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Do you need help to replace your stolen belongings? If you do, can you please share a donation link like Cully's? I can't afford much, but I would be glad to help!

Anon, I was SO TOUCHED by your concern and generosity that it’s taken me half the day to respond to this properly. You are an incredibly sweet soul, and I’m moved. <3

I have always resisted asking others for help (some would say to the point of ridiculousness), even while I encourage all my friends to do so when they need to, but one of the things I’m trying to work on in life is being honest about my needs and accepting help when it’s offered. So, in that spirit: yes, I could use some help. I’ve been saving all my pennies to be able to visit Cully more often, but between that and the life expenses that always crop up, I did not have the kind of cushion that would let me just buy a new laptop. And admittedly, when you depend on writing and computer usage for your livelihood… being without a computer makes it very difficult to actually write and do your work.

I feel awkward about it, and I really really do not want anybody to feel obligated, but if you want to help and are in a secure position to do so, you can do so here.

And I will think about putting together a proper post for that. I wish I had more to offer than my writing, but… that’s my thing, so. If you would like me to write a piece of meta or anything, I would be DELIGHTED to do so; please just inbox me.

And Anon? Seriously, you are lovely. Thank you even for asking. I wish I could hug you!

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sock fucked up jojo’s life and she died, she went to heaven and asked god (PROVIDENCE) if she can work as lil’s guardian angel (because lil is jon’s classmate, so she will be near to sock and finally get her revenge) THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!! because about about the shipping stuff… :V (you are free to ship everyone x everyone)

(I was going to give you some links but i’m too lazy to look out for all those posts (plusilovedrawingthisgirlsandihaven’tdrawntheotheronesbeforeasdfgh) mi inglés mata XQ) PD:tsundere*



I was one of the lucky one that got chosen by JACKSON WANG istg my friend pushed me to go cause I didn’t realize it was my number… If I remember correctly, Jackson hugged me as soon as I got up? Like forreal I guess he was so happy cause I was clearly a Jackson stan hell, he’s my ultimate bias??????? How did I get this lucky, I don’t even know. So after that he took my hand and linked it with his own to the point where I could feel his BICEP FUCKING HELL HE WAS FLEXING A BIT I FELT THEM MUSCLES I’M DEAD. Next point is that Jackson smells so good I had to comment to him about it and Jackson was like: Youuu smell good. TBH I HAD SOME ASIAN BALSAM ON CAUSE OF MY STIFF NECK BUT THANKS JACKSON MAYBE IT’S MY HAIR. Since we were doing introductions, Jackson asked me where I was from, my name and age etc. He couldn’t say my name right the first time so I even spelled it out which is Saraya btw. And since I was from Scarborough part of Ontario, he was like ‘scar….bro?’ ‘Scarborrow…’

This man right here then stared at me.. and began rubbing somewhere above my top lip saying I got something there and he was like: let me get it you got something and did that to me like three times???

After that he would just come check on me and have his arm around my shoulder whilst repeating my name numerous times which btw I don’t mind at all. And once it was our turn to play, he took my hand and INTERLOCKED IT WITH HIS OWN LIKE I COULD FEEL THE RING ON HIS FINGER but yeah he’s like “you ready?” Hell no I’m not jackson.

Jackson frekin … this dork took off the tape from his spot and moved it a lot closer to where I am so I could legit just put the ball inside the basket LOL I can’t even.. and then he just laid on the floor and was like: just roll it .. which ofc I did. I did whatever jackson told me to do LOL like we failed and got like 2 but that’s okay bae gave me a hug with a cute smile on his face.

After we went back on our spot before mark and his partner went, Jackson stole all the balls and sneaked a blue one for me to keep and I’m like gee thanks lmfaao. And he was like shoving the rest in his pocket like wyd Jackson.. well ofc in the end he threw it to the crowd.

…. so like yeah my life is complete being that close and personal interacting with Jackson personally… too unreal.

BONUS. before I left the stage, I went up to Mark and bro hugged him and did the same with Bambam …

So yeah, life complete right there. Not to mention I had compilation of Jackson derp photos hung around my neck LOL istg. AND GUYS… I’M TELLING YOU JACKSON IS LEGIT BOYFRIEND MATERIAL BYE LET ME DIG A GRAVE NOW.


Hello Hi!

I just wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s on my mind for a while now. Please do NOT make an ask blog for Hitman Jones. 

I allow people a lot of freedom around him like RPing/Cosplaying/Edits/Videos because I too enjoy seeing them! But please… if you make content about Hitman Jones, link back to me as the origin of the AU. If you RP him, please state that you’re not affiliated with me. I’ve seen people ask where he comes from and if he’s just a character people use/draw sometimes too many times.

It really bothers me to see a character I made used as some generic fandom thing. He’s not a 2P that is a fandom’s interpretation of a canon thing. He’s my muse and my rotten devil child…

That being said, I am not stopping people from making their own criminal/mafia/assassin/hitman AU but please reconsider if you make your muse too much like mine.

hello all you lovely people!! i recently hit a huge milestone (for me at least haha) i was planning on doing this later, but aly ( @getshitdonetbh ) convinced me to do this for everyone now as a thank you!! 


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Masturbating is honestly such a great thing to do.

It helps with body positivity. And it also makes you aware of what YOU like in bed.

Young girls aren’t encouraged to explore their sexuality and what makes their body feel good but I implore you to say fuck that. Because it’s middle aged  men that are telling you to do that and if that’s not a good enough reason then I don’t know what is.

But it’s the best thing you can do. Explore your body. Gain confidence. Make yourself feel good and be treated like the Goddess you are. Because sex can be a great thing (If you’re into it of course)

And if you’re scared about it I’ll link you to sources that can help with the first time. Or if you want to further exploration with toys etc. also feel free to message me.  And for my non cis hermanas, I got you with some (limited) resources and I will also ask one of my previous partners if you’ve got questions.

Besitos and happy pleasure!

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Hi! Have you done anything on Sally Hemings? If so, could you possibly link me? If not, do you have any information about her? I know so little about her and wish I knew more

Here you go, I wrote you a 2231 word essay on Sally Hemings. All sources come from Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation and Thomas Jefferson: Art and Power. 

          1735, a man named Hemings, the white English captain of a trading ship, fathered a daughter with a “full-blooded African” woman. The African woman’s child was named Elizabeth. The mother and daughter ended up as slaves of the Eppes family- the Eppes family from which John Wayles (Thomas Jefferson’s father in law) would marry his first wife, Martha. 1746- the year Wayles married Martha Eppes- Elizabeth Hemings, then about eleven years old, moved to the Wayles property. 1761, Elizabeth was taken by John Wayles into concubine and she bore five children to him, Robert Hemings, James Hemings, Thenia Hemings, Critta Hemings an Peter Hemings. In 1773, she gave birth to a sixth child: Sarah “Sally” Hemings.

             Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton on New Year’s Day 1772. Martha, was a daughter of John Wayles. Through his marriage ,Jefferson acquired more slaves, later receiving Elizabeth Hemings, whose daughter, Sally, who would be born months later- was a half-sister of Martha Jefferson, after Wayles’s death. Martha Jefferson chose to keep the Hemings family together after her father’s death by bringing them onto her land. Jefferson payed a midwife to deliver Elizabeth’s son John. Nearly noon on Friday, September 6, 1782 Martha Jefferson died. Her house servants- including Elizabeth Hemings, were among those with Martha as she lay dying. In her last pledges to her husband, she told him to never marry again- Sally Hemings who was witness to this was not quite ten years old yet. Among one of the last things she did, Martha handed Sally a tiny silver servant bell as a gift.

           1784, when Thomas Jefferson accepted a position as ambassador of France, he brought with him his eldest daughter, Martha “Patsy” Jefferson, and James Hemings- son of Elizabeth Hemings and brother of Sally Hemings. Jefferson had intentions to train James to be a cook of French food. June 26th, 1787, Jefferson was able to get his daughter, Mary “Polly” Jefferson whom he’d left in the company of family along with his now deceased younger daughter Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson over to France to join him and Patsy in attempt to recreate his family. Polly arrived in London and was handed into the care of Abigail Adams, with the youngest Jefferson was Sally Hemings. “The old nurse whom you expected to have attended her was sick and unable to come, Abigail Adams wrote to Jefferson, “She has a girl about about 15 or 16 with her, the sister of the servant you have with you.” Abigail also told she is “quite like a child” and required more care than Polly- who was five year younger. She inquired about sending Sally back to Virginia.

             There are no known images of Sally Hemings. On arrival in Europe, Sally was fourteen years of age, and had very light skin, “almost white” and “very handsome, with long straight hair down her back”. There was some resemblance between Sally Hemings and Jefferson’s late wife Martha Jefferson. Abigail Adams also described Sally as, “…she seems fond of the child and appears good natured.” Polly Jefferson and Sally arrived in Paris on July 15th, 1787. She probably ran errands and served as a chambermaid as well as a seamstress. She accompanied Patsy and Polly to dances and dinners, Jefferson spent a considerable sum in 1789 on clothing for Sally. While in Dusseldorf, Jefferson found himself fascinated by a 1699 painting by the Dutch artist Adriaen van der Werff of Abraham taking the young servant Hagar to his bed. The Virginian described it as, “delicious. I would have agreed to have been Abraham though the consequence would have been that I should have been five or six thousand years.”

         Since her arrival in France, Sally had been paid some small wages- twelve livres a month for ten months. Jefferson had bought clothing for her and had her inoculated against smallpox. Sally’s day routine is less clear, though she may have served the Jefferson daughters as a maid at the convent school during part of her time in Paris. It was during the years of 1788 and 1789 that Thomas Jefferson began his sexual activity with Sally Hemings (then only fifteen or sixteen years old). The emotional content of the Jefferson-Hemings “relationship” is a mystery. Some say he loved her, and vice versa. Others argue it was coercive, institutionalized rape. If someone is your property, it is impossible for you to ask consent before sexual acts because they are “property” to you, property cannot give consent. No consent before sex is rape. All those who were slaves brought into concubine with their masters were raped- property cannot give consent because they are owned by another human being. It was not love, it was rape. Property cannot give consent. Sally Hemings might of been doing what she had to do to survive an evil system, accepting sexual duty as an element of her enslavement and using what leverage she had to improve the lot of her children.

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hey lovely I really love matthew's face but since we're in blue's story i feel like we don't know much about him xcept beautiful basketball boy w dreamy eyes. could you maybe do like a get to know me tag for him?? or maybe the 5 things that make me happy? mathematics is a lovely lad but whats he all about {also tell mayo and aardvark i love them thx lots of love mkay} xx

omg beautiful basketball boy w dreamy eyes….mathematics………..i love it… here is a lil abt our boy matty!!!!:

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i was scrolling through the time drake tag and i came across this AU where it talked about the possibility that Bruce lost all his wealth// didn’t inherited WE and so he doesn’t have the funding but he’s still Batman anyways??

yea i found that AU super interesting so i drew up my own interpretation of Tim in this AU (if you guys know the source of the AU then send me an ask so i can link back to the person!) 

I’m doing Jason next! also click through for captions 

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I'm a bellarker and I actually liked clexa! It wasn't my otp, but I found it really cute. I don't want to offend your ship or make you angry in any ways with this ask, I'm just curious about your opinion: So, I follow your blog and I saw an ask saying that Bellarke becoming romantic would be not logic. Clexa became canon after the Mt Weather incident and Finn's death. Do you think that's more logical? Why did you start shipping them back then? What "convinced" you? Im just trying to understand..

 Hi! You didn’t make me angry at all, don’t worry. I’m just wondering if you maybe can send me a link to this ask you’re talking about, so I have a better idea what you’re referring to?

Alright so, how do I start? Well, first of all, Clexa is the first couple I “actively shipped”, as in, I joined a fandom for the first time. And even that wasn’t really done on purpose. I joined tumblr just because I needed to scream into the void about Clexa and Lexa specifically, because no one I knew was watching the show. How did I start shipping Clexa? Honestly, it just… happened. I’m not someone who watches a show and seeks out a couple to ship, I never did that. I watch a show and enjoy certain characters and certain relationships, and sometimes they happen to be romantic relationships. For example, I LOVE Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It’s my favorite show of all time and will always be. And in that show, I fell in love with the Buffy/Angel relationship, and the romantic aspect of it. I guess now I would call myself a Buffy/Angel shipper, but I don’t really have the shipper mentality in me? Does it make sense?

Anyway, the point is I fell in love with the characters, the chemistry they had, I found their interactions captivating, I was constantly intrigued, pulled to them, the way they clicked together, I saw something that I didn’t see in other relationships etc. etc. I know this sounds like the most generic answer possible, but it’s simply the way I felt. And it’s what happened with Clexa. Except that where in BtVS it was pretty clear that Buffy and Angel were meant to have a romantic storyline too (there’s hardly any will they/won’t they), in absolutely no way I was planning to ship Clexa. Until the second part of season 2 I wasn’t really invested in any romantic relationship. 

Take Bellarke. [Obviously, this is just my opinion and personal experience, it doesn’t and shouldn’t take anything away from your enjoyment of that relationship.] One thing not many know is that when the show aired and I watched the Pilot, I immediately dropped it because I hated it. I still do, I find that pilot just awful. I think by the end of it I wanted everyone to die (maybe not Wells but that’s it). I gave the show a second chance because one year later, I randomly ran into one of those “Top shows you’re not watching” lists and The 100 was there too. So I did some googling and while doing that, I also noticed that Bellarke seemed to be the main pairing fans were talking about. So I started the show again and fell in love with it and I grew to really adore Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. But… I never saw it as romantic. I even tried to make myself like it that way, but they just never clicked for me under that aspect. This isn’t to say they don’t have chemistry. I would have to be blind or to simply lie to say the chemistry isn’t there. But I never felt it as romantic or sexual. Like… I even tried to read fanfics of them to see if maybe I was missing something. But especially after that experience, of reading romantic/sexual interactions between Clarke and Bellamy and finding them “off”, I realized they weren’t clicking for me at all in that sense.

Which brings me to Clexa. When Lexa first appeared in 2x06 I was immediately drawn to that character, I was mesmerized by her introduction. Then I saw her first interaction with Clarke, and I literally couldn’t take my eyes away from them. Every scene they had together was magnetic. When Lexa revealed her past with Costia in 2x09, she jumped into my list of favorite characters in the show. Not because it was revealed she is a lesbian (which was amazing for other reasons), but because of the implications of her story. I love complex female characters. Before that episode I was already intrigued by Lexa, she was smart, confident, strong, but that episode showed for the first time that she was fragile too. That her coldness vastly came from having suffered through unbearable pain, it was basically a defense mechanisms. This added so many layers to her, and I knew I had found a potential favorite. And as the show progressed I kept seeing more and more of that complexity: she is ruthless but doesn’t take joy in violence, she says she learned how to not feel anything but you can see that she feels so damn much, she wants peace but is willing to make harsh choices. It’s because she is so layered that she became my favorite. And then the show started developing her relationship with Clarke. Two strong, complex female leaders from two very different worlds with very different POVs on life who have to learn to work together and who slowly realize they have more in common than they thought. Both greatly wounded by their pasts but unable to stop feeling and loving. Learning from each other, respecting each other. Suffice to say, their interactions became the thing I was looking forward to the most each week. But I wasn’t really shipping them. If I have to pick a specific moment though, their scene together at the end of 2x10, seeing the way they were looking at each other, made me start thinking about how amazing a romance between these two could be. Their chemistry was just sizzling. But I thought it would never happen, because I thought Clarke was straight and that they would never put their lead character in a WLW relationship. I don’t need to say how ridiculously happy I was when they kissed and it was revealed that Clarke is bisexual. And how devastated I was about how they handled Lexa’s death.

Let’s talk about the “logic” aspect you were mentioning. I see Finn’s death as a “problem” only if we talk about Clarke, and by that I mean that she loved him and he died. The whole “Lexa forced Clarke to kill him” argument is just nonsense to me, and this post is long enough without me tackling that. So… I was actually glad that Clarke told Lexa she wasn’t ready to be with anyone in 2x14. It was too soon, and her reaction felt realistic. Her attraction towards Lexa was clearly there but it wasn’t the right time, she wasn’t ready to pursue a new relationship. Amazing. About Mt. Weather… look, I am an angst slut. I love intelligent angst, I love good conflicts and the journey to overcome them. So I was euphoric thinking about Clarke and Lexa’s journey in s3 to repair their relationship. And I’m not going to lie and say I was entirely pleased. I would have loved to see a slow reconciliation, I would have loved for the writers to have taken their time. But I get it wasn’t possible because they only had 7 episodes (I’m not going to talk about what they could have done differently because I would get pissed and this post would never end lol). They had Lexa make that monumental gesture of swearing fealty to Clarke and then they had Lexa’s journey in season 3 to be entirely about regaining Clarke’s trust and working towards peace, for all people. So, despite me craving for a slower build up to their love scene, I find that their reconciliation made sense.

I don’t know what ask you’re talking about, so I’d have to read it to have a clear idea, but I’ll try to answer anyway. I told you how I feel about Bellarke. It’s a personal opinion. I don’t see any romance or sexual chemistry there, but I do love their friendship and partnership. I’ve often said that it’s one of the core relationship of this show. I think that it’s rare to see on television a realistic, complex, well developed friendship between an attractive male and a female that also happen to be the leads of a show. It’s way rarer than any romantic pairing of that kind, and it’s one of the things I love about them. When I say that I see them as platonic, I don’t mean it as an insult. I firmly believe that platonic relationships are just as important as romantic, and one as rare as Bellamy and Clarke’s in particular. I think that a romantic storyline would take away what is special about that relationship. But apart from that, talking about “logic”. By sticking to canon, one of the reasons Bellamy did what he did in season 3 was his pain and guilt about losing Gina. Yes, the writers treated that character as nothing more than a tool to “fridge” to give Bellamy an additional justification to side with Pike, but it’s clear that their bond was real. Clarke… Clarke had to kill Finn, and lost Lexa right after their happiest moment, and had to abruptly say goodbye to her again in the CoL, right after telling her she loved her. These characters are scarred. They are in pain, they have PTSD, they are grieving. That’s why I think a new relationship (not necessarily just between Clarke and Bellamy but in general) so soon would be illogical. They need time to process the traumas they went through, their losses. They need to properly deal with them before even thinking about romantically moving on. I’m going to mention BtVS again. After her relationship with Angel ends, Buffy gets together with Riley. And you can’t say that there’s anything wrong there. He loves her, he’s a nice guy, he wants to do what’s right. But we never feel the spark that was there with Angel. And it’s done on purpose. Because Buffy truly tries to make herself feel for Riley the same things he felt for Angel, but it’s not possible.

Now, that’s not to say that Clarke should grieve forever. I’m absolutely not opposed to the concept of moving on and learning to love again. Hell, one of Lexa’s main aspects is exactly this. But I think it would be absolutely wrong to do it so quickly, and especially with one of the most interesting and rare relationships we have. And of course this doesn’t mean that I need a season of Clarke doing nothing but grieving. The pace of this show is insane, and they have HUGE problems to think about. But really, would it be a crime to have these characters be single for a season? To give them time to grow individually? To have them properly face their unresolved feelings and grief during a quiet moment? I don’t think so.

So well… this is my long long answer. It’s probably confusing as hell, but I hope this helped lol, and sorry I couldn’t keep it shorter. If you have other questions or curiosity please don’t hesitate to ask :)

Yona ch.135 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 135 “A familiar face” summary with pics

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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It’s been about two years now since I started watching this goober, and I started making gifs of Jack about two months after that, and I still do to this day!

I wanted to post something about it, so here are some gifs I’ve made (mostly) in chornological order, just look at that fucking progress!! :D

It’s been a great couple of years with ya Jack, u da bess! <3

“A day without Mexicans” protest & ICE raids!

Hiya, thank you so much for reading this post. I’ve never written something like this so pardon me if it’s atrocious. I wanted to write about this and spread the information I have to help others and inform people in my area about things going on. If you are an “illegal immigrant” or know someone who is please read this. 

If you have any more information you think I missed or should add, DO NOT hesitate to send me an ask or submission with links or info! 

Now let me dive into what’s going on. Tomorrow February 16, 2017 in Chicago & Houston a strike will be held to demonstrate that the Hispanic/Latino community is against Donald Trump and his new policies on immigration. No Hispanic/Latino is going to be going into work or school tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will also be the day the ICE raids will begin. I suggest that no family member who is an “illegal immigrant” go outside tomorrow due to a possibility of them being detained. Here are some helpful information to know if ICE shows up to your doors or stops you anywhere. Please save these phone numbers to your phones and families phones just in case.

(I translated the Spanish ver. please tell me if there are any grammatical errors.)

It has been reported that police are doing these sort of “checks” on cars. Basically if your driving they might stop your car and ask to see if your wearing your seat belt and they might ask you some questions. A family member of mine was stopped and asked to show a drivers license, I do not know if that is legal or if every police officer is doing it but I thought it would be best to add it onto this post. I’d rather be wrong and have everyone be safe, than not include it. Police officers are also stopping people on the CTA and buses to inspect book bags for “weapons”. 

The streets that I know for sure have police officers stopping cars currently are Diversey, Cicero, and Milwaukee. (These streets only apply to Chicago.)



title:  in these moments, i give myself (my heart) to you

prompt:  day seven: endings, victor: promises

rating: not applicable (aka general audiences)

warnings: not applicable (aka not any)

summary: the grand prix final is over, yuri and victor have both come to their decisions about the future, and now victor has one more thing to ask of yuuri. 

link to ao3: link

“please promise me you’ll never do that to me again.”

yuuri turns around from where he’s changing out of his costume and into casual clothes, and looks at him.

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dear link,

i can’t do this anymore. i can’t keep pretending that it’s okay, that i’m okay. it just hurts too damn much. and i’m sure you know what i’m talking about, which is what makes it worse. 

i feel so weak because of this, and i’m sorry in advance for what i’m about to do, because truthfully, i never asked for it, and i know you didn’t either.

from the start, everyone always told me, “you know what you have to do,” so here i am. i’m doing it. it’s a burden, i know. please forgive me. 

anyway, as you’ve said yourself, i’m different from your other friends. we can’t just drink and be merry, it’s always this big ordeal. there’s always some drama, some deep conversation which leaves me moody and quiet. you never understood why that was, why we’d be laughing one second, and i’d be storming off the next. we’d talk about sex and love, but never the way that guys do. there was always something i wasn’t saying, so let me just - god - let me just say it. just say it.

i have feelings for you. like… romantic feelings. and it fucking sucks because not only is this the first time i’ve ever felt something like this, which is terrifying in itself, i had to fall for you. you. a boy. a straight boy. my best friend.

this is all new for me, and it makes it so hard. i have no idea what the fuck i’m doing, honestly. i just know i can’t break my own heart anymore, holding out for something i know will never come. it’s just not worth it, not this time.

and i know this sort of stuff makes you uncomfortable. you say you hate it when friends come out and confess they have feelings for you, and that’s why i’m sorry. i’m sorry to put this on you. 

but i can’t help it. trust me, i’ve tried. i thought i could go on like it didn’t matter, like it was this cute little secret between me and my heart, and everything else was fine. we never mentioned it, why should we? 

clearly, you and i both know this is no normal friendship. we got too close too fast, we click too well. the fates aligned when we needed each other most and now here we are, but it’s never that easy, is it? no, i had to go and fuck it up. i had to go and fall for you.

it would have been better if we were just friends. if i didn’t feel a twinge of something awful when we talked about girls. if i didn’t think you were, well, are, the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. if i could sleep beside you and not want to pull you into my chest, breathe you in, keep you safe.

but i don’t want to be your friend, link. i want to kiss your neck. and you don’t want that, which is why i think we can’t even be friends anymore. it’s never going to get better, it’s never going to go away. and i can’t just forget it and move on, not when you look at me like that, with that smile and those pretty blue eyes, and make me think there’s a chance.

i know there’s not, though. so we can’t do this anymore. i can’t do this anymore. i can’t do this to both of us when my heart is so stubborn, i’ve got to say goodbye.

it was fun for a while there, all the weird shit we did. i won’t forget it. i won’t forget you. but i wouldn’t blame you if you forgot me. it’d make it easier, actually. 

so… yeah. i won’t drag this on any longer, just wanted to come clean. i’m in love with you, link, but you’re not in love with me, and i just can’t do it anymore.

i’m sorry.