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a set for each inquisition companion ⤔ Dorian Pavus

“You let it keep hurting because you think hurting is who you are. Why would you do that?””


Laugh Emotes ft. Bedouin Pharah and Winged Victory Mercy


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

In contrast to the horrific shit storm that was the #APMAs of 2017, I'd like to point out some of the positives of the night:

•All of the bands could have easily won “Best Dressed” if it were a category

•The “screenshot” moment between Ash and All Time Low

•GWAR on the red carpet

•Cassie Wilson was just so pure and adorable❤

•Lynn Gunn winning best vocalist

•Lizzy and Ash’s collab

•Set It Off’s inspiring (acoustic?) song

•Laura Jane Grace winning the Icon Award, and then rocking out with Mina Caputo

•GWAR kicking ass and taking names backstage

•Pierce The Veil’s tribute for the late Chris Cornell

•"Fieldy" from Korn winning Best Bassist

•Machine Gun Kelly’s performance

•Frank from Sum 41 winning “Best Drummer”

•The fuckjng Plain White T’s preformed and we all got nostalgic AF? ??

•Bone Thugz performance and the look on all the emos faces during it

Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here


the calendar // panic! at the disco


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

cute couple/best friend halloween costumes

the hex girls

Daphne and Velma

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

America Chavez and Kate Bishop

Arthur and Buster

Alex, Clover, and Sam from Totally Spies

The Thunder Cats

Misty, Ash, and/or Brock from pokemon

The Power Rangers

Chi-Chi and Bulma from DBZ

The powerpuff girls

Dionne and Cher from Clueless

The Sailor Scouts

The Kids from The kids next door

(if you have any good ones to add pls do)


Favourite female character: Lacie Baskerville  

I’m usually not much of a fan of female characters, but I love Lacie. She’s so whimsical and pretty and wise. 


Sherlock // The Final Problem // Aesthetic

i feel it coming.

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i feel it coming.

members: namjoon, oc - reader

genre: fluff

warnings: implied smut, language, alcohol


stargirl all i knowa lonely nightdie for yousecretsnothing without yousix feet under

The bright sunlight peeking in from the slightly opened curtains woke you up. You rubbed your eyes and sat, stretching and yawning as though you’d been asleep for months. It wasn’t until you reached down to remove the blanket from your lower body that you realized you weren’t in your own bed. You glanced around and knew for a fact that you weren’t in your small, lavender smelling bedroom either. You shot out of the strange bed as though it was on fire, noticing that the opposite side was empty but looked as though someone had previously been there. Your head began to ache and you closed your eyes, rubbing your temple while trying to recall what had gone down the previous night. When you heard the deep humming from outside the room your mind seemed to click and remember what exactly occurred during your slightly drunk rampage the night before.

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