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I heard ur a good pigeon catcher, is this true? I see pigeons with string on them all the time and want to help but never can catch them? Any tips for a fellow vulture and bird lover? Thank u (*^o^*)

Hello!! Yesss I have caught a fair few pidges. It can be tough to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s much easier - really it’s mostly about having the confidence and not hesitating, and making sure you don’t grab them by their tail/wing feathers or head. I’m no expert at it but I can confidently catch a pigeon now!

What I do is attract a bunch of pigeons over with some seed/peanuts, depending on how brave they are I’ll either throw it directly at my feet or gradually lure them closer, and I’ll crouch, kneel down or bend slowly over them. I keep an eye on the one I plan to catch. I move quite slowly and try not to spook them, and then shoot one hand out and pin it against the ground (but not squashing it, kind of like trapping it in a cage under my fingers) and quickly scoop it with both hands and fold the wings against the body. Don’t worry if a few little body feathers fall out, they probably will as pigeons are very prone to it and it doesn’t effect them at all.

My friend @bonemonger is even better at catching pigeons, a proper expert - she uses two hands, a different method than me but I struggle to do it two handed! I use the one-hand method a lot at work to grab pigeons from their rehab boxes so it comes more natural for me to do it that way. Here’s a wee video of bonemonger catching a pigeon effortlessly, and making it look as easy as pie (she’s also being a pigeon hero here, and freed the pidge from string and quickly released it after)

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I'm a sex worker who enjoys what she does and earns money to help support herself. I got into the work after being abused by an ex to reclaim my sexuality and body confidence. What do you think of my situation?

The point of this blog is geared more toward general criticism an industry that is rooted the commodification of women’s sexuality and men’s entitlement to women’s bodies. The fact that you enjoy what you do does not change the fact that countless other women are exploited and harmed. Your right to make your own choices and my right to critique a harmful industry are not mutually exclusive. And the fact that having choices can be empowering does not make every individual choice empowering. 

I really can’t argue with your feelings or anyone else’s–it would be silly to try. But the reality is that the sex industry exists because men feel that women’s bodies should be available on demand. That type of attitude harms women inside and out of the industry. The fact that you personally do not feel harmed is of no consequence to me. 

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imo you're undercharging quite a lot but you can always rise prices as time goes on

tbh im afraid of charging more for my first time doing this

bc i dont have confidence in charging more for whats sure to be a rocky ride

im p sure i should charge higher regardless but my brain is yelling @ me so idk

ill definitely charge higher next time tho! like. way higher. i feel the underpricing myself tbh. 5 lucky people will just get cheap as hell art i guess

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Hey, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get diagnosed with OCPD? I really connect a lot with all the stuff you post about it, but I'm not sure what to do with that information. I guess what I'm trying to ask is: how do I know if I have it?

a few months ago, i began researching autism spectrum disorder in the context of my own life experiences and upbringing because it seemed likely to me that i might be autistic. i spoke to my physician and my therapist about it, and they booked an appointment with a psychiatrist to do some preliminary screening. at that point, i was fairly confident that i was autistic; i’d taken dozens of self-assessments and the results had always indicated clearly that i might have autism and directed me to speak to a doctor about it. there were a few areas in each self-assessment that pointedly didn’t apply to me, but otherwise, the notion that i might be autistic seemed to explain a lot.

so the time came for my screening date and, coincidentally, the psychiatrist i’d been booked to see was the same one who had treated me for a year in university, so she was already familiar with my background. we spoke at length and she suggested that my symptoms were more contiguous with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder than autism spectrum disorder. i’d never even heard of OCPD at that point, and so she explained it to me in detail and we spent some time looking through resources about OCPD. it was immediately revelatory. it was so, so obvious that this was the correct vocabulary for what i’d been dealing with my whole life.

if you feel that you connect with what i’m posting about OCPD, i would urge you strongly to seek out medical and psychiatric assessment at your very earliest convenience. without wading into the self-diagnosis debate, i will say that i’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to a psychiatrist about my autism self-assessments, and to be met with knowledge and understanding that went deeper and landed in a more accurate place than any conclusion i could have reached on my own. i have the privilege of being a patient at an lgbtq-focused clinic with very sensitive and politically conscious staff, and i realize that is far from a universal experience, and i realize many people have fraught experiences with psychiatry. but i have to come down on the side of speaking to a psychiatrist - ideally, a politically conscious and empathetic one - and talking through your life experiences. good luck.

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Hey..I found ur blog just now and I think it's really awesome. :) I just wanted to ask whether u have any advice for people who have performance anxiety? Like I have to perform a Shakespeare scene In front of my class on my own or with a partner. But I think I'm terrified of messing ​up and literally shaking up there. It has happened before..but i was discreet. I feel like I can do it but I'm never sure. I just want to gain my confidence back. Some where along the way I lost it. Any advice?

Hey darling, thank you for your message ! 

I also have to do presentations in front of my class regularly and it’s never easy, so I completely understand what you are feeling but unfortunately there is no magic trick that can stop you from feeling stressed before a presentation.

I always get nervous the moment before the performance but then, when I’m doing it, that anxiety just slowly disappear. I realized that I felt way more confident when I knew exactly what I needed to do. Rehearsing again and again help me a lot. I don’t think you can fully control this feeling of anxiety so instead of trying to fight it, just understand that you are creating in your head because you are sensing a threat that actually doesn’t exist. 

Also, realize that most of the people in your class are not going to focus on the way you are acting as much as you are. Every little flaw you’ll think of will not be perceive by them because everyone is so focused on their own life and problems that most of the time, we do not give our full attention to others (unfortunately)… 

 You just need 30 seconds of insane courage to beat up that fear before the performance but then once you’ll do it and be completely mindfull in it, there is no way it can go wrong. 

To recap: Rehearse, give the best performance you can and don’t take notice of what people might or might not think about you ! I know it’s easier said than done but everything is in your head. You are thinking of something that hasn’t even happened yet, if you know your act by heart then there is no way you can screw it up unless you let all these scary but not real thoughts take control.

Many people have done it before and many will do it in the future and I know you are one of them. You can do it !

Much love xx

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What if you don't like the way you look when you're naked? How can you enjoy sex? Or even have sex in the first place?

Idk, sometimes I turn off the lights if I’m feeling particularly self conscious, other times I just focus on how good it feels. Confidence in the bedroom has a lot to do with who you’re sharing that experience with. If you’re feeling consistently shitty with someone then maybe they’re not doing enough to make you feel as confident and sexy as they should.

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Elaborate: Ryan getting a group of men to come and manhandle & fuck brendon for his bday

I HAVE SO MUCH ON THIS AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! like ok so Ryan knows it’s been a fantasy of Brendon’s for awhile, to get fucked by a bunch of dudes who are way bigger than him, and so Ryan wants to indulge Brendon and surprise him for his birthday. But first, he does a bunch of research and background checks these people because he has to have a lot of trust in anyone who so much as lays a finger on his boyfriend so he finally finds like five dudes who are not shady and do this professionally or something and he hires them with confidence. So then on Brendon’s birthday Ryan takes Brendon out to dinner and stuff, but when they get home he blindfolds Brendon and tells him he as a surprise for him. And brendon has no idea but he immediately asks, “Is this something kinky?” just bc of the blindfold, and Ryan tells him it is. And when Ryan takes the blindfold off Brendon’s in one of their guest bedrooms and there are these five really buff men waiting for him and Brendon turns to Ryan like “is this what I think it is” and Ryan nods and he asks brendon “is this okay for tonight?” just in case Brendon wasn’t in the mood but Brendon definitely nods and Ryan smiles and tells the dudes “he’s all yours” and hands Brendon over and like in a few seconds they have Brendon naked and they’ve hauled Brendon to the bed and Brendon is a total mess in 0.5 seconds. Ryan watches and jerks off while Brendon gets his ass and throat fucked and they come all over him and they can just put him in whatever position they want and brendon keeps moaning like a whore, getting used and pushed around and held down, they’re so much stronger and bigger than Brendon he just looks like a ragdoll, and it’s just so much sensation as he has hands all over him and he’s getting fondled and fucked and there’s come all over him by the time they’re done. And they all praise Brendon and tell him he did good for them which makes Brendon happy but they leave pretty fast and Ryan really takes care of Brendon, loving touches and words and getting him all cleaned up and carrying him to bed ((((((guys wait until you read my sex pollen fic it’s got some good shit in it like this)))))

                 “…I’m an adult, an’ adults do wha’ they wan’.”

                              Spoken with quite the air of confidence as they proceed to melt 3 slices of Unovan cheese over their spaghetti, add an almost unhealthy amount of mustard, and mix it all together. Apath, the cravings are showing again.

                                       …Apath–don’t add Cheez Whiz too, stop–
                                              Put the bacon bits down, asshole–

klance - bandau

The trill of fingers dancing across the neck of the guitar captured the crowd’s eyes, captivated the listeners ears in an instant. Keith saw the grin. The man on stage knew exactly what he was doing. That confidence made Keith smile, eyes taking in the form of the man who was pouring his heart through his fingers, touching all that was near, all that was within ear-shot. The man’s back arched as he drilled in his passion into the listeners, ignoring the head-banging, ignoring the hands waving in the air.

Keith found his hand tapping along to the beat, finding sure notes and finding sure melodies. He found the tempo, he found the rhythm. Seeing the man up there made his fingers itch. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t see the man’s eyes. It didn’t matter he couldn’t see what the man’s real face looked like, hidden behind a cat like mask with intricate blue markings. What those markings were, Keith didn’t know. Keith felt the song change more than he heard it. Mellow, his pulse calmed down. He felt like he could breathe, like the guitar wasn’t suffocating him. A repetition of cords soothed him.

A soft voice destroyed him. “I feel it every day, it’s all the same. It brings me down, but I’m the one to blame.” It was a pure electric guitar and vocal cover. Keith knew this song from the bottom of his heart. His fingers ached. He mouthed the words.

Keith’s eyes suddenly made contact with the masked-man. At least, it appeared like he did. He ignored the way the man’s eyes were a lot like his music, like his playing. His voice caught as the man held his gaze, drawling out the next words. “Over and over, I fall for you. Over and over, over and over, I try not to.” His voice reaches a new softness, his pitch lighter at the end.

Keith feels heat travel from his cheeks to his neck. It was suddenly very stuffy inside the room. I gotta get out of here. Placing a few bills on the bar, he pushed through the crowd to get outside. Everyone was too close now.

The familiar chords rang in his head, even as he stood outside of the pub. The cool wind nipped at his nose and his cheeks, slowly reducing the pink tint his face and neck had taken on. In the back of his mind, he still saw the mystery guitarist.

this is becoming a thing!!!! i’m about 2k+ words into it and it’ll be a chaptered fic! meaning: 

it’s going to be a total of 10k+ plus words! i hope you guys look forward to it.


one step closer to the battle of the trash heap! *^*

In case nobody’s told you today, you’re worthy. You’re valid. I’m glad you exist

She says, easily, so easily
           To not jokingly call her so pretty.

Positive thinking is everything. When you believe you can do it, the how to do it develops. You are a product of your thoughts. You are a product of your environment. If you want greatness. Believe you deserve it. Act like you deserve it. Live like you are great- and you will attract greatness.