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the author of my immortal is saying its connected to a bad time in her life and she was kinda hunted down against her will and like… shes being really nice and up front about it, probably more than people deserve, but i wish people chilled out and let it be a mystery instead of tracking her down. 

shes moved on, shes just doing her own thing like everyone else. also shes a writer and like she shouldnt have to have that attached to everything she does from now on lmao…

D.I.P. (Disabled In Public)

Sometimes I really hate being Disabled In Public. Like…. there’s a definitive difference between being disabled and in public and Disabled In Public, and it’s hard to articulate to people who don’t have to experience this phenomenon. Like, yesterday I was at the airport, flying home for summer break. I’m sitting in my wheelchair at the gate, waiting to pre-board, and the gate check woman comes up to me, bends down and puts her hands on her knees, and says, “Gosh! You’re so independent!” I’m 23 years old, I live on my own across the country, and I’m a fucking adult out in public. Yes. I’m independent. How kind of you to notice.

And this happens all the time! I’m fine with people complementing my canes, or the flowers on my chair in passing, but coming up to me, speaking down to me, infantilizing me…. it’s all part of being Disabled In Public. The second I’m out in public I become some sort of attraction to able bodied people. Walking (or rolling) clickbait. And none of my able-bodied friends or family quite understand why I get so frustrated, or why I snap at people.

I was at the mall with my dad yesterday, in my wheelchair, and at least three people stopped me to complement my wheelchair. Which is fine. Except for the third woman, who said in some sort of weird baby talk, “Aw, who did that for you? That was so nice of them!” Uh…. I did that myself. Because, again, I am an adult.

And after this my dad goes, “Gosh, does this happen all the time? It must be so annoying…” to which I’m about to be delighted, before he continues, “…but you’re kind of asking for it by decorating your chair.”

No, I’m not asking for it. I’m accessorizing. People don’t stop everyone else on the street to infantilize them for their accessories. It only happens when you’re Disabled In Public.

And I didn’t really mean to write some kind of essay on the subject, but honestly. Why can’t people leave us alone? I’m not a child, I’m not inspiration porn, I’m just a fucking person out in the world trying to live my fucking life without random people interrupting me to make me feel awkward and singled out and Disabled.

Looking for a sugar daddy who pays me in orbs


yearbook meme:
∟  yuri on ice + most likely to end up in jail.
(aka our fave smol angry russian)
— asked by @jollysailorswan

I’ve heard a few people say the Tay character that crashes the Maserati and is at the end “getting receipts” is throwing shade at a certain someone (we all know who and that’s not the point)… I think it’s actually playing on the rumour that Taylor  does everything for attention. Like, the paparazzi are there at the crash because she called them, everything she does is for attention. None of the Taylor Swift characters in the video are meant to represent other people; they all represent the false or incomplete images people have of Swift herself. 


Kylo Ren searches The Falcon”      -(Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes)-

All the teens know that if you live in Gotham and are victim to a homophobic attack, slur, or hate crime, you don’t go to the police, you go to Batwoman. She gets it done faster than the cops. The teens also know that during June, all of the Batfamily members wear rainbow arm bands. Batwoman’s even changed her red bat symbol to a rainbow bat symbol a couple of times. Nightwing can even be seen waving rainbow flags on rooftops during his patrol time. Redhood even once spray painted an entire building with pride colors and the city didn’t take it down because the public liked it so much.