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Friendly reminder that good ZoSan Fanfickers like @auspizien @marimoyaro @zosanlaw @camfrica @Aika3rin3 @aevvium @mihawking and (why not) myself, write the hell for you. We left our life and our soul caring for our writing, just for “one moment of love”: a review. Can you write a review? One. ONE. Don’t mind if is good or bad, don’t mind if you don’t like the FIC. It will be ok. But… just write a comment, an impression, an idea. Don’t mind if is in english, spanish, italian or french or fucking latin. Your reviews are life for us. Please. Don’t left the fanfic writers (the good fanfic writers) die. Don’t left us alone. Thanks.

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HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 


D-0 until #HAPPYRAVIDAY ravi’s ranking of VIXX’s cute member [#6 RAVI]

An Actual Conversation Between Me And My Classmate
  • Classmate: You are always on your phone, what's so interesting there? Got a new boyfriend?
  • Me: Nah, just reading a thing my friend sent me.
  • *Discretely closes page with smut gay fanfiction while smiling*

what i say: im fine

what i really mean: This new information that Glossaryck created the members of the Magic High Commission to serve a unique purpose is harsher in hindsight if it means Lekmet could be a great deal younger than he looks. Rhombulus has every reason to resent Glossaryck, not for being cryptic and arrogant but for dooming someone he loves to a life of suffering and self-sacrifice, that only accelerates toward the end the more Lekmet tries to do good. How many lives has he saved at the cost of his own? How much has he aged from his original appearance? How difficult must it be to be reminded that every good deed you are compelled to fufill will be what will inevitably kill you?

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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