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Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll

Ok but one of the 👌👌👌 best post-finale gf headcanons is that while stan and soos have their super close father-son relationship, ford is super close to Melody. Like, just imagine:

• Ford overhears Melody complaining about how her parents put a lot on her shoulders and expect her to do great things, since she was the ‘smart kid’, so now she lives in constant fear of disappointing her folks and everyone around her, and Ford’s just like “oh I feel you sister”

• When he’s showing off his entries from his and Stan’s Stan O'War escapades, she shows a particular fondness for his drawings, and expresses that he’s got a lot of talent. Ford’s pretty surprised, since no one really focuses on his artwork, since he’s supposed to be the 'smart guy’. Still, Ford finds himself drawing in his spare time more and more because of her support

• When Melody expresses curiosity in DD& more D, she is immediately swept into Ford, Dipper and Fiddleford’s dorky nerd group that plays the game like once a week. After a few weeks, she totally rules

• Melody’s one of the only people in the Shack who won’t egg Ford on when he’s about to do that fuckshit. “Ford honey when’s the last time you slept?… 35 hours ago?? GOING ON A RECORD?? Ok that’s it mister I’m tucking you in right now”

• While she wouldn’t necessarily be able to calm Ford down during one of his panic attacks, she’s level headed enough to know exactly what to do when things get bad (like find someone who can help Ford better, or get Ford somewhere safe and alone, etc)

• Melody is the first person that Ford befriends since he left the portal (other than family and existing relationships), and subsequently he becomes her quirky and endearing uncle

• She’s a normalcy that Ford needs in his life, while he’s a strange wild card that makes her life more interesting, and idk I find this friendship really cute I just love it

Nate and Elena are the couple that would try to set up Christmas all perfect for Cassie. Like, they would set it up that in the middle of the night Cassie would “catch” Nate dressed up as Santa putting presents under the tree, and Elena would sneak to record it. But it would go all wrong because Cassie is a smart kid and Nate would end up nervously doing some hardcore parkour out the window in a panic and probably get locked out and Elena would have to wait for Cassie to go back to sleep before she could let Nate back in before he breaks in and gets the cops called on him from the neighbors AGAIN like the last time he tried to get back into their house and then after she lets him in like Elena pulls Nate into their room for some Christmas lovin’ because he’s an idiot and their daughter is way too smart for them and like yeah Happy Holidays from the Drake Family

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But for the mileven au matching marks thing how about the date they meet? It's small black ink on the inside of their wrist and depending on what choices you make the date can get farther or close to when you meet.

THAT AU BREAKS MY HEART. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! So, the tattoo on your wrist is the date you’re going to meet your soulmate, but it can be altered and shifted based on circumstances and choices. For a long time, Mike’s tattoo was nonexistent. His parents tried to reassure him that he’s a strong, smart kid—he’ll do just fine without a soul mate. His best friends tell him that regardless of their fate with their soulmates, they’ll always have each other, the party will remain. His classmates tease him or look upon him strangely—only unique cases didn’t get a soulmate, and the reasons behind them are only discussed behind closed doors in hushed whispers. In an underground laboratory not so far away does his soulmate indeed reside, though she is locked away under constant surveillance and brutal punishment. No possible escape in the foreseeable future; no happy ending with her soul mate. A certain overcast day in the fall of ‘83, Mike Wheeler notices something different about himself, and Eleven notice something similar. One of these kids knows the cryptic date as the moment they will meet their soul mate, and one of them knows it as something Bad and Wrong and Unspeakable. One thing they both feel so unmistakably in the pit of their stomach is that their world is about to be changed in ways they can’t imagine 

  • Aizawa: *teaching Izuku how to drive* alright, first thing you do?
  • Izuku: seat belt, check mirrors, fix the seat, start the engine, and we're ready to go!
  • ~~~~
  • Aizawa: *teaching Bakugo how to drive* ok, first thing you do?
  • Bakugo's: *grabs gear and puts it into drive**slams on the gas**goes flying into the nearest wall*

i remember seeing some video on facebook or whatever where a teacher was talking about how there was this one little boy in her class that would ALWAYS act up, and he had earned himself a reputation as just being a Bad Kid, being not very smart, etc etc. 

so when this new teacher was faced with the boy, and he was acting out, she told him something like “You’re a good boy. You don’t want to do bad things. You’re smart and kind.” 

And at first the lil kid was basically like “lmfao you dumbass lady, I’m BAD, and EVERYONE knows it. All the teachers know it. You’re so stupid.” 

but every day when he’d act up, she’d tell him the same mantra about what a good kid he was and how smart and nice he was. 

and eventually, he quit misbehaving so much, and he’d look forward to coming to class and he’d sit his chair right next to her desk and be so well behaved. 

and then she said something about how “the words [adults] use to describe children will become the words they use to describe themselves.”  

and idk i thought that was really profound and shit bc it’s hard to imagine how a misguided young person can ever learn to be better, if all the influential people in their lives are constantly telling them how bad they are. 

not that any of this shit would necessarily apply to grown ass adults, but like. 

maybe some shitty adults wouldn’t have turned out so shitily if someone in their childhood had consistently expected kindness out of them. 

idk. :(

people who do bad things make me so sad. :( 

the types as all the horrifying Honors Students  I’ve met

ENFP: always has a ‘’better idea’’

There’s always that one kid that entirely misunderstands the point of ‘’partner work’’ and abandons the entire team whenever their ideas get shut down, mistaking their own inability to compromise with ‘’constant criticism and exclusion from their peers’’ – inevitably getting the entire group of 5 in a ton of trouble and leaving Yours Truly (me) the task of writing 5 separate apology notes + somehow working their SHIT IDEA into the project guidelines.

ENTP: “I can wing anything’’

They’re lying through their teeth. 

ESFP: out for blood

looking @ you, kid that used to follow me back from my classes in elementary school to remind me i was in there by mistake. You were absolutely right

ESTP: ‘’A true visionary’’

‘’Ohhh yeah…the test was a piece of cake, I remember taking it seriously in 6th grade – I scored so high they made me take it twice to verify…Then I scored higher on the second go…but I’ve since realized i was a FOOL, I was setting the bar too high. So I stopped trying. Beat the system. I thought my dad was going to be pissed, but he just pat me on the shoulder and said ‘Son, you’re a true visionary’, and on my way out of the computer lab, God himself appeared to me in a vision and GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE’’

INFP: doesn’t understand how partner grades work–

‘’Why the hell did you turn in /your/ lab??”

“You weren’t here to turn in yours? We would’ve gotten a zero’’

“But you got me a fucking C-!!!! Now I have a B in the class! If I turned in /mine/ late I would’ve gotten an A on it…”

“/You/ would, but then I’d have to get a 0 instead of a C…?’’

‘’So? You’re failing the class anyway…’’

INTP: Most Valuable Slacker

You know, that one STAR STUDENT who’s name looks great on the top of every group project but in reality they only work when they’re getting a borderline grade so it’s like???

ISFP: The Martyr For Human Kind

“Hey….do you need help with the writing portion–I feel bad…’’

‘’No…it’s okay, I’d rather you just…present the project….’’

*swats my hand away from their perfect grades*

ISTP: ‘’Studying Is For Losers’’

probably took the ACT while high and did better than a majority of their grade

These guys start out pretty admirable until they start pushing their life motto on you, and next thing u know you’re flying down a hill in a shopping cart at 3 am straight into the semester final. You’re looking at a solid 23% and they’ve got a high B without the fucking curve.


in every group project full of strong personalities, there tends to be a very loud dispute over who was the ‘’most valuable team player’’ and the thing is…the louder they insist that they were, in fact, the heart and soul of the team…the less true it probably is

ENFJ: has yet master the art of subtle bragging, like:

‘’Gosh…I had so much extra credit in Accelerated Molecular Bio that when I got a 103% on the chapter test it brought my grade DOWN :’(’’ 

oh no….?

ISFJ: the considerate one

‘’Don’t say EASY! You’ll hurt normal people’s feelings. Here in the accelerated program, we say SIMPLE. That way we can make people feel like absolute failures BUT WITH S U B T L E T Y’’

thanks for that btw, it really makes me feel alive

INFJ: ‘’C’mon man, you’re 16, you need to start pulling your weight’’

they (also 16) tell me, as they perform an elaborate display of how better prepared they are for the task, which ends up wasting 15 minutes and inevitably confusing everyone because to them, ‘’pulling your own weight’’ also means making it a hell of a lot more difficult for everyone else (i’m not bitter)

ESTJ: gets into fights over test grades

“how did //you// get X if I only scored 12 points higher than you???′’


ENTJ: has 0 remorse, can probably watch Marley & Me without crying 

So like, last year I had to get tested for some brain condition that was potentially life threatening…and like, I had kinda gotten into the mindset the week before that was like a combination of ‘’heyyy wassup ur talkin to the member of the living dead rn ;)’’ and just /constant internal screaming/. So I had turned to my lab partner during a partner chem lab i was royally screwing up and was like:

 “hey, this is what’s going on, I’m sorry I’m not at the top of my game cuz I’m kind of nervous about it…could you please clue me in on what we’re doing?”

and like, I get the whole ‘life doesn’t give u special treatment’ thing…but like, what he said was: ‘’You should’ve been paying attention’’ which is 5 words, and all he needed to say was ‘’Acid/Base Titration’’ which is 3…?

ISTJ: everything’s a competition, even group work

I’m referring to the ass who, when asked (quite politely i might add) to complete the writing portion of our research presentation, turned in a bulleted list of ‘’what his partners did wrong’’, thinking that it would somehow make the teacher like him? Lol that backfired….

INTJ: brutally honest

“Hey! wanna be my partner?’’

“Depends…what are u getting in this class?’’

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That Draco might be the most wonderful. Hermione will only be a little annoyed because Draco can convince the kids to do anything, he's all smart with the slytherin sneaky hints and means (I've been reading The Wrong Strain and I'm screaming inside because I love it, thank you, i love you so much)

I’m so glad you like it. I worked on chapter 11 tonight. I’m deathly afraid at this point people will decide it gets boring or loses their interest.

Behind the scenes with the Hogwarts founders.
  • Hufflepuff: alright, so we each get a house... how are we gonna decide which students go where?
  • Ravenclaw: I call dibs on all the smart kids
  • Hufflepuff: What?! you can't do that! It's a school! You can't just hoard all the smart kids in an entire school to yourself!
  • Ravenclaw: seems like i just did
  • Hufflepuff: but-
  • Slytherin: that's true
  • Gryffindor: yeah she did call it
  • Hufflepuff: well then how are the rest of us-
  • Slytherin: I call the hot ones
  • Gryffindor: I call the hot-DAMMIT SALAZAR
  • Slytherin: nice
  • Slytherin: whatevs have fun bein ugly lol
  • Hufflepuff: you know what? I don't even care anymore! Why am I even founding a school with you jerks?!
  • Gryffindor: aww c'mon Helgie you know we love you
  • Slytherin: yeah don't be like that
  • Ravenclaw: your dorms still get to be next to the kitchen, remember?
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Hufflepuff: ok fine
  • Hufflepuff: but i get all the gays

Adrian is a bit more reserved than Sebastian, but not as emo as Rainn. He has friends at school, though he may not be as popular as Sebastian. He doesn’t really care for all that stuff. Being a ladies man and all that isn’t his thing. He’d like nothing more than to find love, when the time comes but wants to do it right. He’s a really good kid. He’s smart with a good head on his shoulders. 

representation or ‘the smart kid’ stereotype

do you know what i need?  the smart kid who scrapes into the ‘smart’ category because they work that hard to get into the top band of average.  the smart kid who doesn’t study one day and gets failing grades to show for it - and i want that to happen at least 20% of the time because sometimes they just can’t being themself to.  the smart kid who studies and definitely, absolutely does not get into the top 30% of their class.  i want attention to be drawn to the fact that they can’t hold a pen properly or write legibly and it is not because they’re destined to be a doctor.  i want someone to draw attention to their ‘non-academic’ subjects.  i want to see them be completely passed over in pe lessons - not yelled at because the teacher can see that they’re trying and really struggling - so they’re just ignored and left for the other kids to make something of instead.  i want to see this barrage of creative thoughts and i want to see the block on expressing them.  i want them sitting in the corner of the class and scribbling in the margins of a piece of paper because the class is too noisy and they can’t concentrate.  

i want to see dyspraxia

i want to see myself, represented