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Yay! The askbox is open! It's me, Romantic Headcanon anon again. Headcanons of cute signs when he has a crush on reader for Shigaraki, Kurogiri, Dabi and Stain? P.S. I'm going to do the same thing as last round so you have been warned. Your work is too good for me not to request :)



  • Get ready to be a taste tester. He wants anything on his bar’s menu to get your approval.
  • Might also name drinks or food after his crush. If it reminds him of you, it has your name!


  • Very protective and will fight in his crush’s honor. Do anything to upset them and he’ll never let the person see the light of day again
  • If his crush gives his sword or knives a name, he’s using that name from now on.


  • Instead of craving your names into a tree, Dabi will burn your names into a tree. His crush does not know why, but at least he’s thoughtful
  • Steals all sorts of things he thinks you might like. He’s a punk and that cute little bunny charm was screaming your name.

Shigaraki Tomura:

  • Like Dabi he might steal things that he thinks you might like. But unlike Dabi, he’ll just throw them at you and hope you understand it’s for you
  • Likes to ask his crush what kind of ways they would like the world to end or the best way to kill someone. He enjoys talking to them, as they have some interesting ideas.

if i could become a fully online student for the remainder of my undergrad career i’d do it. i’m already graduating w honors and everything. I don’t need to look at anyone anymore for a got damn ting 😴

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This is a weird ask, but the thought just struck me out of nowhere and... I Love your ideas on things and wanted your opinion. Isnt it kinda weird that missing nin wears the headband of their villages? Kakuzu and Hidan come to mind first and foremost. Kakuzu has been alive for a loooong time and, since he basically killed the elders in his village, you would think he doesnt care about his village? Maybe it has something to do with honor or whatever, maybe Pride, but... (Part1)

Why would he keep something like an emblem of the village he left? Itachi makes sense, as he didnt leave willingly. Yahikos body probably wears it as a symbol for them not agreeing with rains ways (maybe) and some of the others generally dont have any real… dramatic ties, so to speak, to their villages. But I cant imagine Hidan ever being loyal to his village. He is far to manic for that, yet he carries his forehead protector. This can be made for just,, any “villain” in naruto, (part2)

I mean, Sasuke didnt wear any bc he left the village and didnt want to be asosiated with it (Which is oversimplifying it but whatever). So i guess my question is - why do you think these S-class ninjas who are in the bingo book basically everywhere and all that stuff still wears the symbol of their respective villages? Its not like it gives anything to the story (although some do). So im very curious about your thoughts! 💕

The crossed-out village symbol is a repudiation of the previous village, and at first, although Sasuke does do that whole crossing out thing, he tellingly leaves it with Naruto, because what he’s really repudiating is his bond with Naruto and the idea of becoming stronger with his team, not Konoha at that point.

Kakuzu and Hidan, who hated their original villages, have obvious reasons for wanting to advertise their repudiation of them. Ditto Kisame and to a lesser extent Deidara and Sasori (for whom I think the next reason is more motivating).

Being so obvious about being a missing-nin is also a power move, like gang tattoos and symbols, or the bright colours of a venomous creature. You advertise that you are dangerous and not to be trifled with. It’s kind of an open challenge to the world.

Lastly, in the same universe as colour coded nail polish villains, it’s for the Look, darling.


What the fuck is this? Seriously they are making him into a joke. A champion around the world, highly respected by many wrestling fans and wrestlers alike, a legend, and now reduced to being a laughing stock with some weirdo man/woman…whatever.

Vince is ruining all the talent Triple H finds. No wonder Ring of Honor and New Japan are doing so well.

WWE has become a joke, along with the idiots running it.

I made a post at some point about Harry performing at the Grammy’s and how I wouldn’t be the least surprised for him to do it in the roll that honors Fleetwood Mac and I really wish I could find it now.



a redraw of this year old thing!! had a lot of fun w this one despite having to kick my own ass for a whole month in order to actually finish it

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