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5 things I wish I knew about you:

1. You overthink, and not just when you’re upset. I can ask you a yes or no question and you will go through some sort of insane mental process that drives me crazy before you provide an answer.

2. You’re lost. You’re so lost. And not like the way I get when I look into your ocean eyes, but you’re lost in a way where only you can find yourself once you know what you want in life. I only say this because I’ve tried for many years now to help you get found, but I was only making you more lost by doing so. And for that, I’m sorry.

3. You’re sensitive. And I am too but I’m better at hiding it which is why I know of you.

4. You’re curious and you question the world, with so much dignity and a hidden personality. You strive in foreign land, speaking words amongst those who have ever doubted you. You’re not afraid to go out there, alone. But that’s the thing, you’re never [alone].

5. You’re a lover. A lover of everything and everyone there is to see. And that is the biggest thing I wish I knew, because I’ve learned that you’ll never be in love with only me, you need more than just a single being.

And so these are the things I wish I knew. To the person who will occupy your life next, I pass this on to you. Just know, she loves you a lot, she just has her own way of showing it.

—  abreezyblues 

elrondsscribe  asked:

Also, if functional two-handed longswords aren't heavy and require skill and control, and functional war bows require a lot of strength, then (buying into gender stereotypes for a moment) why not give the swords to the women and the bows to the men?

You’re asking me to explain gender stereotypes to you and how those stereotypes influence what we’ll call “conventional wisdom” in a way that ultimately has no relationship to reality.

It’s like asking, “if women have always fought then why do people keep insisting there were no women warriors?”

Sexism, stereotypes, and even some cultural conventions have nothing to do with reality. To begin with the premise you started with, you’re already challenging stereotypes with the idea that women have any role in combat at all. Now, you’re asking “why aren’t women front line combatants while men are relegated to artillery?”

That’s hitting the ground running when everyone else is still up on the helicopter wondering if women can even make the jump. When most people are wondering whether it’s possible for women to fight at all, despite a large bevy of historic women who’ve bucked the trend. This is a subject on which PhD research papers are built, exploring social mores, conventions, gender roles, and stereotypes handed down to us century by century that insist women have no role in combat at all, that war and combat are “men’s work”, to be glorified for men by men and men alone.

So, why would the sword, which is a symbol of leadership, kingship, and heroes, be given to a woman?

We live in a culture that can barely acknowledge women have different body types, that their bodies are influenced and changed by the kind of exercise they engage in. We live in a culture that fights tooth and nail against taking female sports professionals seriously. We live in a culture where women being forced to register for the draft is up for debate, and large swaths would prefer they didn’t. We live in a culture where plenty of girls still see recreational martial arts as not for them, not because they don’t want to, but because they think they can’t do it.

Now, you’re here arguing for the fiction because that’s what’s been presented by the vast majority of media and culture as true.

Consider the number of female professionals and enthusiasts today, from the army to the police to the martial artists to the traditional fencers to the HEMA fencers. There has and always will be a strong interest by women in the combat arts. However, cultural perceptions and acceptability will also always be a factor. To ask the question you did is to both overlook the pervasive nature of sexism and disregard its normalization by buying into the idea that “if this is true then we’d see widespread evidence of it” without bothering to look. To overlook misinformation. To overlook gender bias. To ignore the fact that female contributions to history are, by and large, routinely ignored.

We live in a culture that can barely acknowledge women have different body types. We live in a culture where a vast number of women become disillusioned with working out because they were never taught muscle weighs more than fat. That weight gain is a natural first step to a work out because their bodies are building up muscle then the muscle will inevitably begin devouring the fat and they lose weight.

If one works out their upper body, consistently and constantly, whether male or female, they will develop those muscles. Drawing a bow works out the upper body as it relies on strength in the arms, shoulders, and chest muscles. This will lead to a much thicker upper body and strong shoulders, which is not necessarily an appealing mental image for someone buying into cultural stereotypes about feminine beauty.

There are very few female characters who accurately represent what a women would look like after their training and often, in fiction, the feminine ideal of physical beauty is what’s chased. Wish fulfillment fantasies, generally, have little room for reality.

Assume instead that the person who is making the choice buys into the stereotypes. They’re looking for a kind of combat that is more safe, more feminine that active physical conflict. They may say they are about “female power”, but are buying into the idea that the bow is a safe, ranged weapon that requires less physical exertion/danger than a sword.

If you’re confused the stereotype is:

“Women are weak and therefore not suited to close combat. I know! I’ll give her a bow. Bows are ranged weapons, so she can kill at range, stay outside of combat without having to get her hands dirty.”

Never assume people argue from a position of knowledge, most of the time we work from a position of perception.

The sword also has the longstanding symbolic reputation as the weapon of the Chosen One in literature. So, watch writers trip over themselves to make sure certain characters never get to lay their hands on one.


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"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.

Marjie: Listen, Pumpkin, I’m sure you’re real sore with me for not telling the truth about Tweek- lying really wasn’t what I was trying to do.
Craig: What were you trying to do?
Marjie: I don’t know, you’d just been so down because of all the terrible things that happened, I just felt like you needed something good for once, so I-

Craig: Thank you.
Marjie: Oh, Pumpkin. 
[Asks open for Craig and Marjorine]



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  • in a Moonball
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    • Moveset
      • Extrasensory
      • Freeze-Dry
      • Moonblast
      • Charm

Today I have a shiny Alolan Vulpix, from this point on, giveaway Pokemon won’t be announced until the actual giveaway because early depositing just doesn’t sit well with me. 

Read the entire post before sending me any kind of ask, or check my FAQ which also tells you what you need to know.

To get this Pokemon:

  • Deposit a MALE Pikipek into the GTS. I will only take Pikipek and they’re easy to find on Route 1 also only males show up in the GTS.
  • Name the Pikipek: Arke to let me know you’re participating in my giveaway since custom messages no longer exist.
  • I do not hold Pokemon.
  • Sending me an ask about how long you’ve been in the GTS will not make me move faster. This is 100% a trial run of a giveaway to see how this GTS holds up.
  • Also, if you’ve followed all the rules correctly you should get traded quickly. No need to send me an ask saying you’ve deposited.
  • I have 60 of it, once I run out I will call the giveaway as closed.
  • Giveaway will last for two hours so at 10PM CST the giveaway will be closed unless I run out of Pokemon sooner than that.
  • Do not double dip. Calm your tits. 

Good luck.

I know TWD is not my typical content, so I apologize for that slight Negan reblog vomit. It’s just…man…especially after seeing all that tonight…that is a well done villain. He does evil things, but he has a code…he’s a murderous, sadistic lunatic, but he can still cuddle a baby…He’s a complex character…One minute I’m staring at my screen like a deer in headlights, the next I’m doing my best to hold back a smile or a laugh, and the next I’m wanting to bash his brains in myself…Given everything he does, would I hate this guy in real life? I absolutely 100% guarantee that. But seeing as he’s a character in a fictional story…I’m intrigued, fascinated, in awe…I like him…more than any other villain I’ve ever liked. I must make art…he compels me

So now my professor at university KNOWS ABOU YURI ON ICE

I have this professor at university that is really cool, because he likes memes, and jokes and etc, and the other day, long story short, he asked me what I have been doing lately, and I told him “ahh nothing, drawing characters from a series i like…” “which series” he asked

Oh shit

“Y-yuri On ice…..” i said

he was like “Yuri..on ice??”

I told him that it wasn’t yuri, but I think he doesn’t even know what yuri is hahaa. Later he mentions Yuri on ice to another classmate and the latter were like “ohh yeah, I’ve seen it on my facebook. It’s pretty gay”, and my professor was like “oohhh are those the good looking dudes that almost kiss in a bath house”…. and I was like “yeah….” OTL




FIRST, he listens to a coversation I had with a friend that also watches the anime, about YOI and all the theories that have been aroun latety about Viktor, and the “it is a ring/medal” dilema, and now he practically knows all the YOI Issues and other anime issues in general, WE EXPLAINED HIM ABOUT SPORTS ANIME, QUEER BATING, FANSERVICE, OTHER ANIME GENRES…YAOI… AND HE WAS LIKE 


where I come from ppl judge you if you’re an Otaku, so he told us that is good thing that we dont look like them shgdfj and that he actually enjoys hearing us talk



I was on a computer, fyi, I have an scholarship at my university, and I have to work there for certain hours a week during a semester. So yeah, I was “working” but is actually boring af because I WAS DOING NOTHING, so sometimes I like to open microsoft paint and make stupid doodles and send it to my friends on whatsapp…

So you can see where this is going…

then I closed the window when I felt someone coming

I DID UGLY DOODLE OF VIKTOR AND YURI and then he entered the room I was in and asked me to scan something… then he sits besides me and we talked AN D THEN HE OPENS THE MICROSOFT PAINT WINDOW ??? AND WE BOTH WERE L I KE W HAT




anonymous asked:

You're missing the point, the guy's been doing these translations for who knows how long. It's easy to miss something that was added only recently. Why did you not ask him about privately instead of calling him out? Do you dislike him that much? Again, why not settle things privately with him? What the fuck dude.

I didn’t “call him out,” people asked me what I disliked and I responded, he’s the only that threw a tantrum instead of just ignoring it. 

“Was only added recently.”

You’re missing the point–the “don’t take my translations” note just posted with the translation… she didn’t just edit that in just to “start drama” by pretending she never gave him permission. 

anonymous asked:

I suppose I am what you call a "neutral". I really don't have any interest in the personal lives of actors but I do care about violence (including online bullying) against women. Shatner's misogyny is widely known but I have been horrified at the level of targeted abuse that he has meted out to women in this fandom. That this may have been done with the knowledge of Sam H is even more disturbing. As such, I will no longer be watching Outlander. #lesson1 #howtolosefans #othergreattvshowstowatch

I know. Trust me, I know. I think Sam definitely knows about it though I refuse to think he condoned it, even though I will continue to call him out on it the kindness and anti-bullying bullshit he feels the need to tweet. As for the boycott of the show, I fully support whatever you decide to do. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. Right now, my interest in the show is negative for multiple reasons but I don’t pay for Starz or anything so me boycotting doesn’t do much. I’m gonna see how I feel when it’s closer to the premiere date. 

So um

A boy I met a few days ago has asked me out to get coffee, to go ice skating, and to see a movie before we’ve gone on a single date and he’s asking what I want for Christmas because he says he wants to get me something special

This shit happens to other people not to me what the fuck do I do

brxkenxhearted  asked:

☎ ( for sara (bc i want them to know each other in my heart ))

Send me a ☎ and my muse will accidentally send your muse nude pictures, along with a naughty message

[ Text: BiCurious ] img472.jpg

[ Text: BiCurious ] Laurel and the folks are out of the house, I’m out of the shower and I looked damn good. What do you think? ;)

[ Text: BiCurious ] …Shit. Um, my bad?

anonymous asked:

I can see hanamaki first crushing on oikawa while matsukawa liked iwaizumi

i am confused by the “first” in this question. do you mean this happened before makki and mattsun got together? do you mean before they all four got together? what do you mean by “first”? what is it before?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so im just gonna talk about these crushes, i guess

makki >>> oikawa - obviously the first time makki sees oikawa he thinks, “holy shit” because oikawa is beautiful. this guy is seriously attractive, like not-anywhere-near-his-league attractive. the first time he sees oikawa, makki kinda wants to rub his cheek against oikawas face and his hair, because they both look so soft. and then oikawa looks at him, intensely assessing him, because that’s what he does when he meets people. but that intensity, focused entirely on him, causes a reaction to take place in makki’s body. he just came out of middle school ok? he can’t control his arousel and shit yet, give him a break. and oikawa asks him something but like…all the blood has left his head? so he has absolutely no clue what this beautiful guy just asked him. and makki says “what?” but his voice decides this is the moment to crack and oikawa kinda smirks at him and makki is Overwhelmed, and just says something like “jesus, leave some of the attractive qualities for the rest of us.” and oikawa laughs and says “I can’t help it” or some shit with a hairflup and makki quickly realizes this guy has a Super Big Ego, and he can never give him the satisfaction of knowing that he has the biggest fucking crush on him

mattsun >>> iwaizumi - when mattsun and iwa are getting to know each other, mattsun quickly realizes that iwa is just a small angry marshmellow and he thinks it’s incredibly cute and makes it a mission to make him angry so he can see his cute little frown. three years later and one day iwa actually gets pissed instead of just mad and gets all up in mattsuns face and that’s the first time that mattsun thinks ‘hot’ instead of ‘cute’ and thats when he realizes that he’s got it Bad for this short, angry, cute, caring, fucking jacked to the max guy. and he’s like “fuck” because this guy has been his friend for three years now. but now every time he sees him he wonders if even tho he’s shorter, can iwaizumi pick him up? would he be cute with little kids? what does his hair feel like? does he want to go out and get a coffee? when they’re playing volleyball and iwa’s got his sleeves rolled up mattsun really just wants to lick him a little. looking back, he’s not quite sure how he never realized that iwa is like, Serious Boyfriend Material wtf??

i love answering these questions but i’m never sure how to read them lmao help a girl out

buckypage  asked:

oh my gosh i'm already so glad this blog exists and i've been on it for approximately seven seconds. what a gift. do you know of a fic where the theme is bucky being "steve's gun" ? i remember it existing but i cannot find it for the life of me!!

hmmm. I can think of a few where that concept is a theme but not using those exact words. 

Anyone know this fic?

@sproings sent in Simple by Osidiano (rape noncon)

I’ve decided when people ask me what I do for a living I’m gonna make some random shit up on the spot. I just told this person that I catfish people off the internet into paying my bills by sending them pictures of feet. Good laugh for everyone. :)

anonymous asked:

you seem Knowledgeable so im gonna ask you these because i feel like talking about the music instead of the Discourse of the Day. So 1) who chooses singles? the artist or the label? 2) why do you think 1d had a lot of...mediocre singles (not all...i love dmd and i love soml. but smg? really? the dark larrie in me thinks syco wanted them to tank but more realistically wouldn't they want to make a ton of money off of them? which better singles could potentially do (subjective, of course but.) pt 1

(pt 2) 3) if you could choose, what would you pick as singles? let’s say 3-4 for each album and at least 1 “ballad-y” type song. i have a lot of feelings about this clearly (#throughthedark2013 - that snl performance was a TEASE.) 4) do you think 1d could ever get a grammy nomination? mitam is eligible this year but with beyonce and adele i dont think they stand much of a chance. i had hoped for dmd for pop duo/group last year. i guess history would be eligible this year?

i don’t know who you are but i love you

1. the label definitely picks. it’s picked by committee. also i think the credited writers are a big factor they consider. like i think Triple J/Julian were guaranteed to have singles off the albums. while i’d like to say they may have a little say, just based on singles selected i’d say no.

2. i think the label took zero risks. all the singles were very safe tracks. they were aimed at typical boyband type of songs. i don’t think they wanted them to tank, but they were never trying to convince anyone of anything. they just wanted $$$. unlike most artists today, album sales were always really big so the single just needed to be a promo vehicle to the album and subsequent tour, with a bonus of the radio play (that goes for like part of MM the FOUR/MITAM, not the earlier albums)


MM: BSE, SOML, Don’t Forget Where You Belong (at christmas!!), Happily or Through the Dark [this one doesn’t change too much because BSE was good for TIU promo and SOML was a good single even if it makes no sense]

FOUR: WDBHG, Fireproof, Ready to Run, No Control or Girl Almighty

MITAM: DMD, What a Feeling, Never Enough or Olivia, History

4. I think One Direction cannibalized their own hype every year. Reasonably they should have been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group at the 2015 Grammy’s (for Midnight Memories, after WWA) but that’s when they got mega-tired and then they released FOUR, so who remembers MM you know? Then FOUR was eclipsed by Zayn leaving. And now that they’re on hiatus I just don’t see it. All of the singles other than DMD + the Album are eligible, but yeah i don’t think it’ll happen. It should’ve though. Their label never game them room to breathe, nor did they try to set them up from Grammy success, even though boybands have won Grammy’s before.