do leopards have spots on their ears

some tips on identifying animals

  • not all small mammals are rodents (i.e. rabbits, hedgehogs, possums…)
  • crocodiles and alligators can be told apart from what teeth are visible from a distance
  • sea lions have visible external ear flaps and walk on land on their flippers, seals have no external ears and wriggle around on land
  • hawks, eagles and falcons have different wing and beak shapes (falcons have short toothed beaks, hawks have rounded wings…)
  • macaws actually are parrots
  • tortoises do not swim like turtles
  • not all legless reptiles are snakes (also some snakes have vestigial ‘legs’)
  • jaguars are more muscular and have rounder faces and different spots than leopards do
  • monkeys usually have tails, apes do not have external tails
  • deer have antlers made of bone and velvet that shed, other hooved animals have horns which are made of keratin and do not shed
  • also please just stop mistaking various marsupials for various placental mammals (mistaking thylacines for dogs???) you’re killing me

anonymous asked:

hey koryos, i was wondering about that kodkod picture you reblogged -- overwhelmed by its ridiculously cute face i decided to google more pictures of kodkods, but the majority of the images i got are of a completely different feline. what's up with that? and what is that adorable black creature actually called, if it's not a kodkod? is it just an extra fluffy house cat?

The image of the cat that I reblogged earlier (this one) is actually a kodkod. It does look different from normal kodkods because it is melanistic, meaning it has overproduced dark pigment just like a black leopard.

Usually kodkods have a spotted coat pattern, like the one below. But you can tell the two are from the same species because they share the same distinct rounded face shape and short round ears. The nose is also quite different from that of a domestic cat.

And here’s another image of a melanistic kodkod. You can still faintly see the striping on its tail.

At some point I’ll probably do an overview of Felidae like I did with Canidae because there really are some interesting and not very well known characters among the smaller cats.