

“I’m invisible,” he stated.

“No,” the child informed him.

“Yes, I am,” Connor said back.

“I see you,” the kid pointed out.

Okay, that was a reasonable argument. Connor considered trying to show the kid that the passers by thought he was talking to the air, but there was the chance that would freak him out.

“That’s because you’re special,” Connor told him slowly. The kid just blinked at him, so he went on. “Only you can see me. The thing is, that guy isn’t special, but he’s nice and he’s gonna want to help you.”

The kid looked at the security guard again, then back at Connor.

“Do I have to?” he asked.

“Do you want to find your parents?” Connor asked him, his voice nearing irritation.

“Mommy can find me,” he decided.

“Look,” Connor forced himself to not sound frustrated. “All you have to do is tell him your name and that you’re lost.”

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” the kid chirped.

“You’re talking to me,” Connor reminded him.

“I know.”

“Oh my god,” he muttered through his teeth. He gave the kid a pleading look. “Please? You’re mom is probably worried.”

That seemed to get some effect. Connor wondered how many times younger him would have stopped doing something stupid or annoying because he knew it would make his mother upset.

“Can you come too?” the kid asked in a small voice.

“Yeah,” Connor nodded.  “Yeah, sure.”

Connor walked next to the kid as he made his way to the security guard, who looked concerned the second he noticed the five-year-old by himself. The kid ended up not having to talk at all. When the security guard asked where his parents were, all he had to do was shake his head. Connor didn’t understand why it had been so easy for this boy to speak to him and not an adult who had a far more trust worthy appearance. Maybe it was because Connor had sat under the tree near him.

The kid glanced worriedly at Connor when the security guard began to lead him to the help desk. Connor nodded, then realized he didn’t have to nonverbally communicate that he was going to follow.

“Right behind you,” he said in a voice he hoped was assuring.

The security guard pointed out the different animals they passed on the way to the help desk. Connor figured that this was in an attempt to cheer the kid up, and it worked for the most part. He saw a small smile creep onto the kids lips, and he did look less scared than he had when he realized he didn’t know where he was.

The woman at the help desk had a sickly sweet voice, but the boy didn’t seem to mind. The security guard explained that he’d wandered away from his parents and they’d need to announce that he’d been found and where his parents should meet them. The woman asked the kid for his full name. He looked at Connor, who nodded again.

“Evan Hansen.”

“What?” Connor was glad he was invisible.

“Evan Hansen,” the kid said again, his eyes darting to Connor with fear he’d done something wrong. Connor quickly plastered a fake smile on his face. He couldn’t deal with this boy—with Evan Hansen—crying at his direction right now.

This couldn’t be the same person he’d gone to school with. The person he’d pushed in the hall, and who’s weird letter he’d taken. That was impossible. It had to just been some weird coincidence.

Only, now that Connor was thinking about it, there was something familiar in this kid’s face. He remembered Evan Hansen’s eye color. If he tried very hard, he could remember Evan Hansen’s eyes. They were brown, and he’d seen them go very wide when he yelled at him. His eyes looked exactly like this child’s.

Barely three minutes after the announcement had been made over the zoo’s speaker, Evan’s parents were running toward them. Well, the mother was running, the father was following at a significantly slower pace. Connor knew what it looked like when parents were a unit, and what two people being forced together by a mistake they’d made looked like. He knew his own parents were rarely on the same page, but these two looked like they were on entirely different books.

Connor watched Evan hug his mother. She was crying. He wondered how scary it must have been for her, even if her son had only been lost for fifteen minutes.

The father listened to a lecture from the security guard, while the mother made Evan promise he would never do anything like that to her again. He only nodded. She looked guilty. She wasn’t the type of parent to blame her kid for a mistake. Connor imagined she was mentally berating herself for taking her eyes off of him.

The ordeal was a little too much. Connor didn’t need or want to be watching it. Silently, he waved at the kid before retreating into the crowd. He didn’t exactly know what to do now, so he settled for just walking.

Not knowing ended up not to be so big of a problem. One second he was trying to get past a crowd of overly excited families, the next he felt a rush of tiredness pour into him.

In less than a second, his vision was blurring and then fading into darkness.

liebesleid (m) · one

ongoing miniseries |  request: reincarnation au with yoongi.
(—or a story of perpetual unrequited love.)

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: a lot of angst and drama with a sprinkle of smut.
word count: 7.313
warnings: alcohol mention.
author’s note: a thousand thanks to @lthyl for helping me with the outline, you have the patience of a saint :’D ILY 

⇢ chapters: one | two

Chapter one: dolente.

The same melody repeats itself every dawn.

It is one of those casualties of life you want to deem insignificant, even if it has been going on for years now. Every time you find yourself in that narrow space between dormant and conscious, you can hear the sound of a piano with a clearness that’s almost eerie — as if someone’s caressing the black and white keys right next to your ear, producing a song that resonates in your chest and makes your throat constrict in ways you cannot understand.

It’s a melody you’ve loved ever since day one. It stays deep in your heart even if it keeps repeating itself to the point of annoyance, echoes against the corners of your mind and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand. It is as familiar as the voice of your mother, as the cool sheets of your bed and the warmth of the shower that prickles at your skin.

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Wakandan Adventures (2/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.042 

Summary: Bucky is bored and decides Y/N is the best way to solve that problem. 

Warnings: all fluff and stuff. 

A/N: Thank you for the amazing response to the first part, here is part 2! This one was inspired by Sebastian’s interview with James Cordon last year! Hope you enjoy, feedback is greatly appreciated. Also if you would like to be tagged, just send me an ask/message! 

Tags: @flightofthefantasies  @ipaintmelodies @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl  @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me @widowsfics @canumoveyourseatup-no @the-witching-hours12-3 @douleu-passion

Bucky was sitting beside you in an office chair, spinning around in sheer boredom. He was trying his best to gain your attention, but didn’t want to speak, so instead he only let out a deep sigh now and then, hoping it would get you to pay him just a little attention. You didn’t. His boredom was taking a toll on him, so he grabbed a pencil, throwing it in the air and catching it again to entertain himself. That didn’t last long either. 

“Y/N,” he called out, you didn’t react.


Still no reaction. He let out a deep sigh and slammed the pencil down at the desk hard enough so it would startle you. He was sure to get a reaction out of you and even smiled a bit, but to his dismay, you didn’t even flinch, only continued with your work as if nothing was going on beside you.

“Y/N” he dragged out your name this time and had even gone so far as to start whining. James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier was whining.

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sagelylegs  asked:

Every time the topic of fiction versus reality comes up, I just think "If someone has the inclination to do this stuff, they didn't get it from a 2,000 word story on fanfiction-dot-net."

No.  They most certainly didn’t.  And if they did get the idea from it, it is not the fault of the story if they actually follow through with it.  They would have simply imitated something else instead. 

It literally takes a person devoid of empathy–essentially lacking function in their pre-frontal cortex–to act against what they know to be moral and ethical.  That kind of damage is caused long, LONG before a person is old enough to use a computer, and it’s caused by parental abuse and neglect–depriving a child of valuable input and human interaction during the time when their brain is experiencing the bulk of its grown.

I really wish more of these people would educate themselves about human brain development.  They are essentially trying to insist that reading fanfiction causes brain damage.

Astro Reaction: to you fangirling over them

MJ (Myungjun) :

Originally posted by papajinjin

He’d come home becoming immediately confused, usually you’d come running to the door to hug him but today you hadn’t. That’s when he would hear some music coming from the living room. He would enter confused but chuckle as soon as he saw you. You would be dancing to one of Astro’s songs, often making comments about how great of a person he was - beautiful, caring, and adorable. You wouldn’t notice him until he came up next you to and started doing the same, that’s when you’d get embarrassed and begin thinking of an excuse but he would just peck your lips, silencing all your words.


Jinjin (Jinwoo):

Originally posted by astrodaily

He would have already known that you were a big fan of his. He’d heard you singing in the shower to their songs and noticed how excited and happy you got whenever they released new music or preformed. It made him glad that you enjoyed their music and appreciated their hard work. He wouldn’t tease you if you ever ended up fangirling in front of him, he’d just watch you smiling and laughing and maybe sneak in some pictures because you were just too cute.


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

Originally posted by chailatteu

At first you were embarrassed to show this side of you to him. Although he had known that you were always a fan, he had never seen you act super excited. That’s because you would always reel in any outbursts you felt.  However one day he would come to see you as a surprise and find you watching a fancam of him dancing, making comments on how great he was and how much he had improved. He wouldn’t be shocked by this but be thankful, that you were one of his biggest supporters. He’d definitely give you a back hug and tell you to show him that side of you more often.  



Originally posted by astrodaily

He’d fangirl with you, over himself and even the other members, you could not stop him. Sometimes you two would be doing your own thing and just to annoy you he would fangirl over what you were doing ‘Oh My Gosh! She holds the pen so well!!!’ When he does you’d hit him on the arm, he’d accept it and move on. But honestly you would never feel weird about fangirling in front of him he accepted it – accepted you entirely.

Rocky (Minhyuk) :

Originally posted by angstro

He loves seeing you fangirling. Whenever you fangirled he would instantly smile because to him it was a kind of compliment. Whenever you squealed watching him dance or recorded his shows just to watch him preform, they were all loving acts he really appreciated. Although he may get embarrassed if you were to do it in front of someone else, he would never get embarrassed of the action itself. He loved it and you too much.



Originally posted by mxnbin

This child would one hundred percent begin imitating you. Not to annoy you or make you mad, but because inside he was really happy that you were such a big fan. If you ever made any comment or action that even slightly implied ‘fangirling’ he would immediately copy you, raising his voice up a pitch and exaggerating his actions. At first it annoyed you a little, but after a while you realised he just did it because of his love for you. If you ever fangirl over something or someone else though, watch out.

Eldarya Selfie Date: April 27!

Okay, as everyone knows, Eldarya Selfie Day was going to happen at the 15th of March but because of many problems with porn blogs taking advanage of people´s pictures it was delayed, but now that it was found out a way to counter-atack it, we can finally do it!!! \o/

I shall explain the rules of Eldarya Selfie Day!

  • You have to take the selfie of yourself while using something related to your Guardienne´s powers.
  • For example, my Guardienne´s powers has roses invloved so I will take a selfie of myself with a rose ^^
  • In case of mermaids, taking with sea objects- real or not- is a way too!!!
  • And it goes on. It can be something simple, not complicated at all. :D
  • It doesn´t have to be in specific your Guardienne´s power! It can be some physical trait if you do not think of something else :D
  • It can also be something that both ofyou like! For examply music or reading! Pick up a book or earphones and take a selfie with it ^^
  • Guys,let your imagination go wild here!
  • If you are someone who is an expert on make-up or doing hair styles, try to imitate your Guardienne´s hair style and/or make-up!! It´s up to you!! :D


Now, some more things I need to talk about it. THE TAGS!!! There will be 2 of them: #eldaryaselfieday and #eldaryaselfieday2k17. This way it becomes less messy ^^

Another important thing: If you aren´t aware of what you can do if a porn boot tries to use your photo, please, go HERE! This way, everyone will stay out of danger if we all are carefull of it ^^

Well, that´s it! I will keep reblogging this post once per week until the day comes so that everyone can see it. Please, do reblog this post in order to reach as many people as possible :D

Can´t wait~

Guardian Angel - Lee Daehwi Requested Scenario

who is this for? @aghoese

Word Count: Are You Serious

Genre: FLUFF

Message?: I love Daehwi sm i stg



My alarm. 6:30am. Monday. Another start of a week of hell.

I used to enjoy school, every moment of it. My friends, the teachers, okay some of the classes were a bit boring, but I did okay in them. And then, for some unknown reason, all my friends were gone; turned against me. I started failing class and anxiety flared up.

I guess it’s not that bad, it could be physical bullying, which it’s not. Just verbal but to me that hurts just as much. I don’t have much mental strength anymore, I don’t know what to do.

I forced myself up and got ready for school, leaving the house at 7:45 just like I always do for bell to go at 8:25.

I felt scared every corner I turned, like someone was going to be there, ready to taunt me.

I turned the final corner; through the school gates.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I heard them approaching behind me. It’s okay. Keep cool. They’re fine. They’re not going to hurt you.

But today they had other plans in mind as Mina, my ex-best friend, shoved me down, scraping my knee.

It’s just a little scrape Y/N, you can do this. I looked around, seeing if Mina had gone when I made eyecontact with Lee Daehwi. Mina’s crush. Fuck. Shit. I adverted my eyes as quick as I could, trying to ignore the sympathetic look in his eyes.

A few hours later, three periods had gone by. Lunch, two more periods and then we were out of there, it was over for Monday. But that’s not what Mina and her gang had planned. See I was stood at my locker, but my locker was placed in the most convenient place for Mina. Hidden under the stairs. So as I was putting away my books, someone tapped on my shoulder, making me turn round when Wonho, Mina’s friend slapped me hard round the face.

I gasped at the impact of his hand, gripping my cheek. It had never been like this before. I looked around, there was no where that I could escape. As I looked around I felt a panicky sensation rising in my chest, my breathing getting faster and my hands getting shakier. Oh no, god no. Not a panic attack. Not now.

“That was new wasn’t it?” Wonho taunted.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

Wonho imitated me by opening and closing his mouth several times.

“Can’t do anything now, can you Y/N?”

I felt my breath getting faster and faster as I saw him raise his fist and heard the bell go for end of lunch.

I winced away, expecting the impact of the hit to affect me but instead heard someone else groaning in front of me and Wonho gasping

I opened my eyes and saw Lee Daehwi in front of me.

“Hold my hand,” he said, giving me his hand.

I looked at him for a second before taking his hand as he shoved Wonho out the way and took me into the ‘recovery room’, usually occupied by people with learning difficulties but empty because of 4th period. As soon as we walked in, my shaking legs made me fall straight to the floor, Daehwi came and sat down in front of me.

“Are you okay? Y/N. Are you okay? Look at me, breath, it’s okay,” Daehwi said, trying to calm my panic attack.

I tightened my grip on his hand, needing something to squeeze.

“Sorry,” I breathed.

Daehwi shook his head, “it’s fine.”

“Your eye,” I said, trying to breath deeply.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, touching his eye, checking for blood. “Just breath, please. I want you to calm down.”

I took deep breaths and Daehwi did it with me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t actually know how to deal with panic attacks,” he said, scratching his neck with his free hand.

I smiled and waved my hand, couldn’t talk before I was breathing. But when I felt calmed again I turned to him and said, “just you being there is cool.”

He grinned widely.

“But now I can worry about you,” I said. “Shouldn’t you be in lesson, what will your teacher say?! You’ll get in trouble! And your eye! It’s bleeding just underneath! I’ll get a paper towel!”

Daehwi smiled at me from where he was sat as I went and got a paper towel, running it under the tap.

When I walked back over I whispered ‘sorry’ before holding it against the grazed bruise on his eye.

“You know your cheek doesn’t look that nice either,” he commented.

I thought back to the time I was slapped by Wonho, that seemed like a lifetime ago, given what had happened since then.

I held my hand up to my cheek, “It’s never been like that before,” I told Daehwi.

He nodded, looking at me with that same look from this morning.

“It really scared me,” I whispered. “I thought I was gonna get seriously hurt.”

“You wouldn’t have with me there, okay?”

I smiled, “but.. why?”

“Why did I do it? Why you? Why me?”

“All of the above.”

He chuckled, “because you caught my eye around school. Then when I saw them push you over this morning, I had no idea. I thought I was so stupid for not realising that you were hurting. And I vowed that I would protect you.”

I smiled, my eyes filling with tears, “my guardian angel.”

He smiled and nodded, letting me fall into his arms, “Exactly that. Your guardian angel.”

Voice Actors Needed for New Undertale AU! Will Pay!

Please reblog!

Taken Spots:

Flowey: Realitythe2nd

Chara: thevoidvg

Frisk: thevoidvg

Toriel: thevoidvg

Sans: echiduna (changed username)


Grillby: bassecat7898







Gaster: bassecat7898

Child Counterparts:

Future, Unknown Characters:

Will pay $1.00 per minute of completed audio if you fit the part(s).

I will be casting for the regular Undertale characters (which should also fit any of the other AUs without having to get any new people which is good, child versions of them, and also new characters that will come in the future.

So! I came up with a great idea to make try out easier!

1. Think of lines you want to say. Write them down because reading from a script helps. It’s how I do it!

2. For each character you imitate, whether it be another series character or a character with a defined voice in the Undertale fandom’s headcanons, do a little bit for each of these scenarios:




Genuinely happy (with some real laughter)

Grieving (with realistic crying)

Getting fucked/fucking someone else (don’t do this one if you are trying out for anybody that is under 18)


Excited about something (really excited. Psyched)



Sadistic (being super mean will do. I don’t mean this in a bdsm kind of way)

Looking up to someone (listing their good qualities)

Murdering someone and really enjoying it


Having a mental breakdown


Cold (as in the manner of speaking, not the sickness or the feeling)

The best drunk/high impression you can do (no alcohol or drugs required. Don’t do this if the character is under 21, and also? Don’t drink in real life if you are under 21. This shit fucks you up. And don’t do illegal shot no matter your age. That’s fucking stupid.)

That’s all I can think of! Please reblog this so I can find my voice actors sooner!

Note: if you do not fit as a voice actor, you might fit as something else, so don’t give up! I can use all the help I can get!

Work with what you got!

Idk how many times I see you girls complain

I’m too _______ to be a SB.

It’s all about marketing!

A Ferrari doesn’t pretend to be an Aston Martin.

If you got curves, work the hell out of them.
If you flat and straight as a board, get your supermodel look together.
If you pale, use makeup to play up that ethereal otherworldly look.
If you medium complexion, get that beautiful bronze on and channel that island look.
If you dark skinned, work that Nubian Queen oasis-in-the-desert fire!
If you young, play up the naïveté and coquetteish personality.
If you older, use that knowing smile and smoldering eye to show experience and sophistication.

Be you.

Be the hottest fiercest you that there ever could be.

I promise you will do better than imitating someone else.

I promise you will feel better than trying to be something you’re not.