do more photoshoots please

[Cnetz] Chanyeol's Allure Photoshoot

Park Chanyeol’s photoshoot temptation continues! Even if (you) girls have lost all your blood, hang on~~~ [add oil!] (tn: Chinese variant of ‘fighting’)

[+382] (I’m a) passer-by fan, but every time I see him I must praise him. (His) Visual is really high for a Korean.
[+339] Last time I saw fans saying Chanyeol is the idol world’s YSL, f*ck I can only say (you’re) too humble! Park Chanyeol is clearly Christian Louboutin! (tn: Chanyeol level gets often compared by Cnetz to the level of famous widely loved high end brands in the fashion industry, to them Chanyeol is just as luxurious and important)
[+294] Are there any hot-blooded girls who don’t want to top Chanyeol?
[+236] So handsomeeeeeeee
[+219] Died 30000 times in 30 seconds
[+195] Always thought Park Chanyeol was the most and only handsome one in the group, especially so now
[+172] (I) confess Park Chanyeol is a male lead who escaped from a manga
[+175] If handsomeness can feed you, Park Chanyeol, you can feed the whole universe 🙂 Everyone please anticipate June 30 the arrival of our universal star, Hoojoon❤️
[+166] I feel like I’ll faint in the theatres on June 30!!!!! How magnifying it must be to have this face on the big screen!!
[+158] Confessing, Chanyeol is too handsome ❤️😭😭😭
[+160] Stanning a handsome guy with high visuals, suffering visual explosions to the heart everyday
[+133] Seriously following his news because of his face 😄 Of course also because he has a nice voice and can compose and play instruments 😄😄
[+142] To Chanyeol who’s showcasing different charms in the photoshoot, please give lots of love everyone! Also, Chanyeol’s first lead movie will be airing from June 30, please also anticipate top star Hoojoon~
[+132] This isn’t something I can take just by thinking I can~ Right now I need Chanyeol to perform CPR on me for me to carry on~ His gazes are too much to handle~ Please do more photoshoots~ (He’s) able to carry any style~

Chanyeol’s photoshoot for Allure’s May Issue~ Park 3y/o is showcasing his mature charisma~ [fly-kiss]

[+325] The YSL of the idol world
[+227] Idol world’s YSL Park Chanyeol is seriously too good looking *doge face*
[+238] Park Chanyeol’s photoshoot life, the Chanyeol Effect where (the magazine is) already sold out before release, even after printing more copies on the press (it) still can’t satisfy the volcano concubines* (tn: *CY’s cfans refer to themselves with this nickname)
[+204] Chanyeol is seriously handsome!!! This is the real walking poster!!! 😍😍😍
[+161] How does it feel to be so murderously handsome 😭😭😭

Killer temptation from Park Chanyeol! Killer gaze! Killer visual! Are the girls’ hearts okay!!!

[+354] Passer-by feels (he’s) real handsome
[+322] This is a face even passer-bys will find handsome🌹
[+298] Sh*tsh*tsh*t, passer-by fan has been attacked
[+237] Park Chanchan *doge face* you torturous little elf
[+198] Don’t watch if your heart can’t take it 😶 Anyway, off to get some oxygen……
[+203] !!! So handsome I can’t breath 😡😡😡
[+178] Anyway I can’t take this 🙂🙂🙂 Buying this magazine is definitely the most correct decision I’ve made in 20 years
[+171] My god Chanyeol’s so handsome! Movie date in summer!
[+172] Officer!!! Park Chanyeol is murdering with his visuals!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
[+163] Too many attacks today 😡 This kid is too handsome 😡 Movie date with Chanyeol in summer break 😡
[+153] I need to calm down with a kiss from Park Chanyeol
[+141] This face, I can lick for a lifetime 🙂
[+125] Magazine at hand, licking everyday

Translated by: Chel