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do you know any other bts blogs run by trans ppl?

hey nony!! i know a few trans kpop bloggers, they dont post only bts but kpop in general and aesthetics so i think you can get behind that, also if anyone knows more or if youre a trans blogger Do This: tell us

luan - @1lgbts

iain - @springyoonseok

daylen - @lunemilktea

charlie - @paodelicia

matt - @ahjiminie

eddie - @biiirb

ken - @4oongi

+ honorable mentions to blogs like

@bisexual-idols @squizzlez and @lgbtidols for making scenarios, moodboards, etc for lgbt fans!!

EXO Reaction: when they have great sex with you.

Anonymous said: Exo reaction request: How would they act after good sex with you?

Baekhyun: “Ready for round 2?”

Chanyeol: “Yeah I know I’m good.”

Chen: “Oh wow baby girl. That was amazing. Give me a second and I’ll be ready for round 2.”

DO: “Did that just happened?! God that was great!”

Kai: “I am so happy I am with you. You are beautiful. I told you right? Yes you are beautiful!”


Lay: *he laid next to you and was just in awe*

Luhan: “I am the best!”

Sehun: *just gets really excited and happy*

Suho: “Did that just happened? Did we just… really?”


Xiumin: *cuddles you up to you*


Vídeo OFICIAL da NOVA MÚSICA do Luan Santana. “ESCREVE AÍ”. Parte integrante do “DVD Luan Santana Acústico”, em Abril nas lojas.

Luan Santana - Escreve aí - “DVD Luan Santana Acústico” (Vídeo Oficial)