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I have been interested in the idea of worshiping God with many of the techniques found in witchcraft. For example, asking him to bless food I make or help a certain tea help someone I care for get better, speaking to him using tarot cards (even though I understand that even though it is a direct answer the result might not come until much later) I am worried that worshipping in this way is "worshiping as the pagans do" which he warns against. How can I practice the craft in a healthy way?

Keeping God in the forefront of everything is the best way to go. Not all pagans use the craft. The craft is a practice used by many.. and even secularly. So worshipping as the pagans do I assume probably meant in a more polytheistic form. Worshipping many gods. Where God wants to be the only one.

friendly reminder that I’m going to call my boyfriend daddy all I want and still hate pedophiles with a passion.

friendly reminder that two consenting people that are of-age can do whatever they want behind closed doors, or on the internet, and your view on what they’re doing doesn’t matter.

friendly reminder that people who participate in cgl relationships usually do not support pedophilia in any way.

friendly reminder that healthy kink-fueled relationships usually are based on love, mutual trust and a set of rules, safewords and limits which are there to protect both parties.

friendly reminder that the sub is in control.

friendly reminder that no one has the right to shame you or your kinks as long as they aren’t maliciously harming anyone

friendly reminder that you aren’t the boss of anyone.

Being Batmom would include......

- Waking up every morning to Damian staring at you on your side of the bed.

- “Damian, sweetie, it’s 5:30 in the morning what are you doing up?”

- “ Getting up early is a healthy way of building strength and endurance and no mother of mine is going to be weak”

- But you get up anyway because you know he’s just trying to show he cares about your well being.

- Which means you make chocolate chip pancakes while he sits on the counter and talks your ear off about random things.

- Always being there for Jason when he has his nightmares about his death.

- He always in the kitchen in the middle of the night with tears in his eyes.

- You know because you hear his light sobs downstairs, knowing he doesn’t want any of his brothers to see him cry.

- As soon as he sees you, he hugs you tight as if you would slip away if he let you go.

- “it’s okay baby, you’re safe.”

- Dick always calling you when he can’t figure out the simplest of things.

- “Mom, does cinnamon go bad?”

- “Hey, do you know how long does it take to dry clothes?”

- “Mom, how do you make cereal?”

- “Dickie, I swear it’s like you’re 14 and not 25,”

- Tim not liking when his school friends have crushes on you.

- “ If you even look in her general direction, I will find you ”

- “Tim, just because someone finds me attractive does not mean you can scare the daylights out of them”

- Damian getting extremely jealous because he has to share your attention with everyone else.

- I mean, very jealous.

- Jason and Damian being the most protective of you.

- And I mean frowning at every single guy that even glances at you.

- One time, you made the mistake of bringing Damian with you to the grocery store and there was a guy who started flirting with you in the fruit aisle.

- And then Damian judo kicked him in the stomach yelling “Get away from my mother, you asshole!”

- And then you hurrily leaving, pulling Damian with you before you guys got kicked out.

- “ Damian, I love you but you cannot just do that in public!”

- Each boy fighting over who is your favorite.

- if you’re lucky, nothing’s broken from their fighting.

- Alfred usually being the voice of reason when it comes to their bickering.

- But Bruce is the one to stop their physical altercations.

- Making you have a massive headache.

- Each boy not wanting to ever dissapoint you.

- You loving your babies with all of your heart.

- And they loving you just as much.


(1/5) Recap of Vhope during 2016: On stage

Taehyung (to Hoseok): “I’m glad you’re by my side”

Anti-Killing Stalking need to stfu

I’m so sick of people telling me “if you support sangwoo and yoobum, you support abuse and there’s something wrong with you.”

Listen up. I support Sangwoo x Yoobum. I want Yoobum to get mad Stockholm Syndrome and live bloodily ever after with Sangwoo. I want Yoobum waiting for Sangwoo in a naked apron after he’s just killed a bunch of people. I want sex and carnage and fucking mind games.

Do I think they’re a healthy couple? No. Why? Because I’m not a fucking idiot and I don’t appreciate people thinking I am.

Listen. Messed up couples are my kink. I have no problems separating reality with fantasy. Never have never will. Now if YOU can’t tell the difference, that’s not my fucking problem. If reading killing stalking makes YOU think it’s okay to abuse and hurt someone, then please get some help. 

Furthermore, if you think it’s okay to preach your anti-killing stalking message, I suggest you aim for bigger pastures.

Please go on different video game blogs and tell the people there that “all these guns depict an unhealthy fascination with murder.” Please tell everyone interested in BDSM that they “are encouraging domestic abuse” Please tell everyone interested in rape play, incest play, student-teacher whatever the fuck they’re interested in, that they are “encouraging pedophilia and rape and should be stopped.”

Even though they fucking don’t.

You don’t need to tell ME anything. I know what’s real and what is not. I know wrong from right. If your moral compass is so easily disturbed by a freaking comic, that is your fucking problem, not mine.


Before, January 2015: 190lb(86kg)
After, January 2016: 120lb(54kg)

I took the first picture last January. I hit my highest weight, 225lb, in June 2014 and had been losing slowly since then. I got to 180lb in autumn, but I had been drifting off my low calorie diet. I ate very small portions, mostly lean cuisines and weight watchers. It was hard to stick to, and I gained 10lb over the holidays.

So that January I made a New Years Resolution. I wanted to be healthy. Two ways I could do this were by quitting smoking and changing my diet. I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want to feel so deprived. I had grown up vegetarian and already loved fruits and vegetables, so I decided to go vegan in 2015. No more tasteless diet foods, I ate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and learned how to cook for myself. I always had a big salad for lunch, and I cut out processed foods. I also got a fitbit and made sure I hit my step target most days. I discovered a love of running as well, and I never thought I’d enjoy exercise so much!


If you are making a New Years Resolution to get healthy and lose weight, I recommend a strictly plant based diet. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!! Go vegan in 2016! Plant based diets are beautiful, wonderful, delicious, and I FEEL GREAT! Follow my journey at


B.A.P Reaction To You Feeling Fat


  • He’d want to shower you with love after hearing you say that
  • Talks to you about it and gets upset when you feel like he’s lying to make you feel better about yourself
  • But he really means it when he says you’re perfect!!!
  • He’d go out and buy food for you because he wants you to eat lots
  • Makes sure that if you really do want to lose weight, it’s in a healthy way (a.k.a exercising + healthy diet)

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  • He’s sensitive about his own weight so he understands how you’re feeling
  • It kills him inside to know that you feel that way about yourself
  • Watches over you for like a day to make sure you keep eating properly though
  • Constantly telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect
  • Will fight you if you don’t think he’s right you are Daehyun in the gif

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  • He honestly thinks you’re fine and spends hours trying to see a speck of the bad things you see about yourself
  • But he wouldn’t be able to find any and would be very confused
  • Would leave really extra cute post-its around about how beautiful you are
  • He likes to tease you but becomes more cautious of what he teases you about and starts paying more compliments to you
  • Would probably talk to you about it and make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself

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  • Sassy Youngjae is going to show you what’s good
  • But at the same time he’d be very aware of your feelings and would give comfort when he feels it’s needed
  • Sees you as a lil bun who he needs to protect and wants to feed you lots
  • But he can’t protect you from yourself no matter how much he wants to he’d want to fight you and protect you at the same time tho
  • Would compliment you anywhere and anytime and make you feel shy because you know he means it

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  • Do you and fat even belong in the same sentence??? (The answer is no)
  • Silently offers comfort and support
  • Mostly through back hugs but would also express it through words if he felt you needed it
  • If you wanted to lose weight, he’d probs join you for your workouts and any diet regimes you start (lowkey to make sure they weren’t unhealthy)
  • Reminds you that his love in unconditional and that you’re an angel who deserve the world

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  • Poor awkward Zelo, he wouldn’t know what to do
  • All he’d know is that you’re perfect in his eyes and that’s really all he can say to you
  • He might use this as an opportunity to get you to practice dancing with him though
  • Cause dancing burns calories and he really wants you to grind dance with him
  • But he’d make sure you weren’t over-exerting yourself in exercising and that you got lots of calories because health is important!

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This reminded me of the eating disorders B.A.P suffered due to TS entertainment. Y’all are beautiful so please don’t engage in unhealthy weight-cutting practices! Don’t starve yourself and don’t try to workout to the point of over-exertion! I hope you guys like this, IDK how it turned out tbh. The grind part of Zelo was bc of me remembering how he grinded on the floor at the concert we went to and how we all got pregnant soooo ya sorry.

~Admin K(inda hungry writing this rn if I’m being honest)

10 Things We've noticed about Aries

1. super hard working. will do ANYTHING to get their way
2. is super healthy its annoying
3. positivity radiates off of them like francium. they get super pumped about doing anything
4. theyve got really sharp features. point nose, narrow and beautiful eyes, set lips
5. wears simple jewelry and its the most prominent part about their entire attire
6. Cares a lot for their aesthetic value, and will either care too much or too little of what others think of their apparel
7. A bit of a loose cannon
8. Can’t hold grudges for too long, yes they’ll get mad but it’s only a matter of time
9. They have really nice, thick eyebrows
10. Really cheeky, honest smiles, not attempting to hide anything

how do I handle my loneliness in a healthy way I really need to know how I can’t keep going everyday feeling like this. I want to be comfortable with being alone all day when my friends and fp are busy I need to be comfortable alone

Confession #1,759

I use humor as a coping mechanism but I don’t think anyone around me likes it. I will make jokes about how my health is just disappearing and they will just look sad and ask me not to. It isn’t their health that is turning on them and they know it’s really one of the only healthy ways I cope, so why do they want to take it away? It hurts to know that the people I trust the most, that I will even joke around with, will just look sad and ask me why I’m so depressing. This is already hard enough when I don’t get these comments. I just want to be able to laugh at these things.

I’m just going to say real quick that when we’re in a time of feminism trying (and often failing) to be less shitty, be more intersectional, facing new challenges from people trying to safeguard the ideals of toxic masculinity, I hate the concept of calling a man who obviously feels a lot of things deeply and who may have been used ‘emasculated’ so fucking much.

It implies his masculinity itself has been damaged, that he has been deprived of some male energy that is his.

I reject that. She doesn’t have that kind of power over him. His appeareances, his kindness, his attempts to do better, his acceptance of his emotions are all deeply masculine in healthy ways I want to support. Yes, there are stumbling blocks, yes he’s made mistakes. He remains who he is.

He has not been emasculated. He has been damaged. Now he heals.

while i don’t think someone NEEDS to come out to their family right away (or at all) can i just talk for a second about how healthy maggie’s advice is??

from encouraging alex to surround herself with a support system, to telling alex that right now just isn’t a good time for them, maggie is handling all of this in such a healthy way and is helping alex to do the same and i just love maggie so much and i feel so blessed to have this show in my life

i just want for my loved ones to be safe and as happy/healthy as can reasonably be expected and to not be in crisis, i just want them to be safe

i have decided

that i am going to lose 65 lbs
do not worry

bc it is going to be in the HEALTHY way
see i said healthy
so no one can call me out on it

good ol’ diet and exercise and fun 😊no history of starvation here! 😄

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if losing weight via calorie restriction is not healthy, how are you suppose to lose weight?

You do need to consume less calories than you burn to lose weight .. but by eating whole plant foods you can do it in a steady, sustainable and healthy way … no extreme calorie restriction or cutting major macro nutrient groups!

and it is easier because we eat bigger portions!! … plant foods are less calorie dense than animal products and refined junk.

So – no restriction, no need to count or weigh food .. plus you feel f*cking amazing because plant foods full of everything you need and nothing you don’t!

So you feel high energy - thus being more active – thus burning more :) it’s a cycle of activity, high energy, good food, stabilized body functions, amazing digestion — when you feel good, you live good!