do marriage things together

INTP-ENTJ Relationship
  • Having fun helping each other on work projects until 3 in the morning.
  • Getting to the point right away in any conversation and never having to say “hi” or “how are you?” ever.
  • Never said “I love you” but said things like “you’re the last one” and “I don’t see myself ever going anywhere.”
  • Also already talked about where in the world we’d move together in the future, which of our genes would dominate if we had kids, what style would we decorate our apartment if we live together, and that we’re not doing the marriage thing unless it’s easier to get a residency in countries we were from (even though I’d normally freak out from this kind of talk and avoid it like the plague -INTP).
  • Making fun of stupid people together.
  • Bonding on how horrible we both are.
  • Mind-syncing and finishing each other’s sentences.
  • Can go a few days without talking much (when both of us are busy with work) and feel like nothing’s wrong.
  • The worst argument we’ve had was about American vs. British grammar and that lasted 5 minutes.
  • Giving each other books for presents.
  • Laughing at nerdy physics jokes together.
  • Leaning on each other and reading wikipedia from the same phone on a commute.
  • Intuitively knowing that we’re not going to find someone like this anywhere else, even considering other people of the same type.
  • = ♥
  • = the best thing