do it yourself department of public works

Something wicked this way comes (Part 1)

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Summary: Grindelwald have used the Imperius curse in Reader to catch and torture Percival, but even when they are both free, and Grindelwald is in Jail there are some curses that are not so easy to get over.

Word count: 1174

Warnings: I think, maybe there’s a little angst…


That night was one of the darkest in New York, the cloudy sky gave the night a catastrophic look, but you found it nice, it was like purple cotton candy surrounded the city, buttoning your coat to protect yourself of the imminent rain you started walking to your department. I has been a tired day in the office, a lot of paper work after a well done mission where you trapped one of Grindelwald’s followers. A Witch have made a lot of problems here and there, leaving chaos in her way, at first sight it looked like one thing has nothing to do with the other you but you figured out how that was connected. Your boss who also was an old friend have give you a “good work” glance, something never happen, specially in public, but you were one of the bests, determineted, fearless, strong, loyal, smart, all of the things Grindelwald wanted in his people, thats why he chose you, you would be a great “right hand”. That night, that damned night had had being the last of the life as you knew it. It was surprising that happenend 6 months ago, only a few week since you have come back to work.

“Y/N” Tina wake you from your daydreaming, you point your wand to her for a moment and take it down quickly, embarrased from your reaction, after all it’s not like some Grindelwald follower is going to attack you in the main office of de Auror Department, where you are confined. That would be suicidal, stupid,you where safe.

“Sorry… You took me by surprise” you sigh and fake a smile the best you can, and damn! you are good faking cause Tina don’t ask for what where you thinking.

“Shouldn’t you be giving a class to the newbies?” she questions you with half of a smile and a raised eyebrow, suddenly you remember Percival Graves (your boss) asking for someone to give some training to the new Aurors, He didn’t want them to get them dead in their first duel in the real world, you where the only one who volunteer, because you where the only one locked in the main office doing paper work all day instead of having a case. Percival have looked at you with a Scowl, like if you just have had said that hogwarts was a better school, then he turned to Tina and told her to do it. You have needed a lot of patience and a discussion with Percival to let you give the class. Your main argument? You were losing your mind in “that fucking desk” as you called it, you where good at duels. It was a win-win.

“Merlin’s beard, I’m late… Thanks!” Jumping at your feet you try to end your currently paperwork, Tina roll her eyes and take the quill from your hand. “Get going Y/N/N you must act like a model role” she jokes saving you and you laught a little before racing out and to the room where you have to train the newbies, your feet stopped suddenly when you saw Percival Graves at the door of the class, he was clean, his dark hair carefully combed to the back, well dressed with a black suit. He looked the exact opposite to the way you have saw it in the dungeon where Grindelwald put both of you. He have had being a mess as much as you where, you cried more than once by his side, after all you where the reason he got caught. They knew how much Percival trusted in you, you two got some history together as friends. You have studied together, you both have make the trials for the Aurors school at the same time, you where friends.

“Mr. Graves” you greeted him with a teasing smile, you knew you couldn’t call him “Percy” in your work place, respect over all “so good to see you sir, did you came to see the class?” You asked politely, he shook his head and look quickly around, getting closer to you.

“You don’t have to do this…” He said quietly, like he was saying a secret, you bite your tong holding a comment about how he’s leaning to you and is making you feel like a dwarf, but you read his expresion, he’s being serious, angry, this is your best friend being worried

“I’m good at dueling that’s why I’m here remember?” You shrug acting like he’s overreacting “I have beat your ass back then in Ilvermorny” you laugh a little, he didn’t answer, you where going to pass him but his strong hand stopped you by the arm and force you to turn at him, fired started to burn inside you, a glimpse of the past catch you and remember vividly how he holded you in his arms in that dungeon, how you both hold to each other. He haven’t touch you since both where realeased a month ago. You two haven’t even be alone or talked about your confession, how you kissed him and he kissed you back, thinking that in any moment they where going to kill you.

But they didn’t and the romantic feelings suddenly felt wrong.

“You don’t have to prove anything” he said softly making you shiver a little, you shook your head in denial

“I’m not trying to prove anything” you answer pretty confident to yourself, believing it, you actually don’t understand what is he talking about, everyone knows how good you are, there’s nothing to prove.

“Yes you are, you are trying to prove you are fine, you want to them to know you aren’t weak” his words make you blink quickly, surprised by his words, he makes you hesitate and question yourself if that’s true, but you don’t accept it, suddenly you are very aware of how close you are, too close so you step back, Percival straighten himself from the leaning position over you, knowing he has being towering you.

“Mr. Graves” your voice sounds cold and professional, but inside you burn with doubts, questions run through you, if he’s right, If you are trying to prove yourself in front of the department, if you are doing this to convince yourself that you are OK, the “I f’s” don’t stop appearing in your mind “I’ve got a class” you add and his hand finally let you go

“It’s not true” you say to yourself “I’m not doing this because I want to prove myself, I’m doing it to protect them, to make them better… To make them strong, so they don’t pass by the same thing I did” you lie blatantly because deep inside you know the true, you know he’s right, you just want to prove you are ok, that you can make something more than just fill documents. “You can do this” you repeat to your self over and over again “Everythink is gonna be OK”

But the truth is: you feel something bad is about to happen and Percival know it too.