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i looked up alexander hamilton’s last words and among them were:  “My vision is indistinct… Take care of that pistol. It is undischarged and still cocked. It may go off and do harm. Pendleton knows that I did not intend to fire at him,” and “I have no ill will against colonel Burr. I met him with a fixed resolution to do him no harm. I forgive all that happened,” which is sad but also:

he wouldn’t fucking shut up even as he died that is the most hamilton fucking thing i


I just watched Riddler’s Reform and I have too many feelings. Eddie knowing that he can’t stop, flipping out when his henchmen called him “crazy”. Eddie calling himself adorable…after trying to maintain his composure during a flirty exchange (because why the hell would women hit on HIM??), getting praise from multiple people and not being bullied for the way his mind works. Eddie trying to get it “out of his system” for lack of a better way of saying it, and burning his stuff, convinced that maybe…maybe he COULD stop. Eddie dejected. Eddie experiencing severe anxiety because he doesn’t know, no one will tell him, it’s eating away at him because he can’t just STOP thinking about it, and people are literally laughing at his condition. Eddie having no one to rely on but Eddie because people either think he’s a joke or they want something from him.

That was the episode. A freak, something to profit on, or both.

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Does eating gold make me look a like a golden boy?

Let me try out!

an aesthetic edit for the love of my life, aka @bcdaily’s oc robbie harms

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Muffet fluff?

I’m not sure if this is a fanfic prompt or not, so just let me know otherwise if it is!

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— Though she’s kind of scary, there is a very soft & affectionate side she has around you. She loves cuddling up to you and is incredibly sweet whenever she’s addressing you. Both of you drive everyone mad with your constant affectionate banters in public.

— She loves letting you play with her spiders, although she keeps you away from the venomous ones that she knows may do more harm than good. It isn’t out of overprotectiveness, of course- okay maybe it is- but she just doesn’t want anything bad to happen. It’s always good to be safe, after all, dearie.~

— When on the surface, many of her spider-filled choices don’t bond well with many humans, so of course it’s a huge help to her when you suggest recipes that don’t include any of these. 

[But] on [Transcendental Youth] it’s a very specific sort of thing, this allure that evil and its symbols (whether commonly accepted symbols like pentagrams or personal symbols from one’s own sort of alphabet) have when you feel lost inside yourself: Satan here is the sickness you carry if you carry one, that you make peace with because you can’t ever kill it entirely, but which you agree to get well from, to be healed of: that’s a hard thing to do if you have been in a dark place, to give yourself permission to leave. So here Satan is sort of that principle of attraction to and comfort with the things and places and people who you know will do you harm.
—  John Darnielle