EXO Reaction to their fans finding out about their long term relationship

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*He’s really thankful to his fans that they have been so supportive* “You’ll always be my exo-ls, I’ll always love you like no other. Worry not! This song goes for all of you”


“Baobei I know you are nervous but you don’t have to worry about it. They know I’m happy with you and that you’ll take care me. It’s going to be alright!” *Is very positive about it*


*Struggling* “They… they know?! Oh no… they will start asking questions… we have an interview today… oh no…. they will ask me to tell them our story… I don’t think I can do it… the boys… they won’t stop..” *Shy baby*


*He’s a little worried so takes a day off to think about everything* “I’m happy that they know… she’s my girl. But I’m worried that they’ll be upset… I just want my fans to be happy, just like I am”


*He’s very honest and open about your relationship* “You know… she’s actually an exo-l. We met in this concert… I just fell in love in that moment”


“See jagi? I told you not to worry about it! They already love you!”


*Really really nervous* “Come on guys… what are they saying? They love her right? She is a sweetie… oh my aeries, always supporting. I should show them more love!”


*Really surprised about your reaction* “I thought you would be angry…. I was so worried but… baobei you are amazing, always thinking about them too. We don’t deserve you, I’m happy they can see how amazing you are”


*Decides to do a Vapp live video and answer all the questions he can* “Remember exo-ls, I love you all so much too!”


*Decides to release a statement or something like that* “This changes nothing, I will always love my exo-ls and be here for you. You’ve done so much for me and I will never be able to repay you. I’m still your D.O-oppa and you have nothing to worry about!” *Very professional our Soo*


*He’s just pure love and never forgets to thank exo-ls for the support and respect in every aspect* “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, never forget that my heart belongs to my exo-ls!”


*He’s just really worried that his exo-ls are going to be sad and he just wants them all to be happy and give hugs to them all* 

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EXO reacts to you getting asked to dance by someone else

REQUEST: Hi! Could you possibly do an EXO reaction to you being at a formal party and getting asked to dance by someone else? (Possibly could be in a relationship or on your way to being in a relationship with one of the members) :)

Minseok: You two would be shyly flirting with each other when one of your bosses asks you to dance. You’d look at him apologetically, and he’d gives you an assuring glance, telling you it’s okay. He wouldn’t be jealous because he knows what you feel for him, but would secretly give your boss glares.

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Luhan: He’d get jealous when your coworker asks you to dance, knowing you were dating him. He’d let you dance with him, keeping his eyes on your coworker. The second he sees him lower his hand on your hip, he’d pull you from him and dance with you himself.

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Yifan: He’d be getting up to ask you to dance when someone else asks you. He would start to think that he lost his chance with you, until he sees you reject him and walk towards him, asking him to dance.

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Junmyeon: He’d be dancing with you when the song ends and your boss asks you to dance the next song with him. He’d be reluctant to let you go, but eventually he’d let you dance with him, knowing he had nothing to worry about.

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Yixing: He’d laugh when so many guys ask you to dance and you say no. He’d see you walk towards him and he’d wrap an arm around your waist, kissing your cheek. He’d shyly ask you to dance and would laugh when you drag him to the dance floor.

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Baekhyun: He’d never let anyone get the chance to talk to you. He’d be so clingy and would try to dance to every song with you, just so no one else gets the chance to ask you. When he sees a guy go near you, he’d kiss you passionately to make sure they know to back off.

*you’re Heechul*

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Jongdae: He’d try his best not to get jealous when his coworker asks you to dance, but he’d have his eyes glued on the two of you the entire time, making sure his friend doesn’t try to pull anything with you.

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Chanyeol: He’d be silently flirting with you until he sees your boss asking you to dance. His face would fall, but he’d give you a small smile when he sees you look at him with concern. After the dance, his face would light up when you make the first move and go talk to him.

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Kyungsoo: After talking for a few hours during the party, he’d finally gather the courage to ask you on a date, but would be interrupted by coworker who shamelessly flirts with you all the time. When he asks you to dance, you’d scoff and brush him off, putting your hand on Kyungsoo’s to let him know who you’re interested in. He’d shyly smile and then give the guy the Satansoo look to back off.

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Tao: He’d whine when your coworker asks you to dance. He’d grab your hand and quietly tell you not to dance with him. You’d kiss him softly and tell him to stop being so jealous, that you love him more than anything, before going to dance with your co worker.

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Jongin: Knowing he was going to ask you out, your coworker asks you to dance with him to prove to him who you like. You look at Jongin and smile, telling the guy that you were actually planning on dancing with him instead.

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Sehun: He’d whine when your boss asks you to dance, knowing he has the hots for you. You’d squeeze his hand and assure him that there’s no need to get jealous, kissing him sweetly. As he watches you dance, he’d give your boss glares, making sure he knows not to go too far.

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dalliance, shattered // kyungsoo

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❝with each touch to her skin, he had planted roses in every inch of her being his fingertips could graze across, until the thriving flowers were poking out of her ears in hopes they’d be granted a bit of sunlight.❞ // non-famous!au, slight business!au (a lil drabble for @exoblesso since hurricane got held up !!)

“kyungsoo,” (y/n) spoke softly, garnering the attention of the man who’s bare chest she laid upon. she took in a breath and sat herself up on the bed, turning to face his sluggish form. hickies decorated his skin like gentle fairy kisses, looking far less lust-driven than the deep markings his own plush lips had left along the length of her neck, “i love you.”

the words leaving her lips felt like someone had lifted a heavy weight from her chest, like she could now breathe without having to wheeze.

though they were out and in the open now, those three simple words couldn’t even begin to compare to the feeling of radiance she felt around the brunette. without intending to push things past their dalliance, he had granted her a feeling of life she’d never felt vibrating in her bones before. with each touch to her skin, he had planted roses in every inch of her being his fingertips could graze across, until the thriving flowers were poking out of her ears in hopes they’d be granted a bit of sunlight.

she silently prayed he wouldn’t snip them off at the base of their stems—that he wouldn’t proceed to toss the blooming roses to the floor and stomp on them.

a lazy smile spread across his swollen lips after his cherry drop tongue darted across the swath of their surface, “i thought we established the ‘i love you’s already,” he teased lightheartedly. at her look of bewilderment, he asked if she remembered those events at all. given that her answer was a prompt ‘no,’ he lightly pulled her down to his level. in the few seconds following, he had easily flipped their positions, allowing him to hover over her frame. their lips gently grazed across each other as he continued, “we had just left that business party,” he drawled out, “you’d had so much to drink, i had to take you home early. do you remember that?”

(y/n) only shook her head. she did remember the party he spoke of, as it was the only one he’d ever taken her to, but she couldn’t remember anything after the second hour.

“you kept kissing along my neck when i was trying to put you to bed, and you thought i’d be angry about the stains,” kyungsoo smiled at the memory, “you apologized, like, thirty times. somewhere in between fifteen and twenty six, you told me you loved me.”

her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, not knowing where he was intending to take the conversation, but as he lowered his lips to her ear and slowly began to speak again, she could nearly feel his words dripping honey over the whole of her heart—drowning her organ in the sticky sweet substance he had laced within his utterance.

“i told you it was fine, because i loved you too. if you still can’t remember, you know now,” to make sure his words were set in stone, he confirmed, “i love you, (y/n).” 

The Park (Drabble Challenge)

36. ‘Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ + Kyungsoo

‘Where are we going?’ you whined as Kyungsoo led you down the street.

‘You’ve been inside all day,’ he said. ‘We’re going to the park.’

‘But why?’ you whined like a child.

Kyungsoo turned and firmly ensnared your hand in his so you couldn’t turn around and go back home. It was scary how well he knew you.

‘You don’t get enough sun. One day, I’ll come home and find you dying from Vitamin D deficiency,’ he said.

‘But I’m dying from sunburn right now!’

Kyungsoo huffed and dragged you along behind him.

Somehow you made it to the park in one piece and very much alive. Kyungsoo found laid a blanket down and sat down on it, pulling you down next to him. You hit the ground with an ‘Oomf!’

‘But why?’ you complained, your tailbone aching.

He giggled and brought you up to sitting, wrapping an arm around you and tucking you securely into his side. You rested your head on his shoulder as he held you.

It was quiet. He had timed it well, when there weren’t many other people at the park. The breeze blew softly, cooling down the heated touch from the sun. Kyungsoo sweetly kissed your forehead as you surveyed the landscape in front of you.

‘This isn’t so bad,’ you confessed.

‘I don’t know. Can we just go watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ he teased.

‘No, let’s stay here,’ you said with a hint of a whine.

You threw your arms around him and snuggled in deeper. Of course, he had been right as Kyungsoo often was. Being outside with him was good for your body, but mostly your heart.

  • Kyungsoo: oh hey, can u and chanyeol possibly tone it down, last night i couldn't sleep
  • Sehun: it wasn't me who he was talking to.. prob called yixing last night, he's been whiny about missing him
  • Kyungsoo: i see...
  • [20 mins later]
  • Junmyeon: why can't i text yixing, i cant find him number... who erased his number from my phone?
  • Jongdae: here i'll give it to you... wait...
  • Chanyeol// panicking: what?!? i was gonna call him tonight, it's not on my phone either!
  • Kyungsoo: chanyeol i can... i can listen tonight... if you want to i mean now that apparently someone hacked our phones omg rip maybe i I MEAN WE can sit down and talk it out i mean if ur up for it whatever works for u
Dating Kyungsoo would include:


  • Never needing to cook yourself
  • But to be honest, Kyungsoo’s cooking isn’t all that good, but he’s improving
  • Sometimes when he’s cooking he will hum and you just love his voice so damn much
  • Being banned from entering the kitchen
  • Having to deal with Satansoo constantly
  • You will often be the one to initiate skinship, like even if you hold hands it has to be under the table or something
  • Kyungsoo being S A V A G E
  • His adorable O_O face, like you just wanna squish him every time he does it
  • No diets with this guy. If you refuse to eat, he will shove it down your throat
  • If anything ANYTHING happens to you, just give him a call and he will literally teleport to you (with Jongin’s help).
  • Speaking of Jongin, sometimes he will flash you an envious glance
  • But overall, he’s chill. The three of you will hang out a lot
  • Kyungsoo is an EXTREMELY good listener. You can tell him anything and you can always count on him to be there for you.
  • Sometimes he gives you small surprises like giving you boxes of chocolates or candle-lit dinners
  • Whenever he sees you smile he melts into a squishy mess and it’s just so adorable
  • His cute laughs
  • And heart-shaped lips omg you can kiss them all they
  • He will always stand up for you and hit the members if they annoy you
  • Occasionally, the devil will possess Kyungsoo and he will drag you into the bedroom. Good luck.
  • When he’s away, he will always call to check up on you, making sure you’re eating fine or getting enough sleep.
  • He’ll always keep an eye on you and will be there the second something happens to you.
  • It’s a bit difficult for him to say the magical words ‘I love you’ because he can be so shy, but he really does 
  • This relationship is one where action speaks louder than words
  • Nothing matters more to him than you.



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