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Pity, Pretty Boy

For: Nay, @naydeity

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 329 words. Fluffy and flowery AF. Hinata thinks his boyfriend Kageyama is pretty and precious, despite his crap personality. Nay, sorry this was really short and quick but I hope you enjoy it. It’s inspired by this wonderful piece of art.

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There were moments when Hinata caught himself staring at Kageyama, completely enthralled. He’d outline every feature of his face, from his deep blue eyes, to the perfect arch of his eyebrows, and those pearly white teeth he showed only with the occasional grin. And every time he’d discover something new—the darker specks of blue in those glossy irises, the dimples that graced his cheeks during the laughs they shared alone, and how soft that straight, pitch-black hair felt on his fingers. Kageyama was oh so pretty, and lovely, and beautiful when he took naps on his lap during lunch, when he served, when he ate (if he wasn’t getting food everywhere), when he spoke his mind, and when he told Hinata he loved him.

So it was a pity, really, that his pretty boy had such an ugly heart.

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Once again, if you aren’t a fan of dubs, or dont like this dub, do me a solid and don’t reblog this. Instead read this post from last week.



Hey my loves, so.. my first ever recolor was this amazing bathing suit by @strange-girl-sims and well, it came out okay, but it was literally the first thing I ever did - so I revisited it and kept some of my favorite patterns and added some new ones. So anyway there are two files: one has 15 ombres and the other has 24 patters. 12 pattern tops with solid bottoms and 12 pattern bottoms with solid tops. I plan to do this suit in solids as well as in anchors (because I can and I love anchors stop judging me!!) I am probably also going to do some in all patterns. I don’t know I am obsessed with this bathing suit.. or recoloring bathing suits in general but I am….



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Gonna Support Black Creatives Hard For Black History Month!

Do you know any quality projects a Black creator is working on? And they need support or encouragement? Please, hit me up! I’ll give it a solid look and post about it on my blog! I’ll be doing so for all sorts of media! Movies, shows, animations, games, art, photography, anything consider a craft! I’ll start off with inarguably the most popular PoC Kickstarter out there right now: “Women of Xal”

Black writer, female programmers and artists, and an entire world where only PoC reside. It also touches on feminism-related social themes and comes free with a demo so you can check it out yourself. Do consider supporting it via reblogs or backing it financially! It’s time we prove to the world that there is a market for such a product! 



  • please reply on this post (please don’t spam my askbox and messages, i won’t look at them) with a character (does NOT have to be ML!!)
  • to have some variety, im only going to be doing each character ONCE, even if i get multiple requests for the same character
  • i’ll be posting daily drawings on my twitter (@baraschino), and i’ll post a batch of drawings after each week here on tumblr!
  • all requests are welcome! any character any series! thank you everyone who submits a request, and sorry ahead of time if i don’t pick yours to draw! love you all<33

Endless list of favorite video games Part 1/?  

  • (Plus Shoutout to all the people here on Tumblr that do an amazing work and art about those game and even more games! <3)

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Disclamer: all was made by me

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hey guys! it’s your girl erica here :) so, i’ve been working on my navigation theme for a solid three hours and oh my goodness i hate coding so so so so much :’D :’D i’m stressed out.

however! i’ve seen a few of these around and realized i want to do one myself. yay for house pages! here’s what to do if you’d like to join:

• mbf your local george weasley trash
• reblog this post to spread the word! likes for bookmarking only, please
• send me an ask with your name and hogwarts house
• you can see the house page here

HAPPY BLOGGING AND HAPPY HOGWARTS HOUSES :D (i enjoy alliteration, apparently. there i go again, oi)

~ eri

Hey SWTOR fanfic writers!

Do you want some fresh likes/kudos? How about feedback? People crying over your characters and ships? If you answered yes to any of the above, then do yourself (and me) a solid and reblog this with the fics youre most proud of, currently working on, or just want to show off. Cause I (and surely others) want to read them!

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due to a company-wide move that’s going about as badly as it could, I’m outta work for a solid week, and I’m takin on some quick sketchy commissions until things settle down. 

4 slots for now, waist up, 1 flat color (doesn’t have to be grey), $25 for a single character/$35 for couples. I’m a majority swtor blog now but I’ll draw p much any oc babes or whatever (no real people, no long written descriptions, no major revisions) _( :-* 」 )_ 

1- filled | 2- filled | 3- filled | 4- filled - closed for now!

if you’re interested, send inquiry/references to Paypal only, I’ll send an invoice.


Commissions are open! I’m trying to save up for my trip to California&Germany, so any and all help is appreciated ; v ;

Please email me at or leave an ask in my tumblr if interested!

  • Paypal only! All prices in USD
  • Please provide reference of both description and a small bio
  • Solid color bg only
  • Max of 3 charas per picture

Will Do:

  • Furry/Anthro
  • Pokemon/Dragons/Some animals
  • Any sexuality/gender
  • Up to 3 characters per picture
  • OCs/Fanart/Crossover
  • NSFW (sexual content&gore)

Won’t Do:

  • I’m usually willing to take on any requests

I have the right to deny any commissions I deem are too difficult/uncomfortable for me. Luckily there aren’t alot of things I am not willing to try!

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Tv Shows

  • z the beginning of everything
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