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Ask Me Anything - Send Me a Number

1. Top 3 favorite songs at the moment?
2. What are you wearing right now?
3. Favorite season?
4. Left handed or right handed?
5. Favorite thing you like about yourself?
6. Favorite TV show at the moment?
7. What are some of your pet peeves?
8. Favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
9. Plans for the future?
10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
11. What celebrity do you look up to?
12. Who/what makes you smile regardless?
13. Favorite song lyrics?
14. Favorite movie?
15. What is the worst thing someone could do to you?
16. What pets do you have/want to have?
17. Describe your day today?
18. Night owl or morning bird?
19. Favorite musical artist?
20. How old are you?
21. Where are you from?
22. What are a few things on your bucket list?
23. Do you have/want any tattoos?
24. Do you have/want any piercings?
25. What do you hate most about yourself?
26. What does your last text message say?
27. What would you name your future daughter/son?
28. What are you listening to right now?
29. What is the last book you read?
30. Favorite food?
31. Cats or dogs?
32. Introverted or extroverted?
33. When and why did you first join tumblr?
34. Celebrity OTP?
35. Tv show OTP?
36. What is your zodiac sign?
37. Lucky number?
38. Gender?
39. What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix?
40. When is your birthday?
41. Where are you from?
42. If you could, what celebrity would you want to meet?
43. Last concert you went to?
44. What do you think of me/my tumblr account?
45. Favorite holiday?
46. Favorite animal?
47. TV you love that’s underrated?
48. What’s your relationship status?
49. What do you want to be/do when you grow up?
50. What would you do if you won the lottery?

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i just wanted to say that every single one of you reading this are beautiful. no matter what society says, no matter what the kids at school say, no matter what your siblings say, no matter what your parents or grandparents say. you are beautiful. inside and out and hopefully you see that and if you don’t, i hope one day you do. you are not fat. your hair looks amazing. your eyebrows are on point. your outfit is perfect. look in the mirror and tell yourself “i’m beautiful” and smile at yourself and i promise you, it’ll make your day so much better. you are amazing. you are beautiful. you are worth it. and above all you are loved. i love you. your parents love you. your family loves you. your idol loves you. please, never let anyone tell you who to be. you do you. you are your own person and what others say, it doesn’t matter at all. what you think of yourself, is the only opinion that matters. if any of you ever feel sad, lost, lonely or just want a friend, i’m always here to chat just message me! i love you, you’re beautiful. stay strong, stay alive. 🖤

Late Night Dining

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x f!Reader

Summary: Billy stumbles into an empty diner you frequent and joins you. You bond slightly over Billy’s hardships.

Warnings: mentions of Billy’s abusive dad but no graphic detail, mild language

Word Count: 1251

A/N: there will be a part 2 to this, i just split it up bc it felt like it would get too long and also the second part takes place elsewhere anyways

Part One | Part Two

stranger things masterlist | full masterlist

request/ask to be tagged | ao3

The lights of the diner were dim. You liked it here, no one really came to this one anymore since a new one opened up further in town. It was quiet, mysterious, a great place to go if you wanted some alone time. Plus, they did great shakes.

You were there, as per usual for a Saturday night, sipping on a milkshake, doing nothing in particular. You watched the cars drive past out the window, their bright lights leaving streaks in your mind. You grabbed a pen from your jacket pocket and began doodling on a napkin. Nothing special but it helped ease your mind, calm you down.

It hadn’t been long when you heard the bell at the door ding, signalling that someone had come in. You looked up, seeing none other than Billy Hargrove walk right into the diner. You looked back down, wary of his gaze that was slowly making its way around the diner.

“Funny seeing you here.” You glanced up to see Billy towering over your table. “Mind if I sit?”

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anonymous asked:

For the character thingy! Shu! ^^ (Your blog is great and you're a talented writer!)

Why I like them
Gosh, where to begin? Well, I find Shuu extremely relatable. His line of thinking goes along the same as my own, but apart from that I just find him an interesting and deep character because of his grief, though on the surface he just seems like a sloth. I also like that he looks like the perfect prince, but is perverted in a verbally upfront way to shock and embarrass Yui, but is subtle in his actual seduction, slowly turning it around on her and making her think she’s the perverted one. Idk, I find that fun.

Why I don’t
There isn’t really anything I dislike about Shuu as a character, though his apathy and lack of motivation to do anything can get frustrating at times, I understand it. It’s a given for each of the characters that even if I like them though, I will dislike when they’re needlessly cruel to Yui, but I know that is the point of the games, so it’s like…kind of silly to point it out, but you get what I mean?

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
Uhh I’m gonna take this as a favourite seen in the anime/manga, and I’d say that


His vulnerable moment:

And pushed over the edge moment:

game - one of the HDB endings where Shuu becomes Vampire King.

Favorite season/movie/game
I’m gonna hold off on that judgement, as I still need to read through Dark Fate

Favorite line
(after Yui and Shuu made love) ‘I never want to be separated from you.’

Favorite outfit 

Vampire King Shuu outfit 


I mean, look at him when he thinks he’s lost her:

And this:

Subaru and Shuu. Subaru seems to respect him, though it’s understated, and though Shuu occasionally refers to Subaru as a brat, he does seem to look out for him.

Head Canon
Shuu likes Yui’s hair and scent, especially when he has nightmares. He buries his nose in her hair and breathes in, which masks the smell of flames and burning bodies.

Unpopular opinion
Idk, if this counts, but I think Shuu got his ear pierced because of Ayato. He got a kit to do it yourself and went hardcore, piercing his own ear. He then saw Shuu asleep on the couch and pierced his ear before running away. Shuu just kinda went - ’…ow’  a few minutes later, and couldn’t be bothered to take out the earring.  

A wish
This is something I might write myself, but oddly, for Yui to travel back in time and see younger Shuu and Edgar and to spend the day with them, playing by the river, for tragic feels.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
For the nuances of his character to be forgotten by the fandom and replaced with a shallow fetishised version of him.

5 words to best describe them
Tragic, Sexy, Sleepy, Perverted, Sadistic

My nickname for them
Lazy Prince Charming

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged.”

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Last drink: water
Last phone call: my dad called to pick me up 
Last text message: It’s either “^-^” or “kkkk”
Last song you listened to: Tooth Paste Kisses by The Maccabees
Last time I cried: I want to all the time


Dated someone twice: thank god it’s no
Been cheated on: well… it doesn’t count
Kissed someone and regretted it: kinda?
Lost someone special: yup
Been depressed: All the time I function with the apathy it bring. I hate it
Been drunk and thrown up: Nah fam


Made a new friend: All the time actually 

Fallen out of love: yea it sucks

Laughed until you cried: yea, it was a literal rotfl
Met someone who changed you: Everyone I meet changes me in a way
Found out who your true friends were: Yes
Found out someone was talking about you: Yea, then I dropped them into a ditch. Or if it was good, I hugged them
How many people on tumblr do you know in real life?: 2
Do you have any pets?: Kinda? The leopard gecko ain’t mine but I have a pet cactus
Do you want to change your name?: I ask people to call me something else sometimes… so no? My name has so many nicknames
What time did you wake up this morning?: 6:02
What were you doing last night?: Writing fanfiction
Name something you cannot wait for: October shipping weeks and my new figure drawing class
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nah
What’s getting on your nerves right now?: INFINITE SNEEZE
Blood type: My mom is O so I might be? I haven’t checked
Nickname: Cole, Nikki, Zoe
Relationship status: so single and so so desperate
Zodiac sign: leo
Pronouns: they/them or whatever 
Favorite tv show: I have so many just check my tags
College: Well… i’ll let you know when I get accepted
Hair color: Medium Brown

What do you like about yourself: My… creativeness?

First surgery: none actually

First piercing: well regular earing holes and I tired getting 2 more… TRIED 
First sport you joined: ha no. 
First vacation: San Francisco. I love it 
First pair of sneakers: how would I know?
Eating: H O W
Drinking: is this referring to alcohol? I love Dr. Pepper
I’m about to: Write some mean Xefmek
Listening to: Your Song by Ellie Goulding
Want kids: N O

Get married: I would kinda like to? I don’t think anyone would though
Career: Storyboard artist is what im striving for

Lips or eyes: eyes
Hugs or kisses: kisses
Shorter or taller: who cares?
Older or younger: idk
Romantic or spontaneous:  both? It depends

Sensitive or loud: uhhhhhh???

Hook up or relationship: relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: ehhhhh I honestly dont have preferences for people

Kissed a stranger: nope
Drank hard liquor: NO
Lost glasses/contacts: The real struggle
Sex on first date: uh no
Broken someone’s heart: I think maybe
Been arrested: nope
Turned someone down: when the only people who ever seem to like you all have stalkerish behavior… yea
Fallen for a friend: 2x trust me dont do it. Bad. It just hurts

In yourself: sure
Miracles: yea why not
Love at first sight: only slightly
Heaven: only darkness after death
Santa Claus: I did… Once

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heybtsmarryme  asked:

HC for how the members would react when they see that MC actually looks like a badass (lots of piercings, tattoos, and wears grungy outfits), please? Thank you!!

“members” i’m gonna assume rfa


  • has a lot of admiration for you and how you choose to express yourself (she can never do it)
  • probably would consider normal ear piercings after seeing your sdhfadf amount of piercings 
  • is genuinely interested in the way you dress and why because it’s so uncommon?? also how do you maintain this e v e r y d a y
  • secretly thinks you’re very fucking hot. you’ll need a lot of coaxing to get her to say it though


  • tuRNED ON, D A M N  M A M I
  • he was nervous to meet you before, but now he’s just intimidated by your looks
  • when you go talk to him though?? oh! you’re still you but different from what he imagined. he’s glad
  • likes your tattoos especially because he thinks you’re very brave to get them


  • shocked that his princess looks less like a princess but more like a badass
  • he ain’t complaining though, you match his whole biker aesthetic
  • absolutely adores you because you’re so cute but also he totally gets that style!!! omg where did you get that jacket??
  • he wants to get his photographers to do a photoshoot with you and his bike because!!! and also omf what if he joins too dfadfsd


  • honestly, he wasn’t raised to appreciate this sorta style. it looks very unprofessional
  • if you’re happy he guess he can learn to appreciate it but under a few conditions like if you two have parties or anything related to the press he’d really like it if you could tone it down
  • if you’re also good at doing what you do then really he has no room to judge. he’d advise you to dress more professionally though for more serious events because it’s a very superficial and judgy world
  • won’t stop you from expressing yourself and tries hard to learn to accept your style


  • stunned that you look so much like a badass!!!!
  • appreciates you no matter what, he thinks its super cool that you express yourself this way too
  • he could never do it too, too much maintenance. he’s gotta do stuff quick man, no much time for dressing aesthetics
  • he also likes to buy you weird piercings and all as a gag

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Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people.

1. Drink: Water
2. Phone call: Dad
3. Text message: @just-4-thought
4. Song you listened to:  James Bay - Let It Go
5. Time you cried: Can’t remember

6. Dated someone twice: never even once
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: haven’t kissed anyone so far
8. Been cheated on: no
9. Lost someone special: yes
10. Been depressed:  maybe
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

12. Purple
13. Black
14. Pink

15. Made new friends: oh yes, many
16. Fallen out of love: no 
17. Laughed until you cried: of course
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yes, but nothing negative
19. Met someone who changed you: don’t think so
20. Found out who your friends are: I knew who they were already
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: nope

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 90%
23. Do you have any pets: no
24. Do you want to change your name: no, I’m okay with the current one
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: chilled with mathematics textbooks
26. What time did you wake up:11:30 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: scrolling down Instagram
28. Name something you can’t wait for: don’t know
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: a few minutes ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: It’s fine as it is
31. What are you listening right now: Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: nothing at the moment
34. Most visited Website: Tumblr

35. Mole/s: 2 or 3 tiny ones
36. Mark/s: some scars here and there
37. Childhood dream: riding unicorns and dragons
38. Hair color: Black
39. Long or short hair: midway
40. Do you have a crush on someone: every day I’m crushing on someone new 41. What do you like about yourself: I have a good memory
42. Piercings: I wear earrings
43. Blood type: O+
44. Nickname: A few call me Robin but I don’t really have a nickname.
45. Relationship status: Does dream dating count?!?!
46. Zodiac: Pisces
47. Pronouns: she, her
48. Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, Stranger things, 13 Reasons Why, The Whispers, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Arrow, The Flash, Bates Motel, Chasing Life, Friends, Game of Thrones and so much more, I can’t even possibly list all
49. Tattoos: none
50. Right or left hand: I’ve always been right
51. Surgery: none
52. Hair dyed in different color: nope
53. Sport: Badminton, swimming, cycling
55. Vacation: A world tour sounds good
56. Pair of trainers: 1

57. Eating: Not hungry
58. Drinking: nothing
59. I’m about to: continue watching Bates Motel once I’m done answering.
61. Waiting for: these questions to end
62. Want: winter
63. Get married: Sure, when I can find someone to tolerate me for life
64. Career: Hope it’s a successful one
65. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
66. Lips or eyes: Eyes
67. Shorter or taller: In what respect?
68. Older or younger: Someone near my age 
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: never really thought about it tbh
71. Sensitive or loud: someone can be both you know or even none
72. Hook up or relationship: Relationships always
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: a little of both

74. Kissed a stranger: No
75. Drank hard liquor: No
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: No
77. Turned someone down: ???
78. Sex in the first date: -_-
79. Broken someone’s heart: hope not
80. Had your heart broken: not yet
81. Been arrested: not yet and if I’m careful maybe not ever
82. Cried when someone died: yes
83. Fallen for a friend: no

84. Yourself: I do.
85. Miracles: maybe, I don’t know
86. Love at first sight: doubtful
87. Santa Claus: I wish
88. Kiss on the first date: -_-
89. Angels:  👼

90. Current best friends name: lots
91. Eyecolor: dark brown
92. Favorite movie: more than a few, so, please don’t make me name them

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questions tag

thank you for tagging me @lattes-at-midnight !! :)


1. drink: water

2. phone call: my boyfriend

3.text message: my best friend

4. song you listened to: Beez in the Trap (ft 2 chainz) by Nicki Minaj (dont judge me I just have my playlist on shuffle all the time)

5. time you cried: last night :/


6. dated someone twice: yes

7. kissed someone & regretted it: yess

8. been cheated on: yesss

9. lost someone special: yea

10: been depressed: yessss

11. gotten drunk & thrown up: once


12. pink

13. blue

14. anything pastel (basic colors I know)


15. made new friends: yesssss

16. fallen out of love: nope

17. laughed until you cried: yessssss

18. found out someone was talking about you: no

19. met someone who changed you: i dont think so

20. found out who your friends are: yesssssss

21. kissed someone on your facebook list: my bf lol


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: i have no clue

23. do you have any pets: my dog Oreo that i live for

24. do you want to change your name: no

25. what did you do for your last birthday: went to top golf

26. what time did you wake up: 7:00 AM

27. what were you doing a midnight last night: dead sleep

28. name something you can’t wait for: to take a nap

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: like 2 weeks ago

30. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: my body (yes I know I can change this I just want it to happen now lol)

31. what are you listening to right now: nothing

32. have you have talked to a person named tom: my bf’s dad lol

33. something that is getting on your nerves: my chem prof

34. most visited websites: tumblr & blackboard 


35. mole(s): 2 on cheeks

36. mark(s): not sure what this is supposed to mean

37. childhood dream: to be a princess lol

38. hair colour: brown

39. long or short hair: long

40. do you have a crush on someone: my mans

41. what do you like about yourself: my time management skills

42. piercings: ears and belly button

43. blood type: i honestly have no clue is that bad?????

44. nickname: dont have one

45. relationship status: in a relationship

46. zodiac: leo

47. pronouns: she/her

48. favourite tv show: sons of anarchy

49. tattoos: not yet

50. right or left handed: right

51. surgery: nope

52. hair dyed different colour: not right now

53. sport: volleyball

54. no question?

55. vacation: Texas, South Carolina, Hawaii, Cozumel Mexico.

56. pair of trainers: nikes


57. eating: nothing

58. drinking: water

59. i’m about to: go to my next class

60. waiting for: christmas

61. want: to go back home :(

62. get married: when my bf proposes who knows

63. career: graphic design or software development??? ugh idk what im good at

64. hugs or kisses: kisses

66. shorter or taller: taller

67. older or younger: older

68. nice arms or nice stomach: nice stomach

69. sensitive or loud: sensitive

70. hook up or relationship: relationship

71. troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


72. kissed a stranger: no

73. drank hard liquor: yessssssss

74. lost glasses/contact lenses: dont have any

75. turned someone down: yea

76. sex on first date: no

77. broken someone’s heart: yup

78. had your heart broken: yes

79. been arrested: almost

80. cried when someone died: yeah

81. fallen for a friend: no


82. yourself: kind of

83. miracles: yeah

84. love at first sight: no

85. santa claus: no

86. kiss on first date: yea


87. current best friend name: idek honestly I dont have like one bff i just have a few good friends

88. eye colour: blue

89. favourite movie: balto 1 2 & 3 

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Interview my Muse!
  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What’s your favorite music genre?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
  6. Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  7. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  8. Do you have/want any piercings or tattoos?
  9. What’s your favorite movie?
  10. Would you like to have children?
  11. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you’ve faced and how you dealt with it.
  12. What’s a time you exercised leadership?
  13. Where would you like to travel?
  14. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
  15. What sort of hobbies do you have?
  16. Are you in a relationship/want to be in a relationship?
  17. If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?
  18. What do you think you could do better or differently?
  19. What is your dream job?
  20. Discuss your educational background.
  21. What are your career goals?
  22. What gets you up in the morning?
  23. Are you a leader or a follower?
  24. What was the last book you’ve read for fun?
  25. What makes you uncomfortable?
Ask Me:

Kill your curiosity
1. Last kiss
2. Last phone call
3. Last text message
4. Last song you listened to
5. Last time you cried
6. Dated someone twice
7. Been cheated on
8. Self harmed
9. Lost someone special
10. Been depressed
11. Been drunk and threw up
12. had sex
13. How many people have you had sex with this year?
15. Made a new friend
17. Laughed until you cried
18. Met someone who changed you
19. Found out who your true friends were
20. Found out someone was talking about you
26. What did you do for your last Birthday
27. What time did you wake up today
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for
30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life
32. What are you listening to right now
33. When is the last time you had sex?
34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now
35. Most visited webpage
36. Favorite colour
37. Nicknames
38. Relationship Status
39. Zodiac sign
40. Male or female
41. Primary school
42. Secondary School
43. High school/college
44. Eye color
46. Height
47. Do you have a crush on someone
48. What do you like about yourself
49. Piercings
50. Tattoos
51. Righty or lefty
53. First piercing
54. First best friend
55. First hookup
56. First Bestfriend
59. Eating
60. Drinking
61. I’m about to
62. Listening to
63. Waiting for
64. Want kids?
65. Get married?
66. Career
67. Lips or eyes
68. Hugs or kisses
69. Shorter or taller
70. Older or Younger
71. Romantic or spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms
73. Sensitive or loud
74. Hook-up or relationship
76. Kissed a stranger
77. Drank hard liquor
78. Lost glasses/contacts
79. Had sex
80. Broken someone’s heart
82. Been arrested
83. Turned someone down
84. Cried when someone died
85. Fallen for a friend
86. Yourself
87. Miracles
88. Love at first sight
89. Heaven
90. Santa Clause
91. Kiss on the first date
92. Angels
93. How would you label yourself?
94. Someone You Pray Everyday For
95. Did you sing today
96. Who From All Your Ex’s have You Cared The Most About
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?
98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?
100. Do you like the way you look?