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I think it's a fandom-wide headcanon that Sheriff is stubborn about his health (he never wants to admit he's sick, etc) but what do you think about Lightning? Do you think he's stubborn too, or would he just willingly comply with every health-related thing Doc asks of him because he knows that he can't get out of it?

I think Lightning’s probably pretty pro-maintenance! Because he likes being pretty, lol, and he likes peak performance, and he likes feeling like everything’s doing what it’s supposed to and is going to continue doing that. XD I’ll bet that if cars can get colds, Lightning’s the kind of guy who’s just like “Oh is there medication for this? Cool, I’ll take seven. I’M NOT JUST GONNA STOICLY SUFFER THROUGH THIS. GIVE ME–! THE AMELIORANTS–! >:O”

Plus I feel like he’s probably really used to his existence being closely managed, if that’s the right word. There’s pre-race inspections and post-race inspections and over the course of any given single race he probably goes through more maintenance than a street car would in their first five years of life–to say nothing of all the testing and adjustments in the week leading up to a race. And then after the race, it’d be a given standard of his life that he’d get parts replaced every week that most cars will never have to replace in their entire lifetimes!

While all that probably isn’t the most pleasant, it’s his normal; and it probably didn’t occur to him for a long time that a non-racecar would find any of that strange. XD

I think where Lightning gets less accepting of care is when he doesn’t want others to worry about him, or when he doesn’t really see how something could be fixed–like, when there isn’t something that will just automatically and certainly address whatever issue he’s having (e.g. assuring Sally that he’s fine right before the Florida 500).


(Fan account) The jeongcheol story…

Cheol mentioned in seventeen “Ask in a box” that he teaches jeonghan a lot of things so OP asked him what other stuff did cheol teach hannie. He became smug and said that there’s many things that he wants to teach jeonghan. However, jeonghan learns things really quick and well so he doesn’t feel a sense of accomplishment.

Cheol also mentioned that the two of them argued a lot and hannie overheard the convo, so he rolled his eyes at cheol XD

OP told cheol to take care of himself and hannie before she left but cheol said that jeonghan could take care of himself.

OP then decided to ask hannie what both of them usually argued about.

JH: Why do you think we argue a lot?
OP: Coups oppa said so
JH: No~ we never ever fight
OP: You’re bluffing
JH: Really, our relationship is really good, we never fight, because cheol usually gives in to me. Why do you think we fight (JH then gave SC a pat and asked SC to say that they don’t fight)
SC: (nods) yup, we don’t fight~
OP: Weren’t you the one who said that you two argue a lot?
SC: (all smiley) Nope, i didn’t say that~

cr: 兔牙kri

Poke poke

Hii~ how would the boys react to the fact that their girlfriend squeaks when she’s poked in the side (like it’s not like a scream but it’s literally a loud short squeak)??? sorry if that wasn’t worded right ^^;;

(This was fun to do because I do the exact same thing XD)

[Gifs do not belong t me, all credit goes to rightful owners]


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Joon would laugh the second he hears that squeak come from you. The insane blush on your face would have him grinning like a mad man because it’s so damn cute to him. “Y/n what was that?” he ask in between his laughter. The blush on your face becomes brighter by the second “n-nothing, stop laughing!” His hands would cover his face before reaching out to hold your face in his hands. “You’re so cute, I didn’t even know you did that,” he continues giggle every now and then as you pout at him. “It wasn’t cute I sounded weird,” “It was hella cute babe be quiet,”


Originally posted by ksjknj

The second you let that squeak escape your lips you cover your mouth embarrassed and wide eyed, looking at jin who was already having a major fit of laughter because of your reaction. All he did was poke you. A gasp was something he was expecting, but a squeak? It wasn’t weird but it surprised him a bit but would find it seriously cute. “Was that a squeak I just heard?” he chuckles. “N-no…I sneezed,” you blush and try avoiding eye contact with your boyfriend. “Who sneezes when they get poked?” He laughs and does it again making you squeak once more and laughs even harder. “Babe!” you hit his arm “that’s not funny,” “no your right, it’s hilariously adorable.”


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Yoongi would probably pause when he hears you squeak out his name when he accidentally poked your side when coming in for a hug. You’d stare at him with a light blush on your cheeks and lips presses together and wondered what he was thinking at the moment while his eyes were locked with yours. He’s not judging you, far from that  really. He just keeps replaying the sound in his head and thinking how cute it sounded. He reaches out unexpectedly and pokes you again making you jump back with a squeak and you glare at him with his gummy smile.  “Why’d you do that?” He shrugs “because I wanted to.” He tries again but you slap his hand away before he could touch you. “Stop poking me,” ”but I don’t wanna,” he laughs lightly. “Well you gotta,” “well I’m not gonna.”  


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Like yoongi, he’d pause for a second and begin to wonder what he just heard from you. He didn’t think he get that to come out of  you when he went to poke you. When he sees you blushing and covering your side he laugh little and try and try again just to hear you do that little noise he already found insanely endearing. “C’mon let me poke you!” “NO!” you scramble away from him so that you were out of reach. “But I want to hear you do it again it’s cute,” he begins to follow you with his arm stretched out and finger ready to poke your side again. “No it’s weird, stop trying to poke me hobi!” “I’m gonna getcha!”


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Jimin would be a giggling mess the first time he heard you squeak. He just wanted a kiss from you but his fingers poked at your side making you squeak and pull back from him. The sound you made for some reason was so cutesy and he already loved it. “Why did you squeak y/n?” his cute giggling would ascend in a cackle when he sees you blush and lets his head fall onto your shoulder. “That was so cute babe,” “it was weird,” “It was adorable and you know it.” 


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Taehyung wouldn’t even ask about the noise you just made. He is most likely only going to chase you around and keep poking you to make you squeak again and each time you did the harder he laughed. “TAEHYUNG STOP POKING ME,” you tossed a pillow at him but he quickly dodges and pokes you yet again. “NO it’s fun!” “Not for me I don’t like it.” Although he was poking you, you really couldn’t help but laugh with tae. “But the noise you make is funny I wanna hear it again.”


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Jungkook would imitate the noise you just made making him laugh harder than he already was because he’s never heard anything like it. Sure maybe the occasional yelp from you or girls he’s been around but your squeak was beyond compare. And now he something else to annoy you with. “Jungkook stop I get it,” you pout a little. “I’m sorry y/n.” Not even a second he pokes you again and imitates the squeak you made. “Kook seriously,” you whine and hit his hand. “It’s funny hearing you do it,” he stifles his laugh and you blush a little. “It’s cute to don’t be embarrassed.” 

Hope you liked it 😊
Much love~💖

Mikleo’s Dream Cushion Drama CD

Tittle:  いつかの夢  (Someday dream)

A few days ago I asked for help to translate this and it’s still kinda difficult but awesome @karereiko​ offered me help to make a summary for both tracks in the Drama CD! So I’ll share them here since it’s so adorable and it cheered our days up so it might cheer up more people in the fandom as well! :’D ♥ (If anyone has Sorey’s DC Drama CD please share it too I’m really curious of what could be going on there ;;;; ahaha asdasfasd)

► You can download the tracks here

-First part-

First of all Mikleo asks Sorey if he regrets becoming a Shepherd, Sorey of course says that he can helps people while being one so no. Sorey says they can see many ruins while his Shepherd duty. Then they talk about some ruins and it’s one from celestial record. Then previous talk looks like happen earlier. Now Mikleo is in INN’s bedroom and Sorey is asleep. Mikleo thinks how he should go asleep too or he won’t manage to wake up Sorey in the morning, but his mind can’t let go of matter of “something/room (not clear for me) hidden in those ruins. In the end he decides to take a look into Celestial Record for one more time and head to sleep. But it looks like Sorey feel asleep on the book. So Mikleo for a few minutes tries to get book from under Sorey’s head. He finally manages that and he looks into book. It only makes him want to go explore those ruins even more but he’s thorn apart by going right away or waiting for next day and go with Sorey. He talks loud his thoughts so Sorey wakes up. He teases lightly Mikleo for talking aloud and he says that they both should head to the ruins now while others are asleep.

-Second part-

Poor boys XD. They didn’t manage to get to the ruins since Zaveid was outside the INN. Looks like Rose and rest were very angry for them to try sneak out alone. Edna wanted them to do Normin dance for apology XD. Sorey asks what they should do now, Mikleo answer ‘go to sleep’. Next part is unclear for me but I think Sorey sugest to count Normin to sleep like they were sheeps? but Mikleo answers they seems like demons now (probably thanks to Edna XD) Mikleo is worried about them not sleeping, he would be alright but Sorey not. Sorey gets some 'good’ idea and runs out the room. Sorey gets gack with some kind of tea (I don’t understand what kind of tea :/, they really should give scripts to all drama cd) They drink tea and Sorey says that in future they can make many memories like this one (since he recalls them both as kids drinking such tea) they end tea and go to bed, Mikleo recalls that Sorey didn’t change much since he was kid. And now I’m screaming from joy. Sorey falls asleep and he says Mikleo’s name, then he ads "from now on… let’s be together..” Mikleo is moved and he says thanks for everything that happen to him because of Sorey. In the end Mikleo counts the normins XDDD


And that’s it ! feel free to message me if there’s anything to add or correct in this ♥ ;7;/

Obligatory kakagai “high on pain meds” drabble

Kakashi is so drugged up he can’t even remember his own name

He hates when they have to drug him. He’s such a lightweight they always give him too much so he usually opts out but he obviously can’t be awake during extensive surgery.

Gai rushes right over because, well, when you get news that your husband has broken 37 bones and is currently in surgery, you can’t just not show up.

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okay but imagine Yoongi in a kitty suit trying to be cute so Jin would notice him XD

Jin: Yoongi what the hell are you wearing– Yah yah what are you doing??

Jin: F-feed you? what do you want??

Yoongi: Yes. Feed me.. lamb skewers

Jin: Lamb skewers– But you can go ask Kookie!

Yoongi: I want you to give me lamb skewers

Jin: Someone help 

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11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

*Emerges cackling in a cloud of smoke*  Oh dear…  Well, I think it’s no surprise to anyone here at this point that I’m extremely fond of Getaway.  I didn’t really expect to like him at all truthfully.  I mean, I pretty much knew what was going to happen from the get-go, but holy hell!  Is this guy a riot!  I mean, look at him!

The guy doesn’t have a subtle circuit in his body!  It’s like he was actually trying to be as villainous as physically possible and he still got away with it!  Every single action, every word he says is just dripping with sickeningly charming, manipulative skeeze and I freaking love it!

Oh yeah.  And then there’s the spite factor.  Chances are, if you tell me not to like a certain character for whatever reason, I’m just going to like them more.  Trust me.  I know.  I get it.  We both read the same comic.  I’m aware.  But questionable methods aside, it’s nice to have someone share relatively my same views about the Lost Light captaincy. 


results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD

I am weak…

I couldn’t resist putting Masamune in glasses, just to see what it would look like.

Not to say that he has poor eyesight.

This Masamune Date belongs to Cybird, I just wanted to see if I could play with him a bit.

@masamunes-kitten, I thought of you while creating this XD Don’t ask why lol.

Edit: It was suggested to me that I apply a watermark. I usually do when I draw/paint something, but it didn’t occur to me to do it with a photo edit.  So, here it is!

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But the thing is about Papyrus, he doesn't just want to capture you for "fame and glory," it's more because he's just so stinkin' lonely. "I DON'T EVER WONDER WHAT HAVING LOTS OF FRIENDS IS LIKE." And Undyne totally shields him from what will happen to his little human friend if he captures them, so he isn't really aware he'd be doing you any harm by capturing you at all.

and not to mention you can’t die from his attacks, it’s impossible, so he’s not trying to hurt at all. If he catches you he leaves you those cute notes, including one where he says “IF YOU NEEDED A PLACE TO STAY ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ASK, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT ME.” and he also gets worried when you leave the shed XD that cinnamon roll 

Anti's Antic's (Pt.2) Dark's Darkness

Unspurprisingly, torture is not an easy thing to write.
Oh yeah, btw, There’s a torture scene. It gets pre spoopy.
This took a great deal of work, so please if you have any advice, comments or tips it would mean a great deal to me if you left some down below if you enjoy it. It keeps me motivated when people do that. Thank you <3
This was once again inspired and partially made for:



If you haven’t followed them yet… honestly, what are you doing with your life? xD
<3 <3 <3 without further ado here is PART TWO:

Anti was still for a moment, his glitches coming to a halt as he needlessly breathed in and out. His eyes were the only thing that moved; darting around and looking for his opponent, Dark. What is he gonna show me…? Anti wondered briefly.
Then the struggle began… a tight cold hand clapped over Anti’s mouth and then another hand wrapped around the front of his abdomen. Dark’s pale fingers were like claws, urging him to stop struggling, to submit. It took a few extra seconds for Anti to process what was happening before he appeared somewhere else entirely. Dark released him for a moment, to let him soak in the environment and atmosphere.

The Persuasion room was a dark, dim, and damp-feeling place. It was lit only by the pair of fluorescent lights that hung tiredly from the ceiling suspended on thick coil-like wires. The walls were made entirely out of solid concrete as well as the floors, there didn’t appear to be a visible door anywhere in the room. Rusted drains were placed in the floor- situated around a chair that was rather horrifying in appearance. The chair was pushed back at an uncomfortable looking angle and the cushion was torn beyond repair. In addition, it was stained with blood and… the unknown. Draping from its sides were bloody chains that dangled down like dead things.

“Lovely Isn’T iT?” Dark asked, interrupting an observing Anti. Dark strode to the area behind the chair to regard it just as Anti was a few moments prior. He ran his pale fingers down the abused surface of the cushion. Screams of the damned echoed through his mind like sweet music, the animalistic nature of them brought him into a bliss-like state. He remembered them all. Every. Last. One.

And simply by imagining it, Dark was undone. He sighed shakily and a malicious grin flickered across his face to shadow it.

Anti stared at him for a moment and grinned back a bit tightly. He was less interested in whatever fantasy Dark was having and more interested in the layout and objects of the room. Anti knew he had been in Dark’s sick ‘Persuasion’ room before. It wasn’t a memory he wished to bring to the surface, and frankly it was a fuzzy one at that - one he had locked away for safe keeping never to be removed or revisited.

Anti’s exploration of the room was cut short by being forcefully teleported by Dark into the disgusting chair. Anti noticed the putrid scent of dried guts, mildew, and other moldy substances.

Anti only cackled up at Dark while he scrunched up his nose, Í̷̺͈š̷͔̓ ̸̜̂̿t̶̮̉̂h̷̯͆̔î̸̞͐͜s̸̰̍̓ ̷̨̠̋w̵͓͌h̷̺̓e̷̛̺r̶̖͖͐̍ḛ̵͍̅̚ ̷̨̱͛̚y̶͎͊ͅo̶͎̐̓u̷͔͈͝ ̸͙͑b̴̹͋̆r̵̛̩͒i̶̝̞͂ǹ̵̯̻g̷̼̣̅̒ ̷͇̄͗y̵̛̦ȏ̸͇u̸̼̤̎r̶̰̾ ̴̪́f̷̦̓ă̶͍̈́v̸̢̮͛ȯ̸̧ų̶̺̽r̵͉̱̈́į̷́ṯ̷̙̀e̴͖͘ ̸̀͘͜ğ̶̹̬ư̴̡̓e̵̬̗̾̔ś̴͚͉t̶͍̀͝ș̶͕̔?̶̹͛͆ ̷̥͠ͅÌ̵͓͂f̵͖͍̓ ̴͚̬̅͝s̴͕͘o̵̳̠̐ ̶̢̐̑Ȉ̷̻̎ ̶̥̭͒ŵ̷̱o̴̢͛͜u̶̪̇̀ľ̸̥̥d̶̝̆̑ ̸͔̇̆l̸̲̈́̀ǫ̴͙͑v̴̫͊e̴̼̬͑̕ ̵̻̌a̴̠͂ ̴͍̲͝t̴̩̒ͅo̵͎̩͝u̷̟͉͝͝r̴͎͛͑͜ Anti laughed, glitching out of the chair to wander the room a bit more. He stared at the walls, which were lined with tools and weapons of the various mediums of torture. However, he didn’t have much of a chance to admire them before Dark had shoved him back to the chair. Anti glitched out of the chair once more, snickering like it was a game of tag. Dark was unimpressed and sick of the game, and after quite a few back and forth attempts he discovered a solution. With a quick motion, Dark snatched a baseball bat off of the wall and made harsh contact with the side of Anti’s head.

Anti’s jaw broke at the impact, and he crumpled. Dark then teleported him back to the chair, slippery little bastard… Dark thought.
“pLEase ReMain Still… it is EnTirELy pointless to attempt tO esCaPE…” Dark snarled, and tightly clasped the restraints over Anti’s torso, legs, arms, and neck. “Ill jUst KeeP cOminG BaCK…”

A disoriented Anti struggled under the bonds weakly. He gritted his broken teeth, which were reattaching and regrowing by the second,
Ọ̸͎̈͂h̴̖̀͆ ̴̡͂͝ỵ̷̲̌o̶̹͒̅u̴̝̾'̸͔̆r̸̝̻͘͝e̴̯̽ ̶̭͇̓r̵̤̈́͆ě̵̥s̷͖̔t̷̢̂r̷͇̱̂â̷̧̳i̵̳̅ṉ̴̋̀í̶̝͈n̴̳̆͝g̸͕̔ ̶̢̅́m̵͖̻͆͋e̸̖͔͒,̶͔̖͆ ̶̜̺̆͋ń̸͉̃͜o̶̹͋w̸̬̾̕?̴͍͊ ̶͙̪̓͠H̷̹̓o̸̲̾̚w̷̤̿̈ ̶̗̟̇k̶͉͚̆i̵̛̝ṉ̴̅̈́k̸̥͒͐y̵̬̚ ̴͍̜̃́ọ̸̈́f̸͙͗̽ ̸͈͉̾̔y̵̖̒o̴͈͓̓̓u̷̠͗̿,̵̨̤́͘ ̶̗͍͑̒Ḓ̸̂á̷͎̏r̶̝̰̂k̶̯͓̊y̷̥̜͊͘.̵̻̥͝ He said, his voice garbled by the shattered pieces. 

“I could very well keep you here forever… and You CHOoSe to MOck mE?” Dark said through his teeth, his eyes darkened with every intake of breath. He couldn’t wait to make him suffer… in ways he’s never suffered before.
He spit, putting as much power into his gesture so that it would hit the chest of Dark’s ‘precious’ suit. He hit bulls-eye and laughed at his own job well done. The voices chimed in, echoing afterward like in a sitcom.

Dark’s face contorted in disgust and a gray cloth appeared in his hand, he brushed off the surface, flicking off the pieces of bone. “You coULd hAve LeFT A sTaiN yOU VulGAr litTLe..”
Dark didn’t finish his sentence instead, his hand clamped down hard over Anti’s throat in a second, crushing the vertebrae instantly. Anti’s eyes bulged… out of his control. Dark spoke, his hand tightening more and more, “You always fail to remember. Always fail to REaliZe… that I am very… very capable of harming you.”

Anti was unable to move, speak or even make a wheeze. Dark had not released it, thereby blocking its ability to heal. Dark stared into Anti’s eyes with a hungry menacing look, his mouth stretching into an unsettling smile. Dark clicked in the wrist cuffs around the shackles. And with concentration Dark was able to will it to block Anti’s glitching teleportation whilst holding his neck still. This was enacted through inputting third-dimensional rays into the metal. Which also was gifted with an x-ray within the metal; inhibiting his glitches. Dark’s hand let up now that there was no way for him to flee.

“Now, I’m going to make it very clear…. You will not be permitted to leave until I see fit. Try as you might you cannot escape- I have already put third-dimensional rays into your shackles. Can’t you see the effects of it have already begun? Your dREadful glitching has ceAsEd.” Dark derided, his expression humbling. “You see, the x-ray that pulsates from the cuffs at this very moment is at a high enough velocity that your form is too confused -and mangled… to properly complete your glitch.”

Anti squinted at him, his jaw tightening in disbelief. He tried to make himself glitch out of reach… but to no avail, “T̶̙̅͠h̸̫̚a̴̘͊͑t̵͕̐'̷͎̮̔͗s̵͉̊ ̵̩͝p̵̛̙͝r̵͔̅ê̴̟͠ẗ̴̗͔ẗ̸̰̲́ỳ̶͖̗ ̸̪͊͜c̴̦̩̆͐l̷̩̓ê̵̩͠v̶̻͐̚é̸̻r̷̢̜͋,̵͉́̅ ̸̞͈̒̀D̸͍͙̓̀a̴͔͝r̸̖̩̃k̸̠̄͘y̴̜͆” He wheezed, feeling his neck bone piecing itself back together bit by bit. The voices began to laugh and jeer along with him as he eyed Dark. Dark’s mouth turned down into an enraged scowl at the sound of it. It felt like he was being mocked, then again Anti could make anyone feel that way.

W̸̭̺͝e̵̙̿͋l̵͕̑̈l̴̖̏͒?̵̦̂̆ ̸̡̱̕͘S̸̢̾̏h̵̪̻̽͠o̴̡̅ẅ̶̨͖́ ̴̼͍̏m̸̨͔̚ȅ̵̬ ̴̥̘̈́͑ẅ̷̝́̾ḫ̷͒a̴͔̎̽t̶̪̞͌ ̷̥͂̓y̴̥͕͝ó̷̞u̸̗̾̈́'̶̪̝̿͛v̶̼͎̄̕ė̷̙̟ ̶̗͔̏͛g̷͓͙͑́ŏ̸̲͓̽t̸͒͜͝.̵̩̘̓ ̸͙͇̇̽N̵̟͑ͅô̶̲͜t̶̘̄ ̵̟̺̍ľ̶͜i̴̠̾k̷̛̺e̷͔͔͐ ̷̛͖̖Ĩ̷̼ ̴̧͔̇̃c̴̟͗a̵̧̹̿̊n̶͍̙̅'̴̦̃ẗ̶̛͈́ ̴̳̀ḧ̷̤̎e̴̙͘ä̶͓́l̸̳͍̽̌ ̸̛̱͂f̶͍͒̎r̶̲͉̕͝o̶͔͗m̴̘͌̚ ̷̨͍̏̃i̴͖̭̓́t̷̢̢̔.̴̘̝̓” He stated fearlessly. Anti may not like pain, but he knew he would just keep on recovering until Dark got his fill.

“You know…I find it funny… that you don’t remember…” Dark said, strangely calm and collected once more- as if he had never been angry to begin with. “I can cause you much more than physical pain.”
Anti’s eyes went wide, and if he had a heart-rate it would have increased. His jaw slacked open slightly, he tried to form words but visibly was struggling and confused.
Dark noticed this and his expression turned to one of delight, “What’s this? You were so talkative before, now you have not a thing to say? How absolutely predictable.” Dark was practically giggling with glee.
G̵͆̐͜o̸̖̐ ̷͇͝a̸̰͌̌h̷̹̀̚ȅ̶̲ͅa̸̡͑͘d̶̥̤̀͊!̵̳͐́J̶͎̄ů̸͔͎ŝ̸͚ţ̵̕ ̶̹̓̎t̶͌̌ p̸͇̣̈́̑u̶̫̇̏n̵̖̲̏̕c̶̙͇͆̈́ḣ̵͔́ ̷͖̟͂m̸̼̽̈è̵̠͍ t̶͕͌̌ḣ̵̭̉e̴͖̘͂n̴̗͌͆ y̸̢͔͛ơ̴̜͙͠ú̶͌ͅ ̷̩͂͝b̶̡̺̓î̸̭͐͜g̴͉͊ ̶̣̪͑͝p̶̠̞̌u̷̥̥͑̉s̴͎̓̆š̶̞̒y̴̖̭͒̅.̶͕͉͊!! Anti suddenly yelled, making a face to further cover his inner most anxieties brimming the surface. The memory made it’s comeback for an instant. Anti knew that if he coundn’t keep it contained… It would spill over and if it did… it would bring an emotion with it. One that Anti knew he would be unable to contain. He wouldn’t… couldn’t think about it.
Dark picked up the bat, running a hand down it as he looked at the dangerous wires attached to the end, “Indeed…”

Y̸̟̑ȏ̷̢̼ů̷̱ ̸̳̗̀s̷̠̠̚u̷͙̔͛r̸͈̉e̵͈̻̾ ̵̼͝l̴̪̗̇̅i̸̻͐̓ͅk̷͎͕͗̕è̸̬̕ ̵̣̌̄t̵̢͓̓o̸̘̙͆̈́ ̸̡͎̈́͘s̷̝̟̚͝t̵͉̗͒r̷̪͗o̷͇̣̿̋ḳ̷̘͆̋e̸̯̻̐̃ ̶̠̲̓s̷̤͋̎t̶̨͔́u̸̗͙͐f̵̧͘̕f̵̾̋͜ͅ.̴̣̹́̍ Anti observed, his goal to rile up Dark until he exploded.

Dark’s 3-D effect increased at mind-boggling proportions as he cracked his neck once on each side. Dark then gripped the base of the bat and lifted it up to- “How could I have forgotten?” Dark asked himself aloud and set the bat down on a metal tray for the time being. He then pulled off a dreadful device from the wall. It consisted of a simple leather based belt-strap with a sharp, long metal protrusion laced at the middle, “Do you know what ThiS is?” He asked, but didn’t wait for a response. “A medieval torture devices, one of my favourites. The Heretic’s Fork. Why don’t you try it on?”

N̸̞̄ȏ̸̺͚t̵̟͍̓̕ ̶̡̊l̵̲̲̑͛i̷̹̋̃ḱ̶̠̟́e̸̻͊͝ ̵̻͍̈́Í̶̲̱ ̷̘̊͠ḧ̴̯́ǎ̷͎̾v̷̨͗é̴̦ ̵̗̋̅a̷͎͌̽ ̶̢̞̿c̶͙̈́̓h̵̺̑ô̴̳͕i̴̻̼͒̈c̴͇̏ê̵̜̭̆,̸͈̑̚ ̴̰̟͑d̶͈͊o̵͓̙̊̾ ̵͉̋̉I̴̬̩̓̈?̶̫̗͆ Anti barked, glaring sharply at him.

“Rightly so.” Dark responded with a smirk, placing the sharp edges of the Heretic’s fork between Anti’s chest and neck. Anti gave him a dirty look that shared he would not go down easily.

With a forceful push inwards they pierced the skin, and Anti threw his head backward, thrashing about in his restraints- he was careful not to make a sound by biting down hard on his own tongue. The sword protrusion dislodged at his quick movements and Dark made a grunt of annoyance; thrusting the object to stab back into Anti’s neck and upper chest. Anti cried out involuntarily, his back arching as if on puppet strings. 

Dark shook his head at him in disapproval, “Would you please stop writhing? You’ll only cause more pAin to yoUrseLF if you dOn’t.” Dark advised, and buckled the strap tightly around the back of Anti’s neck. He pulled it into the tightest notch, reveling in the sounds of discomfort made by Anti.
Once it was placed on, Anti had no way of moving his head or chest without further harming himself. The pain was stifling at first, but Anti bit his tongue,
Ỉ̷̟͝ṯ̵̡̕'̶̹̿s̵̆͒͜ ̸̛̗͒s̷̘̎̒ŏ̸̗ ̶̨̯́̃p̴͈̎̋ṟ̸̄̾e̸̖̖̔t̷̯̾t̵͇̺͋̅ÿ̴̦́̾o̸̹͠n̴̘̬͂́ ̵̻̉̽m̸͈͝ḙ̸̕ he tittered dryly. Anti then narrowed his focus back to observing Dark’s next move.

Dark returned to the bat and lifted it up with a strong two-handed grasp. He brought down the first blow against Anti’s right arm; shattering the bone in three. It caused the fork to delve deeper into his chest and neck. Anti groaned; the pain came all at once and he had barely any time to react further when the second blow hit. This time Dark’s bat hit his chest.. and broke at least two ribs.

“I find it delightful how helpless you are.” Dark said, lifting up the bat to strike twice more. Anti stopped wincing, but his sounds of pain could not be withheld anymore. He couldn’t not give Dark what he wanted… He couldn’t turn his head away from the image in front of him either. He was forced to endure it.

“It’s pathetic, really.” Dark murmured, leaning into his face with his wicked grin. Then Dark stood up straight again, walking with the bat back and forth in front of him. “You’ve always been an entirely useless waste of space.” He sighed, his eyes slit as he narrowed them at Anti. “It isn’t surprising that there are less who follow your endeavors than there are mine.”
Anti looked down at the concrete floor, set on ignoring him. He wondered why he wouldn’t just hit him again instead.

Dark was thoroughly aware of what he was doing. Even still, he knew that each of his words was a blow to the wall that Anti had so carefully built up over the years. Dark was perfectly fine with watching it crumble. Piece by piece. Until there was nothing left but begging and complete submission. Dark was set on teaching him manners, to never touch things that didn’t belong to him. To not be impulsive and ludicrous or juvenile. To teach him the true meaning of respect.

After all of the anger, berating and torture Dark had put Anti through. Anti was already losing composure, and it would only take a few more degrading sentences to tear him away.

“So unSTable… you put up a front of carelessness that those around you perceive as maDneSS. But it is you who pays for it… Isn’T It?” Dark barked out, demanding an answer. “Nod your hEad, hm?” Dark chuckled cruelly.
I̸̺̣̋ ̴̥̫͝c̵͚̋͘o̷̩͌͒u̴̗̔͝l̷̠͍̏̃d̴̫̆n̴̯̉'̵̼̎̑t̴̟̾̕ ̶̬̥̐n̷̯̏̊o̶̬͂̿d̵̪̤̀͆ ̴̠̬̋͆e̴̛͕̺̽v̵͈̏̚ȅ̶̦̺n̷͉̐ ̵̪̞̄̊ĩ̶̳̯f̶̘͇̈́ ̸̙̼́I̴̞̊ ̷̠̭̾w̵͕͍͛à̷̞͐n̵͕͔̾̈t̸̺͌e̸̛͓͛d̴̟̭͑̕ ̷̫̲̊͘t̷̳̺̽ö̴̝́ ̷͍̚Ḋ̴͖̟̅ȁ̵̗̃r̵̻̐k̵̬͑!̸͉͂̊ Anti bellowed in his face, he was going to hit his breaking point. He could see the ambient pulses behind his vision threatening to take him places he did not want to go to. Dark hit his side with the bat again, mercilessly shattering his bones repeatedly for another ten minutes. 

Anti was breathing hitchedly from the strain that all of the pain put on his muscles, his head was tilted back and his fingers were clenched into shaking fists. With eyes shut tight he felt himself haphazardly begin to come into place again. Only to have the healed bones broken once more.

Crack… snap. 

Again and again, bone after bone. Dark experimented with cutting limbs just to the very edge, causing Anti to scream shrilly, and recover just as quick and break into a weak grin. None of it was enough for Dark. He had to be harsher… crueler…
But then Anti had an idea, he gazed up at him with his grey glowing eyes surrounded by darkness
S̴̫͎͂-So̸͚̺̐̀ ̷̤͌w̶̮̖̓h̴̛̠̭a̷̮̽t̸̡̘́͒ ̵̭̞͊i̵͙͂f̸͙͙̿̔ ̵̪̤̀I̵̥̯̔̉ ̴̖͛̅p̷̮͖͝ủ̶͙̖ṯ̷͍̎̒ ̴̖̱̽ò̸͈̱ñ̸͈͘͜ ̸͚̃͗a̸͍̱͌͝ ̵̪̉f̵̡͒ȓ̵̰̱̓o̷̰̊̀n̵̢͓͌t̶͈̩͐.̵̧͍̈͝ ̷̝̄Ş̴͔̇͝ó̵̥͛ ̴͓̊̋ͅd̸̩̂͗͜õ̶̼͝ ̴͉̎̍ͅÿ̵̺́̚ő̴͔̇u̸̬͝.̸̲̾ Anti whispered between small grunts of pain.

Darks head snapped down at him unnaturally, “How sO?”

Y̸͎̆̓o̵̧͘u̸͖̦̓ ̵̧̏k̶͎̭̆n̵̖͑o̵̥͔̐w̷͕̄̀ ̵͎́ṫ̶̹h̵̏̍͜a̶͖͔͌t̵͙̋͆ ̴̙̍͋y̸̙͗̈́o̶̝̣̐͌u̸̡͝ȓ̷͓̗ ̴̫̘͊c̴̝̜̚r̸͔͎̎̽e̷͙̣̍à̶̬̙t̶̛͔͂o̸̩̥̓ř̸̨̼ ̶͋͗͜h̸̛̭̚ā̶͖̻t̶̏ͅe̵̫̔̓s̶̨̠̊ ̸͖͚̊͝y̴̹͠o̶̹̺̎͝ṷ̷̈́̔,̵̮̖̈́ ̸̨̑́a̵͔̓͐ń̸͔d̶͙̈͑ ̴͓̮̀t̷̟̃ḧ̶̹̞́̀a̸͓̎t̷̛̠̬̃ ̶͈̬̌̀n̶͈̈́͆o̶̟̥̐̂ ̸̱̝͝ơ̶̠̓ǹ̸̳̇e̴̦̋ ̵͖̓͐ä̵̭́̔ͅc̸̗͌t̶̛̠̜ȗ̴̟̯̑ȁ̴͕̖͛l̶̹̥͌l̸͕̼̆͂y̴̜̳̎͛ ̸͖̌̀l̴̪̩̉ỏ̴̦v̷̟͈͆̍ȇ̴̟̬̉s̶͍̃̕ ̶̡͍̈́y̴̳̒͌͜o̸̝̱͐ű̶̖̑.̷̬̇̕ ̷̡͎̈́S̵̳͌̓ỏ̸̧̞̕ ̶͖͙̓͘ȳ̷̠͕͂ö̵͙̫́̈́ṵ̸̟̅̑ ̸͓͊̆ḧ̸̙̭́i̶̥̯͂̕d̴̲̒͆e̶͉̓͛ ̷̳͚̆́i̴̖̫̅t̴̮̊͝…Anti responded, squinting as he pushed out word by word- hoping desperately that it would cause an outburst. But Dark remained still, and maintained eyecontact. Anti may have known his insecurity… but he was not clever enough in his state to make a decent blow.

“My creator may hate me, but my lovelies follow me for a purpose. I’ve had quite enough of your foolish GAmeS, Anti…” He growled. “You are the true ScUm of existence, and you are well aware of it too. You will never belong anywhere you go.” Dark stated plainly, his eyes half lidded as he stared down at him.
Then he continued with the beatings, shouting out various names at him. “You’re worTHeSs.” 

Another bat swing across the chest.

“Good for NoTHinG at aLL..”

One in the stomach.

“Degenerate and PoInTLesS…”

Back of the head.

Dark took a break to wipe down the bat that was dripping with a dark green blood-like substance and other fleshy pieces. He sighed and straightened his tie, relieved he had taken off his suit jacket earlier that day. It was getting messy.. he adored it. Yet hated it at the same time.
Anti’s head was downcast weakly on the Heretic’s fork, the repeated hitting made him impale himself through his chin, and his shoulders were moving quickly up and down as he made quick pained noises. He had entirely given up on struggling or cracking any jokes.

But Dark wasn’t finished.

“You see… in the end, it’s always you who pays the price. It’s always you who is the one singled out. It’s always you who ends up… alone.” Dark smacked Anti at the last word, hard across the face. The sharp protrusion of metal ripped up the bottom of his throat and chin with the brunt of the slap. Anti sputtered into coughs, breathing hard and fast despite not requiring use of his lungs.

Anti began to whimper, S̸̡̠̾-̴̺͙̽Ṣ̶̅̉ṯ̵̘̾o̵̦͇̒p̷̦͈̒͘.̸̨͎̀̄.̵̡̌̊.̴̝̉ͅ he stammered, holding back the urge to break down. He lifted his face up, rising slowly as the green substance gushed out from his neck. P̸-̶P̸l̴e̸a̷s̷e̴ ̸l̴-̵l̷e̸t̶ ̴m̵e̷ ̷g̴o̴.̸.̸.̵ He whimpered, a voice crack near the end of the sentence showing how much damage had been done. “D-Dark… please.”

Dark lowered his hand, not being able to help his surprise. He had done it. It was so easy… Anti was begging him to stop, saying his real name.

Anti was crying out, but this time…It wasn’t the pain that caused it… no… but the wave of emotions that uproared from what Dark had said.

Anti felt real pain, for the first time in a very long time. Mental pain that raked through his subconscious like a knife- sharp and unyielding. His defenses were relinquished by none other than his old friend- and now an enemy. Dark.
Dark did this.

The feeling of betrayal was short lived, simply put, the mental pain overpowered it. His eyes began to dart back and forth at nothing as his chest shuddered with the tell tale signs of a rattled sob. Anti could not establish what was real and what was not. He could not see what was in front of him. He feared he was losing control of everything.

His mind endlessly reeled over Dark’s words again and again, scattering any little organization his thought process had to begin with.

It’s always you â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠Always… â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠ â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠Always you…

Always you who ends…

You… you… you you who ends…

Who ends… who… ends up

Alone. A̶̛̭̪̜̳̣̪̲̞̼͈̗̲͙̼̹̳̿́̀̆͊́̍̑̌͆͑̚l̸͖̤͖͔͓͖̮̟̗͈̺͒̊̌͜͝ơ̸̲̅̊̒͊̾̑͒͗̐͘͝n̸̻͈̲͔̲͕̭̩̱̻̰͛̍̃̅̏̾̿̏͌̐͒͐̆̀͌́̅̑̉̀̓̅̽̂̀͒̆̄̃̅͋̅͛̈́͊̍̓̉͗͘͘̚̕͘͜͠͝͝ę̷̗̣̤͚͍͖͚͖̫̼̼̘̦͓̮̰̮̳̺̮̪͍̜̼̣̼̜̲̼̤̣̻͕͚̙͍̠̱̳͈̞̯̳̪̯̫̲̯͔̣́̾͌̓̐́̕͠ͅ 

Anti’s sight blurred again. He could see… now he was somewhere new. And when he was finally able to comprehend the scene before him…

He was already broken.

You know how there was an ask about the boys’ S/O singing Dead Girl Walking from Heathers? What if the boys heard their S/O singing Candy Store? (in all honesty that’s one of my favorite Heathers songs XD- you don’t have to do this if you don’t know Heathers, it’s fine with me- btw, I really love this blog, so keep up the good work! ^-^)

This was very fun to write! I hope you enjoy this!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • The lyrics made him raise an eyebrow.
  • The mean-spirited lyrics sounded odd with your voice, honestly.
  • But he did find it amusing that you were trying do all the parts alone.
  • So you were pulled out of the heat of the solo by a soft chuckle.
  • You start blushing because oh my god how much did he hear
  • Well, he heard enough of it to know it’s definitely from Heathers.
  • He doesn’t comment further on it.
  • But you do catch him humming it later in the day.
  • You’re pretty sure you got it stuck in his head.

Rantarou Amami

  • He is ecstatic from “You got a bone to pick?”
  • You jump when you suddenly have a backup singer.
  • But he insists that you continue.
  • So he tries to be both Heather McNamara and Heather Duke.
  • It was incredibly fun
  • Afterward, he admits that his throat is sore though.
  • The next time you try singing Candy Store alone
  • The exact same thing happens.
  • Amami’s just your background singer now, you suppose.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Oh, he knows this song alright.
  • He’s just standing to the side waiting for it.
  • The moment.
  • His grin stretches from ear to ear when it happens.
  • “Honey whatchu waiting for-”
  • “SHUT UP, S/O!”
  • He pushes you to the side and sings Heather Chandler’s part.
  • Little shit stole the finale.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He frowns at the song choice.
  • You have a nice voice and it has a catchy beat
  • But did it have to be this song?!
  • This is just a bully song!
  • You seemed to be having fun though, so he doesn’t stop you.
  • You finish Candy Store and hear somewhat reluctant clapping.
  • “Good job, I guess…”
  • When he expresses his dislike for the song, you smirk.
  • He’s changed his mind. Candy Store is fine.

Kaito Momota

  • He just so happened to walk in on you singing.
  • No big deal.
  • You sounded nice.
  • He stood behind you while continuing to drink his slushie.
  • It all went downhill when he heard one line.
  • “You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy-”
  • He did a spit take
  • All over the back of your shirt.
  • He announces his presence when you’re singing from then on.


  • He’s curious as to why you keep changing your tone of voice every other line.
  • He even interrupts you to ask.
  • Well, this song is supposed to be sung by three girls-
  • Oh! This should help then!
  • He reminds you of his recording functions.
  • So you could be your own backup singers!
  • It was a cute idea, but you ended up singing the song way more than three times.
  • In the end, it sounded nice though.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta thinks this song is really pretty!
  • And your singing is really pretty!
  • By the halfway point, he’s also trying to sing the chorus.
  • But…
  • You’re pretty damn sure Gonta isn’t really listening to the lyrics.
  • Otherwise, he wouldn’t approve of such a crude song.
  • You just let him keep thinking it’s a song about a literal candy store.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’d never properly heard the song before
  • Maybe the faint sound of it come from your headphones, but that was it.
  • He doesn’t even wait for you to finish singing before he’s chuckling.
  • “Wow, I didn’t realize you could sound so bitchy.”
  • Before you could fully explain yourself, he holds up a hand.
  • “Don’t worry, I kind of like it.”
  • He sits down in front of you.
  • …What? Aren’t you going to sing the rest of the musical?

anonymous asked:

I need help. I want to know wtf was going on in that gif where blong yg was literally grinding against jk (his arm was awkwardly twisted behind him and so not totally touching dick, just saying) and jk looked like he was having war flashbacks. Wtf was going on in there? Lmao they may not openly interact A LOT bit when they do you can trust them to be shameless.

I as this question every time I see that moment. It was just so sketch xD There was no reason for Yoongi to positioned that way, and Jungkook can’t control his face so it was a huge give away. 


I just can’t get over Yoongi’s arm/hand placement. The slight rock backward with his lower half. And Jungkook just not knowing what to do with his hands and face because this is in public and they are being filmed

And it’s true xD We don’t get much, but when we do, holy moly. They go all in.


- You look pretty tasty…

- So do you…

Soo..people were asking me to do this crossover..I’ve never watched/read Tokyo Ghoul but these two seem quite similar from what I’ve seen XD

Couldn’t decide between the two sizes :/

heylookadistractionthingy  asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your Mob!UT art! Question; when Sans and lil pup are alone together what do they like to do? Nap? Play puzzles? Go to Grillbys? I'm curious.

Do you know how big brothers take care of their younger sibling?

With loving affection covered with teasing! :D

(Though probably he’ll do what he did for Papyrus when he was little; like read a story, take them out to a park, nap etc…)

anonymous asked:

Omae is a disrespectful/offensive way of saying "you." As a Ciellizzy shipper I wouldn't exactly like him calling her that :/

This bothers me on so many levels right now so let’s count them:

Here is wikipedia:


Ciel is a freaking brat. Could you imagine him speaking to people in the most polite tone there is? No. Ciel’s simply a rude kid so I like that pronoun for him. But even if we say it’s not the politest “you”, it’s still not the end of the world, right? I doubt he speaks like that to more influencial people tho, @akumadeenglish?  Anyway, it’s not like calling Lizzy “omae” would indicate him trying to be rude to her. It says more about Ciel himself I think. 


NOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! You’ve probably read this above already but I feel like pointing it out: a very casual relationship with someone you’re very close to? Like for example…your fiancee whom you grew up with? I totally love this because on top of allowing him to express his big ego the pronoun also indicates he and Lizzy are close. I must say this is almost the main reason I am bothered with your ask. If he were to address her more politely it’d be because he’d have to be worried she’d take him to be rude. But she doesn’t. Elizabeth is fine with her Ciel saying “omae” to her. It’s just super casual like he can be himself. I am also not quite sure how rude it really is. Like, anime gives a lot of room for speach patterns of all kinds and even there you can see them contemplate about each other’s use of pronouns and honorifics and such. In the end of the day, isn’t “omae” just “you” without any extras? Japanese people seem to be very sensitive there already… like when you walk up to a stranger and call them by their name without any honorifics… It seems to be such a big deal in their culture…Weird. XD But in that way it suits them, right? Ciel and Elizabeth are so close. Ciel and Elizabeth don’t use honorifics for each other either so “omae” makes sense, right? @akumadeenglish, correct me if I’m wrong please, I’m only speaking from my anime experience. (Oh my God, how did I end up here? XD)


Bam baem BAM BAAAAAAAAM~ Tell me again that as a shipper you wouldn’t exactly like him to call her that. Tell me again, now’s your chance! XD Seriously, I didn’t know that either before this topic came up. THIS IS SO COOL! Acknowledgement for the ship. God bless. Japanese is so weird and so much fun! X3 

I kind of love how that pronoun suits them so perfectly, how much better could it possibly get?

But now I have to come to my main reason to be upset:


He calls her “omae” here too in the original. Does it really matter what word he uses? Like, this is what Ciel thinks of her: the girl he will protect at any cost. How could it possibly matter to anyone if Ciel were to address her with a rude pronoun!? It is simply beyond me how that could ever matter! I don’t understand what’s the big deal about it. Even if he actually were to address her rudely,which he doesn’t do, this is what his actions say. Do you as a shipper think the pronoun would actually matter compared to this?

…I feel I’ve gotten lost in a rant. Feel free to point out to me how much shit I just threw together here. Have fun. XD

shizuna610  asked:

Headcanon time~ Your fav Shinichi headcanons

OKAY I started this on my phone, but that was exhausting, so let’s do this again!  <3

  1. Grand Gesture Shinichi!!!  I know I list this every time, but I’m hoping eventually it’ll catch on.  XD  Shinichi loves to do BIG THINGS to make up for his easily distracted nature to show his loved ones he cares!  See:  “Will you wait for me?” he asks at the restaurant where is dad proposed to his mom.  “I like you,” he says, in a convoluted way, beneath Big Ben.  etc.
  2. Look, I know we like to pretend that Shinichi is Exactly like Yuusaku, and for the most part it’s true.  But listen.  Shinichi is Dramatic.  Yuusaku is all subtlety.  Guess where he got THAT from?  Those deduction shows?  Yeah, that’s the Yukiko Influence.  He’s the son of a great actress.  Of course he’s a drama queen.  XD
  3. Shinichi is sooo easily bored.  If he’s done or experienced something before, it loses it’s edge, and becomes boring.  So, sometimes, when people are talking, he just… stops listening.  It’s no one’s fault, but it is something that happens more and more as he gets older.
  4. Kaito is never boring.  Kaito is mysteries and riddles and magic in the shape of a person.  Kaitou KID is shadows and enigmas and illusions.  Shinichi is never bored with Kaito or at heists.
  5. Shinichi thinks Hakuba needs to loosen up a little.  Hakuba takes the letter of the law a lot more seriously than Shinichi.  Shinichi is CONSTANTLY flouting chain of command and proper evidence procedures.  (Hakuba would be HORRIFIED)
  6. After being Conan, no matter how long it really is, Shinichi has a hard time stopping himself from calling her Ran-neechan when he needs something from her.  Also, he can’t help it, but he’s gotten used to seeing her as an older sister, which makes it a little difficult to see her as a girlfriend.  (The same goes for her, seeing Conan in him, even when he’s grown)
  7. Shinichi goes on weird research binges all the time.  “I wonder when particular satellites pass over Japan?” he asks himself before spending the next several hours looking up all of the satellites that pass over Japan and what their call signs are.  Not to mention his weird Death Facts about murder methods and rates of decomp.
  8. Shinichi HATES not understanding how something was done, so he can’t watch magic shows without taking them apart.  Sometimes, though, he tries.  For Kaito.  He’ll get it out of his system during the opening act so that he can turn it off (mostly) for Kaito’s tricks.
  9. Shinichi’s favorite adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is the PBS Masterpiece Mystery series with Jeremy Brett.  However, he does enjoy the Robert Downey Jr. movies as well.  (I don’t know about any Japanese adaptations, so I’m sticking to the ones I know about in the U.S.)
  10. Shinichi actually really enjoys reading Kamen Yaiba, even if he pretends he only reads it for the kids.  After he returns to his proper size, he keeps up with the manga “so he can talk to the kids about it.”  Haibara is the only one that knows he’s lying and just enjoys the series.

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could we have reactions of the baes ace sabo shanks and marco towards seeing their crush in a bikini/ swimsuit the first time and it fits them hella good like damn those curves. ? XD

*heavy breathing* so this is female centric, okies? ^^ it’s my first time writing for Marco, I hope I can make him justice!


  • Is that smoke coming out of his head?
  • He can’t stop looking at you, really
  • His mouth waters, literally
  • “Ah, Ace! Do you like it? Do I look good?”
  • “DO you- *mutters* Jesus Christ she’s asking me if she looks good- YOU LOOK GREAT YOUR- I mean… you look nice…"
  • He blushes when you smile and turn your form away from him and he can’t help but stare at your bum, it’s so full, his fingers literally twitch, wanting to touch it
  • But uh-uh, he can’t. He hasn’t confess
  • He thinks you look pretty stunning, your body is made for that bikini you’re wearing
  • He gets extremely jealous of other men looking at you, though


  • “[NAME]!! WHAT IS THAT?!”, you blush out of your mind, feeling suddenly very conscious about your body
  • “SABO-KUN! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH THAT?! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!”, Koala yells, poking his head from behind you, she was fixing the back of your swimsuit, she was wearing an exact one but in a different color
  • He was speechless. You did look too beautiful, the swimsuit was your favorite color (he remembers you told him that), and it embraced your curves so nicely, it made his heart race like crazy
  • “Twirl for Sabo-Kun, [Name]! Show him your back!
  • You blush a lot but twirl a little, so Sabo could take all of your image in his mind. He sent a glare at Koala because she just was being mean with him
  • He blushes when he sees that few glances of your skin, it wasn’t too much. It was a very discreet swimsuit but that discretion made it even more sexy and provocative
  • He could see the skin under your rounded breasts, your ribs so tentative for his fingers to touch. And on the back, your whole back was naked, your body getting clothed again just centimeters away from your bottom
  • He swallows thickly
  • “Here, [Name]-chan”, he says while taking off his coat. “You’ll need this” and he puts it on you, buttoning the front.
  • Koala kicks him and as she takes you off the coat, he regrets his decisions and thinks about undress you himself
  • Dirty Sabo, go get some cold water for your head


  • He’d grab your hand and make you twirl so he can check you out. He’ll then say you look adorable with that blush on your face
  • “[Name]-chan, you’re gonna make me jealous if you go around with such a revealing bikini!”, you just giggle
  • Shanks is very open about his massive crush on you and he knows you have a crush on him too so he can’t help but actually act a bit too flirty with you
  • Besides, you do look stunning in that bikini, it let him see all his favorite parts in your body and his hand is sweating, but he keeps trying to act cool about it
  • “Don’t go with anyone okay, [Name]-chan? You’ll break my heart” you’d just giggle and flirt back
  • He may or may not touched your thighs a few times and you weren’t exactly stopping him, huhu


  • “You look so beautiful, please be my girlfriend”, Dork Marco got a girfriend
  • He seriously can’t stop looking at you. From your collarbone to your toes, you really are a sexy lady
  • The swing of your hips makes him choke on his drink
  • He’s not afraid to hurt anyone that looks at you for more than seven seconds. He’s counting.
  • He puts a protective arm around your waist sometimes, but it’s just an excuse to touch your soft skin
  • He’s proud to see you in that bikini, though, he likes that you’re secure and comfortable enough to wear it. Because he seriously loves you body and likes to see the skin, mhm
  • He doesn’t blush but will stutter a little bit when you try to talk to him
  • He gets nervous when you ask him to tie the upper part of the bikini because the water made it loose.
  • The soft touches on your back makes you shiver and he’s delighted
  • He may or may not leave a sneaky kiss on your shoulderblade
  • Please wear bikinis for him 25/8

skybloodfox  asked:

Erm, if you're still doing the prompts, maybe #10 rhack?

For the 100-word drabble prompts: #10: “Teach me how to play?” These drabbles will be in my fic archive with all the other bullshit I write xD

“Sooo… what do you wanna do tonight?” Rhys asked coyly, fingers twiddling on the hand Jack grasped with his own.

“I’ve got a deck of cards…” The older man smirked wickedly. “Ever play strip-poker Rhysie?”

The younger man flushed. “No… Teach me how to play?”

Jack’s grin grew, knowing he was going to have an interesting night as Rhys fumbled through the rules of poker and asked innocent questions as to how things worked.

An hour later, sitting opposite each other on the couch with the coffee table between them, Rhys was smirking as Jack had to surrender his boxers.

My Teen’s Teacher - pt. 5

Here’s part 5 of “My Teen’s Teacher”. I do not own Thorin. He belongs to Tolkien.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: It’s a little shorter than other parts (I’ve been asked to extend this series, so that’s what I’m doing XD.) Fluff and a teeny bit of angst at the end. 

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield(Durin) x fem!reader

Originally posted by riepu10

“Y/N, darling, let me get that,” Thorin said and you rolled your eyes. “Thorin, I’m pregnant, not disabled,” you replied with a laugh. It had taken a few trips, but you finally got all your and Y/S/N’s things moved into the Thorin’s house. It took a little longer than it should have since Thorin insisted that you not lift anything too heavy. You kept trying to tell him that you could handle it, but he disagreed. You wanted to be upset with him, but you couldn’t. It was adorable how he was so worried and you knew part of that was because he had no other children of his own.

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