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In depth analysis on Destiel [S4-S5]
  • 4x01: Sparks LITERALLY fly when Castiel is introduced
  • 4x01: The eyfucking saga begins
  • 4x03: Castiel’s facial expression + shoulder touch. Soft facial expression as if pondering to himself what these feelings for Dean mean.
  • 4x07: Castiel tries multiple times throughout the episode to redeem himself in Dean’s eyes. There isn’t any *real* reason that he should care so much about what Dean thinks of him.
  • 4x07: Dean admits to trusting Castiel even if he’s an angel (and he doesn’t trust other angels)
  • 4x10: Uriel: “You see he has this weakness, he likes you” and Dean looks hopeful af.
  • 4x10: Castiel dreamwalks in Dean’s dreams and he seems completely cool with him and not awkward or nervous. He even recognizes that Castiel is doing it.
  • 4x10: Dean saves Castiel from Alistair
  • 4x16: Castiel get’s reprimanded by the higher ups in heaven for starting to get too “feely” with Dean. Castiel:  “ I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You. They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment.”
  • 4x16: Castiel investigates why Dean got hurt when it was none of his concern.
  • 4x18: Castiel is starting to doubt heaven and listen to Dean’s side. The preparations for his fall from grace set into motion because of Dean.
  • 4x18: Castiel watches Dean in his sleep,
  • 4x20: More Destiel dreamwalking
  • 4x20: Dean doesn’t question Castiel asking to meet him and goes without having to be told twice. This is behavior that is VERY unlike Dean.
  • 4x20: When they arrive and Castiel is nowhere to be found, Dean sounds and looks audibly upset.
  • 4x20: Lol Dean tries to eyefuck Jimmy but he realizes that Jimmy isn’t reciprocating. The mutual eyefucking is ONLY present when Castiel is around and Sam takes notice of the eyefucking (or lack thereof).
  • 4x20: Dean kind of panics when Anna tells him that Castiel was dragged back home by the angels in a very painful way.
  • 4x20: When Jimmy & Amelia kiss, the camera pans to Dean and he looks absolutely WRECKED with jealousy.
  • 4x20: Jimmy gets shot and Dean flips the fuck out (when he honestly wouldn’t have given that much of a damn had it been anyone else or a winged-dick)
  • 4x21: Dean asks Castiel angrily “what the hell happened in Illinois?” referring to themselves, not including Sam.
  • 4x21: Castiel begins to stay far away from Dean - implying that he KNOWS when he’s too close in proximity to Dean.
  • 4x21: Castiel walks away from Dean and we’ve never seen that happen before. Usually, Dean walks away from Castiel when he’s distressed over something going on between them.
  • 4x21: The zoom out shot is a romantic trope in movies. They stare at each other for nearly 20 seconds.
  • 4x22: Castiel bangs Dean up against a wall,covering his mouth and leaning so close that it looks like they’re going to kiss.
  • 4x22: Castiel chooses Dean over heaven because he freaks out over Dean being disgusted by him and wanting to give himself over to Michael. (Note: He chooses DEAN, not the Winchesters at this point, just DEAN)
  • 5x02: Castiel: “ I killed two angels this week. My brothers. I’m hunted. I rebelled. And I did it, all of it, for you.” case in point.
  • 5x02: Dean gives Castiel the amulet without much fight. The amulet that Dean feels naked without. The amulet he’s been wearing since he was a kid and that is so attached to him that his soul wore it in hell.
  • 5x03: Castiel appears less than a foot away from Dean’s face and they both stand there for a while without moving when they could easily turn away without making it too awkward
  • 5x03: Dean refers to himself and Castiel as thelma and louise. Thelma & Louise kiss before going out  together. Gay pairing reference. THIS is the look he gives Castiel while he says it. HE IS SMITTEN.
  • 5x03: Dean straightens Castiel’s collar and tie like a proud husband.
  • 5x03: Dean asks what Cass wants to do on his last night on earth. Castiel just looks at Dean for a while. (Which could be taken as “you. I want to do you dean”) before responding.
  • 5x03: Dean is surprised Castiel is a virgin. Makes VERY random unnecessary comment about Bert & Ernie being gay and exclaims he will not let Cass die a virgin. Second gay pairing reference in this ep.
  • 5x03: Castiel implies he’s never been with a woman because he didn’t have time for it. What DID he have time for though? Watching Dean sleep the past year. Lol. 
  • 5x03: Dean takes Castiel to a brothel and Castiel fumbles his chance to sleep with a girl. Him & Dean leave the brothel arm in arm happily laughing.
  • 5x03: When Raphael shatters a window, Castiel automatically shields and protects Dean on instinct.
  • 5x04: Even in the future as a strung out stoner with a sex addition, Castiel is at Dean’s side and ready to die for him at a moment’s notice.
  • 5x04: Past dean is absolutely bewildered that future Dean would sacrifice his friends - and more importantly, that he would sacrifice Castiel, placing Castiel a step above the rest.
  • 5x04: Future Castiel says this in a line they cut from the script: “But instead, we become this. The only thing I think we have left, Dean and me, is each other. If Dean says it’s time to go out in a blaze of glory, win or lose, so be it. I’m in. But, then… That’s just how I roll.
  • 5x04: There’s a 4 part argument that is prettyin depth and implies that future Castiel & Dean were in a relationship and all of camp chitaqua knew. pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4
  • 5x08: The host calls Castiel Dean’s “pretty boy angel” and it cuts to a reaction shot from Dean like he agreed.
  • 5x08: Castiel breaks into the tv land they’re in and the trickster sends him away. Dean flips out over if Castiel is hurt. It takes Castiel possibly getting hurt for Dean to LOSE HIS COOL.
  • 5x10: Dean calls Castiel “Huggy Bear”
  • 5x13: Dean is considering saying yes to Michael. Sam points out John had eventually said yes to save Mary - the love of his life.
  • 5x13: A few episodes later, Dean tries to say yes too even though he & Sam are not currently in danger….the only one in danger at that point is Castiel….
  • 5x13: Castiel nearly collapses and Sam & Dean both help him up but they help him up in very different ways. Sam is worried about pulling Castiel up, meanwhile Dean is just worried about sticking to Castiel’s side no matter what happens or if he collapses WITH castiel. ex 1, ex 2, ex 3, ex 4
  • 5x13: Anna dies in this episode. She was originally the one meant to be dean’s love interest endgame. That clearly didn’t pan out. I wonder why…. *cough*CASTIEL*Cough*
  • 5X14: Dean calls Castiel and Cass appears INCHES from his face and neither of them move away for a good amount of time.
  • 5x14: Everyone is being affected by their desires and lusts. We see Dean, doing this, towards Castiel quite a bit throughout the episode.
  • 5x14: Dean sends Castiel in to send with Famine and freaks out with worry within seconds on the basis that Castiel is taking too long.(We see this again during 12x10) 
  • 5x16: Dean wears a shirt with a bear on it that says “I wuv hugs” - remember how Dean called Castiel “huggy bear?”
  • 5x16: At the end of the episode, Castiel returns the amulet to Dean and it plays out like a sad girlfriend returning a ring to an ex lover. Dean then throws it in the trash. HMMMMM???
  • 5x18: Dean says: “Cass, not for nothing but last person who looked at me like that, I got laid,” and then winks at Castiel.
  • 5x18: Dean says: “Blow me, Cass
  • 5x18: Castiel & Dean fight because Castiel took it VERY personally that Dean was hellbent on giving up.
  • 5x21: Castiel calls Dean and tells him he is now a mortal. Dean looks absolutely broken and bewildered. Castiel then proceeds to apologize to Dean,even through his current state. Cass values Dean more than his own immortality/mortality.
  • 5x22: Castiel tries to shield Dean from the pain of seeing his brother get killed on the battlefield.
  • 5x22: Michael snaps bobby’s neck and kills Castiel by disnitigration. Dean seems to give up after he sees Castiel explode.
  • 5x22: Castiel reappears, healed and tells Dean that God helped and give Dean what he wanted. Hmmmm I wonder if that also was meant to include Castiel? *wink*

I got a lot of this from tvtropes but it was really clusterfucked so I tried to write it out better. I’ll put up the analysis for seasons 6-7 tomorrow.

Totally Happened For Sure
  • Dean: Alright, team, from now on we will be using codenames; you can address me as Eagle One
  • Dean: *points at Seth* Seth, codename "Been there done that"
  • Seth: *rolls eyes*
  • Dean: *points at Roman* Roman is "Currently doing that" *high fives Roman with a grin*
  • Dean: *points at Xavier* Xavier is "It happened once in a dream"
  • Xavier: *fist pump*
  • Dean: *points at Becky* Becky, codename "If I had to pick a chick"
  • Becky: *shoots a thumbs up*
  • Dean: *points at AJ* Styles is...
  • Everyone: ...
  • Dean: ...Eagle Two
  • AJ: *mumbling* Oh thank God...
I'm the Only One

(your rec was good, they always are, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I wrote it. Enjoy Aeren!)

“Do you even understand how perfect you are in every way?” Dean asked as he gently tugged the socks off Sam’s long feet. He kissed the arch of Sam’s right foot, followed by his left as Sam giggled and squirmed. Dean slipped soft fingertips up inside the cuff of Sam’s jeans and stroked the inside of his ankle. “So smart, so funny, so beautiful.” Dean crooned to the inside of Sam’s slender ankles as his long arms reached up and tugged at the waist of the jeans to pull them down Sam’s long legs. Sam laughed breathlessly as he lifted his hips off the bed to make it easier for Dean to get his clothes off. “You’ve already got me, you don’t need to seduce me anymore.” He added and Dean stopped, a frown on his pretty face as he looked up and caught Sam’s eye. “You’re wrong, so wrong. How can someone so perfect be so wrong? I always need to seduce you. You don’t know, do you?” Dean asked, pausing to dip his head down and press kisses into the muscular, hairy calves now exposed to him. “You don’t know how amazing you are Sammy. How much I worship you. So I have to tell you. I have to show you.” He looked back up just in time to see Sam avert his eyes and for the apples of his cheeks to turn the slightest pink. “You’ll know by the time I’m done.” Dean promised and bent his head back to his task, worshipping those mile-long legs. The pale skin and dark hair looked so amazing to him, and he tickled the pit behind Sam’s knobbly, colt knees to see him kick and giggle. “These long legs. They make you stand out in in crowd. They look so good in jeans, or your fed suit or in nothing at all, but they really look best in the air.” Dean smirked and kissed above the knee as he dug his fingers into the tough muscle of Sam’s thighs. Sam groaned and went limp, melting into the bed and Dean pulled himself closer and massaged those thick thighs.“So strong and they make you go so fast. I only run so fast because I have to keep up with you. BUt the view from behind….” Dean trailed off as he slipped his fingers up the backside of Sam’s boxers and rubbed his rough fingertips over the soft skin at the crease of butt and thigh. “Dean, I promise, that’s enough.” The words were breathless and anyone with eyes could see the monsted cock tenting the front of Sam’s boxers, but Dean would not be deterred. He shifted his body to one side of Sam’s and lay down next to him on the bed, skipping over the boxers and jumping right up to Sam’s face. Dean cupped SAm’s face between his hands. “Do you know how precious your face is to me. So expressive, little brother. So gorgeous. YOu could stop traffic. You could get me going with the lift of an eyebrow or the flash of a dimple. Your pretty eyes and your nose and perfect perfect pink lips.” He paused to press a kiss to those perfect lips. “And it’ll be enough when you’re beyond words. When you can’t speak. That’s when it’s enough.” He added in a whisper like a secret. “Your brain , though, baby boy. Your brilliant, brilliant mind. You’ve come up with so many solutions to problems. You’ve saved us over and over and over again. You’re brilliant and it makes you shine.” Dean tilted Sam’s head so that he could press a kiss into the hair at the top of SAm’s head. “This long neck. It’s drives me crazy Sammy. The way it shines with sweat. The way it turns red when you exert yourself. I want to have my mouth on it all the time.” He licked up the side of Sam’s neck, ending at the corner of Sam’s perfect, stubbled jaw. “Your shoulders, man, you could be a model. So big, so strong. Everyone who sees you thinks about it. These big arms and shoulders lifting them up and holding them in the air or…my personal favorite… up against a wall. Love it when you get all Alpha on me, little brother. My BIG little brother.” Dean trailed a line of kisses from elbow, up Sam’s bicep, across his collarbone and then down the other bicep to his elbow. “And you hands. They might be my favorite part of you. Show the whole world what they’re missing out on. Those long fingers; they can be so delicate and yet they’re so strong. And they’re so good and fingering me open. You find all the right spots every time.” Dean sucked Sam’s middle finger into his mouth and pulled it back out, repeating the action with his index finger and back again until both were shining with saliva. Sam was panting, his stomach heaving with each breath and his neck shining with sweat. “Please Dee. I get it, I get it.” He whined as Dean nipped the end of his fingertips. “Nah, you can still talk Sammy. And I’m just getting to the best part: your chest. Fuck, look at this chiseled from marble chest. Jesus, you could fit right in at a museum with all the classics. But, if you were on display I couldn’t do this.” Dean opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth into the muscle of Sam’s pec above his nipple, causing Sam to arch his back and breathe out a harsh, turned-on breath. Dean sucked the skin into his mouth and let his teeth dig into the muscle until he almost broke the skin, then he released it and pulled back, admiring his mark on the perfect skin. “Love marking you as mine. Love having my teeth marks and finger bruises in your perfect skin.” Dean breathed over the giant, quickly purpling bruise, then snaked his tongue out over the peaked, tan nipple below it causing a squeak and a breathed “fuck” from Sam. “Still talking, I’m not doing a good enough job.” He repeated the bite on the other side then pinched both SAm’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, making sure they were as peaked as could be and nice and red with attention. He skimmed down Sam’s stomach. “Baby. Baby. this fucking stomach. It makes me stupid. Look at these hipbones, perfect handholds. Look at these angled obliques pointing me right in the direction I want to go. And Jesus. This line of hair leading down from your belly button right into your boxers.” Dean turned his head to the side and licked the hair in question, groaning like it tasted like a gourmet meal. “You make me crazy baby. I think you’re ready.” he curled his fingers into the waist of Sam’s boxers and wiggled them down over his giant cock, pulled them down his mile-long legs and tossed them off the end of the bed. “It people only knew” he whispered reverently as his lips closed, soft and wet, around the purpled head of Sam’s uncut cock. He wrapped a hand around the big shaft and pulled the foreskin back even more, the wet sound it made making both of them throb. He lipped at the head, loving the smell and the taste and the way that Sam whined and twisted and whimpered under him. No matter how many times he’d tried over the years, Sam’s massive cock is something that Dean can only take one way; it makes him choke and gag even only half-way in and that was not the kind of worship Sam needed. Dean shoved himself off the bed, tossing a bottle of his favorite lube towards Sam on the bed. “Can you help me baby?” He asked, tearing his clothes off and tossing them all over the room. He watched, his whole body thrumming with arousal, as Sam squirted a generous amount of lube into his big palm and wrapped it around his cock, coating it with lube. Dean rushed to pull off the rest of his clothes and kneed back up onto the bed, grabbing the lube for himself and giving himself the bare minimum of prep and stretch. “I like the burn of your big cock baby. I like to feel it push me open. I like to feel you inside me, oh fuck.” Dean threw a leg over Sam’s prone body and straddled his hips, grabbing the lubed up cock and pressed the head to his hole. He rocked backwards, his own dick bouncing in front of him, as he took Sam to the root with one long groan. “That’s it” Dean breathed out as he wiggled his hips to get settled. “Love you baby boy. Now, use those hips and those core muscles that I worship so much and make me lose my mind.” He grinned down at Sam as his hands came up to grip Dean’s hips hard enough to bruise and his own hips began to roll and buck beneath Dean. With all that seduction and build up, it wasn’t long before both were covered in sweat and nearing orgasm. Dean began to swivel his hips opposite to Sam’s thrusts making Sam’s thrusts go impossibly faster as the ned beneath them shook and squeaked loudly. “C’mon baby, gimme. Fill me up” Dean grunted as he began to strip his cock, aiming for the two matched bite marks across Sam’s pecs. Sam’s hips stuttered and his muscles locked as his face twisted with pleasure and Dean could feel his thick cock pulse and empty inside him. Dean lifted his ass off Sam’s softening cock and rolled off to the side to breathe and begin to regain his head. “Not that I’m complaining, but…” Sam trailed off, his voice weak, “you really don’t have to do that everytime someone makes me feel low.” Dean rolled onto his side, squishing Sam’s arm beneath his sticky side in the process. “Yes, I do, Sammy.”

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I don't really like what they're doing with Mary. She's such a bad mother to Sam and Dean, and I sort of understand why, but it feels like she doesn't care about them and... I don't really like her. (Just my opinion)

im really interested in how they’re dealing with mary tbh. i think they could write it 100 times better, give us a better insight on what she’s going through, but since similar situations have happened with other female characters on the show (ex. bela), im being patient. 
also, i think she doesn’t really feel like dean and sam’s mother. these dean and sam. she died when her children were babies and her husband was still alive. she was brought back by a capricious primordial force, with no purpose, no husband and her sons being grown-ups. 
she needs to find a new purpose (and she’s sort of doing it with the bmol, probably the wrong choice) and to accept that she can’t go back. unless…
there are only two options for her development right now: she’ll find a way to accept her new life and learn how to deal with this new reality, or she’ll have to go back. 
writers can and must do a better job, because sometimes she falls flat, and we all know the audience has less patience when it comes to complicated female characters.

(just another thing, to explain why im not pointing my finger at mary. of course im protective about dean and sam, because they’re the main characters and i love them. but if people have still the patience to “wait and see” for lucifer’s arc, i think i can wait and see how mary will change by the end of the season before i decide that she must burn in hell) 

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I can’t help it…this goes along with the one I posted earlier today based off of the fic She’ll Be Back .

Staring at your body should have been the hardest thing to do, but it was easier than Dean expected. He felt that if he took his eyes off of you then you would disappear altogether. Seeing you gave a sense of comfort now that he had cleaned you up. He spent the time to wash your body and hair, change your clothes, and even stitched up the deeper gashes along your body so it would be ready for when you came back. He could just enjoy holding you and feeling your arms wrapped back around him and not worry about ridding the evidence of the torture you had endured to save Sam.

He knew what you were thinking when you offered yourself up to the demon. He knew you thought that Sam would be more important to keep alive for his sake. It hadn’t been the first time you had sacrificed yourself for one of the brothers. You always said that they couldn’t live without each other, living without you would be easier. They’ve quickly found out how wrong that really is. Living without you would be just as hard as if it had been Sam instead.


“What Cas?”

Even with the added addition to the room, he couldn’t bare to take his eyes away from you long enough to acknowledge Cas’s presence in your shared room.

“It’s been 16 hours. We should make preparations.”

“For what?”

“Dean…there’s no way to find her soul to bring her back. The demon did something beyond even my comprehension. We need to burn her body. What you are doing isn’t healthy.”

For the first time in a day, Dean’s eyes left your form to turn angrily onto his best friend. Standing quickly he made sure to get in Cas’s face, noses inches from one another. Heavy breathing accompanied his entire body shaking with the rage he had tried so hard to hold back.

“We are not burning her! Crowley is on it and I’m not giving up. I thought she was your friend? Why are you so ready to get rid of her?”

“She wouldn’t want to see you like this, Dean. She would want you to let go.”

“Well, you can go to hell. We are not burning her!”

With a heavy sigh Cas regarded his friend before snapping his fingers, vanishing from the room. Dean roughly ran his hands over his face and hair before turning back around, only to find your body gone, the covers still wrinkled from where you had been lying.

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Nash I am 100% in agreement with you on Dean and "sweetheart". 99% of the time HE USES IT CONDESCENDINGLY. And I wish more fic writers would understand that.

[nods solemnly at our camaraderie on this issue]

Hey, @niamandthings - Wanna see a statistic geek hour’s worth of life I’ll never get back? And [spoiler] how your 99/100 estimate was dead-on?

Sure you do.

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Misha said that we're going to see the "cosmic consequences". I wonder why nothing happened when Dean killed death. What do you think?

what i think is, dean killed death without consequences because it was meant to have no consequences. it was an emotionally-charged moment where the sole action of killing death instead of sam held a huge meaning. the fact that it had no consequences is… nonsense, but it was a story the writers didn’t decide to pursue. they went with the consequences of amara being freed instead. 
as for cas, first of all, he’s broken a pact bound in blood. billie specifies that the consequences are happening if the brothers break the pact. it’s not billie’s death that messes things up on a cosmic scale, but the breaking of the oath. 
i was also considering that maybe the consequences won’t fall on cas’ back only. what if they fall on those who made the pact first? 
anyway, im not saying that dean killing death with no consequences makes sense, but from what i’ve gathered it’s a completely different situation. 

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Hi! Can u do one where the reader is in love with Dean and one day he brings a girl to the bunker and introduces her as his girlfriend and the reader is kinda mean to her, but later on tries to move on from Dean with Crowley and Dean finds out and you decide how it ends? I'm sorry if it's too long or if you don't want to write it. It's all love <3

It’s about time I wrote some kind of love triangle type of thing. It’s been added!