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The holiday times are drawing near, and the gift DIYs are coming in! It’s really easy to buy someone a gift from the store, but when you’re on a budget and want to get something thoughtful, it’s more fun to DIY the gift!

Mug DIYs as a gift are super easy and awesome because everyone uses cups and you can customize it in many ways! I saw a lot of cute mug DIYs, but they either involved Oil-Based sharpies or stickers I just didn’t have the time to get! 

With a quick stop at the local dollar store and a bit of raiding through your make-up bag, you can make this really amazing, expensive-looking mug!



  • Ceramic mug (any shape or size)
  • Nail Polish - preferably 2+ colors
  • Disposable container
  • Tooth picks


  1. Fill the container with warm water - make sure it’s not filled all the way, so the water won’t spill over when you dip the cup in!
  2. Pour some of your nail polish colors in the container one at a time. (I used two, but I can see it working with more colors!)
    1. Note: for me, the nail polish got on the container, and I had to toss it out. Make sure it’s a disposable container!
  3. Use the toothpick to mix the colors into an interesting pattern one stroke at a time! (the nail polish is thick and won’t mix together if you don’t stir too much)
  4. Dip your cup into the mixture - I stayed away from dipping the top where people drink
  5. Optional - Use the toothpick to design with the clumps of nail polish on the mug or left in the container for extra customization! 
    1. Ideas - You can drag the clumps downward into a spiked design like the pink or dot them around into flowers like the blue!
  6. Let dry for 2-3 hours.

Hand wash these only! Otherwise, put on some dishwash safe Mode Podge as a sealant. 

The mug will smell like nailpolish afterwards obviously, but with a good (careful) wash, the smell should go away.

Wrap these mugs up, and now you have the coolest mug gift ever! ♥

Wrap them with hot cocoa mix (and marshmallows?!), coffee, or tea bags for those special friends!!

Some of you may be able to relate to this. I have very short nails for an adult female. I have always had very short nails and I like them this way. People have tried to shame me for my nails. 

I’ve been asked before “don’t you want long pretty nails? Girls are supposed to want pretty nails.” Yeah but consider this, not all girls do and not me. 

 I have tried out acrylic nails (high school, prom) and it felt strange to me and they didn’t last very long. I ended up taking them off.

 I think that if you want pretty long nails then go for it but don’t try to shame others who don’t agree with you. Having very short nails doesn’t make me or anyone else less female

 So how come my nails are so short? Ever since I can remember when my nails felt too long I would bite them, It was a sensory thing. These days I still bite them sometimes especially when I feel anxious but mostly I just file them down. 

 Here is some information on Onychophgia or nail biting: 

 Who bites their nails? People of all ages bite their nails. About half of all children between the ages of 10 and 18 bite their nails at one time or another. Nail-biting occurs most often during puberty. Some young adults, ages 18 to 22 years, bite their nails. Only a small number of other adults bite their nails. Most people stop biting their nails on their own by age 30. Boys bite their nails more often than girls after age 10. 

 I don’t usually paint my fingernails because that’s when they would get noticed and I would have to hear someone complain and tell me “your nails are awful!” or “I wouldn’t paint them if I were you it makes them look worse!" 

 But I don’t care anymore. I will paint them when I want to paint them regardless of other people’s opinions.

anonymous asked:

My first boyfriend ever broke up with me. How do I get over him? lol

Here’s a list of things you can do to get over a breakup that I’ve tested myself.

  1. Cry.
  2. Write awful poetry in a black moleskin journal, leaving pages at the end blank in case they ever enter your life and provide you with new material. 
  3. Allow yourself 15 minutes a day to just think about them and all the things you miss and once the time is up, you move on with your day.
  4. Delete their number. Block it. Forget it. You don’t need it.
  5. Take lots of long hot showers, it’s okay to cry in there too.
  6. Learn to do something new, specifically with your hands. Whether that’s making fucking pottery or playing the ukelele, or doing makeup.
  7. Practice self-care with your body, take bubble baths and do face masks, deep condition your hair, treat yourself to getting your nails done.
  8. Meditate. There’s a great app called think headspace.
  9. Do yoga or go for a run, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. You want to be happy!
  10. Hang out with friends, do something fun that’s not focused on your breakup like going to a movie or getting ice-cream. 
  11. Take loads of pictures, of yourself, of your friends, of your dog, it doesn’t matter. Just create.
  12. Try adult coloring books, they’re good for anxiety and keep you busy.
  13. Clean. Tiny space makes for a tiny mind. Wash your sheets, open the windows a bit, burn a nice candle.
  14. Bake something, whether it’s a cake or a ton of cookies. Give them away to friends! They’ll be happy and you’ll love making them happy.
  15. Read a new book. Or even just spend some time wandering around a bookstore. 
  16. Youtube. Watch makeup videos or book reviews or vlogs of beautiful people traveling to beautiful places. Find a happy getaway in your mind.
  17. Get sexy new underwear and wear it to bed in your nice clean sheets. Take a photo if you’re feeling yourself and show no one, you are your own dream girl (or boy or nonbinary person)
  18. Cut your hair. Don’t just chop it all off, get a trim or something. Maybe even dye it if you’ve been feeling like it for a while. Changes to your appearance can feel like a fresh start or a new you.
  19. Go somewhere alone and just sit with your thoughts. I suggest the beach or a nice quiet park.
  20. Dance around your room to happy music in your pajamas. It’ll feel damn good.

Remember that you were whole before him, you were whole with him and you’re whole after him. Everything you need, all the strength and light and love has always been inside of you. Sometimes people have the key to open you up and let that shine through but it’s always been yours to begin with. Just know that each day you wake up, it does get easier. Time will pass and they will just be a fading memory that you store away to make room for new ones with new people. It’ll be alright, the sun will still come up in the morning.

Imagine Ramsay coming back to you after a long battle

prompt number one requested by anonymous


You sat on the end of your bed, picking at your fingernails absentmindedly. Ramsay hates it when you do that, you thought to yourself. But you always picked at your nails when you were nervous, and this was a time as any to be nervous. A raven had sent a message from the commander of the Bolton army. They had lost the battle harshly and those who remained would be returning home. There was no mention of your lover Ramsay in the message, and you had prayed to all the gods you knew to bring him home safely. Then you heard one of your handmaidens peeked through the door, “My lady, Ramsay has returned.”

You ran as fast as you could to the atrium, your eyes combing the crowd for Ramsay. But he saw you before you saw him, and without warning he pulled you into a long, hard kiss. You wrapped your arms around him, overjoyed of his return. Then the two of you broke apart and you stared into Ramsay’s eyes, trying to find words.

“Ramsay, I–”

“Shh, shh…” he said, pressing his forehead against yours. “I’m here now.”

It's okay

You’re having a bad day and that’s fine.

You’re going to hate yourself and that’s alright!

Now the worst thing you can do right now is binge.

Yes it’s tempting but it’ll just make the way you’re feeling worse.

You probably won’t want to exercise and I get that but try a little bit. A few sit ups, a few squats. Maybe go a nice walk? It’ll keep you busy and away from the kitchen.

You want to eat don’t you? I know you do.

How about a sugar free jelly? Walk to the shops and buy one it’s only 10 cals and it’s deliciously sweet.

Paint your nails, do your hair, make yourself feel beautiful because you are.

You just need to get through this for an hour and it’ll be done.

You can do this my gorgeous little skeleton.

Stay strong.

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Sugar Dos and Don’ts Spring 2016

Hi Sugars! 

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about this so I’m going to go ahead and answer them in one master post.  This is geared more towards going on POT dates rather than in an arrangement, but feel free to ask questions if you have them. Here is a brief list:

Sugar Dos

1. Look the part- You cannot be taken seriously by these men if you don’t LOOK worth it. Invest in key pieces (for me these are shoes and bags), and get trendy things for lower prices (everyone knows I LOVE zara for this). Get your nails done (or do them nicely yourself if you can), make sure your brows are always done, same with makeup. If you’re asking for a 6k allowance you better look like you’re worth 6mill. Keep it up, and you’ll get more as time goes out

2. Set Goals- Personal goals that is. My Daddies always LOVE hearing how I’m a Deans List College student at a prestigious university, but that is not everyone. What are you passionate about? Talk about it. These men use you as an escape from their life, and everyone lights up when they discuss something they care about. Hey, maybe he’ll invest in your idea down the road (;

3. Google him- the SECOND you get his real name (if you do), the internet is my key to creeping. If you don’t have his real name, ask him about what he does, likes etc (hopefully you’ve already vetted him to make sure he’s worth $$$).


1. Make EVERYTHING about you- Ask him how his day went, pretend that you care (or actually care). Being a good listener has gotten me a long way in the bowl.

2. Sleep with him on the first (or even second) date- This obviously depends on what you’re looking for/ comfortable with but a DEFINITE NO is sleeping with him on the first date. Instead, get to know him, his interests and see if you’re a good fit. 

3. Trust Him- This may just be me, but like any man, he will say what he KNOWS will get you to sleep with him/ lower your price or standards. Nothing is set in stone unless that $$ is in your wallet

that’s it for now!

Things to do instead of thinking about results day

So if you live in the UK, you know it’s GCSE results day tomorrow! I am absolutely terrified and thought about helping out a few people by giving them some things to keep them busy instead of thinking about results!

-go for a walk
-have a long shower
-have a relaxing bath
-play with your pets
-go shopping
-cook yourself a meal
-go for a meal with family/friends
-have a barbecue
-watch your favourite youtubers
-stay on skype with some friends
-watch tv/netflix
-play some computer/xbox/ps games
-take a nap (esp if you dont think you’ll be able to sleep tonight!)
-binge watch your fave movie series
-draw/make art
-light some candles
-tidy your room
-paint your nails
-do your makeup
-clean out your wardrobe
-listen to your favourite album
-read your favourite book/book series
-remind yourself that no matter what you get, it will be okay!

If you’re going into school to collect your results, or if you’re choosing your a level subjects/college course, make sure you have everything organised so in the morning, you’re not in a panic or a rush. Have the a levels/course you want to do clear in your head, and remember to have a back up plan/subject for if you don’t meet the requirements to do what you wish. You are all amazing and you all tried your very very hardest, I hope everybody gets the results they want and deserve! I’ll be here if anybody wants to talk about their results, their happiness or their disappointment. Good luck everyone!

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! 2016 is finally over, and the new year has begun! I want you all to make goals that challenge yourself, and push hard to nail those goals! Do your best, and forget the rest! Let’s all make this year a great one!

anonymous asked:

Hi Chris, I'm like really stressing out because the other day I was like "yikes I'm just having a bad day, tomorrow's a new one and I can start over then" but now it's turned into a bad rut, and I just don't know how to get out of it. Any advice here?

Hey beautiful. I think the best thing you can remind yourself is that it’s normal and expected for us to get into ruts. We’re human, and nothing is perfect…ever. Try to be gentle and kind to yourself during this time and don’t get hard on yourself about being in this rut. Go about your normal routine, do things that make you feel good, simple things like taking hot showers, doing your nails, drinking more water, eating well, nourishing yourself, getting enough sleep. Make sure to spend time with others who lift you up and make you feel good, who make you laugh. Spend a day (or multiple) in your pajamas watching your favorite movies or shows. Get out in the sunshine and remember this will pass :) Sending you a big hug!!! 

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Flower crown and black nail polish :)))

Flower crown: when was the last time you sang to yourself?

Black nail polish: do you have a bucket list? If so what are the top three things?
•skinny dipping
•sky diving •go to Greece

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im crying right now trying to resist the urge to binge. please help me.

are you okay, my pretty daisy? if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. do something to distract yourself maybe. like take a nap, paint your nails, work on a project clean your space area, avoid the place where the food is, etc.


Translations of the Re:vale interviews in the August 2016 issue of B’s Log! Many thanks to @sumptus/Denego for providing me with the pictures! Also many thanks to @seigyokus for kindly proof-reading and offering suggestions on my translations!

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