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I have no excuse or much context for this but basically McCree and Fareeha are both Native American and they like to troll Morrison. Based on this scene from “Dance me Outside”.


Dango, dango~
Dango, dango~
Dango, daikazoku~

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Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban
The federal court for the Eastern District of New York issued an emergency stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries...
By Nilay Patel

Additional commentary by eyewitness @lettersfromtitan:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

Little Things // Boyfriend Taehyung ♥

- Always kissing you unexpectedly.

 Letting you put his hair in a ponytail because he looks hot asf with it.

- Being shy after being apart for so long.

- Always taking care of you.

- Stares, stares, and more stares. He’s always staring at you like you did something adorable. 

- Skyping you when he has free time which is always when you’re asleep.

 ♥  Tries to make you happy even when he’s sad.

- Doesn’t pay much attention when you talk to him at times. 

♥  Never stops talking about you to the members or to his parents.

- Struggling to wake his ass up

♥ Hates getting into arguements with you because he starts to hate himself when you’re mad or sad.

- Cheap dates which are the best dates (video game night, movie night, cooking at home, or walking outside).

♥ Tries to cook a fine dinner for you.

- A lot of annoying/childish teasing.

♥ Public affection! Making out // Holding hands // I love you’s // Him trying to touch under your clothing depending on where you two are. 

- Gets aroused by the smallest things.

-  Tries to fight sleep but ends up falling asleep on you anyways due to his schedule ( he would always warn you though).

- Sending random photos to you like this. It gets weirder each day. 

- Always wanting to cuddle and playfully pout if you don’t want to.

♥ Talks about all the kids he wants to have in the future.

♥  Playful sex // Rough sex // Always wanting to eat you out // Rough fingering // Sex on the counch // Sex on the kitchen table // Sex in the shower // Hickies (he would love them).