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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


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i have too many au ideas in my head, and i want them gone. SO I'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU! C: inukag modern au where kagome gets attacked one night and decides to take self defense classes, with out favorite hanyou inu being the instructor OR kagome rushing a dog she witnessed getting hit to the local vet/shelter only for inu to be the one working there and fighting because "maybe you shouldn't hit dogs" and kag has to defend that she didn't hit the dog but trying to save it. URGH take them away pls

I like the idea of them training together I am so so so always for that. I like the reverse too where she’s his trainer. 

I’m so weak to the pet shop stuff. IDK there’s something about my OTP being surrounded by puppies that really gets my squeal on. 

I wasn’t sure what to do with this ask. I am so grateful for the head canons so thank you for tolerating my this. 

ok since hansol isn’t in the recent smrookies videos, there are speculations that he might be debuting that’s why he isn’t in smrookies anymore and there are rumors that nct 127 might have a comeback in june and this 127 theory which is 7 members +2 members +1 member and the last member could be hansol?? idk but i think it makes so much sense??


Preview for my second piece for @terumobzine2017!! decided on an ink piece to contrast with the first piece which is a lot heavier on the color side. also partially because I just cant find a way to color it. it just looks freudianly complete

I hate freud

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Ur so fucking annoying you act like you're the shit and that everyone has to follow you "im so disappointed" bitch please who are you to be disappointed? Do you know jimin personally? Did he say that he needed some obnoxious defensive comment about how to use his face? Fuck. Get your head out of your ass you possessive sorry excuse for a fan. Your blog has been anything but helpful with all the haters u have piling up cuz ur so fucking dense and have no life outside of having a choke hold on bts

Who said everyone has to follow me? Your hate does nothing to me you’re just another coward stranger on the internet.

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They got noticed by vogue for their fashion sense on the the magenta carpet, crowning V as the most fashionable for his bold statement of pairing pin stripes and polka dots with loose fitted pants, saying he pulled off with no effort. They also won best dressed in the magenta carpet. LEGENDS!!! Also maybe Gucci noticed them????!!!!!

I saw the vogue thing and I was like !!!! yes !!!! our kings !!!! like not only are they breaking barriers in the music industry and winning awards here, they’re doing it in damn good style too and winning everyone’s hearts kINGS I TELL U also @gucci pls make kim taehyung one of ur new models ok thanks