do it now i say

uni crisis 9655

update from earlier: I did some reading for a seminar

Realise it’s the wrong reading

the right reading is 50 pages of buddhist pilgrimage to India in the 7th century

smilin thru da payn

PSA :    so , since my blog definitely has a huge section in my rules explaining  TRIGGERING  CONTENT , I’m not going to tag every little violent / darker subject that appears on my blog unless I have knowledge that a   specific thing     ( for instance , death )     is a trigger of someone on my dash .   since life / death is a huge  theme  with Erik’s character , I will be tagging literal deaths that occur in threads as    // DEATH  , but unless anyone has an overt trigger and wants to let me know , I  won’t  be tagging   // DEATH MENTION   anymore because it’s just   too often with his character , he’s melodramatic , and the word is in my url .   so let me know if I don’t tag something politely but so far as I know , no one interacting with me has wanted death mention triggers for threads .     I don’t post serious topics OOC , so for now this is my plan .  but like I said , if you want to speak up about it feel free and I will tag it for you !   I just don’t recall the theme being a specific user’s trigger as of now . 

like if you’ve read please , so I know it’s being acknowledged .  triggers make me anxious and I don’t want to offend anyone by accident .  

Here, have a thing

Power Rangers: matching tattoos headcanons

All the Rangers deciding to get small lightning bolt tattoos of their corresponding colors on discreet parts of their bodies one afternoon because they are teenagers and they absolutely would.

  • Zack being like “this is a stupid idea we are already being obvious enough with our damn color coded wardrobe, tattoos would be even worse” before pausing because of the stunned look on Jason and Trini’s face like “shit he is the rational one for once” but then Zack bursts out laughing, turns around, lowers his pants and say “i’m fucking with you, way ahead of you losers” and there’s a black lightning bolt on his left butt cheek. “I was bored” is his only explanation.
  • Billy LOVES the idea but is very hesitant, not sure if he’s comfortable with the procedure, the concept of having something permanent on his skin, and also what his Mom would say if she finds out. Jason tells him he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. He eventually gives in and gets a blue lightning bolt on his ankle. “I’ll just never take my socks off” he says with a shrug.
  • Jason yelps in pain when the needle touches his hip, and crushes Kim’s hand that he is holding in the process. “WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH??? I CAN GET PUNCHED BY AN ALIEN AND BARELY FEEL IT WHY DOES THIS HURTS SO MUCH??” the tattoo artist shoots him a very confused look and Trini and Zack are losing it in the background. Kim is crouched down in pain and she is pretty sure her fingers are broken. “SUCK IT UP YOU FUCKING BABY IT WAS YOUR STUPID IDEA” she yells back. They just keep yelling at each other for an hour until it’s done and Jason goes “well… that wasn’t so bad!”. Kim punches him in the stomach.
  • Trini knows her parents would murder her if they ever found out about this. Jason catches on on her hesitation and like he did for Billy, reassures her that she doesn’t have to if she isn’t sure about it. Trini scoffs though, before taking off her shirt and laying on her stomach. “Just because you cried like a baby the entire time doesn’t mean everyone is as chicken as you, homeboy”. Zack, Billy and Kim snorts. Jason blushes. Trini smirks, sure of herself now. It’s not like her parents are ever gonna notice a bright yellow lightning bolt lodged between her shoulder blades, anyway.
  • When Kim takes off her pants without shame or warning, Jason’s eyes go wide, Billy lets out a small “oh” before covering his eyes, Zack yells “WHAT THE FUCK KIM” in surprise and turns around in a panic, Trini just momentarily malfunctions and she’s pretty sure she died on the spot. When the artist says “oh, not your first huh?”, they all start paying attention again. Kim already has a small tattoo peaking out of her underwear on her hip bone. An hindi symbol in black and brown ink. She shrugs, “it was for my grandma, when she passed away”. The artist tells her it’s lovely, Trini silently nods in agreement. Kim notices from the corner of her eye, smiles, then gestures to her other hipbone. Later, she finds that the little pink lightning bolt there balances her other tattoo neatly. The end of something, the beginning of another. 

When they get out of the tattoo parlor, Zack does a “i’m watching you” motion between his eyes and the artist, saying “we were never here”. The artist shakes his head, Billy drags Zack away by his jacket. Kim flicks Jason on the hip and snickers when he lets out a really high pitched yelp in pain. Trini looks at them all and smiles. The slight burn on her back is comforting.


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro

  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?

hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!

a thing i always do that i hate is when ppl compliment something im wearing i dont know how to respond so i just say “thanks” and then make a painfully obvious observation about them.

like “hey i like ur shirt!” “thanks its got aliens on it”

or these shorts i have that are covered in a banana pattern, when someone likes them i always say “thanks they’re bananas”

anonymous asked:

hey if ur looking for requests can you draw cheddar my son from Brooklyn nine nine


if you don’t believe that cheddars loving fathers have bought him a tiny captains hat then you are wrong my friend


uhhhh anyways mary’s the only character i can draw and i love her

By popular demand, my Junkrat fansong! recorded just as I was loosing my voice, so it’s pretty unpolished but then again, so is Junkrat. Just a cutesy little song on ukulele about mass destruction, like you do. Download at soundcloud source. <3


Strap live grenades to your arms and legs
or what of ‘em is left!
make sure you aim for whatever you came for
and bury the rest!
find a friend, or pay someone to pretend
who is worse than all your enemies combined!
play nice, take my advice
and you’re gonna have a real good time!


BOOM! kapow! Bam! Wham! Blazzow!
Slam, crash, smash, bash, sizzle and pop!
Crack and hiss! Zap, smack and Twist!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise
Give 'em the BOOM! (x2)

Light the wick of the dynamite stick
at both ends, friend, and take aim!
break open the door, tear apart the floorboards
and set 'em aflame!
Take everything that you see, it’s all free
whether or not it’s nailed down!
its true, kid it’s all you,
hit the road and blow this town!


BOOM! kapow! Bam! Wham! Blazzow!
Slam, crash, smash, bash, sizzle and pop!
Crack and hiss! Zap, smack and Twist!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise
Give 'em the BOOM! (x2)

Give 'em the BOOM! (x2)

We come from the scorched and dying earth
dig through trash and fight off rats to find our fortune
it’s a shame that life is pain and living hurts
but if you set yourself on fire, then you can do the scorching!

BOOM! kapow! Bam! Wham! Blazzow!
Slam, crash, smash, bash, sizzle and pop!
Crack and hiss! Zap, smack and Twist!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise

Give 'em the-

BOOM! kapow! Bam! Wham! Blazzow!
Slam, crash, smash, bash, sizzle and pop!
Crack and hiss! Zap, smack and Twist!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise!
Who cares if you miss? Make a big noise!

Give 'em the BOOM!


Made with SoundCloud
Date a boy who...
  • Looks at you like you put the moon, sun and the rest of the starts on the sky- 

-even when you are not there

  • Decides to be goofey with you
  • Seems to drift close to you because you make him comfortable
  • Is there to offer you help and at the same time respects your boudaries- 

-and decisions

  • Would fight tooth and nail for you when you are vulnerable
  • Will never give you his back and instead receive you with a hug
  • Trusts your abilities no matter what
  • Will open up to you on his moments of weakness because he trusts you
  • Who will be there to have your back even on the moments you are doubting of yourself
  • Date…. Shiro

Date Takashi Shirogane

moon eyes (/•‾⌣‾•) ̑̑♡

this is the most ridiculous sparkly anime thing ive ever made in my life omfg


archer with a sword